Copper Chef Grill REVIEW

About Copper Chef Grill

Copper Chef Grill states to be a grill that gives the authentic char-grilled flavor on stove top, outdoor grill or oven.


How does Copper Chef Grill work?

The patented outdoor deep grill ridges of Copper Chef Grill convince to be five times deeper than traditional grill. The stainless steel induction plate and even and rapid heat technology provide perfect searing and grill marks.

Outdoor BBQ Grilling Indoors – You can allegedly turn any stove top – electric, gas, ceramic, and induction – or oven into a perfect grilling surface with Copper Chef Grill. It asserts to feature Cerami-Tech nonstick coating to prevent food from sticking, and heat resistance up to 850 degrees to thaw food twice as fast. There are no Copper Chef Grill user reviews to clarify these claims.

Extra-Large Capacity – Copper Chef Grill guarantees to prevent sauces, marinades, bastes, or thin and small veggies from dripping and falling into gaps. The extra large capacity of the grill maintains to accommodate nine pieces of salmon, burgers, or pancakes. Let’s wait for Copper Chef Grill user reviews to reveal the truth. The dishwasher-safe grill claims to be constructed with heavy-duty aluminum cast and Send us your reviews of Copper Chef Grill if these claims are true.

Copper Chef Review

Patsy Fields who used Copper Chef says in her review that any type of food cooked on its surface starts to stick. The user asserts in his review that Copper Chef is a waste of money since it is an ordinary pan quoted at a higher price.

Anne Baldwin shows her disappointment in Copper Chef by stating that even though it is better than regular frying pans, it fails to deliver as expected. In her review she further says that food such as hamburger patties stick to its surface and requires scraping to clean it up.

A Copper Chef user complains in her review that it is a difficult to clean pan. It is not non-stick in nature and food gets stuck too easily on its surface.

Another Copper Chef review by Alexandra Gardner asserts that even though it can provide a decent grilled food, it is difficult to clean and gets discolored when kept on gas flame.

Angelica Sanders who purchased Copper Chef says in her review that it fails to deliver everything that it claims. The user’s review adds that food sticks on Copper Chef and makes it difficult to flip while making salmon and hamburger patties. Another issue that the Copper Chef review complains is that it burns food items on the raised surfaces and does not cook the spaces that are in between.

Casey Palmer who has tried Copper Chef writes in her review that it doesn’t perform at higher temperatures. This review also states that the pan turned black during the first use and doesn’t heat up evenly. The Copper Chef review explains that the so called copper coating comes off by scraping and washing.

A Copper Chef review by its user Gail Little says that the pan and its grease well are pretty small. As per this review, Copper Chef gets too hot and can result in a mess spilled on the stove.

A similar issue is observed in a Copper Chef review by another user Gail Little. It complains about the grease well and its small size that makes it difficult to cook bacon and remove the grease especially while cooking the second batch. The review further states that Copper Chef slightly warps at higher temperatures.

Another Copper Chef review by Monica Reynolds asserts that black spots surfaced on it after first use and wouldn’t come off at all. The user noticed warping at higher temperatures while using on an electric stovetop. If it is used at a medium setting, it will not grill the steaks well.

Copper Chef Questions and Answers

Q. Does Copper Chef Grill work on electric cooktops?
A. Yes.

Q. Does Copper Chef Grill require seasoning?
A. No, it doesn’t need to be seasoned. Instead a lightly sprayed PAM during the first use will help.

Q. Can the grill pan be exposed to direct heat for cooking?
A. Yes, it can be placed on a stove top with ease. Keep in mind that its color will change from orange and not reverse back to normal since it is not a non-stick grill.

Q. Will Copper Chef help grill and smoke steaks safely?
A. Yes, it works well at higher temperatures on an electric stove. It does have the ability to provide a grilled, juicy taste but can become a bit difficult to clean later.

Q. Is Copper Chef dishwasher safe?
A. Yes.

Q. Will SOS pads be good for cleaning Copper Chef?
A. No, its non-stick claims are false and don’t allow easy cleaning.

Q. Will Copper Chef work on an electric stovetop?
A. Yes, it can also be used to cook on a barbeque grill.

Q. Does Copper Chef work on induction stove top?
A. Not sure but it is compatible with electric stovetops.

Q. Does Copper Chef come with a lid or a cover for the grill?
A. No.

Q. Will Copper Chef work with flat cooktops?
A. Yes, it is fully compatible and can be used to make amazing pancakes and grill cheese sandwiches quickly and easily.

Q. Will Copper Chef work better on a conventional electric stovetop or require gas?
A. It does work well both ways but it shouldn’t get too hot while using it on an electric stove.

What do I get?
Buy Copper Chef Grill just for 3 easy payment of 33.33 | Official Website:

3 Comments on "Copper Chef Grill REVIEW"

  1. Louise Williams | September 15, 2017 at 7:10 pm | Reply

    Copper Chef claims for your product do not standup. They claim no hot spots – the center of the pans is a very hot spot due to the steel plate on the bottom being pushed too far into it and creating a rise in the center inside the pans. Food sticks to anything not pushed over to the edges away from the center of the pan. The finish on the outside is coming off from the bottom of my big square pan and metal is showing around the top edge of my large skillet. It’s impossible to get a good fried egg from this product. I also have the grill pan and food sticks on it too. I have the induction plate and a small square pan came with it with a nick in the outside finish… food sticks in it too and it will not just wash out. I have followed all instructions as directed. I have not yet had anything to “slide” out of any of these pans as demonstrated on TV. I am very disappointed in this product. I purchased seven of the induction plates with the pan as gifts for Christmas and am going to return them back to the store.

    • I have the copper chef grill and we use it a lot. I always cook our hamburgers on it, and they do NOT stick. My pan has not discolored and if you wipe the pan clean as soon as it cooks a bit, it cleans easily. I have been reading these negative reviews and can only conclude that the writers have not used their pan correctly.

      • Oh yes it’s always either user error or counterfeit products, it’s never the sub-par cooking equipment, never, why is they never use these pans in high end restaurants if they are so great ? or for that matter high questionable restaurants ? or any restaurants? Oh it must be user error everywhere.. Maybe one day you’ll be lucky enough to try a Cast iron griddle, and you’ll find out why these pans are not used in a restaurant ever…

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