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What is Copper Chef King?

It’s a range of cookware made of copper that can be used for multiple cooking functions such as a deep-frying, steaming, baking and also as a slow cooker, roaster and much more.


Benefits and Possibilities Unlimited

Copper Chef King claims it’s the perfect cooking solution that will simplify cooking beyond your expectations. It is an ingeniously created set of pans supposedly having copper infused technology. The pans are available in different shapes, sizes and makes in which you can cook virtually everything. That means you won’t need the whole lot of pots and pans for cooking as it will help you singlehandedly cook virtually everything for you. Among other things, Copper Chef King doubles as a steamer tray in which you can prepare healthier recipes, grill, oven-roast and also prepare several delicacies in it including desserts like cookies. You can also deep fry foods in it, cook treats like pasta and even use it as a strainer.


Copper Chef King Questions and Answers

Q: Where is Copper Chef King made?
A: No information has been given by the manufacturers about this aspect of the cookware range.

Q: Is a lid provided with this pan?
A: No, it does not come with a lid.

Q: Can I use this pan on induction stove tops?
A: Copper pans are not meant to be used with induction stove tops, so it is advisable to avoid placing it on them for cooking.

Q: I’d like to know if it’s dishwasher safe…Thanks.
A: Not really; its makers have not clearly state that it is dishwasher safe, so you’d better be alert while cleaning it in one.

Q: Is Copper Chef King FDA-approved?
A: Apparently, it is not FDA-approved as it hasn’t been mentioned clearly.


Copper Chef King Review

Betsy Chapman says in her Copper Chef King review that right after first use, the red paint on its exterior wore off when she washed it. She also feels that its makers are trying to fleece the customers. Its advertisement claims that it measures 12 x 10.9 but in reality it is smaller. She also doesn’t find it very useful for cooking quite a lot of things, unlike what its makers say.

Olga Pratt used the Copper Chef King pan as instructed but found everything sticking to it along with scratches after just one use. She reveals that the dimensions of the pan are actually smaller than advertised. She says she wouldn’t recommend to anyone planning to buy it.

Patsy Holt, another customer says in her Copper Chef King pan review that when she heated it slightly longer, its red coating wore off. After using it for a few more times, its outside layer is also scratched.

Tom Webster used Copper Chef King pan as directed but could not get the desired result. She couldn’t made anything crispy like fried rice or grilled cheese sandwich properly in it as it burned and the red paint chipped off even at really low heat. He says it’s just the edge of the pan which is stick-free but everything in the centre sticks, due to which he needs to put oil to remove it carefully.
Brandy Cox has commented in her Copper Chef King pan review that it lost its non-stick features within a month and now she struggles to wash the pan. Its red colour coating has also worn off.

Winnie Todd says initially she was happy to own the Copper Chef King but after using it just twice or thrice, she noticed that its non-stick property got eliminated and everything started sticking to its surface.

Janis Bates has further written in that Copper Chef King is not good to cook things like eggs, which spoil the shape and making it uneatable. Washing the pan is also a major problem as She says she’d never recommend Copper Chef King to anyone as it’s a sheer waste of money and time using it.


Copper Chef King Verdict

Copper Chef King positions itself as a unique cookware range that uses copper infused technology and so has an edge over others. The ratings on shopping sites like and show positive responses from users overall as, at an average, it carries about 4 out of 5 stars as ratings.

Copper King does feature a great variety and design, though some customers aren’t happy with it. They’ve panned it for poor non-sticky surface and inferior coating and also for ending up unfit for use within days.

Copper Chef King Alternative

Mauviel Made In France M’Heritage Copper Frying Pan. This copper frying pan has also secured 4 Stars as ratings. Its features and elements seem similar to those of Copper Chef King.

However, the range of Mauviel pans is very expensively priced (above $150) while Copper Chef King is available for just $37.06. This steep price difference may make one wonder what so much difference means.

Mauviel Made In France M’Heritage Copper Frying Pan is available on, and few other prominent shopping sites.


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  1. I purchased an 8″ and 12″ copper fry pan recently. I only use the freshest Mike and Gerry organic brown eggs for omelette and use the 8″. They always taste and have a rotten odor. I may have to just pitch the 8″. The 12″ I use for chicken or fish but I need to wash the pan and cook each sep. in my old pan I was able to cook all together. I’m not too happy with either.

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