Blue Diamond Pan vs Gotham Steel

About Blue Diamond Pan

Non-stick frying pans don’t remain truly non-stick after a few week’s use, the food sticks to the pans and creates mess. You need the Blue Diamond Non-stick fry pan that claim to be infused with millions of tiny diamonds.

Blue Diamond Pan

what is Blue Diamond Pan good for?

They demonstrate the non-stick features of the pan in the video – they sand-papered the surface of the Blue Diamond and the Copper Pan, the Copper Pan begins to loose its “copper” finish but the Blue Diamond pan shows no signs of trouble and when they cooked an egg on both the pans after the sandpaper treatment, the egg got stuck to the Copper Pan but slided off seamlessly off the Blue Diamond pan cooking surface. They also whisked a egg in the pan to prove that it is 5 times scratch-resistant than the Copper Pans. They also melted a few plastic spoons in the pan to show how non-stick the Blue Diamond pan is.

what is Gotham Steel Ceramic good for ?

Gotham Steel Pan

Gotham Steel Ceramic and Titanium Nonstick Fry Pans claims to deliver effortless food release to let you prepare a wide variety of food. No oil or butter needed for healthier cooking.Note: THIS MODEL IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH INDUCTION. It is described as “scratch-proof” but that is not true. there isn’t any flaking but many scratches. I do, however, find it is nonstick at least.

Blue Diamond Pan Pros

  • You get 2 Pans for $29
  • The Blue Diamond Pan comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.
  • Considering the price it is a fairly good offer
  • The Blue Diamond Pan is fairly a good non-stick frying pan if used for “light” cooking and if maintained properly.
  • 100% PFOA free and PFTE free

Blue Diamond Pan Cons

  • It does not remain “Non-stick” forever. After a few weeks the food begins to stick to the surface.
  • Easily warps even after moderate use.
  • Very thin.
  • After a few months the food cooked in the Blue Diamond Pan begins to burn especially the food that is at the center of the pan.
  • These are not REAL DIAMONDS.
  • Deceptive marketing practice.
  • The Blue Diamond Pan is no better than any other ordinary non-stick pan.
  • Teflon coated frying pans work far better than the Blue Diamond Pan.
  • Not suited for cooking on the Induction cooktop.
  • The even distribution of heat is not so good.
  • In a few months time Omelette begins to stick to the pan even with normal use.
  • You still have to pay $9 per Blue Diamond Pan to return them.
  • The top layer will begin to peel off after a few months.

What about the Blue Diamond Pan Outer Coating ?

Chipping, paint peel and they contain PTFE which is not disclosed but is noted in the packaging once you open it. I feel Blue Diamond is deceiving its customers with their ads. T-Fal has a sapphire impreganted finish that is more bio friendly and of excellent quality which I bought for myself for Induction use – only Swiss diamond has induction versions but the quality still is poor.

What about the Gotham Steel Outer Coating ?

The description of the product is misleading: steel, titanium…but it is aluminum with the coating of titanium. Not better than any other non-stick pan. And food does stick to it! Total misrepresentation.

How good is the Blue Diamond Pan Inner Material:

The secret is diamond infused ceramic coating. The Blue Diamond pan is oven safe, they even claim it is safe to broil up to 850 Degree Fahrenheit. The makers of the Blue Diamond pan claim that their pan is 10 times stronger than the Copper Pans and last 10 times longer. It is also scratch resistant.

How good is the Gotham Steel Inner Material.

Ultra-durable, scratch-proof and metal utensil safe Ti-Cerama (ceramic reinforced with titanium) nonstick interior coating is PTHE, PFOA and PFOS free.Oven safe up to 500 F.

Lets compare the handles: Blue Diamond Pan vs Gotham Steel Pan

Gotham Steel : overall quality of this ALUMINUM pan with a steel handle is mediocre at best if you compare to even mid quality cookware. The outside surface is painted to resemble an anodized surface and the shiny ring on the bottom is discolored after only one use. the only saving grace is the non stick ceramic surface performed as advertised. This pan should not look this shoddy after so few uses. two bolts for the handle are not non stick and difficult to clean.

Blue Diamond Pan: The Blue Diamond has a “Stay Cool” handle. handle gets very hot enough to burn your hand….and cannot use it. Hollow, stamped, light gauge metal handle allows heat from the burner to travel through its full length. In the few minutes it takes to cook eggs it becomes uncomfortably hot. With something requiring a longer cook time I imagine the handle would become got enough to cause a burn.

Compare Size: Gotham Steel pan :

Size of a Gotham Steel pan :
Do not like the design, it has so much wasted space, the cooking surface on the bottom is small in comparison to the size of the pan. GOTHAM STEEL 9.5 inches Non-stick Titanium Frying Pan.

Size of Blue diamond pan : Depth is Approx 3 inches.

Price compasrison :

Blue diamond sold 29$ for 2 pans while for Gotham steel is $25+ shipping costs.

Gotham Steel pan Appears to only have a 90 day warranty so in my opinion I would buy a different brand with a lifetime warranty and get a new pan when it sticks or peels for free.

Is it Easy to clean? Does food stick to it?

Cleaning of Blue diamond pan : Eggs wont stick Not when it is new, but down the line it will stick. Even though they claim the pan is scratch resistant, there is no surface that will remain scratch-resistant forever.

Cleaning of Gotham Steel pan: Clean up with warm water and soap was a breeze. things that need to be cooked at med-high heat (mostly meat) sticks to it and we need to soak and scrub for hours to get it clean again.

Does it warp?

Gotham Steel pan : MAIN PROBLEM is that the bottom of the pan has warped (bulged) and the pan is no longer level, therefore, we should change our rating from 5 stars to 2. USED ABOUT 8 TIMES AND NOW IT IS WARPING. usually warped in the middle.

Blue diamond : Very poor, it is thin layered and looks flimsy.

Does it need to be seasoned?

First thing to do with A Gotham steel pan is to season it. Then I tried to cook eggs, sunny side up, eggs did not slide and could only be freed to turn with great difficulty and part of the underside stuck to the pan. Next time I re-seasoned the pan using more oil. Same result. The only good thing about the pan is that the stuff that sticks is easily remover with a wet cloth under running water.

Is it safe to use metal utensil on it?

Blue diamond : Nope, even though they claim the pan is scratch resistant, there is no surface that will remain scratch-resistant forever. So do not use metal utensils in the Blue Diamond Pan. Use wooden spatulas instead if you want your pan to last longer.

Gotham steel pan : No coated pan can endure without chipping the coating Keep metal utensils away from the pan because in time, you will whack the bottom too hard and it will chip.

Heating sources supported by the pans.


Transfers hear 4x faster.

Heat from the burner to travel through its full length. In the few minutes it takes to cook eggs it becomes uncomfortably hot. With something requiring a longer cook time I imagine the handle would become got enough to cause a burn. We have a gas stove, it may not be as bad with electric


Make sure you turn the heat on your stove lower.

Won’t sit flat on cook top, heats slowly.

Food sticks after few trials over gas when heated.

this pan has never been placed in a hot oven or cooked on “High”, and because of that it takes a while to heat up.


Although these are slightly pocket friendly , they donot seem to fit the description and dont live upto the expectations.Neither Gotham steel pan or Blue diamond pans tested out to be as per their advertisements and due to false marketing most of the customers who purchased the products were highly unsatisfied.The Blue Diamond Pan is type of Stone Frying Pan. It is just the top layer that is infused with the “blue diamond”. It is just another “as seen on tv” scam like the Red Copper, Gotham and Eric Theiss Copper Chef. The biggest benefit of the “Stone” frying pans like the Blue Diamond Pan is that they are PFOA free and PFTE free and non-stick. There are tons of TRUE non-stick STONE frying available at The gotham steel pan pan could definitely be bigger! if there was a coating on it that burned off or if the integrity of the metal was compromised. Seeing all the TV ads, people thought of purchasing it. However, were not happy with it since the edges chip and after three weeks there are small chips in the bottom. What they also don’t tell you is that the food will not stick while it is hot.

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  1. I’ve been using the Blue Diamond for 14 months as a daily driver. It does require oil. It’s not as non-stick as a modern T-Fal. It’s much, much more durable than any other non-stick I’ve tried, including T-Fal, Gotham Steel Copper Ceramic Titanium, and Red Copper.

    The handle does heat up if you use the pan at high temperature for a long time. Having said that, I’ve seared 4 striploin steaks in a row in herbed butter on a large electric element on 8 /10, glowing dimly red, without it becoming uncomfortable in my hand. Where it becomes a problem is simmering sauces or making risotto because those need more like 40 minutes.

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