Are Copper Pans safe?

As Seen On TV “Copper Pans” are merely copper infused ceramic-coated pans. People fall for the name “Copper” and get sucked into buying these fake copper pans. The ceramic coating is also unreliable since it comes from third world countries.

Copper pans with a non-stick coating are safe for cooking unless their coating has scratched or chipped.

Why does the safety issue arise in the first place?

It is essential to use cookware which is safe for cooking. Heating the copper pans at high temperatures may cause them to leach the materials they are made of which can turn the food toxic. Hence, it is essential to know that the pans are safe from any chemicals or materials that may combine with your food and cause health hazards.

What are the potential safety issues associated with Copper Pans?

Copper cookware is always preferred over others because copper is a good conductor of electricity. However, the metal is not used on the inside of the cookware as it may combine with food and enter your body.

Ingesting little copper is not quite harmful, however, if you have been eating copper dissolved in your food for long then excess of it may harm you causing vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. To prevent this; copper pans come with a protective ceramic, stainless steel or tin coating which ensures that the food does not come in direct contact with copper. But in case the surface has got damaged, copper will react with your meal, hence you must discard the pan.

How to keep your Copper Pans safe?

Copper pans are safe for cooking till their non-stick coating remains intact. Therefore, you must handle them carefully.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers to clean the pans.
  • Use plastic or wooden spatulas while cooking in them.
  • If possible, hand wash them instead of using a dishwasher.

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