Blue Diamond Pan vs. Red Copper Pan

Looking for a good cooking pan that suits all your needs? Here we compare two popular brands: Blue Diamond Pan and Red Copper Pan. The comparison talks about the pros and cons of both the products based on customer reviews that can help you in making a better choice. To know more about the products you can visit their websites and

Compare Material: Blue Diamond Pan vs. Red Copper Pan

Blue Diamond Pan: Blue Diamond pan is said to have a diamond infused ceramic non-stick coating.

Blue Diamond Pan
Red Copper pan: Red copper pan features copper infused ceramic non-stick coating.

Compare Outer Coating: Blue Diamond Pan vs. Red Copper Pan

Blue Diamond Pan: Ceramic coating infused with diamond and a shiny blue colored finish.

Red Copper Pan: Red copper pan is made of aluminium and has a copper finish

Does food stick to it?

Blue Diamond Pan: The pan does fulfill its non-stick claim to an extent. You will have no issues cooking your favorite food. It provides for easy cooking and cleaning. But after some time greasing will be required.

Of all the limited reviews available of the pan, most of them find it a good non-stick option.

Red Copper Pan: Not living up to the claims of its non-stick coating, the red copper pan doesn’t serve the purpose for which it was made. Food starts sticking to it after one to two uses creating a lot of mess. Even seasoning the pan does not help, and eggs do stick to it.

About 50% of the total reviews specify that the pan does not provide a non-stick cooking experience.

Compare Handle

Blue Diamond Pan: One of the major problems with the blue diamond pan is that the handle gets quite hot while cooking, making it difficult to handle. You need to be careful with it.

Over 90% of the reviews state that the handle of the pan gets pretty hot even while cooking on the gas stove.

Red Copper Pan: Red copper pan’s handle does not pick the heat easily which means that it does not get hot while cooking and is easy to handle.
The pan is oven safe and can be used up to 500 degrees.

Does the pan warp?

Blue Diamond Pan: Blue diamond pans are said to have three layer of diamond infused ceramic coating which makes them extremely tough. The pans are provided with a forged base which prevents warping and going by the reviews there have been no complaints related to warping if you use them on a low flame.

Red Copper Pan: The makers claim that the red copper pan owing to its copper construction does not warp. However, there have been complaints of its warping if used on high flame.

Does it chip and peel off?

Blue Diamond Pan: Some reviews do state that the top layer of the pan starts to peel off after a few months of usage.

Red Copper Pan: The pans coating does wear off after some usage. You will start noticing your food’s reactivity with copper, sooner than later.

Does it need to be seasoned?

Blue Diamond Pan: Yes, some reviews state that after a few uses you will need to use some oil otherwise the food will stick to the pan.

Red Copper Pan: It is recommended that you should season your pan after six months so that it functions well. However, some users complained that the food started sticking after one to two uses and they had to use oil to prevent it.

Is it metal utensil safe?

Blue Diamond Pan: The makers of the pan claim that it is metal utensil safe. However, after some time it does start scratching.

Red Copper Pan: The non-stick layer of the pan will start scratching on using metal utensils.

Pros and cons

Blue Diamond Pan


  • Blue Diamond Pan is relatively a good option if you are looking for a non-stick pan.
  • It has a tough anti-scratch layer that stays longer if maintained well.


  • The claim of the makers that the pan has a cool handle is entirely false. The handle heats up pretty quickly.
  • The non-stick coating will not remain forever.

Red Copper Pan


  • The handle of the pan does not heat up too quickly.


  • The pan is as good as other ‘non-stick’ pans advertised in the market with no results.
  • Over time, its coating starts to peel off, and the pan will warp on high flame. And not to forget the food will stick to it.

Our Verdict

Both the pans, Blue Diamond Pan and Red Copper Pan, do not live up to the claims made by the manufacturers. These are not completely non-stick (although blue diamond pan is a little better than the red copper pan) and food does not glide to the plate as shown in the advertisements. Their tough coating claims are not reliable, they scratch and peel off. Also, the pans do warp on high flames. Don’t get swayed away by the false claims of the makers that bring in light only the short term advantages of the pans. You will find comparatively better options at lower prices.

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