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Cerastone Cookware

Cerastone Cookware

About Cerastone Cookware

Cerastone Cookware claims to be nonstick and durable cookware that makes delicious dishes quickly without sticking to the surface.


How does it work

The all-natural ceramic surface of Cerastone Cookware makes it nonstick and non-toxic. Ceramic is combined with fortified titanium making it damage-proof, scratch and chip resistant.


A truly nonstick pan
Most pans claim to be nonstick but food always sticks to the surface and needs scraping thereby damaging the pan. Pans also contain deadly chemicals like PTFE and PFOA that mix with the food. But Cerastone Cookware promises to have an all-natural ceramic surface that makes it non-toxic, nonstick and scratch-resistant and titanium that heats it up quickly to give evenly-cooked food. These claims of Cerastone Cookware will be verified by user reviews.


Durable and energy-efficient
Cerastone Cookware proclaims that its nonstick surface makes it super smooth and a breeze to clean. The handles of Cerastone Cookware are guaranteed to be high-polished and oven safe while the induction bottom makes it more energy-efficient. Such farfetched claims should not be believed till there are more Cerastone Cookware user reviews. Titanium emphasizes to make Cerastone Cookware durable and you can use a metal blender right on it. Let’s wait for user reviews to reveal the truth.


Perfect Grip by Cerapan

Perfect Grip by Cerapan

About Perfect Grip by Cerapan

Perfect Grip by Cerapan states to be a titanium- infused ceramic cooking pan that is induction-ready and has a perfect grip. Perfect Grip by Cerapan declares to give more balance and control while cooking so that there are no accidental spills, drips, or mess. With its Ultracoat surface of ceramic infused with titanium it convinces to outlive all the other pans. The cooking pan promises to be easy to clean since no food would ever stick on it, even if burnt.


How does Perfect Grip by Cerapan work?

Most cooking pans go off balance when you cook leading to spillages and sooner than later their cooking surface coating scrapes off. But Perfect Grip by Cerapan asserts that its patent pending handle is specially engineered to give you balance. It assures to enable the use of your thumb for better control so that you cook more efficiently. Perfect Grip by Cerapan has ceramic infused with titanium and the ultracoat surface makes sure it is safe from scratches and scraping and outlives all the other pans whether made of cast iron, steel or green pans.

A revolutionary cooking pan

The manufacturers of Perfect Grip by Cerapan claim that they have given a complete overhaul to the cooking pan and created a perfect pan with a perfect coating and grip. Traditional cooking pans have so much weight in the pan that it goes off balance when you are cook on it leading to accidental spills that can be dangerous. But Perfect Grip by Cerapan proclaims to have a patented and specially engineered perfect grip handle that lets you use your thumb for perfect balance. This one simple adjustment of Perfect Grip by Cerapan asserts to give more controlled and better-balanced cooking experience. Whether made of cast iron, steel, aluminum or any other material, the surface of regular cooking pans peel, scrape or emit harmful PFOA and PTFE. However, Perfect Grip by Cerapan states that it added the highest strength to density ratio in any metallic element titanium to its cooking surface.


Outlives all the other pans – The nonstick benefit of Perfect Grip by Cerapan allegedly makes the surface last more than five times the span of green pans. The abrasion-resistance of Perfect Grip by Cerapan is emphasized to be 10 times more than Calphalon and 20 times more than T-Fal. Perfect Grip by Cerapan guarantees that absolutely nothing would stick on the surface even if you accidentally burn cheese on it. Perfect Grip by Cerapan also proclaims that it is so durable that you can whip or use a fork on the surface without causing any abrasion or scraping. Perfect Grip by Cerapan claims to have such strong coating on the surface that even if you hit the pan with a hammer it would be undamaged. Because no food would stick to the surface of this revolutionary cooking pan, it alleges that cleaning it is a breeze unlike other pans. Perfect Grip by Cerapan claims to come in a choice of black and red color.


What do I get?

  • 1 8.5” Titanium Infused Ceramic Pan
  • 1 Cook & Look Lid & Perfect Titanium Coated Knife

Price: $19.99 + $9.95 S/h | Official website: