Copper Chef Non-Stick Diamond Pan Review

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What is Copper Chef Diamond Pan?

It is a non-stick cooking pan with 3D diamond matrix surface which guarantees the smoothest and totally non-sticky cooking experience.

The Power of Diamond Coating Surface

Copper Chef Diamond Pan is projected as the ultimate cooking pan with unmatched non-stick properties courtesy 3D diamond matrix cooking surface and micro-textured pattern that infuse optimal airflow while cooking. The pan features 33% harder and 85% stronger non-stick coating as compared to regular ceramic pans. The pan also has a stainless steel induction plate for even heat distribution to enhance the process of cooking further.

Versatile Cooking Pan Truly Worth Buying

Copper Chef Diamond Pan, according to its makers, even heats 30% faster than other pans. It generates micro air pockets between the food and the pan, which prevents use of butter or oil and sticking. It is also compatible with all stove tops such as gas, electric, induction cooker, ceramic, etc. In addition, its heat resistance of up to 850° F gives you more freedom to do your cooking. The pan further strives to make things better and safer for you as it is PTFE and PFOA free as well as dishwasher safe.

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  1. Copper chef is worthless junk food sticks and mine had 14 scratches in it after 20 times of use never used metal sponges nothing called customer service they want me to pay 16 dollars for shipping when pan costs 10 some foreign lady answered could barely understand her

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