Cerastone Cookware

About Cerastone Cookware

Cerastone Cookware claims to be nonstick and durable cookware that makes delicious dishes quickly without sticking to the surface.

How does it work

The all-natural ceramic surface of Cerastone Cookware makes it nonstick and non-toxic. Ceramic is combined with fortified titanium making it damage-proof, scratch and chip resistant.

A truly nonstick pan
Most pans claim to be nonstick but food always sticks to the surface and needs scraping thereby damaging the pan. Pans also contain deadly chemicals like PTFE and PFOA that mix with the food. But Cerastone Cookware promises to have an all-natural ceramic surface that makes it non-toxic, nonstick and scratch-resistant and titanium that heats it up quickly to give evenly-cooked food. These claims of Cerastone Cookware will be verified by user reviews.

Durable and energy-efficient
Cerastone Cookware proclaims that its nonstick surface makes it super smooth and a breeze to clean. The handles of Cerastone Cookware are guaranteed to be high-polished and oven safe while the induction bottom makes it more energy-efficient. Such farfetched claims should not be believed till there are more Cerastone Cookware user reviews. Titanium emphasizes to make Cerastone Cookware durable and you can use a metal blender right on it. Let’s wait for user reviews to reveal the truth.

Official Website:cerastonecookware.com

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  1. I loved the pan until l realized a strange odor has been eminating from it. l don’t use it any more because the smell may be harmful. That has never happened with any of my pots or pans before.

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