Gotham Steel XL REVIEW

What is Gotham Steel XL?

Gotham Steel XL claims to be a deep non-stick pan made with ceramic and titanium that is perfect for fried food, pot pies, steamed food, desserts and more!



Gotham Steel XL CLAIMS

Gotham …

Copper Chef Copper Induction Cooktop REVIEW

About Copperchef Induction Cooktop

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop is an induction cooktop with 5 digital 1-touch pre-sets that promises to go from warm to sear and all temperatures in between. It promises to let you warm, simmer, sauté, slow cook, …

Gotham Steel Baking Sheet REVIEW | REVIEW

What is Gotham Steel Baking Sheet

As per the TV infomercial it is a non-stick baking sheet made from Ti-Cerama surface comprising of titanium and ceramic to provide non-stick, low-calorie baking. Gotham Steel Baking Sheet states that its Ti-Cerama surface …

Copper Chef Perfect Loaf Pan REVIEWS and COMPLAINTS

What is the Copper Chef Perfect Loaf Pan?

Copper Chef Perfect Loaf Pan is a 5-in-1 incredible, non-stick pan that lets you roast, lift, serve, and store! Copper Chef Perfect Loaf Pan is perfect for meatloaf, fresh bread, roasts, cakes, …

Red Copper Pressure Cooker REVIEW | Exposed

What is Red Copper Pressure Cooker

It claims to be a versatile cooker that comprises of seven different functions in one. It is infused with pure copper and non-stick ceramic material for easy cooking and cleaning. Red Copper Pressure Cooker …

Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

What is it? Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

Copper Crisper
It is a crisping tray which helps you prepare crunchy, oil-free fried foods when placed in the oven.

Gotham Steel Crisper
Devised like an oil-less fryer, Gotham Steel Crisper …

Red Copper Wrapper REVIEW

What is Red Copper Wrapper?

It is a plastic wrap and tin foil dispenser provided with an internal cutting mechanism which cuts wraps easily and safely.Red Copper Wrapper is an innovative dispenser crafted to work like a one-touch cutter that …