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Gotham Steel Square Pan

Gotham Steel Square Pan

What is it

– The TV ad states that it is a new-age deep pan constructed with titanium for durability and ceramic for nonstick feature.


The most durable and nonstick pan

Gotham Steel Square Pan assures that unlike traditional pans it doesn’t burn or stick food or scratch, chip, or damage with the combination of ceramic and titanium construction. The ti-ceramic coating of Gotham Steel Square Pan asserts to distribute heat evenly and slide even the gooiest food right off. Gotham Steel Square Pan declares to be so tough that you can use a metal blender right on it and it won’t scratch. We haven’t read user reviews to verify these claims yet.


Microwave safe
Gotham Steel Square Pan alleges to be microwave safe up to 500˚C so you can bake and serve right out of it and flip food out perfectly with no sticky mess. Gotham Steel Square Pan proclaims to be flame proof so you can make flambé recipes on it. Is Gotham Steel Square Pan so good? Let’s wait for user reviews. Gotham Steel Square Pan declares that it works on gas, electric, and induction cook tops and has extra large capacity to hold four chickens and vegetables easily. Send us your Gotham Steel Square Pan reviews.


What do I get?
Buy Gotham Steel Square Pan just for only $19.99 + $6.95 s/h And just pay separate $4.95 processing and handling for 2nd Gotham Steel Square Pan.


Tower Infinistone

Tower Infinistone

What is Tower Infinistone?
It’s a versatile and attractive-looking 7 piece pans set with great non-stick coating, compatibility with various cooking methods and more.


Tower Infinistone Features

7-piece pans set par excellence – Tower Infinistone promises to add a stylish edge to cooking in your kitchen as the perfect range of pans with great features. It boasts of attributes like innovative non-stick coating, unique non wetting water and proficient oil repelling abilities.

Great to look at – The pans set is designed with stainless steel base and is available in artistically pleasing stone effect look and striking colours.

Suited to all types of cooking – The creators of Tower Infinistone assure you of multiple (multi-cuisine) possibilities as you can cook virtually all foods in them as they are compatible with electric, halogen, gas and even induction hobs.

Safe and easy to clean – Tower Infinistone kitchenware has silicone cool touch handle and flawless heat/cold resistance to extreme temperature, which deems them non-risky and safe. Cleaning them is also a no-hassle process as they are provided with top-grade PTFE stone effect non-stick coating.

Durability in dependability – Tower Infinistone offers 10 year guarantee and commendable heat/cold resistance to extreme temperature, which assures you of years and years of use.


What do I get?

  • 1 16cm Saucepan
  • 1 18cm Saucepan
  • 1 20cm Saucepan
  • 1 24cm Casserole
  • 1 24cm Fry Pan
  • 1 28cm Saute Pan
  • 1 28cm Infuser Lid
  • 1 20cm 3 Tier Steamer
  • 1 24cm Egg Poacher

Price: £129.99 at

Country Cookware Griddle Pan

Country Cookware Griddle Pan

About Country Cookware Griddle Pan
It is an exceptional griddle pan with exceptional features and attributes that transforms foods like home-cooked meat and vegetables into restaurant style cuisine.


Country Cookware Griddle Pan Claims

BBQ style cooking right at home – Country Cookware Griddle Pan promises to make the way you cook easy, enriching and truly slick. It could be the perfect way to elevate the way you cook and also discover exciting new facts with regards to preparing restaurant quality food.

The secret… – The makers of Country Cookware Griddle Pan state that its top cooking secret is heat, which helps it broil and sear tender meats, vegetables and more accurately within seconds. It can also endure the highest level of heat repeatedly and can keep foods’ surface touching the cooking pan and getting burnt.

Intelligent construction – Country Cookware Griddle Pan comes with thoughtfully incorporated pouring spouts to remove fats, oils and marinades for healthy cooking. It is provided with non-stick lining and cast-iron construction, which enables it to sear foods perfectly on a hot surface, keep skin on fish, chicken, etc. crispy and make charred, griddled vegetables much better. Also, it has been made with the finest cast iron which is exceptionally durable (moulded at 1300°C) and has deluxe enamel coating for unparalleled non-stick cooking and ease of cleaning.


What do I get?
Buy the Country Cookware Griddle Pan for £39.99



What is QuadraPan?

Are you tired of using multiple vessels to cook your favorite dishes? Cleaning all those vessels can be a major chore too. Now there is a fast, simple, convenient and easy way to cook all your meals in a breeze. Here’s introducing QuadraPan Professional, a 4-in-1 Multi-Cooking Pan that lets you cook an entire meal with just one pan. The QuadraPan is divided into four specially designed cooking zones delivering delicious, healthier, flavorful meals cooked fast.



QuadraPan Claims

QuadraPan is perfect for any hob type: gas, electric, ceramic and induction. You can use the QuadraPan to give you delicious restaurant quality food every single day. You and your family are sure to love the meals cooked in the QuadraPan professional.


Uses of QuadraPan Professional
QuadraPan Professional is great to cook all types of food in one pan. You can use the QuadraPan to sauté, griddle, fry or sear using just one burner. Just place it in the oven and roast or bake your favorite dishes. Simply put the lid on and you can even steam or poach your food! It is also great for Tapas, Full English Breakfast, Surf & Turf, or Fajitas with multiple fillings and so much more.

The Griddle zone is great for restaurant quality steaks in your own home. It also features a special Fish zone with raised pods to produce juicy and tender fish with no sticking. The egg zone with recessed circles gives you the best fried eggs you have ever had. The flat zone gives you perfectly fried or roasted vegetables too. It’s that amazing! You are guaranteed to love the QuadraPan professional!


QuadraPan Features – QuadraPan has a heat resistant up to 800° F (430° C) making it great for baking and roasting flavourful meals. It can also be used as an oven dish.

The professional grade diecast aluminium core combines with its stainless steel induction plate to give complete heat distribution across the entire pan delivering perfect cooking results every time you use it.

The QuadraPan is designed with scratch resistant technology and the copper sprinkled outer layer and ingenious, non-stick Cera-Tech coating ensure the food will not stick to your pan.


Easy Cleanup – Featuring a Cera-Tech coating that is 100% PFOA and PTFE, the QuadraPan is non-stick and dishwasher safe making it perfectly safe to cook on and clean-up is easy too! Since there is only one pan to clean you can save time washing up too.

The best part is that there is no need for added fats or oils making it great for dry fry to give you scrumptious healthier meals.


Removable Handles – The patented, easy-grip soft-touch removable handles allow it to easily fit in the oven, dishwasher and the cupboard.

So the next time you want to cook four foods on the same hob simply use the QuadraPan Professional. Start cooking smart, scrumptious and healthily with the QuadraPan Professional!

Order the QuadraPan professional today and get delicious, healthier, flavorful meals cooked fast and easy all using just one versatile pan!


What do I get?

  • 1 x QuadraPan Professional Pan
  • 1 x Hob Handle
  • 2 x Helper Handles
  • 1 x Cook & Look’ QuadraPan Lid
  • 1 x Recipe Book

Price: £49.99 at