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About Brooklyn Brownie Copper Pan

We all love brownies but no matter how well we make them, brownies are difficult to get off the pan. Here’s introducing the Brooklyn Brownie Copper, the new, incredible non-stick pan designed to mix, bake and serve perfect brownies! With the Brooklyn Brownie Copper you can now bake and enjoy delicious brownies every time!



Brooklyn Brownie Pan Review

Maria Hall, a customer who purchased says in her Brooklyn Brownie Pan review that the brownies don’t taste great and turn out to be better if cooked regularly and not as per the directions. She asserts in her Brooklyn Brownie Pan review that its divider works better after baking but it kind of takes away the purpose of purchasing this pan. Additionally, her Brooklyn Brownie Pan review reveals that the pan is difficult to clean and has flimsy build in the middle.

One other customer Debra Roberts complains in her Brooklyn Brownie Pan review that its metal dividers came bent in the package itself. Her review further states that brownies stick to all the parts of Brooklyn Brownie Pan even after it has been sprayed well.

A customer named Sarah Hill positively says in her Brooklyn Brownie Pan review that it gets the job done since the flimsy metal divider can be bent back into its shape easily. Although her Brooklyn Brownie Pan review complains that the bottom insert is leaky and should have been lined better. Additionally, her Brooklyn Brownie Pan review warns users to wash it gently since it can easily bend.

Judy Hill shows disappointment towards Brooklyn Brownie Pan in her review since the divider does not separate the brownies well and requires the use of a spatula and a butter knife to get the brownies off the pan. Her review does say that Brooklyn Brownie Pan cleans well easily after washing.

Another customer, Louise Cox complains that Brooklyn Brownie Pan is cheaply built. Her review is similar to other Brooklyn Brownie Pan reviews that state its metal divider bends way too easily and can eventually break rendering it useless.

In her Brooklyn Brownie Pan review, Julie Garcia asserts that the pan doesn’t bake well. The divider quality is weak and can be bent too easily. She says in her Brooklyn Brownie Pan review that its concept is good and suggests purchasing other similar pans over this one.

Kimberly Lee, a customer who tried Brooklyn Brownie Pan writes in her review that the brownies stick to the bottom and the batter sticks to the cutter. The ends make thinner brownies since the batter seeps through the solid insert.

A customer Virginia Martin reveals in her Brooklyn Brownie Pan review that the center brownies bake quite nicely. After use, one will need to scrub the individual blades thoroughly to clean it. She asserts that the pan is durable and has an effective coating.


Brooklyn Brownie Pan Questions and Answers

Q. Does Brooklyn Brownie Pan cook brownies evenly so all the edges turn out to be crunchy and delicious?
A. Brooklyn Brownie Pan does a decent job but can be a little uneven around the outside. Users can try preparing a box of Fleischmann cornbread in it and cook for shorter time for great results.

Q. How many pieces can Brooklyn Brownie Pan provide?

A. It can make 18 individual pieces.

Q. Will the divider in Brooklyn Brownie Pan be used to cut the rectangles after the brownies are baked?
A. No.

Q. How many pieces does Brooklyn Brownie Pan comprise of?
A. It consists of three pieces – removable bottom portion, the divider, and the pan.

Q. When should be the divider be put while baking in Brooklyn Brownie Pan?
A. The divider can be lifted once the batter is poured in the interior of the pan. Once the batter is poured in, place the divider back to ensure that the partitions are in place while baking. Once baking is done, remove the divider from Brooklyn Brownie Pan to get perfectly cut brownies.

Q. Can Brooklyn Brownie Pan make a box of brownies?
A. Yes, it can easily bake a box of Duncan Hines brownies. Brooklyn Brownie Pan’s divider might not be really good at evenly cutting the brownies and is hard to clean. Otherwise the pan does work well for baking and can be used without the divider for better results.

Q. Can Brooklyn Brownie Pan be washed in a dishwasher?
A. The parts seem like they can be placed in a dishwasher for cleaning. It also cleans easily when washed with hands and allowed to dry.

Q. Is Brooklyn Brownie Pan’s divider flexible? Can it be manipulated to provide 12 pieces instead of 18?
A. No.

Q. Does Brooklyn Brownie Pan come with any type of lid?
A. No it doesn’t include any kind of lid.


Brooklyn Brownie Copper Pan CLAIMS

Brooklyn Brownie Copper claims to make 18 mouthwatering brownies that you can enjoy in one go.

The secret – Brooklyn Brownie Copper is designed with a combination of non-stick super strong surface of copper with the convenience of a self-slicing serving pan. Plus, the bottom of the Brooklyn Brownie Copper separates to create the perfect serving plate. The non-stick surface ensures each brownie easily comes out of the pan one by one. The innovative even heat distribution makes the edges of each brownie crispy and gooey in the inside.

Great for all treats – Brooklyn Brownie Copper is great for Blondie swirls, cereal treats, apple pies and more! Brooklyn Brownie Copper is not just for desserts, you can also use it to mix, bake and serve appetizers that your family and guests will savor and enjoy. Brooklyn Brownie Copper is PFOA Free and metal utensil and dishwasher safe. Order the Brooklyn Brownie Copper today!

How to use? – Simply pour your favorite batter into the Brooklyn Brownie Copper, insert the divider and bake. Once done, each brownie easily pops out of the pan one by one with any coating of butter or oil. Everything slides right off the pan.


What do I get?
Buy the Brooklyn Brownie Copper pan today for just $19.99, also get 2nd Brooklyn Brownie Copper pan, just pay a separate $7.95 fee. Official

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  1. Sherri Bonica | April 17, 2017 at 8:29 pm | Reply

    Now my card is hung up and I will never order this or recommend this!

  2. Sherri Bonica | April 17, 2017 at 8:27 pm | Reply

    I ordered this on March 11the and was told 2-3 weeks, now I’m told at least another month. This us false advertising. DON’T ORDER THIS!

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