Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

Compare what it is? Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

What is Red Copper Pan?
Red Copper Pan is an ultra tough ceramic copper pan which has copper infused durability. It combines non-stick ceramic and copper to deliver incredible results. It is lightweight yet super strong and it won’t scratch, chip or peel into your food. For more information please visit the Red Copper Pan review page here.

What is Copper Chef?
Promoted by Eric Theiss Copper Chef is a multi-utility nonstick square pan that works on the oven and all stove tops including electric, gas, ceramic and induction tops. It can also be termed as a pan with 6-in-1 cooking features. It can be used as a Roasting pan, rice cooker, steamer, stock pot, wok and baking dish. Fore more information about Copper Chef, please visit this page.


Compare how does it work? Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

How does Red Copper Pan work?
The copper-infused design and non-stick ceramic cooking surface of the Red Copper Pan lets you cook healthier meals without using oil, butter, or grease. It can be used for anything, whether on the stovetop or as a baking pan with a handle (it’s safe up to 500°), including chicken parmesan, eggs without a mixing bowl, and flambéed desserts. One can even caramelize sugar without it sticking.

How does Copper Chef work?
The all-around square pan with its extra deep sides, Cerami-Tech technology, and copper infused coating can resist heat up to 800 degrees. The Cerami-Tech non-stick technology, which is PTFE and PFOA free, means nothing will stick and the coating allows for easy cleaning as well. You can make great dishes without oil and butter


Compare what to expect? Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

Red Copper Pan
You can use this pan for anything- flambé desserts, broil flakey fish, or bake chicken parmesan. All your food slides right out and it’s even oven safe up to 500ºF. Create healthier meals without oil, butter, or grease. You also won’t have to worry about scratches, because Red Copper Pan is “guaranteed to stay scratch-free forever”.

Copper Chef
You can expect to enjoy great meals cooked in any kind of stove top, be it electric, gas, ceramic or induction. Roast, bake, deep fry, steam or simply cook your favourite meals without ever worrying anything. The 5 layer construction of the Copper Chef makes it super strong and durable.


Compare material? Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

Red Copper Pan
Tough-grade non-stick ceramic and copper is used to make Red Copper Pan.

Copper Chef
Copper Chef is a 5 layered construction pan made of double layered ceramic coating, base layer of non-stick ceramic coatine, aluminium core, outside layer and stainless steel induction bade.


Compare coating? Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

Red copper
pan uses non-stick coating that is also PFOA and PTFE free, hence safe for your family.

Copper Chef
Copper Chef uses copper infused non-stick ceramic coating that is also PFOA and PTFE free


Compare Size: Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

Red copper pan
10 inches round pan

Copper Chef
9.5 inches square pan


Compare weight: Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

Red copper pan
Could not find

Copper Chef
1.93 lbs


Compare handle: Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

Red Copper Pan
Sturdy tough handle

Copper Chef
The handle is hollow, making it cooler than solid-core handles but can get hot on the stove-top and when in the oven.


Is it oven-safe? Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

Red Copper Pan
Red Copper Pan is oven safe withstanding heat up to 500 degrees.

Copper Chef
Copper Chef is oven safe and heat resistant upto 800 degrees. Remember to use pot holders when removing the pan from the oven.

63 thoughts on “Red Copper Pan Vs Copper Chef

  1. I have the red copper and it has been a really good pan. I love my pan. It is easy to clean and nothing has been damaged on it. Once in a while there are damaged new products, that doesn’t mean that all of them are bad.

    1. i have the copper chef pan and use it and like it a lot, i bought the copper red pan and found it is nothing like they say, a wast of money,

      1. I have the copper chef and I also have an induction stove, because of the size of the induction ready disc on the bottom of the pan, it can only be used on the smallest burner which makes it in the way of the large burner. In other words, disappointed as it cannot be used on any of the other three burners. And when used on the tiny back burner, cannot use your large burner with another pan.

  2. The informercial shows the red copper square pan being used with a metal bladed hand mixer, and other metal utensils. And then when you get the pan in the mail, the instructions tell you not to use metal in the pan or it will scratch. I don’t get it. Then they tell you not to use olive oil. But the recipe book that came with the pan, has a few recipes with the first ingredient being “olive oil” and once again, I don’t get it. I didn’t know I had to work to get this pan ready for cooking either. I have this feeling that this pan isn’t safe to use.

  3. I have the red copper square pan. Seasoned as per instructions and got a pink film on the paper towel. don’t know if it is dangerous to use. Haven’t cooked in it yet but I am impressed with all the positive feed back. Is it true there is no copper in them? that this is a total lie? I’m speaking of both copper chef and red copper?

    1. With Copper Chef, I believe it is infused with copper, you do not have to season it like you do the Red Copper and it definitely does not stick. Red Copper pans stick like crazy.

      1. The Copper Chef pans you don’t have to season at all! I absolutely love these pans! I cook in them everyday! I am making a cake in my square copper pan tonight.

  4. I love the look of copper cookware. I’m pleased with the cooking experience that I had with my copper vessels. I was concerned about their care but these are way too easy to maintain. There are various polishes available to clean them.

  5. I purchased the Copper Chef pans, Love the non-stick, but my husband used a metal spatula while cooking some eggs and it did scratch my pan.

  6. Luv my copper chef and my Red Copper. Use non metal utensils. Cool after cooking, rinse with warm water and non scratch pad….everything comes clean…made spare ribs, blackberry pie, caramelized nuts, steamed veggies….use ’em everyday!!!!

      1. hands down “Red Copper” ..have both…Copper Chef, “flakes, tends to centralize heat to center, says you can pop popcorn with out oil, burns “…”Red Copper use daily..from bacon to Sticky Oriental Chicken and rice…steamed veggies…list goes on. One Pan and a paper towel cleanup!” My brother gave me the square pan with deep fryer (fries were excellent) and steamer for Christmas as I raved to him for months on how much better his pan was than mine. However, the steamer was missing one foot. And no cook book. I refer to my brother for cooking usage or look on line for recipes from other users of both pans. Will contact company about missing pieces, and see how that goes. Hope this helps.

        1. I was missing a foot also and contacted them and they sent me more feet right away. Must admit tho’, that they put them in a 5 x 7 envelope and only had 46 cents postage and it was delivered with $2.21 postage due. In the meantime, I found the other foot and refused to pay the postage and returned the envelope.

      2. I guess it is to each his own. But I am about ready to throw away my red copper pans. I cooked scrambled eggs in them and have to soak the pan for hours to get clean. Don’t like them at all and have had them about a year. But, so far, I love my Copper Chef. I can cook anything in them and – just like it shows on tv – you can wipe them clean with a paper towel. I do wash them in warm soapy water tho. haha And no matter who says you can use metal on them, I don’t. I always use silicone spatulas and silicone or plastic spoons. Hope this helps

  7. I have both Red Coppper and Copper Chef. I started using them before Xmas! I have used the heck out of them! Baked, fried boiled you name it! I seasoned all the pans as directed. I use them exclusively now but I use silicone utensils only! They both work equally well. The stainless steel is going downstairs in the basement; I’m only keeping my big soup pot up in the kitchen! I’m so over shining and cleaning stainless, so after 43 years goodbye to it! I love both these cookware brands and will continue to write reviews on them. Btw, I haven’t put them in the dishwasher I simply rinse them in my hot soapy water, I rinse and dry them, it only takes a moment! Since nothing gets burnt on there is no use for the dishwasher! Generally I wash them as soon as I’m done cooking so that by the time we are done eating we only have plates and cutlery to do!

  8. I bought the red copper in a store. I washed it and then put it in over with light coating of oil and directed. When wiping excess oil I got a red tinge on paper towel. That really concerns me……what is the red and will it also get in my food ???

  9. I have copper chef and love it. Super hot stuff sticks a little sometimes but with soap water and my fingers I can wash it off with ease. Yes I use a sponge too. My favorite part of this over red copper or the other ceramic metal pans is the handle. It’s round. Your hand gets a nice grip without hurting your hands unlike the other pans with their flat handles.

    1. I agree about the handles and since they are hollow, it helps make the pan light-weight. I find them so easy to clean. I wish I had an entire set of them – I would throw all my others away. I love it also because I can use it on my 2 NuWave induction cooktops – can’t do that with the Red Copper.

  10. My husband bought me the Red Copper set with the deep square pan. I love it. Nothing sticks, the paint holds up beautifully, I baked a cake in the square deep pan without preparing it with anything . It slid right out the pan. I cook everything and do not have to use oil. Red Copper has better handlesoon, and when you order the Square deep pan, you can pay to get more copper coating added on to pan.

  11. I have scoured the Internet on reviews o these two similar square pans. This site has MANY positive reviews while some others just torch both pans saying the pans start to stick immediately as well as exposing that there isn’t a touch of copper in either one but just coloring.
    What attracts me to either pan –however I’m leaning towards the Copper Chef — is the versatility they advertise. If it does even 50% of it I’m willing to give it a try but ONLY because, and like Nicole, I can buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond so that I can return it immediately if not satisfied.


    1. Great idea about buying it from BBB because they basically put a lifetime guarantee on all the products they sell in their store. You can keep bringing it back if you have an issue. I too love it and want to give it a try. Thanks again or the idea.

    2. I own the Copper Chef round skillet and am looking to buy more of them. Never had a problem with the one I have. Very light but holds up to repeated use. Hope this helps a bit.

    3. I highly recommend not buying the copper chef, it did not hold up to it’s claims, I babied it and it still scratched; emails sent to manufacturer have yielded no responses.

      Very dissatisfied and out the money.

      1. Thank you! I too have the Copper Chef pan since May of 2016. I thought it was the greatest pan I had ever used UNTIL it started flaking off the bottom!! I have only used silicon utensils in it and only washed it with a sponge and soapy hot water, yet the bottom of it is covered in scratched and all four corners have spots that have come off and its white underneath. I contacted the Customer Service via email and have gone back and forth with them, I sent them five pictures and they said I must have used metal utensils or heated the pan too much- ah, NO I have not!! It has never been in an oven hotter than 350 degrees and I have never used metal anything on it. This is a great pan for about 8 months-then it started to fall apart and I am afraid what that coating is putting in any food!!

    4. WOW – I didn’t know you could buy it at BBB. But I have both – Red Copper and Copper Chef – I would buy Copper Chef again in a heart beat and if they come out with other pots & pans, I will buy more. I am going to throw my Red Copper away since it sticks like crazy. Have never had the Copper Chef stick and cooks and cleans like a dream.

  12. I just bought the Copper Chef deep square pan and square frying pan with utensils. We will be using it on our wood stove to cook. We are just two people and it cooked our pork roast as well if not better than running our propane oven at 325 degrees for 40 minutes. This will save us lots of propane. We have three setting on the wood stove cook surface: High, Medium, and Low by using trivets. We love having the see through cover.

  13. I was given as a gift the 5 piece square roasting , frying pan, I also bought a 10″ Copper Chef, I love them. I also bought 12″ frying Red Copper pan so far I like that one also. I will need more time to cook in these as I do cook a lot so I will give a followup on my findings. The red copper says you can use metal utensils, Copper Chef says not to use metal utensils. I only use non metal on all of mine, taking no chances.

  14. I have the red copper pan. The very first time I used it on my continuous grate stove the paint on the bottom of the pan scraped off only the grates. Would not recommend unless you have a smooth cooktop.

    1. I agree. From the minute I used the 10″ round and square pans (Red Copper) the outside scratched terribly. The red color on the outside scratched from the old coils on my stove. This was why I was looking to see if the Copper Chef was better. Now that I spent $40 ($20 each) on the pans that scratched, I want to be careful before I spend more. My 43 year old Farberware pots and pans I received for a Wedding gift are in great shape, but of course they are not non-stick and have seen their share of pits in the pots, not the fryers. Probably from their daily Brillo scrubs, but they shine to a beautiful shine as new almost. (I still love them but not for eggs and other sticky foods such as bacon and caramel). The question is, can you really broil in the Copper Chef pans as I know that you can’t in the Red Chef. However, the Red Chef is 1/2″larger but scratches. They are the same price now. I am looking for the Square pan that has the cover and fryer (5 pcs) for $59.99, old price in ad above (online and Walmart). What are the other downfalls?

      1. Copper Chef now has an 11″ square pan. I ordered one from QVC which includes the 11″ pan, glass lid, steamer insert, fry basket and a glass press to flatten your foods out. Starting at midnight tonight online and at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow in the store, Sam’s has the set (excluding glass press) along with a 10″ fry pan for $49.98.

  15. I want the copper chef and heard great things from friends. Then I see the red copper infamercial. The very bottom looks thicker and better made. It is cheaper as well. Now does anyone use the red Copper? I really do not know what to buy now.

    1. I use the red copper pan and love it. Food does not stick to it and it cleans easily. We cook eggs, pancakes, veggies all with little or no oil in it easily. But I do not recommend using metal utensils in it. I whisked an egg in it with a fork and now there are a few very tiny scratches so I won’t be doing that again. Otherwise I LOVE it.

    2. Get the Copper Chef. I heard the red comes off the red copper and heard nothing but great things about Copper chef. I’ll be getting mine at bed bath and beyond with my 20% coupon which makes it $60. Cheaper then the Red copper as you have to pay $10 shipping with it.

    3. I took the copper chef out of the box at Kohls, and it isn’t very heavy. Also the steamer insert for red copper has legs which allows a little more broth or water to be put in the pan. I don’t care if red copper scratches on the outside, I want a heavier pan, a good steamer insert, and 10″ vs 9 1/2 helps too. Great price also.
      So Red Copper is my choice.

      1. My steamer insert for the copper chef pan has the legs and and also came with 3 ceramic knives which I love, along with the basket for frying. $59.00 at Walmart
        It is 9 1/2 ” but when cooking for two and occasionally 4 people, it works great.

    4. I have the red copper and have for almost a year. I don’t like it at all (will probably throw or give them away). I can’t use them on my NuWave induction cooktop and they stick like crazy. For scrambled eggs, I had to go back to my cast iron pans because they stuck in the red copper so bad. That is until I got my Copper Chef. I have had it for 2-3 months and hardly ever use my cast iron any more. I love the Copper Chef (does NOT stick) and will buy more when I can.

      1. I have the red copper square 10 in. skillet. I use it every day! Nothing has ever stuck and it wipes clean with a paper towel. I can’t imagine what people are doing to make foods stick to it. Also, my husband bought it for me at Walmart and I’m sure that if I was not satisfied they would refund his money. They are just as good about returns as BBB on anything for any reason!

    1. Well if it has anything to do with “orgreenic” I wouldn’t touch it with a 10′ pole. I got that green pan and it sux!!!!!

    1. Yes, I use metal whisk and utinsels in mine. I don’t make it a habit, but still haven’t scratched. I had the Red Copper set and ended up getting rid of the 10″ after a while because it started sticking and lost it’s flat bottom surface causing it to cook uneven.

      1. How long were you using the Red Chef that it is sticking and what did you use to clean the pan? Brillo (SOS) or an abrasive? I don’ think they can handle the steel wool after a while even though it doesn’t say so. Just like the Teflon, every scratched that. This just takes longer to show.

    2. The Copper Chef company does not recommend using metal utensils. To keep your pans nice and take no chances on scratching them, it is worth the money to purchase silicone utensils.

  16. I purchased the Copper Chef set and I don’t usually buy anything off the TV. After using them for awhile I had to tell my brother so they also ordered a set. I absolutely love them. I also orderedy daughter a set and she’s thrilled with hers. Can’t even begin to tell you how much I love them.

        1. I want the copper chef and heard great things from friends. Then I see the red copper infamercial. The very bottom looks thicker and better made. It is cheaper as well. Now does anyone use the red Copper? I really do not know what to buy now.

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