Copper Chef Copper Induction Cooktop REVIEW

About Copperchef Induction Cooktop

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop is an induction cooktop with 5 digital 1-touch pre-sets that promises to go from warm to sear and all temperatures in between. It promises to let you warm, simmer, sauté, slow cook, boil, and fry at the precise temperature you choose all at the touch of a button. Does the CopperChef Induction Cooktop really work as promised? Send us your Copper Induction Cooktop review.

Copperchef Induction Cooktop CLAIMS

Need extra cooking space for parties and holidays? Copperchef Induction Cooktop alleges it is perfect for additional cooking space and is easy to carry with you when you travel. Sounds too fanciful, Copperchef Induction Cooktop reviews will expose it soon. Being both lightweight and portable, Copperchef Copper Induction Cooktop emphasizes that you can simply plug it in wherever you go! Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Copperchef Induction Cooktop is reviewed.

Perfectly heated meals are what you get with the Copperchef Induction Cooktop. It emphasizes that its warming feature keeps your meals warm until you’re ready to eat. The claim seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after the Copperchef Induction Cooktop is reviewed.

Copperchef Copper Induction Cooktop declares that it works with any magnet-friendly cookware. This claim of the Copperchef Induction Cooktop will be attested only once users review Copperchef Induction Cooktop.

Copper Induction Cooktop Review

In her review of the Copperchef Induction Cooktop, Jody Bryant says- “The heat ring is very small and the temperature is hard to control. Don’t try to use this for frying because as soon as you drop something in, the temperature drops so low everything comes out soggy”.

Sharon Brown mentions in her Copperchef Induction Cooktop review- “It is very noisy when operating. It is also under powered, I tried to boil some eggs and it took forever to get the water to a boil”.

Patti Daniel complains in her review of the Copperchef Induction Cooktop that the actual induction heating area is fairly small.

Tamara Poole is disappointed with the Copper Induction Cooktop and writes in her review- “It is okay if you only want to cook in the center of the pan. It does not cook around the outside”.

Latoya Todd tried the Copperchef Induction Cooktop and states in her review of it that it does work nicely to heat fast but the beeping sound it makes every time you use a control button is extremely loud.

In her review of the Copperchef Induction Cooktop, Paula Hoffman warns that it will not heat some copper chef round pans.

Lora Long says in her Copperchef Induction Cooktop review that it wouldn’t heat up and does not cook food properly due to the poor heat element.

Another user, Beverly Soto complains in her Copperchef Induction Cooktop review- “If you want to fry something, only the middle of the pan gets hot and the sides of the pan stays cool unless you use a very small pan”.

Evelyn Figueroa is not happy with the Copperchef Induction Cooktop and says in her review- “It wouldn’t boil water after 15 minutes, with water barely covering the bottom of the pan”.

Copperchef Induction Cooktop Questions and Answers

Q. Do you need a copper pan/cookware for it to work or can you use any type of frying pan?
A. It’s designed to work with the Copper Chef series (skillets, pans, grill, etc.).

Q. What kind of warranty comes with the Copperchef Copper Induction Cooktop?
A. It does not come with any warranty.

Q. My induction burner has a blower that is quite loud. The blower is on the entire time. Is this normal? I never heard anything about the noise factor.
A. I don’t know what yours sounds like, but mine makes an audible whirring sound.

Q. Does the Copperchef Copper Induction Cooktop plug in?
A. Yes

Q. Can you use regular pans with the Copperchef Copper Induction Cooktop?
A. No.

Q. The fan does not keep blowing to cool down when I press the off bottom after cooking.
A. I haven’t had that problem but I haven’t used it that much. I’d unplug it.

Q. What is the actual cooking surface?
A. The top is 10 in. square.

Q. Has anyone tried to deep fry chicken with the Copperchef Copper Induction A. Cooktop, I can’t get mine to go over 220 degrees. I can’t get mine to work period. I am ready to send it back.

Copperchef Copper Induction Cooktop Verdict

There are numerous induction cooktops available for people to select from but the closest competitor to the Copperchef Copper Induction Cooktop is Chef’s Star 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner.

On, Copperchef Copper Induction Cooktop has a rating of 4.4/5 from 71 customer reviewers and the Chef’s Star 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner has 16 customer reviews and a 4/5 rating. We would recommend the Copperchef Copper Induction Cooktop because although it is more expensive than its competitor, almost all reviewers say it works very well and it actually saves on electricity as it doesn’t take as long to heat up.

If you are looking for more information on the the Copperchef Copper Induction Cooktop log into:

Robyn Mccarthy says in her Chef’s Star Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner review-“Excellent ‘upgrade’ from your old electric stove top without replacing the entire range! It heats compatible cookware SUPER efficiently and quickly”.

In her review of the Chef’s Star Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Amber Greene states that it fast boils water and is great for cooking control of temperature.

Johanna Jackson says in her Chef’s Star Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner review that it worked less than a month.

Alexandra Soto mentions in her Chef’s Star Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner review- “Used with appropriate pots and pans this induction cooktop works so much better than glass top electric, or gas ranges.

Where to buy?
Copper Induction Cooktop for $69.99 at

19 Comments on "Copper Chef Copper Induction Cooktop REVIEW"

  1. BRAD BURNETT | May 6, 2020 at 8:26 pm | Reply

    This induction burner is TRASH! — I have never been able to get mine to stay on. It goes into the warm-up mode and then turns itself off

    Don’t waste your time on this piece of junk

  2. Charlotte A. Apple | August 11, 2019 at 5:11 pm | Reply

    I’ve had mine for a couple of months, but haven’t used yet because I can’t find recipes (mostly the length of time to cook something). The recipes included are very limited and sketchy. Do I plan on roasting a chicken for length of time in conventional oven or less time? So far this has been the most disappointing thing — but that may be because I haven’t used it yet.

  3. Love my Copper Chef cookware! Used to love the induction cooktop until this weekend. I plugged it in and put g5 Italian sausages in it, turned it to medium heat. Walked out the door to my mailbox on my curb, when I returned it was burning – not the sausage – the cooktop. I put out the fire before it did any further damage. Once it cooled I flipped it over and it was melted! I have photos to back up my story!!

  4. Marion Xenides | January 17, 2019 at 7:58 pm | Reply

    After following directions the cooktop was ok to use – HOWEVER- DID ANY OF YOUR ENGINEERS HAVE TO STIR ANYTHING IN THE POT? IF YOU HOLD ONTO TOP / TRY TO STIR WHATEVER IS IN POT – IT WILL FLY RIGHT OFF. THERE IS NO LIP AROUND EDGE TO HOLD PAN ON!!! VERY, VERY DANGEROUS. Cooktops do not have a lip but is entirely different when cooking/stirring.

  5. I got this for Christmas and I am very upset that the induction plate will not power up with the pan that came with it setting square in the center of the plate. I EXPECT a replacement or a refund ro my dear husband that got this for me.

  6. Got one for Christmas. Cant get the induction plate to even come on.

  7. This is a piece of junk. I threw the cooking plate away and saved the pan. The heating unit would not stay on. Kept turning itself off. Usually when I get screwed I at least get dinner, a few drinks and a kiss.

  8. Let me guess, the UL, FCC, VDE, CSA safety approvals cost to much for what is nothing more then a sub 15 dollar induction counter top appliance, (yes that is all they are worth from Zhongshan Shunmin Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd, and there’s are FCC approved and higher wattage, and better looking so copper chefs induction top is more then likely under $10 in 1000 unit quantities FOB ) does your induction top at least meet the FCC section 18 regulations ? ETL doesn’t test electromagnetic field strengths as they lack the jurisdiction the FCC has. and only the FCC can issue the approval, but the FCC will tear the entire unit down and post pictures of both the insides and outsides of the unit so people can see if they are quality or junk for themselves, got something to hide ?

    • My bad I couldn’t wait to post this before the company emailed me back well they just emailed me the price of $7.80 FOB each, yep that is what they are worth, so it’s neat they make over $60 each and they won’t honor anything more then a 60 day warranty, even though they could exchange it out like 3 times and still double there money..

  9. Debbeharmon

  10. Reply won’t let me post

  11. Reply

  12. Waiting on reply

  13. Poor customer service.

  14. I bought the induction cook top did not open till later several months as was not needing to use . when I opened it it is cracked all over, tried to get replaced would not replace had been over 60 days. This was cracked when delivered as I was extremely careful when I stored till needed. Now I have a piece of junk and I am just out. I should have opened when delivered then maybe they would have sent a new one very disappointed in customer service. Do not buy during the informational. Only buy from store where you can return.

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