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Red Copper Square Dance Pan

Red Copper Square Dance Pan

About Red Copper Square Dance Pan

Do you simply hate it when food sticks to your pans and when your pans are filled with scratches? Here’s introducing the Red Copper Square Dance Pan, a non-stick pan made with ceramic and super strong copper ensuring that food doesn’t stick to it. Red Copper Square Dance Pan’s square design offers 25% more cooking space making it perfect to cook larger meals in a shorter time.


Red Copper Square Dance Pan CLAIMS

Quick and easy clean-up
Getting food off the Red Copper Square Dance Pan is fast and easy! No matter what you cook, food slides right off the pan making clean up a breeze.


Healthy Cooking
The Red Copper Square Dance Pan lets you cook your favorite food without oil, butter or grease making all your meals healthy. Red Copper Square Dance Pan is PFOA & PTFE Free.


Oven safe, lightweight and super strong
The Red Copper Square Dance Pan is oven safe up to 500 degrees F. Red Copper Square Dance Pan is lightweight and super strong. There will be no scratching, chipping, or peeling into your food.


Great for all types of food
Red Copper Square Dance Pan is ideal to cook just about anything. Use it to cook pasta, bake golden bread, and more! You can use the Red Copper Square Dance Pan as a skillet, roaster, baking pan and more!


Great for all cooktops
Red Copper Square Dance Pan works on any stovetop surface – gas, electric, ceramic, and induction. Order the Red Copper Square Dance Pan today!


Red Copper Square Dance Pan Q & A

How much does the Red Copper Square Dance Pan weigh?

1.9 pounds

How deep is the Red Copper Square Dance Pan?

About 4 inches deep

Can I use the pan to cook in the oven?

It is safe to use in the oven and stove top up to 500°F.

Can you cook more than one burger or eggs [fried] or steak?

Yes, there is plenty of room for 4 jumbo burgers or 4 big steaks, and it is great for frying eggs.

Is the Red Copper Square Dance Pan dishwasher safe?


Can I use metal utensils in the Red Copper Square Dance Pan?

Yes, it is scratch resistant.

Does the Red Copper Square Dance Pan work on induction?


What is “cerami-tech” made of besides ceramic? ie; compounds, elements, and other components.

The Copper Chef was designed with a stainless steel induction plate that makes for perfect cooking on any surface, from electric, gas, ceramic and even induction cooktops. The Cerami-Tech non-stick technology, which is PTFE, means nothing will stick so you can cook without butter, oil, or chemicals. The riveted handles allow for high heat and are oven safe up to 800 degrees.

Can the Red Copper Square Dance Pan be used on an electric ceramic range top?

Yes it can be used on a ceramic top stove.

Can I use the Red Copper Square Dance Pan in a microwave to bake?

Yes, it is oven-proof up to 500 degrees.

Does food stick to the Red Copper Square Dance Pan?

No, food does not stick to the pan at all.

How long does the anti-stick coating last?

As long as you take care of it, it should last forever.

Does the handle get hot?

No, it does not.

Can the Red Copper Square Dance Pan be used with an induction cooktop?


Is the Red Copper Square Dance Pan really made out of copper?

Ceramic and Copper

Is the Red Copper Square Dance Pan scratch-resistance?


What oils are safe?

All oils

Does it matter if the Red Copper Square Dance Pan is used on a gas or electric stove?

It can be used on both

Does the Red Copper Square Dance Pan contain lead?



Red Copper Square Dance Pan REVIEW

The manufacturer does not respond to requests to replace the Red Copper Square Dance Pan or refund the money. The Red Copper Square Dance Pan is made such that it becomes unusable in no time.

After about a month, food may start sticking to the Red Copper Square Dance Pan and you will have to scrub and scrub and scrub to get the food off the pan. Red Copper Square Dance Pan is not worth the money.

Using the Red Copper Square Dance Pan for a total of three times and it’s already scratched. Red Copper Square Dance Pan is much smaller and shallower than the pan used in the infomercial.

Red Copper Square Dance Pan doesn’t work on an induction burner. The steel disk on the bottom is warped or something.

Red Copper Square Dance Pan is way smaller than it appeared to be when advertised on TV. Red Copper Square Dance Pan does not cook evenly and seems to make meats really tough because of longer cook times in order to brown properly.

Using the Red Copper Square Dance Pan without oil or butter and almost everything sticks but it still cleans up fairly easy. If it doesn’t scratch or peel that will be a plus, but haven’t had it long to see if that’s false to.

Major complaint with induction cook tops, the round plate on bottom of the Red Copper Square Dance Pan doesn’t heat the edges very well. Also the center of the pan is slightly higher, so eggs and such run to edges.

Used the Red Copper Square Dance Pan a few times and noticed that it was beginning to get harder to clean. Food started to stick to the bottom of the pan. It worked well a few times but it’s not as what they say. Used the Red Copper Square Dance Pan to fry an egg, and it’s just not the same when you use a little butter. Without butter it tasted more rubbery.

Most of the claims are true except for it cooking evenly. The Red Copper Square Dance Pan does not cook evenly because the magnetic portion on the bottom of the pan does not completely cover the bottom of the pan. The area outside the magnetic area does not heat up.


What do I get?
You can get your Red Copper Square Dance Fry Pan just $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling and you’ll receive Cathy Mitchell’s Quick Meals and Desserts Recipe Book . Plus, order and you can double the offer and get a second Red Copper Square Dance Fry Pan with recipe guide for just a separate fee of $9.99.

Square Copper Pan Pro | REVIEW

Square Copper Pan Pro | REVIEW

What is Square Copper Pan Pro?

As per the infomercial it is an intelligent ceramic cookware with non-stick coating that works on any cooktops. Square Copper Pan Pro guarantees to replace all the kitchen clutter by helping you steam, fry, roast, bake and broil in it.



Square Copper Pan Pro CLAIMS

Cook like a pro – Square Copper Pan Pro promises to help cook healthy meals with its ultra-deep dish sides design. A Step Edge seal to block spillovers, riveted silicone and helper handle and a steam vent on glass lid helps in cooking easily and perfectly. More shall be revealed once Square Copper Pan Pro is reviewed.

Solid Construction – Square Copper Pan Pro claims to have 5-layer construction that withstand temperatures up to 850 degree, get easily cleaned and distribute heat evenly. The non-stick ceramic copper infused coat on Square Copper Pan Pro is maintained to be scratch-resistant and PFOA & PTFE free. There are no Square Copper Pan Pro reviews out yet to verify its claims. Square Copper Pan Pro asserts to have a Stainless Steel Induction plate that works on all types of cooktops. It also states to be easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Send us your Square Copper Pan Pro reviews to confirm or deny its claims.


Square Copper Pan Pro REVIEW

Square Copper Pan Pro review reveals that Square Copper Pan Pro was good during initial use. It is difficult to clean as stains sit on the bottom and inside of it. You don’t get any respite from its claim of being non-stick and scratch-resistant as it fails miserably to perform so.

Square Copper Pan Pro complains mention that Square Copper Pan Pro is one of the most expensive and useless pans. It simply doesn’t work as promised. A $25 set from a regular dollar store would work better than this.

Square Copper Pan Pro review states that Square Copper Pan Pro degrades quickly and can look older than a 10 year old T-Fal pan. Plus its non-sticky coating doesn’t work since everything keeps getting stuck on its surface. It just functions well in the initial days of cooking.

Square Copper Pan Pro reviews say that Square Copper Pan Pro is difficult to clean up. The stains and stuck food doesn’t even clean after soaking it overnight in water. The pan’s surface also gets scratched easily. The company’s warranty policy is a scam since they wanted an additional $14.99 to replace or refund the pan. Plus they even rip the customer by making you pay for shipping differently as well.

Square Copper Pan Pro review asserts that Square Copper Pan Pro is not non-sticky. It requires oil for frying; otherwise the food will simply stick to it. Cooking eggs is also a headache since it burns easily.

Square Copper Pan Pro complains state that Square Copper Pan Pro is nothing as claimed. It simply doesn’t live up to the expectation even for skillets and eggs as they stick on the surface really bad. The promise that it cooks without little or no oil is untrue.

Square Copper Pan Pro review says that Square Copper Pan Pro doesn’t really get washed well in the dishwasher as claimed. In fact, its handle filled with water and spilled it all over the floor while removing it. It’s better to wash it by hand. Overall it did work decently but the cleaning chore adds a little downside to it.

Square Copper Pan Pro review complains that Square Copper Pan Pro is a cheaply build product. Even after using their recommended oils and utensils, it sticks and scratches. It is disappointing and yet can’t be returned due to high shipping cost for refund.

Square Copper Pan Pro reviews assert that Square Copper Pan Pro it starts scratching after few use even after using all recommended utensils and following its instructions. The accessories available with it are also cheaply built. It is not worth the price tag of $75. So basically don’t expect it to last or stay true to its claims after couple of uses.

Square Copper Pan Pro review says that Square Copper Pan Pro is worthless since it costs a lot and doesn’t even work half as much as it claimed. In a little over two months it started to wear off and burned all type of food cooked in it.


Square Copper Pan Pro Questions and Answers

Question: How heavy is Square Copper Pan Pro?
Answer: It weighs approximately 2 lbs.

Question: How can we make eggs if we can’t heat an empty pan as per its instructions?
Answer: You can heat the empty Square Copper Pan Pro on low to medium heat before cracking eggs into it. Let them lay in there for frying and shake the pan bit back and forth. The eggs should slide right off onto the plate.

Question: How do we dispose of oil after deep frying?
Answer: Put used oils in coffee cans for disposal once they are full. You can use the oil few more times for frying potatoes and for chicken if strained well.

Question: Is Square Copper Pan Pro dishwasher safe?
Answer: Yes

Question: Where is Square Copper Pan Pro made?
Answer: It’s made in China.

Question: Is Square Copper Pan Pro really scratch-resistant?
Answer: Not really, it gets scratched easily.

Question: Does Square Copper Pan Pro have a flat bottom to work on a ceramic cooktop?
Answer: Yes, Square Copper Pan Pro has a flat bottom that functions on a ceramic cooktop.

Question: What are its dimensions?
Answer: It’s 9 ½ x 9 ½ inches with 3 ½” depth. The other one is 1 ½” deep.

Question: Can I use cooking oil with Square Copper Pan Pro?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does Square Copper Pan Pro work on induction stove?
Answer: Yes

Question: Which cooktop does Square Copper Pan Pro work better?
Answer: It works best with electric and induction cooktop.


Square Copper Pan Pro Price

  • 9 1/2 Inch Square Copper Infused Pan
  • Tempered Glass Lid
  • Fry Basket
  • Steam Rack
  • 50 Recipe Cookbook
  • Hot Holder (Optional)

Price: $49.99 + $19.99 S/h at the official website:

Red Copper Mug

Red Copper Mug

About Red Copper Mug

Red Copper Mug proclaims to be a portable ceramic mug that keeps coffee hot and fresh all day long.


How does it work

The dual wall construction of Red Copper Mug assures to create a flavor-saving seal inside the mug. Pour hot coffee and carry the mug to get fresh and hot coffee even after hours.


On-the-go ceramic coffee mug
Carry your morning cup of coffee and have it fresh and hot through the day thanks to Red Copper Mug. It asserts to not ruin the taste of the coffee like plastic and steel mugs. We do not have enough Red Copper Mug user reviews to verify this. Red Copper Mug emphasizes to keep coffee hot for six hours and ice frozen for 12 hours other than holding smoothies and shakes.


Won’t leak or create a mess

Red Copper Mug convinces to have a lip guard and leak-proof lid so that you can toss it in your bag without spillages. Red Copper Mug reviews will reveal if this is true. Red Copper Mug promises that it does not tip over and spill courtesy the vacuum lock that secures it to the surface till you lift it. Let’s wait for Red Copper Mug to know more.


What do I get?
One Red Copper Mug will cost you $19.99, plus $7.99 S&H. you’ll be able to purchase a second for an additional $7.99 fee.


CopperWell Pan REVIEW

CopperWell Pan REVIEW

About CopperWell Pan – CopperWell Pan asserts to be a cooking pan made that provides evenly-cooked food that won’t burn to stick to the surface.


CopperWell Pan Claims

The copper construction of CopperWell Pan asserts to give higher conductivity and even heat distribution that also makes it nonstick and durable.

CopperWell Benefits – If your pan burns food and you need to scrape it off or if it breaks, chips, and scratches easily then CopperWell Pan promises to be the pan for you. It alleges to have great heat conductivity and even distribution to give great cooking results and make food stay hotter for longer. More about this will be known with user reviews. CopperWell Pan alleges that it is scratch and damage resistant so you can use a metal blender on it, flambé, or use it in the oven since it withstands 250°C heat. Is CopperWell Pan that sturdy? Let’s wait for user reviews to know.

Nonstick and Easy to Clean – CopperWell Pan declares to have nonstick surface so you can cook without using grease or butter. The dishwasher-friendly cleans with just a wipe. CopperWell Pan assures to be compatible with any cooking surface. Tell us with your reviews if you found CopperWell Pan this good.

Red Copper Square Pan Review

Red Copper Square Pan Review

What is Red Copper Square Pan:

It is an all purpose copper and ceramic square pan that claims to offer you double the cooking space so can you make dishes perfectly and conveniently.

Red Copper Square Pan stresses that now you can cook without oil to make healthy dishes for your loved ones. Moreover it promises to fry food quickly on stovetop to save you time. We will analyze Red Copper Square Pan reviews to confirm these claims.



Latest technology in non-stick cookware

The performance of Red Copper Square Pan is boosted by new age non-stick technology and ceramic and super strong copper. It means food doesn’t stick and anti-scratch technology ensures that it stays in best shape for long. Red Copper Square Pan reviews can validate these claims.


Smart design elements
The square design of Red Copper Square Pan gives you double the cooking space, and is safe up to 500 degrees F. It maintains that it is PFOA and PTFE free, high sides add to the cooking surface. We hope Red Copper Square Pan reviews throw more light on it.


What do I get?
Please refer official website:

Red Copper Pan REVIEW

Red Copper Pan REVIEW

What is Red Copper Pan?

As shown in the infomercial Red Copper Pan is a non-stick ceramic copper cookware that claims to combine the power of non-stick ceramic and copper to deliver incredible results. Since it is made of ultra-tough copper, it claims to have copper infused durability which will last for a really long time. The makers also declare that the Red Copper Pan is PFOA and PTFE free which means that it is bereft of harmful chemicals and toxins and hence completely safe for the family. These are of course very lofty claims which we cannot comment as of now since we have not come across any Red Copper Pan reviews that would verify them.


Red Copper Pan Claims

We all love to cook but it’s the aftermath that we dread the most. Though there are a myriad of cooking gadgets and appliances, nothing brings as much joy as the good old fashioned pan. But given the wide variety of non-stick pans in the market, all vying for our attention, how does one select the best one. Apparently Red Copper Pan claims to become your most favourite possession in terms of cooking pans. Of course this claim of the Red Copper Pan can only be attested once users review the Red Copper Pan. So what makes this Non-Stick Ceramic Copper pan so unique and efficient compared to the rest of the competition? First and foremost, it is made of ultra-tough copper that comes with the promise of copper infused durability. Then there is the part of the Red Copper Pan being a combination of non-stick ceramic and copper that delivers incredible results. So if you are tired of seeing your food sticking to your old pans, scraping, scrubbing them, then the Red Copper Pan might be a viable solution as claimed by the makers. The Red Copper Pan is guaranteed to defy scratches and is the most durable pan you’ll ever use. Now these claims are way too far-fetched and it can be confirmed only after the Red Copper Pan is thoroughly reviewed.

The Red Copper Pan is lightweight yet super strong. The non-stick ceramic maintains that everything will slide off the pan effortlessly. Even sugar can be caramelized without sticking to the surface. That’s not all, the makers of Red Copper Pan declare that it won’t ever scratch, peel or chip into your food. Plus, being PFOA and PTFE, the Red Copper Pan claims to be completely safe for the entire family. Seems too good to be true right? We couldn’t agree more. Hence the best option is to wait for the Red Copper Pan reviews to reveal the truth. This 10″ Red Copper Pan can be used for anything – flambe desserts, broil flaky fish, bake chicken Parmesan or even whip eggs without a mixing bowl. Moreover it’s even oven safe up to 500ºF as well as dishwasher safe. What’s more, with the Red Copper Pan the health conscious can enjoy meals cooked without oil and butter.


Red Copper Pan Advantages And Disadvantages

This 10 inch pan endorsed by renowned author Cathy Mitchell brings the best of pure, strong copper and non-stick ceramic surface, and lets you cook at 500 degrees. From caramelizing sugar to making flambé desserts and mixing eggs directly in the pan, you can do it all with the Red Copper Pan. The non-stick surface is claimed to be scratch resistant and PFOA, PTFE free.


Advantages of Red Copper Pan

Copper is a unique type of cooking surface, which definitely has its advantages. Some of them are mentioned below:
• For starters, it conducts heat brilliantly and that means the food in the pan is cooked in less time. It also ensures that heat is distributed evenly through the surface and food is cooked perfectly.
• You will also be pleased to find that copper as a surface is quite easy to clean.
• If you want to make a handsome addition to your kitchen then copper cookware makes a lot of sense because it’s stunning to look at.


Disadvantages of Red Copper Pan

• Of course, the biggest issue that people tend to have with copper cookware is its price. It is usually more expensive that your regular cookware and that’s something you have to bear in mind.
• It can be reactive to alkaline and acidic foods, which can take metallic taste when cooked in a copper pot. Light colored foods, including eggs often develop grey streaks, which happens when they have picked up copper compounds. It means you are likely to ingest copper too. It can be a problem if you do that every day.
• Copper cookware is not really dishwasher safe. It also requires regular polishing and maintenance, which can be a hassle.

These are just some of the factors that have to be considered when buying and using copper cookware like Red Copper Pan.


What do I get?

You will get Two 10 inch Red Copper Fry pan and 8″ Forever Sharp Copper Knife for $19.99 plus $17.98 S&H.Official website


Compare Red Copper Pan with Copper Chef here.

Copper Chef REVIEWED and Exposed!!

Copper Chef REVIEWED and Exposed!!

What is Copper Chef?

As per the infomercial it is a 6-in-1 non-stick pan that helps in cooking various types of food. It has unique copper infused technology that helps cook healthy, non-sticky and a quick meal for the entire family.


Copper Chef Review

Inferior Quality and Terrible service – Craig who reviewed Copper Chef complained in his review that it’s a crap product, which he realized when the parcel arrived and he found it to be way too light. It wasn’t heavy duty like they claimed and was smaller than expected. He tried making eggs on medium temperature, but they stuck and had a metallic taste. Trying to call the customer service was a nightmare because he got someone with poor English skills on the line. He got yelled at for wanting to return the product and then was offered discount offers. He returned the pan and has a copy of the delivery receipt but they claim to have not received it.

No more Non-stick and Non-scratch – Shelagh who used Copper Chef exposed in her review that the pan worked well a couple of times but after that it was just horrible. The non-stick, non-scratch surface came off before you knew it and she just couldn’t get rid of the stains from the bottom and sides. Now her pans are badly stained and scratched. She calls them the worst pans she has ever bought and wants to return them. She would give them zero stars and advises users against buying them. According to her, getting a $25 set from Dollar General would be a smarter option.

Poorly made Copper pans – Debbie who used Copper Chef revealed in her review that she received the pans as a present from her son but the first thing she noticed was that the stainless steel frame of the glass cover had smashed. Though the glass wasn’t broken, you could tell that the frame was flimsy. The maximum thickness of the pan is 2.5mm. It’s an aluminum pan with copper color epoxy paint, which starts rubbing off and you see the pans for what they really are. It’s really unfortunate because her son thought he had bought her copper pans.

Poor quality, shoddy customer service – Tilda who used Copper Chef revealed in her review that she tried to do a gift returns through Amazon’s website but it’s not possible because the order number is not visible on the site. Since it wasn’t sold by Amazon she had to deal with the manufacturer, which was a waste of time. She was transferred through several members of the team but no one could do a simple exchange. She thinks by spending some more money, you can get much better quality pans. But most of all she is shocked by the fact that they call them Copper pans, when they are anything but that.

It has some design flaws – Ashton who reviewed Copper Chef complained in his review that there are some good things about this pan but overall he is not so happy with its design. He liked the fact that the pan is lightweight, but unfortunately so are the accessories, which makes it difficult to work with them. He was satisfied with its performance as he used it for fried and steamed dishes. He wishes they had made some design tweaks like the lid could have had a bit more lift so that all the accessories could have been stored in the pan well. He however found the recipe book that it came with quite useful and wants to make the most out of it to create different types of dishes and challenge himself. He also recommends using it like a regular non stick pan, which means you can’t use any metal utensils or cooking sprays. When it comes to cleaning you need to stay away from those scratchy scrubs and brushes that can ruin it completely. He was impressed by the fact that though the pan looked like copper it didn’t have to be cleaned like one.

Bad product, only hype – Celina who used Copper Chef complained in her review that she had a few expectations from the pan since she was taken in by all the hype. However they came crashing down pretty quickly because after only a couple of uses she couldn’t even make eggs in it. They were a mishmash and not edible at all. She decided to return the pan, which meant that she had to bear the shipping costs and lost out on the original shipping and handling costs. Now she thinks the whole thing is a scam and no one should fall for it.

Disastrous product – Camille who bought Copper Chef exposed in her review that as soon as the pans arrived her husband could tell that it wasn’t made out of copper. He was right and the pan was only just painted. First time she used it, nothing stuck but the second time when she made chicken using vegetable oil, everything was a mess. The infomercial says you can’t use extra virgin olive oil but can use vegetable oil peanut oil or selective type of olive oil. However in her experience you just can’t use any of them with this completely useless pan.

Horrible customer service – Tanya who used Copper Chef complained in her review that she wanted to return the pan but they just wouldn’t dismiss the shipping charge and of course there was the cost of returning to deal with. Finally they agreed for returns, but couldn’t override the shipping charges. She talked to a customer service representative with an Eastern European accent, who she found difficult to understand and the whole experience was a nightmare.

Badly designed pans – Alecia who bought Copper Chef exposed in her review that she bought a 5 piece set and realized that the bottoms of the pans were convex. It meant that when she was pan frying food, oil gathered towards edges. This problem was accentuated with the shallow pans. As not a lot of oil can be added to the shallow pan, the centre became a hot spot and things would burn. She was also worried that aluminum wasn’t good for health.


Fake reviews are a put off

Misleading Reviews – Alan who reviewed Copper Chef complained in his review that he was suspicious of the pans as soon as he read the glowing reviews, which interestingly were of the same length and character. He was surprised that Amazon didn’t catch on to this scam. There was even a review with manufacturer’s video in it. The whole thing has made him very skeptical and he will stay away from the pans.

Not really copper pans

Misleading Ad about Copper – Sally who bought Copper Chef exposed in her review that the pans don’t live up to the hype. There is absolutely no copper but just aluminum exterior, while the interior has anti-stick material, which requires oil for cooking. Using the metal steamer causes flaking of the anti-stick material, which she found annoying.

Light Aluminium Pans and not Copper – Sita who reviewed Copper Chef complained in her review that the short negative reviews she saw had given her a good idea about the pans. But she decided to check them out in a store. She thought they looked a lot smaller than you see in infomercial, seemed to be made of aluminum and were very light. It was obvious that they wouldn’t take high temperatures and would warp quickly. When she was in the store she was approached by a woman who asked her not to buy it. She had returned her pans because everything was just wrong with them.

Where’s the copper? – Robert who reviewed Copper Chef revealed in his review that they were just cheap aluminum pans with copper colored paint. You end up paying $75 for aluminum pans. According to him, it’s just not on.

Don’t fall for false information – Sandra who reviewed Copper Chef exposed in her review that she was suspicious about the claims made about the pan because she knew that copper just doesn’t standalone without being anodized. That’s why she called the customer service and asked specifically whether it was made out of copper/tin, copper aluminum construction. She was told that it is a copper colored aluminum pan, which didn’t surprise her. But the fact that they were labeling it Copper Chef completely appalled her. She says that she decided not to buy it and advises others to not fall for false marketing. There is no copper in the pan, it is not even stainless steel but made out of aluminum.


Copper Chef Pans are smaller in size

Tiny Copper Chef – Julia who reviewed Copper Chef revealed in her review that she believes there is a lot of false marketing going on here. According to her it’s a bad business practice on the part of the makers. When she first received her parcel, she was shocked and outraged. The pans were so tiny that you could barely make food for two, when in the infomercials you see pans that can cook for a family of 4.

Expensive and Smaller than the TV ad – Grace who bought Copper Chef revealed in her review that she was taken in by all the positive talk about the pans but within a day or two she could see the horrible state they were in. According to her the pans are quite expensive for what they are. She wishes she hadn’t opted for the promotional offer because it only added to the costs. She is also disappointed because the pans are smaller than you see on infomercial and can barely fit 4 lamb chops. She could make couple of eggs before they started to stick. Same thing happened with cheese. The coating also disappeared and she wishes they had made heavier pans where the coating would stay.


Doesn’t work well

Doesn’t “pan out” well – Gregory who used Copper Chef said that he had high hopes after seeing the infomercials for the pan. He cooks a lot and has a full iron cookware set. He started with simple eggs but they didn’t slide around the pan like he expected. When he tried making steaks, blood and fat burned to the pan and he had to scrape it off. He would give it 3 stars but for the advertising of the pans he would give 0 star because it’s so off the mark.

Strange Copper pans, don’t work – Neil who bought Copper Chef complained in his review that the pans are quite strange and don’t work well. He tried to make steaks and was surprised to see that only the outside browned but they weren’t cooked from the inside. They don’t tell you that cooking with these pans is a two step process. There’s also no mention of the fact that you can’t use dish soap with lemon.


Overpriced pans

Lexi who bought Copper Chef complained in her review that it’s the thinnest pan she has. The place where they show silver finish is actually where they machined off more material from an already thin pan. It’s strange because pans are usually thicker at the bottom. You can keep these small pans if you want to cook for two and not four. According to her, these pans are just not worth $100. It just looks like a set from dollar store.


Works well for certain recipes

Karen who bought Copper Chef revealed in her review that there are some recipes that this pan works for and for certain others it is quite useless. Since she wasn’t keen on using canned fruits for pies, she used some of her own ingredients for the Chicken Pot pie and it worked okay. She also made chicken breasts with mushroom and peas on induction surface and that turned out okay too. However when she tried making something as basic as popcorn it didn’t work and everything stuck to the pan. She cleaned it after soaking with soapy warm water but it didn’t do the job well. She also found two chips on the outside, which has left her disappointed. Having paid close to $60 for the pan, she was hoping it would be more versatile, which it isn’t.


Copper Chef Claims

Cook like a pro – Copper Chef guarantees to replace all the pots and pans that clutter the kitchen cabinets since ages. Currently there are no Copper Chef reviews available that substantiate with its claims. Copper Chef assures to cook various types of food in just few minutes with the best benefits that no other pan, pot or cooker can offer. Such a bold claim by Copper Chef does make it an intriguing cooking utensil; more shall be revealed once users review it. Copper Chef promises to help cook meals such as mussels, short ribs, chicken, pasta, lasagne, frittata, apple pie, etc. for the entire family. Such far-fetched claims by Copper Chef will be verified once it is reviewed by users.


Copper infused technology – As the name suggests, Copper Chef alleges to have 100 % real copper infused coating to help cook food easily and quickly. This is because copper is one of the best conductors of heat. Although there are no Copper Chef reviews available at this point of time that attest to its claims. To add to its design there Copper Chef asserts to have an induction plate that channels the heat evenly through its surface to avoid hot spots and always cooks a perfect recipe. Copper Chef does sound fascinating on paper but will be affirmed once we get to analyze user reviews. Copper Chef further proclaims to have Cerami-Tech technology that increases it efficiency by adding non-sticky feature to it. Does Copper Chef really possess so many qualities? Send us your Copper Chef reviews.

Copper Chef Features and Benefits

Copper Chef states to act like a roasting pan, steamer, stock pot, wok and baking dish all thanks to Copper Chef accessories include such as tempered glass lid, steam & roast rack and fry basket. Copper Chef reviews will soon reveal the facts. Copper Chef emphasizes to be perfect for everyone since it works on all types of stoves including electric, gas, ceramic, induction and even in an oven. Copper Chef declares to have heat-resisting ability that goes up to 850 degrees. Such features will be further validated once Copper Chef is reviewed.

Copper Chef maintains to have a 9 ½” square shape that provides extra space to cook more food inside it. With non-stick properties there is no need to use oils and butter that makes cooking healthy using Copper Chef. This makes cleaning Copper Chef a breeze especially with its dishwasher safe feature. There have been no Copper Chef reviews available yet that support what it claims. Copper Chef convinces to be perfect to handle with its riveted and helper handle with its body being PTFE and PFOA free that will not chip, peel or flake in the food. Is Copper Chef easy to use will only be known to us once users send us their review.


Non-stick and non-scratch cooking pan – You can replace several pots, pans, rice cookers, steamers, etc with a single Copper Chef, which asserts to be a nonstick and no-cleanup cooking pan. The ceramic pan claims to be coated aluminum with a steel induction plate at the bottom to be used on electric, gas and induction stovetop. The pan Copper Chef promises to be safe to use on any surface and proclaims to be scratch-resistant from any non-metallic, plastic, or silicone cooking utensil. The bottom induction plate of Copper Chef is emphasized to be constructed with steel, which is then pressed into the aluminum. The Copper Chef cooking pan declares that it can also be used on an open fire, though it is ideal for kitchen use. Unlike regular cookware, Copper Chef alleges to be infused with copper and aluminum coating and steel induction plate that heat the cooking pan quickly and make it compatible with any stove top including electric, induction, and gas. Copper Chef states to be a ceramic-coated cooking pan making it a nonstick and non-scratch cookware. It maintains to be infused with copper, which is known to be the best heating material.

Copper-infused coating for quick heatingCopper Chef is a square pan that weighs 1.93 lb. Unlike regular copper pots and pans, Copper Chef convinces that it doesn’t need frequent polishing since its exterior coating is copper-colored. The cooking pan asserts to be dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with mild soap and water and a soft, non-metal scrubber. It assures that there is no coating on the pan that burns off when used for the first time and it needs to be washed with non-abrasive soap before use. Copper Chef declares to be oven safe and its handle remains cooler than solid-core handles since it is hollow. Though, it must be removed from the oven using pot holders because the handle heats up on gas stove. Along with cooking great food easily Copper Chef convinces to come with a recipe book with 25 recipes from soups to main dishes and desserts.

What do I get?

  • 1 9-1/2 Square Pan
  • 1 Fry Basket
  • 1 Steam and Roast Rack
  • 1 Recipe Book

Price: $74.97 + Free S/h. Official website:


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