Copper Chef Induction Cooktop

What is it?

Copper Chef Induction Cooktopis a lightweight, portable induction cooktop with 5 digital 1-touch pre-sets that promises to boil, simmer, sauté’, steam, fry and grill! It convinces to go from warm to sear and all temperatures in between.


How does it work?

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop claims that its induction timer cooks meals at exactly the right time and the right temperature. Copper Chef Induction Cooktop reviews can affirm whether this claim is actually true. The adjustable time and temperature control alleges to adjust the heat in 10-degree increments from 100˚ to 500 ˚F.But we will need Copper Chef Induction Cooktop reviews to validate this claim.

Copper Chef Induction Cooktopemphasizes that its warming feature keeps your meals warm until you’re ready to eat. Does it really keep food warm? Copper Chef Induction Cooktop reviews will have to confirm that for us.


Perfect for all
Copper Chef Induction Cooktop states that it is perfect to use in dorms, RVs, patios, boats and small apartments.

Induction cooktop is large enough to fit most cookware. Though at this very point there are no reviews that can verify with Copper Chef Induction Cooktopclaims.

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What do I get?
Copper Chef Induction Cooktop just for $49.95

10 thoughts on “Copper Chef Induction Cooktop

  1. I bought the induction cook top did not open till later several months as was not needing to use . when I opened it it is cracked all over, tried to get replaced would not replace had been over 60 days. This was cracked when delivered as I was extremely careful when I stored till needed. Now I have a piece of junk and I am just out. I should have opened when delivered then maybe they would have sent a new one very disappointed in customer service. Do not buy during the informational. Only buy from store where you can return.

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