Copper Chef REVIEWED and Exposed!!

What is Copper Chef?

As per the infomercial it is a 6-in-1 non-stick pan that helps in cooking various types of food. It has unique copper infused technology that helps cook healthy, non-sticky and a quick meal for the entire family.

Copper Chef Review

Inferior Quality and Terrible service – Craig who reviewed Copper Chef complained in his review that it’s a crap product, which he realized when the parcel arrived and he found it to be way too light. It wasn’t heavy duty like they claimed and was smaller than expected. He tried making eggs on medium temperature, but they stuck and had a metallic taste. Trying to call the customer service was a nightmare because he got someone with poor English skills on the line. He got yelled at for wanting to return the product and then was offered discount offers. He returned the pan and has a copy of the delivery receipt but they claim to have not received it.

No more Non-stick and Non-scratch – Shelagh who used Copper Chef exposed in her review that the pan worked well a couple of times but after that it was just horrible. The non-stick, non-scratch surface came off before you knew it and she just couldn’t get rid of the stains from the bottom and sides. Now her pans are badly stained and scratched. She calls them the worst pans she has ever bought and wants to return them. She would give them zero stars and advises users against buying them. According to her, getting a $25 set from Dollar General would be a smarter option.

Poorly made Copper pans – Debbie who used Copper Chef revealed in her review that she received the pans as a present from her son but the first thing she noticed was that the stainless steel frame of the glass cover had smashed. Though the glass wasn’t broken, you could tell that the frame was flimsy. The maximum thickness of the pan is 2.5mm. It’s an aluminum pan with copper color epoxy paint, which starts rubbing off and you see the pans for what they really are. It’s really unfortunate because her son thought he had bought her copper pans.

Poor quality, shoddy customer service – Tilda who used Copper Chef revealed in her review that she tried to do a gift returns through Amazon’s website but it’s not possible because the order number is not visible on the site. Since it wasn’t sold by Amazon she had to deal with the manufacturer, which was a waste of time. She was transferred through several members of the team but no one could do a simple exchange. She thinks by spending some more money, you can get much better quality pans. But most of all she is shocked by the fact that they call them Copper pans, when they are anything but that.

It has some design flaws – Ashton who reviewed Copper Chef complained in his review that there are some good things about this pan but overall he is not so happy with its design. He liked the fact that the pan is lightweight, but unfortunately so are the accessories, which makes it difficult to work with them. He was satisfied with its performance as he used it for fried and steamed dishes. He wishes they had made some design tweaks like the lid could have had a bit more lift so that all the accessories could have been stored in the pan well. He however found the recipe book that it came with quite useful and wants to make the most out of it to create different types of dishes and challenge himself. He also recommends using it like a regular non stick pan, which means you can’t use any metal utensils or cooking sprays. When it comes to cleaning you need to stay away from those scratchy scrubs and brushes that can ruin it completely. He was impressed by the fact that though the pan looked like copper it didn’t have to be cleaned like one.

Bad product, only hype – Celina who used Copper Chef complained in her review that she had a few expectations from the pan since she was taken in by all the hype. However they came crashing down pretty quickly because after only a couple of uses she couldn’t even make eggs in it. They were a mishmash and not edible at all. She decided to return the pan, which meant that she had to bear the shipping costs and lost out on the original shipping and handling costs. Now she thinks the whole thing is a scam and no one should fall for it.

Disastrous product – Camille who bought Copper Chef exposed in her review that as soon as the pans arrived her husband could tell that it wasn’t made out of copper. He was right and the pan was only just painted. First time she used it, nothing stuck but the second time when she made chicken using vegetable oil, everything was a mess. The infomercial says you can’t use extra virgin olive oil but can use vegetable oil peanut oil or selective type of olive oil. However in her experience you just can’t use any of them with this completely useless pan.

Horrible customer service – Tanya who used Copper Chef complained in her review that she wanted to return the pan but they just wouldn’t dismiss the shipping charge and of course there was the cost of returning to deal with. Finally they agreed for returns, but couldn’t override the shipping charges. She talked to a customer service representative with an Eastern European accent, who she found difficult to understand and the whole experience was a nightmare.

Badly designed pans – Alecia who bought Copper Chef exposed in her review that she bought a 5 piece set and realized that the bottoms of the pans were convex. It meant that when she was pan frying food, oil gathered towards edges. This problem was accentuated with the shallow pans. As not a lot of oil can be added to the shallow pan, the centre became a hot spot and things would burn. She was also worried that aluminum wasn’t good for health.

Fake reviews are a put off
Misleading Reviews – Alan who reviewed Copper Chef complained in his review that he was suspicious of the pans as soon as he read the glowing reviews, which interestingly were of the same length and character. He was surprised that Amazon didn’t catch on to this scam. There was even a review with manufacturer’s video in it. The whole thing has made him very skeptical and he will stay away from the pans.

Not really copper pans

Misleading Ad about Copper – Sally who bought Copper Chef exposed in her review that the pans don’t live up to the hype. There is absolutely no copper but just aluminum exterior, while the interior has anti-stick material, which requires oil for cooking. Using the metal steamer causes flaking of the anti-stick material, which she found annoying.

Light Aluminium Pans and not Copper – Sita who reviewed Copper Chef complained in her review that the short negative reviews she saw had given her a good idea about the pans. But she decided to check them out in a store. She thought they looked a lot smaller than you see in infomercial, seemed to be made of aluminum and were very light. It was obvious that they wouldn’t take high temperatures and would warp quickly. When she was in the store she was approached by a woman who asked her not to buy it. She had returned her pans because everything was just wrong with them.

Where’s the copper? – Robert who reviewed Copper Chef revealed in his review that they were just cheap aluminum pans with copper colored paint. You end up paying $75 for aluminum pans. According to him, it’s just not on.

Don’t fall for false information – Sandra who reviewed Copper Chef exposed in her review that she was suspicious about the claims made about the pan because she knew that copper just doesn’t standalone without being anodized. That’s why she called the customer service and asked specifically whether it was made out of copper/tin, copper aluminum construction. She was told that it is a copper colored aluminum pan, which didn’t surprise her. But the fact that they were labeling it Copper Chef completely appalled her. She says that she decided not to buy it and advises others to not fall for false marketing. There is no copper in the pan, it is not even stainless steel but made out of aluminum.

Copper Chef Pans are smaller in size

Tiny Copper Chef – Julia who reviewed Copper Chef revealed in her review that she believes there is a lot of false marketing going on here. According to her it’s a bad business practice on the part of the makers. When she first received her parcel, she was shocked and outraged. The pans were so tiny that you could barely make food for two, when in the infomercials you see pans that can cook for a family of 4.

Expensive and Smaller than the TV ad – Grace who bought Copper Chef revealed in her review that she was taken in by all the positive talk about the pans but within a day or two she could see the horrible state they were in. According to her the pans are quite expensive for what they are. She wishes she hadn’t opted for the promotional offer because it only added to the costs. She is also disappointed because the pans are smaller than you see on infomercial and can barely fit 4 lamb chops. She could make couple of eggs before they started to stick. Same thing happened with cheese. The coating also disappeared and she wishes they had made heavier pans where the coating would stay.

Doesn’t work well

Doesn’t “pan out” well – Gregory who used Copper Chef said that he had high hopes after seeing the infomercials for the pan. He cooks a lot and has a full iron cookware set. He started with simple eggs but they didn’t slide around the pan like he expected. When he tried making steaks, blood and fat burned to the pan and he had to scrape it off. He would give it 3 stars but for the advertising of the pans he would give 0 star because it’s so off the mark.

Strange Copper pans, don’t work – Neil who bought Copper Chef complained in his review that the pans are quite strange and don’t work well. He tried to make steaks and was surprised to see that only the outside browned but they weren’t cooked from the inside. They don’t tell you that cooking with these pans is a two step process. There’s also no mention of the fact that you can’t use dish soap with lemon.

Overpriced pans

Lexi who bought Copper Chef complained in her review that it’s the thinnest pan she has. The place where they show silver finish is actually where they machined off more material from an already thin pan. It’s strange because pans are usually thicker at the bottom. You can keep these small pans if you want to cook for two and not four. According to her, these pans are just not worth $100. It just looks like a set from dollar store.

Works well for certain recipes

Karen who bought Copper Chef revealed in her review that there are some recipes that this pan works for and for certain others it is quite useless. Since she wasn’t keen on using canned fruits for pies, she used some of her own ingredients for the Chicken Pot pie and it worked okay. She also made chicken breasts with mushroom and peas on induction surface and that turned out okay too. However when she tried making something as basic as popcorn it didn’t work and everything stuck to the pan. She cleaned it after soaking with soapy warm water but it didn’t do the job well. She also found two chips on the outside, which has left her disappointed. Having paid close to $60 for the pan, she was hoping it would be more versatile, which it isn’t.

Copper Chef Claims

Cook like a pro – Copper Chef guarantees to replace all the pots and pans that clutter the kitchen cabinets since ages. Currently there are no Copper Chef reviews available that substantiate with its claims. Copper Chef assures to cook various types of food in just few minutes with the best benefits that no other pan, pot or cooker can offer. Such a bold claim by Copper Chef does make it an intriguing cooking utensil; more shall be revealed once users review it. Copper Chef promises to help cook meals such as mussels, short ribs, chicken, pasta, lasagne, frittata, apple pie, etc. for the entire family. Such far-fetched claims by Copper Chef will be verified once it is reviewed by users.

Copper infused technology – As the name suggests, Copper Chef alleges to have 100 % real copper infused coating to help cook food easily and quickly. This is because copper is one of the best conductors of heat. Although there are no Copper Chef reviews available at this point of time that attest to its claims. To add to its design there Copper Chef asserts to have an induction plate that channels the heat evenly through its surface to avoid hot spots and always cooks a perfect recipe. Copper Chef does sound fascinating on paper but will be affirmed once we get to analyze user reviews. Copper Chef further proclaims to have Cerami-Tech technology that increases it efficiency by adding non-sticky feature to it. Does Copper Chef really possess so many qualities? Send us your Copper Chef reviews.

Copper Chef Features and Benefits

Copper Chef states to act like a roasting pan, steamer, stock pot, wok and baking dish all thanks to Copper Chef accessories include such as tempered glass lid, steam & roast rack and fry basket. Copper Chef reviews will soon reveal the facts. Copper Chef emphasizes to be perfect for everyone since it works on all types of stoves including electric, gas, ceramic, induction and even in an oven. Copper Chef declares to have heat-resisting ability that goes up to 850 degrees. Such features will be further validated once Copper Chef is reviewed.

Copper Chef maintains to have a 9 ½” square shape that provides extra space to cook more food inside it. With non-stick properties there is no need to use oils and butter that makes cooking healthy using Copper Chef. This makes cleaning Copper Chef a breeze especially with its dishwasher safe feature. There have been no Copper Chef reviews available yet that support what it claims. Copper Chef convinces to be perfect to handle with its riveted and helper handle with its body being PTFE and PFOA free that will not chip, peel or flake in the food. Is Copper Chef easy to use will only be known to us once users send us their review.

Non-stick and non-scratch cooking pan – You can replace several pots, pans, rice cookers, steamers, etc with a single Copper Chef, which asserts to be a nonstick and no-cleanup cooking pan. The ceramic pan claims to be coated aluminum with a steel induction plate at the bottom to be used on electric, gas and induction stovetop. The pan Copper Chef promises to be safe to use on any surface and proclaims to be scratch-resistant from any non-metallic, plastic, or silicone cooking utensil. The bottom induction plate of Copper Chef is emphasized to be constructed with steel, which is then pressed into the aluminum. The Copper Chef cooking pan declares that it can also be used on an open fire, though it is ideal for kitchen use. Unlike regular cookware, Copper Chef alleges to be infused with copper and aluminum coating and steel induction plate that heat the cooking pan quickly and make it compatible with any stove top including electric, induction, and gas. Copper Chef states to be a ceramic-coated cooking pan making it a nonstick and non-scratch cookware. It maintains to be infused with copper, which is known to be the best heating material.

Copper-infused coating for quick heatingCopper Chef is a square pan that weighs 1.93 lb. Unlike regular copper pots and pans, Copper Chef convinces that it doesn’t need frequent polishing since its exterior coating is copper-colored. The cooking pan asserts to be dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with mild soap and water and a soft, non-metal scrubber. It assures that there is no coating on the pan that burns off when used for the first time and it needs to be washed with non-abrasive soap before use. Copper Chef declares to be oven safe and its handle remains cooler than solid-core handles since it is hollow. Though, it must be removed from the oven using pot holders because the handle heats up on gas stove. Along with cooking great food easily Copper Chef convinces to come with a recipe book with 25 recipes from soups to main dishes and desserts.

What do I get?

  • 1 9-1/2 Square Pan
  • 1 Fry Basket
  • 1 Steam and Roast Rack
  • 1 Recipe Book

Price: $74.97 + Free S/h. Official website:

Compare Copper Chef with Red Copper Pan.

Compare Copper Chef with Gotham Steel Pan.

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  1. Whitley Cerenzia | November 5, 2020 at 12:16 pm | Reply

    I have an under-the-cabinet jar opener from Pampered Chef. It’s one of my favorite gadgets. You screw it into the bottom of the cabinet, above the counter. It is a V-shape, similar to the hand-held ones by OXO and others. But I like that I don’t have to store it in a drawer, and it’s easy to slide jars as small as extract bottles and as large as mayonnaise jars into the thing, give a twist, and it’s open!

  2. Terrible product for regular useage. Copper color fading away leaving silver metal, no longer non-stick with eggs, inside of pan revealing cracks and fading to silver due to poor paint job. Uneven heating in pain. If a product seems too good to be true it usually isn’t. Is Gotham any better today, or are all infomercials following the same rip-off sales pitch. A lifetime warranty to replace the cheap product would help so we can keep replacing the ones that wear out.☹️

  3. 14″ skillet sticks with or without oil/butter/Pam. Cleanup is easy after soaking but it isn’t supposed to stick, period. Also bought loaf pan and after about 6 uses the coating peeled off like spray paint on plastic lawn furniture.

    Lastly, the 3 knife set is total garbage. You can drag the blade across your arm and not cut threw your skin. Even the serrated bread knife is so dull it won’t cut thru bread.

  4. We have two of the copper pots and like them.

  5. Rebekah Turner | October 10, 2019 at 7:16 am | Reply

    My square pan lid while I was just standing holding the handle I had only just removed it from a pot if boiling water … Wierd?

  6. After about 3 months use, EVERTHING I fry in in my 10 inch fry pan STICKS. VERY POOR PRODUCT

  7. Deb Leingang | July 14, 2019 at 7:32 pm | Reply

    I received the 12” Copper Chef electric skillet for Christmas. I love cooking with skillet – May take a bit longer to heat up but when it does heat is even, a breeze to clean up – love that it’s separate from its electric base.
    Only thing that would make it better is a ridged skillet base for grilling/ searing meat or sandwiches.
    This is my go to item for frying eggs, bacon … you name it.
    Very happy with this product.

  8. CAUTION when using. Bought 8″ pan, true it’s none stick, but handle is so hot you have to grip very near the end. The small indention in handle will BURN your thumb if you think you can touch that portion of the handle. Threw pan away before grand children get burnt helping in kitchen

  9. Barbara Holly | May 15, 2019 at 6:07 pm | Reply

    It is really easy to cherry-pick negative reviews from any item that sells as many units as Copper Chef does each year. Sounds like “Lodge” got butthurt because a pan failed and now wants to smear a decent company with his crap.
    And no matter how good a product there is always a number that are going to fail – that’s just life. And the company can’t be responsible for misuse of their product, and you and I both know that people are stupid. And can’t follow instructions. AND, there are a number of companies that are now making knock-off Copper Chef – looks just like the real thing, except it doesn’t have the logo engraved in the bottom or enameled on the lids. We don’t know for certain that some of these bad reviews aren’t coming from people who think they have the real deal. For example, Karen | January 7, 2019 came here to complain about BELLA? Not even the same company…

    The fact remains that the majority of the users are quite happy with their Copper Chef items.

    I’ve been using Copper Chef for YEARS now, and my pieces look new and work as promised. I like that I can forget about a pan on my glass-top or stir-fry at the proper highest temp and the pan isn’t melted or messed up like every other non-stick pan I’ve used at high-temps.

    And if you watch their sister site, copperchefdeals .com you can often get pieces for under $16 (the site says $8, but those are all out of stock – but plenty of $16 pieces with lids).

    And Lodge? You asked why in today’s day and age we (they) can’t make stuff that can’t be ruined by idiots? Are you REALLY that naive? Or are you just stupid?
    1. Entropy. We do NOT have the technology to make entropy go away. 2. PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE. Look it up, because I don’t have the crayons to explain it to you.

  10. I’ve never had problems with these pans. I think that if you read the instructions before use, and follow them you have no problems.

  11. Lodge – What is your problem? Accusing people of being paid with NO evidence at all.

    I bought a Copper Chef wok here in South Africa and have had no problems at all with it. As a result I bought the square frying pan with the lid. My wife laughs at me because I go on so much about how good they are. She also thinks that my boerewors are the best ever as, due to the mix of frying and steaming (with the lid), the wors get crispy on the outside and are well cooked inside.

    Things do not stick and I have not needed to resort to spraying with WD40, I am sure that, if the makers of the infomercials saw that allegation it could be construed as libel.

    Am currently waiting for delivery of the Copper Chef Wonder Cooker too.

    A VERY happy customer.

  12. This is the worst product I have ever bought. I had a Teflon pan, but it was old so I spent the money – more than I wanted to – to buy this one. It worked great for the first 3 meals, only eggs. Then it started sticking with EVERYTHING and burning very black even over medium heat. My mom bought one before me and complained about the burning also. I thought she was over exaggerating, until I bought mine. Now, only 1 month later, I am throwing it in the trash and opting for ceramic. Such a waste of money. And I DID follow directions.

  13. My copper chef pans worked well for two times, then started to warped and the so-called ‘non-stick’ didn’t happen. This company and those who advertise this ‘junk’ should be held ‘ACCOUNTIBLE’ to the public they ‘mis-spoke’ to.

  14. I bought two sets of these pans and they worked well for some months then they suddenly could not be cleaned after browning meat over low to medium heat. I had to throw them in the trash. I will not recommend these copper chief brand.

  15. I got the bella electric skillet with this copper colored coating. Can,t cook bacon ….or anything on it with bbq sauce. Sauce sticks and burns. Can’t get it off. Bacon burns. Piece of junk.

  16. Susanne Fields | August 2, 2018 at 4:59 am | Reply

    Two years ago I purchased three pieces from the Eric Theis TV commercial , including the induction top, total cost over $200. I used the small square pan and noticed right away that my eggs didn’t slide as promised…which was to be expected. After repeated tries I started using cooking spray and my eggs didn’t get stuck anymore. Not happy with that product, more hype than truth. I havent used the other large pan’s. The small square pan is totally discolored inside and out, very disappointed with product. I also purchased the cooking tools, they are so flimsy and bend, totally unless.

  17. If you read the instructions and use as directed, you won’t have a problem with these pans. I have yet to have a problem.

    • Sandra Turner | August 3, 2018 at 6:17 am | Reply

      I agree totally. Most of the reviewers are not using the pans correctly. If you treat the pans and take care of them correctly, like the instructions plainly tell you, you should have no problems.

      Follow the directions people!!

  18. Carol A. Robnolte | July 18, 2018 at 5:28 pm | Reply

    These pans are a waste of money. After a few uses, all things stick to the surface. I tried all the remedies online that were suggested to restore it, and nothing worked. It still has a new shiny surface, but all things stick to it. When you call customer service, they tell me to do the same things I read online which did not work. They say nothing about replacing a pan. They must sell millions of these pans, and yet, they don’t stand behind them. I have a couple of useless pans now.

  19. Jennifer Lynn Thornsbury | July 12, 2018 at 11:56 pm | Reply

    I have the Copper Chef pan that has a glass lid which has a hole in its the steam may be released. This pan in 12×12 pan that sites on an electrical bottom. It fits evenly on the electric bottom that is unattachable. It reminds you of the Presto 12 x 12 electric skillet, which I used for years for purchasing the Copper Chef. A few weeks ago I heard an arc while using the skillet. Then the pan started frying things fast even on warm. I began to check the bottom part and noticed that the one of the prongs had turned a grayish color and that prong had melted the plug in. This could have been something worse. I loved this skillet. I had used Presto and Rival skillets and was not as satisfied as I was with the Copper Chef. I cannot find a number on the skillet or the electrical plate. Please let me know if this can replaced. Also, my pan has a handle on each side and it is only two inches deep. It is not the deep skilled with a long handle. I do not have any paperwork to this. It seems that I purchased it at Wal-Mart, but I am not sure. Please let me know if I can get this pan replaced. I can return the skilled to prove to you that one of the electrical prongs on the plug in is melted. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Again, this has always been my favorite electrical skillet. I meant to say that the skilled is separate from the electrical bottom so that the skillet may be washed. Thank you.

  20. Jennifer Lynn Thornsbury | July 12, 2018 at 11:53 pm | Reply

    I have the Copper Chef pan that has a glass lid which has a hole in its the steam may be released. This pan in 12×12 pan that sites on an electrical bottom. It fits evenly on the electric bottom that is unattachable. It reminds you of the Presto 12 x 12 electric skillet, which I used for years for purchasing the Copper Chef. A few weeks ago I heard an arc while using the skillet. Then the pan started frying things fast even on warm. I began to check the bottom part and noticed that the one of the prongs had turned a grayish color and that prong had melted the plug in. This could have been something worse. I loved this skillet. I had used Presto and Rival skillets and was not as satisfied as I was with the Copper Chef. I cannot find a number on the skillet or the electrical plate. Please let me know if this can replaced. Also, my pan has a handle on each side and it is only two inches deep. It is not the deep skilled with a long handle. I do not have any paperwork to this. It seems that I purchased it at Wal-Mart, but I am not sure. Please let me know if I can get this pan replaced. I can return the skilled to prove to you that one of the electrical prongs on the plug in is melted. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Again, this has always been my favorite electrical skillet.

  21. George Hendrickson | July 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm | Reply

    No one should be cooking anything in copper as it is toxic!! The best solution is to cook with cast iron or stainless steel. You can make these non-stick by seasoning them. Cooking with copper or aluminum should never happen. It has been linked to all sorts of health problems. Cook with cast iron or stainless steel..

    • There is no Copper in these pans, copper cost to much, they are aluminium and copper colored that’s all, but there is more then likely all sorts of other chemicals in coating that flakes off in the food people cook.. Also if you use tin coated real copper it’s perfectly safe to cook just about anything in it, unless your making jam in which case you can safely cook in copper without the tin coating, and it makes much better jams and marmalade, it’s also excellent for making meringues or anything that involves beating eggs and there is nothing like pure copper when making candy..

  22. Dan Kuchenberg | June 26, 2018 at 1:04 am | Reply

    I purchased one of their larger deeper pans. At first it did everything they said it would. BUT after 6 months EVERYTHING sticks to it. The last time I used it I had to clean it with an SOS pad. I tried to contact customer support but there is NO contact information on their web site. I took it back to Kroger but they said to contact Copper Chef. They no longer seem to sell them.

  23. rosemary bishop | June 22, 2018 at 3:40 pm | Reply

    I have the large round pan with lid ,and its great does what it says and works well on induction .

    • Wait till it damages your induction stove top and you will find out it’s not covered by the warranty, I bet you’ll change your tune pretty quick, but enjoy it while it lasts, those induction tops are pricey to get fixed, it will make a real set of pans designed for induction seem cheap..

  24. I’ve had my copper chef pans for almost 2 years, and use them constantly. I have yet to have any of these problems that I see posted in reviews. I fry with them, I roast meals in the oven with them. Steam vegetables, you name it. Oh and by the way, the people complaining about it being so light, and not real copper, if you watch the infomercials, they never claim it has real copper in it, and they are meant to be light

  25. Judy Morris | June 4, 2018 at 8:29 pm | Reply

    Used it for a year with no problems and then I made ribs with barbecue sauce and the pan is ruined. Cannot get barbecue sauce off without using abrasive cleaners

    • You don’t need to use abrasive cleaner, pressure washers will remove even the most baked on residue with nothing more then water, 3100 PSI water and a 0 Deg jet works wonders..

  26. These are the worst pans I ever used…I never had so many problems cooking in my life…You show on your commercials how easy burnt food comes off, well this is the best thing about the pans cause it does come off easy & its every time you cook anything…I’ve wasted so much food its too unbelievable…I’m not a rich person I actually waited for my income tax return to purchase 2 pans which were on my wish list…So now I have 2 VERY expensive frying pans that are worst than the ones I was replacing…..I can’t afford to go out & buy new ones so now I’m totally screwed….Just horrible…I will NEVER buy any of your products again & I will definitely tell everyone & anyone I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE OVERRATED & COSTLY HORRIBLE PANS

  27. Phil deriggi | May 24, 2018 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    Called copper chef about my two round pans 12in and 10 in called twice one says put a little bit of oil in it the other one says don’t put no oil in it that’s the problem so somebody’s lying would not send me new ones out they want me to send them back

  28. Bert Kitzman | May 23, 2018 at 8:03 pm | Reply

    Have cooked items and turned out fine. Recently a roast stuck to the XL on both sides. Highly concerned and if the procedure was not so tough to return I would this XL. I am no longer using as a roaster. This product sucks>>>>>>>

  29. BETTY LUCAS | May 16, 2018 at 3:08 pm | Reply


  30. Jack McGrail | May 7, 2018 at 12:16 pm | Reply

    I just suffered a rivet failure. A cap from the top of the rivet on the inside of the pan just exploded and hit my wife in the back so hard that it knocked her across the kitchen and into the table. It left a red welt on her upper back. The way the pan was facing, it must have ricocheted off the wall before hitting her. It was like a gun went off. I’m not happy!!

    I have pic’s if anyone is interested.

  31. Maureen Pimentel | May 6, 2018 at 12:16 pm | Reply

    My mom loves her pan,she has cooked many different meals in it ,She has the one with it’s own burner,doesn’t ever use it on the stove.Nothing so far has stuck and cleans up easy.No Problems on this end.I also have friends that own one and they use it all the time.

    • I bought the copper chef pans, pots, and bake ware. Everything sticks! Can’t even fry an egg or bake…well ANYTHING without it sticking and the pans and the copper is chipping off every pan. I can’t even cook my organic soup in my soup pot without it sticking, and it’s mostly WATER! Chicken noodle soup water, vegetable soup should not be sticking to the sides! My soup cooks and tastes better when I use my collapsible camping pan that I got for $4. And it’s easier to clean too! My mom died leaving next to nothing and I bought these fraudulent, fake pans based on the lies they spread on the commercial. So now I have a cupboard full of crap and am cooking with 17 yrs old camping equipment That came as a large set for less than $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Rosalee Adams | May 6, 2018 at 3:12 am | Reply

    Absolutely terrific
    Tonight I fixed thinly sliced boneless pork loin chops
    The other night a lamb burger and on the other side of the pan\
    grilled Crimini mushrooms.
    It is a breeze to clean up too
    I am getting rid of my other small fry pans, including a
    ceramic that sticks continuously…….also a ‘green’ fry pan
    which is useless too

  33. Marshall Slutsky | April 28, 2018 at 5:17 pm | Reply

    I have several pieces of copper chef, I have seasoned them and every thing sticks too these pans, I spend lots of time scrubbing and food an seasoning stick and burn to the bottom of the pan i use a very low flame on my gas stoveI plan on throughing these pans out and get more Calpholon pans they are non stick and these folks purped a big fraud on the A,merican people this stuff is worthless junk

    • Rosalee Adams | May 6, 2018 at 3:13 am | Reply

      watch your temperature. I set mine for 3 1/2 on my cooktop and it is always perfect. Nothing ever burns or sticks
      I can use my sponge to clean it off with some soapy water

      • Ok here is the problem with cooking at a lower temperature, lets take something like boneless pork loin chops ( that you claimed to of made in the pan in your post above this one) there is no way you can get a proper sear on the meat, and actually caramelize the sugars and proteins in the pork without actually using high heat, so while the pan might be easy to clean ( that won’t last more then a month ) you end up with a poorly cooked, uncooked looking, sub-par tasting, dried out meal. While you might think this is a great tasting meal, that is highly subjective, some people also think Spam is great tasting, really with the correct cookware it will elevate your meals to high end restaurant quality food, something you simply can’t obtain with any non-stick pan regardless of who makes it.. Oh and my cast iron pan, I can clean it with a paper towel wipe, I don’t even need water or soap, even if I use the full 30,000 BTU (10) on my stove top, and if anything does stick it’s nothing the stainless steel flipper can’t take care of in a second..

    • DO NOT SEASON non-stick pans — even if the instructions tell you to do so!!! A lot of these cheap Chinese manufacturers simply repeat the myth, without actually knowing the science behind non-stick coatings. Go to the manufacturer of the coatings themselves. Seasoning is a myth that actually ruins modern non-stick surfaces. In fact, Whitford (the UK’s largest manufacture of non-stick coatings, equivalent to America’s Dupont), tells people to NOT season. And Dupont has said seasoning is not necessary. The reason you season cast iron pans is to seal the pores and to bake a greasy coating onto the surface. Smooth non-stick surfaces such as Teflon and ceramic coatings have no pores. Furthermore, if you bake a coating onto the non-stick surface, then none of the non-stick characteristics of the Teflon or ceramic even reach the food. So what’s the point with buying a non-stick pan?

      When you heat fats and other organic matter (as you would during seasoning) at high temperature, you cause carbonization, which is a VERY hard to remove coating. That’s fine for cast iron and woks, whose natural surfaces are rough and porous, but it actually ruins high quality non-stick surfaces. I have expensive pans made of Whitford’s Quatanium, which is a thick Teflon-like surface reinforced by titanium. After 10+ years, the coating is still intact with no flaking and only a few gouges (from using metal utensils). But it has hard burned-on areas from frying foods at high temperatures that can only be scrubbed off with hard metal tools. I’m talking about sandpaper and scraping with a screwdriver. Luckily, Quantanium is hard enough to withstand light sandpapering and scraping. but most normal Teflon and ceramic surfaces canNOT. The problem is that when we hand-clean cookware, it’s tough to clean off all the invisible food residues on the pan, no matter how hard we scrub and what soaps we use. Over time, this buildup gets thicker and gets carbonized from the heat.

      Well, when you season, you’re purposely leaving on a fat-based residue. And that gets carbonized onto the Teflon or ceramic, ruining the surface. It is by far worst with non-stick cooking sprays, which are a mixture of oil and lecithin. That’s why all reputable non-stick pans say to NOT use cooking sprays. And it’s why eggs are the worst on non-stick pans — egg white has A LOT of lecithin. Once heated at high temperatures, it’ll leave a residue which is very tough to wash off. And once it builds up, your pans are ruined. While natural cooking oils aren’t as bad as cooking sprays, when you season, you’re actually forcing it build a baked-on residue!

      Carbonization is why ALL non-stick surfaces lose their non-stick properties over time. Even Dollar Store pans will be perfectly non-stick when new. Then after a few uses, it’ll start to stick, despite the coating being intact. You’ll see this with Copper Chef reviews and the reviews of all non-stick cookware. It’s inevitable, so I always buy non-stick pans with this realistic expectation in mind. I know that after a month, it’ll start sticking. BUT IF YOU SEASON, YOU’RE ACCELERATING THE CARBONIZATION AND RUINING THE SURFACE. SO DON’T DO IT.

      Bottom line, if you want your non-stick surface to last:
      1) Do NOT season.
      2) NEVER use cooking sprays, always use natural cooking oil. Oils add flavor and healthy fats, and prevents sticking.
      3) NEVER use high heat. That leads to carbonization, which bakes on the fat and organic matter. Don’t use non-stick pans to brown foods.
      4) Don’t use metal utensils, even if the pan claims that you can. Some thick reinforced Teflon coatings (such as Whitford’s Quantanium) can withstand blunt metal utensils, but no current ceramic coating can. That’s because ceramic is hard but brittle, and a hard metal utensil can crack the thin ceramic surface. Similarly, don’t bang or drop the pans. You can may not see the microscopic cracks in the ceramic, but they’re there.

      Following these hints, your Teflon and ceramic pans should remain MOSTLY non-stick for 6 months to a year. That doesn’t mean you should throw them out after they start sticking. Even then, they are easier to clean than pans without non-stick surfaces.


      As an aside, Teflon-like surfaces are PERFECTLY safe because they are biologically inert. Decades of scientific studies prove it. That’s why medical implants use Teflon coatings. In fact, when patients ask me about it, I used to swallow small Teflon flakes (from old pans) to prove it. They go from the mouth to the toilet unaltered. If someone claims that modern Teflon is dangerous, ask them for PEER-REVIEWED scientific studies to prove it. Specifically, ask for longitudinal studies proving that those using Teflon pans have higher morbidity and mortality. If you want more info, email me.

      • Oh “PEER-REVIEWED scientific studies to prove it.” Ok here the one from a site about toxicology, from the National institute of medicine, you know the site a “Real” Doctor would use So much for it being Biologically inert, and they are all on pubmed and “PEER-REVIEWED”.. But thank you for the 797 word post…

        • Daniel Huff | July 7, 2018 at 5:24 pm | Reply

          /OTHER TOXICITY INFORMATION/ Other than the possible risk of fumes from an overheated pan, there are no known risks to humans from using Teflon-coated cookware.
          @Lodge, this is directly from the link you provided!

  34. Angel Laughlin | April 24, 2018 at 3:07 pm | Reply

    My fiance bought the 4 piece set for me in January. It is now April and my pan is scratched and has white stains on the inside. I noticed the paint chipping off the top part of the square pan/ skillet. I heard the great reviews and had to have them and i wish we wouldnt have wasted the 80.00. The knives that came with the set dull cannot be used. I will not use the pan/skillet ever again. Please reconsider buying the pots and pans….

  35. Dorothy Watson | April 21, 2018 at 4:36 am | Reply

    I have 2 copper chef pans and absolutely love them!!! If you use medium heat like the instructions tell you everything cooks beautifully. I have done chicken, steak, pot roast, bacon, and soups. The pans look like new. My son also has copper chef and he has no problem at all. Some people can ruin anything .

    • “Some people can ruin anything .” So in 2018 why can’t they make them to last, we do posses the technology, really we do, and they didn’t seem to have much of an issue doing that in 1918, but in 1918 they also didn’t operate businesses to go bankrupt, trying to take advantage of short term realized profits, and paid posters.. Also don’t “love” them to much as they will lose that loving feeling pretty quick when the coating peels off and then you might not “love” the after effects of what is really in the coating now in your body, and your Son’s body… Personally I’ll stick with real Copper that has been tin plated and Cast Iron it’s worked for Centuries and it will continue to work great for centuries, I don’t need some foreign company feeding me overpriced toxic junk that might only make it a month, and leave you with future health complications, but enjoy your chicken, steak, pot roast, bacon and soup, and I’ll keep on trying to ruin my cast iron that is older then me, I’ve even used a knife to cut things in the pans and metal spatulas and one even came out of a complete house fire and I haven’t had any luck yet..

    • Rosalee Adams | May 6, 2018 at 3:14 am | Reply

      I think one of the secrets in using it is the temperature setting. I set mine no higher than 3 1/2 on my cooktop……perfect each time
      Like you, I have done it all and it is all amazing

  36. I purchased a copper chef skillet and at first it was great. But, after a few months i began to notice things slightly sticking to the bottom. After 6 months, no matter how much grease I used, eggs would stick. I even redid the coating of the pan and sticking it in the oven. I threw it away when even hamburger would stick to the bottom. For me this pan was worse than any pan I have ever bought. I am currently using T-Fal and so far love it. Don’t waste your money on this product.

  37. Lodge, you are SOO funny!

  38. Penny D Kirby | April 13, 2018 at 7:04 pm | Reply

    I love my square pan. If items are not abused it last very well. I use plastic spatula and spoons to ensure that I do not try to damage. Have had no problems with cooking in it. Everything slides out with ease. Also just because it says you don’t need oil I add about a tablespoon or so.

    • [sic]”If items are not abused it last very well.” Why in 2018 can’t they make durable goods, that last ? I’ve abused my cast iron pans which are older then me with high carbon steel knifes to cut things in the pan, I use only metal flippers and spatulas and stainless steel forks, one of my pans even came out of the ashes from a complete house fire so it was exposed to thousands of degrees heat, and yet eggs can be flipped in the pan with a little wrist motion and I don’t even need a “tablespoon or so” of oil just a few drops.. Honestly you shouldn’t need a work around like a tablespoon of oil just to make it so the food doesn’t stick to a pan, and did you know a single tablespoon of canola oil is 124 calories your adding to every meal you cook in the pan I’d sooner enjoy a nice red wine with dinner ( which is less calories than your oil it’s only 85 calories ) so not only do these pans contain unknown potentially toxic chemicals in there coating they will cause you to gain weight, thank you copperchef your the best, and enjoy the micro-plastics in your diet from using nothing but plastic tools to cook with they are a heavy metal magnet which can lead to future health issues, and every time you stir the pot little tiny bits abrade off the tool and it goes right into your food which goes right into your mouth…

  39. Stanley Kenfzierski | April 12, 2018 at 6:05 pm | Reply

    This is for eric bought pan and ignition set4have 3to kids kept 1setting have no tbl n cooking yet my pen i fry pans i have both types long hard and short my pen is fry pan to shallow try to flip food it falls out of pan called you just ser v said I can check for same pan i don’t want same pan want 1 of your 9.5 feels they said no I’m trying to get deeper that’s all I am done with c.f. Giant cook with that pan why would I want another i think you should make it deeper sta n landlords 7322444286. Would like a call to talk to you

  40. These are the worst pans ever.. everything sticks.. have 4 pans and throwing all away because they suck.

    • They are aluminum you shouldn’t throw them in the trash they are recyclable, but your right about the rest of the pan, they do suck..

    • Rosalee Adams | May 6, 2018 at 3:15 am | Reply

      a lot better than the ‘green pan’ and the ceramic where everything sticks.

  41. Save your money, this stuff is worse than Teflon, it sticks, sticks, sticks, then burns, burns burns, the red coating is full of scratches, and I have been very careful to use the right utensils, not worth bringing home, if you buy it after reading this, all I have to say is ha ha ha, I TOLD YOU SO!! Buy stainless steel, it lasts and works so much better.

    • To be fair, Stainless steel does last, but so do real tin plated copper pans and cast iron… But your spot on about the people that don’t believe you about copperchef, we all get to say I TOLD YOU SO!! ( And my recommendation to any one who doesn’t believe us is simple, buy them from a store like COSTCO, hang on to the receipt, you’ll need it in less then a month to return the item, when you see with your own eyes, what the posters here have said time and time again these pans really do suck. In doing this at least you won’t be out your own hard earned cash, and you can come back and do your own honest review.)

      • Rosalee Adams | May 6, 2018 at 3:18 am | Reply

        I have stainless steel saucepans which are now 28 years old and still moving along. I have even burned them and just use Barkeeper’s Friend
        and they have come back Love stainelss steel
        BTW Bar Keeper’s is a champ for cleaning cook tops……like new

  42. donna hethcox | April 8, 2018 at 5:58 pm | Reply

    This was the worse set of pans I have ever bought. I paid 80.00for a skillet and a deep pan with lid that could be a steamer I spray Pam before I use it so food want stick. I will not be buying nothin else from this guy. I hope people make sure its known about his products so dissatisfied.

  43. Janice Thomas | April 5, 2018 at 10:52 pm | Reply

    My cover just shattered ! Put it in the sink to wash it and it popped and shattered !!!!!!
    Like the pan. Really bummed cover shattered like that !

  44. skillet was not as advertised. The only time anything slid out of it was the first
    time I used it. It scratched. Red paint came off in places and you can NOT clean
    it. It’s worse then my regular skillets.

  45. Used the pans a few times and were amazing. Then stuck with everything cooked except water. Called customer service and was told to boil non lemon soapy water and let cool over night. NO help. HAD 61 DAYS WARRANTY EXPIRED.

  46. Love these pans! Bought more. Paper towel clean up. Fabulous!

  47. Sandra Gunnels | March 26, 2018 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    I have purchased several Copper Chef pots and bakeware. At first I could have been a fantastic commercial for them. But after I used my bakeware for three times it sticks worse than anything I have ever had. They are terrible and cost so much more than some that actually do a better job. Never again will I buy anything from them and will be just the opposite of a good commercial. I will definitely tell everyone I talk to about the terrible use. I do not recommend them for anyone.

    • I bought the Copper collection Rectangle Chrispy Tray. the first time I used it the Copper started to come off. Does not clean very well. The tray had the food stuck on it and had to soak for a long time to get it clean. Sounds like from the reviews I just cut my losses. I will be contacting my Credit card where I purchased this Item and will request to have the payment put in dispute. Very disapointed in this company and this will be my last purchase from them and will also let everyone I know how bad they are at customer service.

  48. My wife is considering buying Copper Chef and we ran across these reviews. Therefore, we thought a little more research was necessary since there are widely varying opinions. We saw from the comments there were different uses, washing and cleaning techniques that may have led to the product being considered inferior. What we found was this website: It talks about the various types of copper pots and their specific needs. I think anyone considering copper ware should educate themselves first on the type they want, varying prices and necessary upkeep before choosing a specific product. We are!

    • Smart, and if you did buy them the wife would of nagged you for weeks after about the first week of using them, they really are junk, but Williams-Sonoma does have some very nice REAL copper pans and there own line up is pretty impressive and with a little care, they will last a life time and be the last set of pans you will buy, and they will last a few decades if you use them in a commercial kitchen.. So even if they cost more upfront, over the years of hot home cooked meals you’ll enjoy and the way they look hung up on the wall they are worth every penny, and on the flip side they hold there value just check out what older REAL copper pans are worth on a site like ebay…

  49. Should have known, all mass sales media hype! Company should be sued for outright lies. There is no copper infused in them, and they are painted. Mine is super stick now. All lies and deception by the company. Don’t buy on line buy from the stores now so u can return them. I put a sign at one store by them, all crap!

  50. Should have known, all mass sales media hype! Company should be sued for outright lies. There is no copper infused in them, and they are painted. Mine is super stick now. All lies and deception by the company. Don’t buy on line buy from the stores now so u can return them. I put a sign at one store by them, all crap!

  51. I bought the copper chef from the shopping channel.The great things they were saying about it made you want to purchase them,so like a fool I did.They are the worst pots ever,there is no more coating on them they stick and the food like saugages falls apart from them sticking to the pan.I would not recommend anyone to buy this product

  52. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT!!! Bought the Copper Chef pans after watching the infomercial multiple times but purchased through QVC because they were cheaper. The pans worked like on TV exactly 3 times and then everything started sticking and burning. The bottom inside of the pan has started chipping, and the Copper coloring on the bottom has started scraping off from being in contact with the burners. It would cost me $15 to send each one back and there’s no guarantee they will even refund my money. I’m going to take that $30 and put it towards a whole set from another reputable cookware company.

  53. Janet Lutter | March 7, 2018 at 5:57 pm | Reply

    I bought 3 electric frying pans at xmas . they only have a 90 day warranty .i only used it 3 times and the electrical unit just quit. customer service terrible . no body can speak English . one lady i talked too said she would send me a new pan and its been a month and still no mail . Time for class action.

  54. I’ve used mine daily for cooking everything from eggs daily to salmon and bacon for years now. I always use coconut oil when I cook. Yes the non stick properties go away after a few weeks but it’s still better than stainless steel or cast iron for sticking. I can just use a paper towel and wipe it down and 95% of the time everything comes right off. If I brown something like salmon or steak I just immediately after cooking put them in a sink and fill with water and a squirt of dish soap. After a while like a 5 minutes everything comes off easily with a sponge or just light rubbing with my hand. I often use my plastic spatula and just scrape off any sticking residue like with eggs and the pan is completely clean except for residual oil but I leave that on since I use this pan several times a day. Even using a paper towel and just wiping down the pan will get just everything off including the oil. There is absolutely no way you could cook without oil without major sticking going on PERIOD! So if your going to buy these thinking you don’t have to use oil think again! You will be disappointed. Again there is no way to cook with this pan without oil. I can’t stress that enough! But if you want a easier cleaning pan that’s as good these pans are good for. Also the center of these pans are raised higher compared to the edges so oil doesn’t cover the center unless you add a lot of oil. Not the best pan that’s for sure but they do make cleanup a little easier. They’re good for a motorhome when you want to save water since wiping them down with a paper towel gets everything as long as you use oil. But if you burn your food cooking with too high of heat then you have to soak your pan in soapy water for a short while. Bottom line they make cleanup easier but they don’t do what they say on the infomercial. It’s a compromise.

    • To say the non-stick is better then Cast iron, either you aren’t using cast iron correctly, heating it before adding the food to it, or you are using new stuff, I have Wagner ware cast iron, that is just as non-stick cooking eggs as a Teflon pan and it’s like 60 plus years old, and clean up is a paper towel wipe.. But the newer stuff isn’t nearly as good until you season it and use it with a metal scraper for a few years, Yep sorry the User name is not associated with Lodge manufacturing in any way, but there vintage stuff is very good as well.. About the only thing in a trailer I would use a copperchef pan for is feeding the dog dry kibbles from it, but I like my dog so I don’t even think I would do that….

  55. After about 1.5 years of use, the 10″ fry pan start sticking, have to use butter or oil. the center of the pan has started to change color. At times have to soak pan before washing. and now scratches are starting to show.
    After checking out can calling customer server Copper Chef expects the customer to save a receipt for a frying pan for years. You need this to be able to send back the pan for repairs or replacement.
    I agree with a lot of the review/post that these pans are a major marketing dup…
    just another fad product, thought we finally have a good frying pan.

  56. Jim Carlisle | March 2, 2018 at 12:39 am | Reply

    Copper chef is a peace of crap it was not long after we started to use it that it
    began to stick everything that was cooked on it the fry basket and other pieces have not even been used yet,paid $79 US worst purchase ever, going in the

  57. Donna Macmillan | February 26, 2018 at 11:19 pm | Reply

    My 12 inch skillet work great I got it at Casco but now it’s starting to stick in his little scratches is there anything I can do to stop this it was not supposed to stick but after a few months it.I do not have my receipt any longer

    • At Costco you don’t need a receipt to return it, you just take it back and they will use your membership card to validate you bought it from them and then they will return it and refund your money, and then ship it back to the copperchef or more likely destroy on site and bill copperchef for the troubles, and honestly that is the only way to fix this pan, it’s either that or just toss it in the recycle container and call it a day, then go and buy some other quality pan, even those pans found at a dollar type store are better then copperchef…

  58. Donna Macmillan | February 26, 2018 at 11:18 pm | Reply

    My 12 inch skillet work great I got it at Casco but now it’s starting to stick in his little scratches is there anything I can do to stop this it was not supposed to stick but after a few months it.I do not have my receipt any longer

  59. Used copper chef 12in elec skillet 4 time and just stoped working mid cook , called customer service and they said because it was purchased at walmart and not directly from them they cant help me . Customer service was terrible

    • Just take it back to Walmart, you’ll get less run around from them, and Walmart doesn’t accept the run around from suppliers, being the worlds largest retailer if they return something they will receive credit for it, really it’s that simple, and in most cases Walmart hasn’t even paid for it yet so they just don’t pay them, oh the joys of 90 and 180 day and even longer billing cycles… All you have to do is google this to find out how enjoyable it is to sell stuff at walmart “What the New Wal-Mart Storage Fees and Payment Terms Mean for Suppliers”

  60. My copper fry pan is no longer just “wipe off” cleaning. Also the copper is wearing off around rim of pan. I cannot find a contact to request a refund.

  61. Carolyn Collier | February 23, 2018 at 12:51 am | Reply

    I got a set for Christmas and have been so disappointed. They stick ,hot spots you can’t even clean them.

  62. I bought cooper chef from Bed Bath and behond. I cooked chicken on medium electric stove. I noticed some dark stains in the cooper chef after I finished. Later tried cleaning with a sponge but the dark stains remained. This product is a marketing hoax

  63. Brenda Crocker | February 20, 2018 at 5:22 pm | Reply

    I have been cooking for 50 years, tried different brands of cookware and Copper Chef is the worse quality I have ever bought. After one week, started seeing pitting in the bottom. The outside of the pan is impossible to keep clean. Bought a cheap skillet at Walmart and it is superior quality compared to Copper Chef. Don’t waste your time or money on any of Copper Chef products!

    • “Don’t waste your time or money on any of Copper Chef products!” But if you do, because you think all these reviews are fake, hang on to the receipt, and buy it from a store with at least a 14 day return policy, you will thank us later….

  64. I bought the 9 inch pan the five piece set, and 2 round frying pans, the 9 inch pan I have returned to Bed Bath & Beyond twice. Now the last one I purchased is no good. My Husband cooked in 9 inch square pan cake I can not get it clean. Cooking eggs in these pans is a nightmare. These pans are a total rip off. I am going to try and return all of them. False advertising. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau. Beware People.

  65. Paula Ricketts | February 15, 2018 at 8:40 pm | Reply

    I bought these pans after seeing the info on TV. They are the worse pans I’ve ever purchased. Everything started sticking from the beginning and at first I was able to wash it out, but they will no longer come clean.
    I purchased a cheap non-stick pan a couple of years ago and it still works perfectly. DO NOT PURCHASE THESE PANS!

  66. For me they worked well and yes i found my griddle to burn and it wont come off with soap and water but what does work is SOS pads. All the burnt comes off andd they dont scratch. I also found if you clean your pans right affter cooking in them they clean up really well. Its when they sit and stuff cools off on them then it makes them harder to clean. I have to honestly say i really like mine.

  67. I think a lot of these bad reviews are bogus. You have to make sure they are copper chef not a knock off. My husband bought me these pans about a year ago and I cook a lot on them. They are exactly as described and I am expanding my inventory to a skillet now. I am very pleased with my copper chef and have to say the only issue I have ever had, was I ordered my mom a set and it was (at the time) but two for the price of one (2 for 79.00). But then they cancelled my order and when I called to ask why they said that offer was no longer available. I was not happy, but their customer service has “NOTHING”to do with the quality of these pans! I think that anyone that disagrees should do a live video and show their inefficiency, because I don’t believe it. Have a nice day!

    • Paula Ricketts | February 15, 2018 at 8:41 pm | Reply

      I’m not bogus!!! These pans suck!

    • Do a Video for the paid poster ? Sure are you going to pay me for the food that will be wasted all stuck and burned to the pan, What would you like to see stuck to my pan, and maybe you can pay for the local coin operated car wash where I will have to take the pan just to clean the food off the pan so it doesn’t go all moldy in a few days from now. If not you can always post your address and I can mail the pan compete with the food stuck to it for you to enjoy, got any allergies ? And maybe you can then make a Video showing how you cleaned it off ? I won’t even wrap it and we can both see if the mail system can knock some of the food off the pan while it’s in transit ….

  68. I bought the 8″ Copper Chef pan just to try with eggs and omelets. I’m glad I did not invest in any of the more expensive products. The very first thing that I noticed was that the “copper” coating was already worn off the edge of the skillet and I was able to see how thin this coating actually is. I’ve only used it five times, and it does have great non-stick properties (so far) but it does leave a distinct off-flavor in the eggs. For that reason alone, I’ll probably pitch it. I definitely would not invest in any of their other products.

  69. The pans are very easy to use and easy to clean up. For the non-stick part of these pans ? I don’t know what kind of pans you show on TV ,they can’t be the sameones that we buy. Don’t advertise something that not true or you have a very bad flaw in your product.

    • They forgot to show you what they used to coat the pan with before the food was cooked we’ll just call it “movie magic” but it’s really Silicone spray, you can get this at most automotive parts stores and it works wonders for lubricating automotive parts and seals around your car doors but the little skull and crossbones on the front of the can and warnings on the back say something about ingesting the product is not recommended but it does look great in the video doesn’t it ….

  70. Brendalee keate | February 10, 2018 at 2:55 pm | Reply

    I use Copper chef pans all the time and I won’t use nothing else! They are the best pans ever. I have no problem using any oil, butter or whatever I need to cook. These pans do not flake or stick and are easy to cook in and clean. I purposely burnt eggs in mine and let it set over night to see if it was to clean and it was . I recommend these pans to everyone who loves to cook.

    • Brendalee keate | February 10, 2018 at 2:58 pm | Reply

      I’m talking about copper chef pans are great NOT red copper pans because red copper pans do suck.

      • Double the posts, do you get double the pay ?

        Lets face it, Copper Chef and Red Copper pans BOTH SUCK, which one sucks more doesn’t really matter, the only thing in any house that should suck is the vacuum cleaner…

  71. I bought a set before I have seen these reviews. I’ve used them once. Fried eggs and vegetarian bacon cooked in same pan with no oil. Worked fine, cleaned up with a damp cloth and checked that there was nothing left on the pan. Had no problems at all. I will keep posting on here as I cook more so it will be a balanced appraisal of the cooking.

  72. WARNING, dont buy this product you will be sorry. Scratching , chipping and poor customer service….

    • Poor customer service, how did you manage to get any customer service from them ? Did they really pick up there phone ? it must of been a mistake and they though there friend was calling them…

  73. Stella E. Hindman | February 8, 2018 at 2:43 am | Reply

    My skillet is nothing like what it’s advertised to be, far from it. I think it is false advertising. I have to use spray or some kind of oil to keep even an egg from sticking. Hate this skillet.

  74. the negative reviews are all true-had square pan for one week-first set of eggs slide off great-washed per instructions-next time everything stuck. After less than two weeks “copper” flaking off bottom…I can’t believe QVC keeps pushing this crap..

  75. Tried two different copper pan types and both worked maybe twice! Afterwords eggs,sauces,almost everything would stick in the pan. It was the hardest pan to clean that we have ever had!!!!

  76. I have had two pans for a year. About two months ago I noticed the coating was coming off the bottom of each pan in different spots. I called customer service and a foreign speaking guy told me I could send them back and send a check for each in the amount of $14.99 to cover shipping and handling of each replacement. I said no thanks and I would write a review about my issue.

  77. Karen Simonetti | January 29, 2018 at 10:10 pm | Reply

    Had the large square pan just one month and red paint is chipping and we dont even own a dishwasher..the bottom of it is the worst.
    This is the crappiest cookware ever!

  78. Majorly burned by copper pan frying pan handles have video wish there was a number I could call and sue the company for number of burns these are the worst pans ever. Wasted my money wasted my time and I got her in the process I would not ever recommend these pants they are dangerous if you don’t put a sign that says use potholder when your frying something you will burn yourself adults and children beware.

  79. I bought almost every size including the oven fry basket and spent over $250 on these pots and pans. I have made cornbread in the oven and on top of the stove in the square and round pans. I have made cabbage, chili, beef stew, and spaghetti in some of the larger pots. I do love cooking in these however, my biggest complaint is whatever is cooked in the pot or pan lingers in it no matter how many times I wash it with mild soap and hot water.

  80. I have had the copper chef pan for a year now and I am so happy with it. I even used it today to boil my macaroni then add the 3 different cheeses and then bake it in the oven. I do not use any thing to clean it with , other than water and dish liquid. I love to do mine in the sink rather than the dishwasher, even though I have used the dishwasher for it before.
    I love mine.

    • Can I ask you one thing, if your not getting paid for the review, (which you more then likely are) what makes a person who buys a cheap pan find a website a year later come and write up a 296 character review and even go into details about how you clean it, really who does this ? without getting something in return, don’t all put up your hands at the same time..

      The answer to this should be good ( and you might even get paid for it by copper chef )

  81. Actually you are all wrong. The copper chef pans are Magnetic!!! Neither copper or aluminum is magnetic so these pans are regular metal of some type. Can you say false advertising???

    • They are aluminum, with a thin steel disk in them, they need the steel disk to fool the sensors used in an induction cooktop into turning on, which normally results in damage to the cooktop unless you keep the power levels very low (under 800 watts) several people on this site and others have claimed this damage to there stove, all thanks to copperchef products..

      Induction cooktops have sensors to detect steel pans as they won’t heat aluminum without using a different frequency, and only one manufacture makes a stove that is capable of heating aluminum pans, and copper chef knows 99.99999% of people buying a cheap pan like this won’t buy the very expensive induction cooktop that heats aluminum pans so they fool the cheaper inductions into thinking it’s steel , pretty much everything about these pans are fake…

      And if anyone plans on using this pan on an induction stove use an interface plate to save yourself from receiving a very expensive repair bill, and the stove manufacture typically won’t cover the damage this pan causes to the stove under warranty so you will be left on the hook with the bill…

      • Lodge, so far everything I’ve read is correct about the pans not being copper but aluminum with a steel plate in the center to induce the magnetic heating. I also have ran into the problem that the surface of the Copper Chef now gets very hot! When I first bought it, I could put my hand to the surface to prove to my landlord that it was safe and it was barely warm. Now the surface of the Copper Chef gets so hot I have to let it sit for awhile before I can put it away. I’m afraid that in time the constant heating is going to end up cracking the Copper Chef surface which is made of glass and ceramic which can withstand a lot of heat but eventually will get brittle I would think. Of course this was after about 3 months of using it before I noticed the surface getting hot.

        • Most induction stoves are able to melt aluminum if you fool the sensors designed to prevent this, if you know what you are doing you can even boil salted water in a glass pan, but is this recommended, the answer is more then likely NO, that is why the manufacturer of the stove put a sensor in them to stop you from doing this..

          There is several youtube videos that show this and they all start with the typical warnings “Don’t do this at home” some end up totally destroying the stoves, cracking the tops of leaving melted aluminum stuck to the stove surface or parts smoking inside right upto a full on fire…

          And if you ever have to fix the stove, those glass tops are huge money to replace, and the electronics under them aren’t much cheaper, if I was you I would just get a set of good quality pans like Costco’s house brand kirkland signature or Ikea’s everyday pans they are made for induction and will last a lifetime unlike the copper chef junk, and if they ever fail you, they also have warranties that they will honor..

  82. William Molley | January 24, 2018 at 11:28 pm | Reply

    I have had a copper chef cookware set for over a year. They r not what they say. My set has a few cuts in them and food sticks to them. Eggs. ,bacon. And other stuff. I have to let them soak and take a plastic scrubber to them and still hard to get clean

    • Actually they are easy to clean, just use a pressure washer, at 3100 PSI everything is easy to clean…

      • Right

      • Paula Ricketts | February 15, 2018 at 8:47 pm | Reply

        Never thought about that. Now all I have to do is buy a pressure washer to get my pans clean.

        • It’s cheaper to get a new set of quality pans, but if your in a pinch you could just head down to the coin op car wash and wash them out but do you really want to cook something else in them only to have it burn and stick, it might be simpler if your in a pinch to just order out food and toss them in the recycle bin…

  83. I bought some of the copper chef pans. I bought the 12″ frying pan for $35 and bought the square pan. It came with a small pan and 3 knives. Paid $99 for that. They all have scratches all over them. On the square pan the copper tone is all coming off.
    They cook great and there is no need for butter or oil of any kind.
    I am not impressed with the pan’s at all. They are diffently not worth what I paid for them.
    If you are any kind of company you will send me different pan’s or refund my money plus .06 cents on the dollar for tax or do both. Because this customer is not impressed with the pan’s, the company or how much they are to buy.

    Lynda Hagen
    22439 U.S Hwy 12
    Sturgis Mi

    P.S. I will be waiting for your company to get back with me saying that you are going to give me a refund, different pan’s or both.

    • If they get back you, they will have some lie for you, like you bought a counterfeit pan from them, or they jerk you around on the phone for hours, promising miracles, but they won’t deliver, honestly it’s more then likely easier to just toss it in the recycle bin where they belong, and it’s better there then eating what ever chemicals are contained in the copper stuff flaking off in your food…

      • William Molley | January 28, 2018 at 11:53 pm | Reply

        They are garbage. Had them one year every thing sticks to them. Very hard to clean. Remember the old pots from the sixties same shit everything sticks. I’ve thrown them out. Those of you that say there great…. good luck …. got to be careful with these online buys.

  84. purchased a 10 inch fry . made some eggs they did not slide out of the pan like the commercial shows. they stuck and had to be scraped out.

    • If you spray the pan with WD-40 they will slide right out, just like the commercial shows, mind you they might not taste the best, it might be due to something about WD-40 being poisonous but with a little move magic you don’t see the part where they change the eggs out on the plate…

  85. Awful product copper chef no different then any other pan you have to put grease into otherwise it sticks 🤪

  86. kate frascellaq | January 17, 2018 at 2:58 pm | Reply

    I, too, bought the DEEP fryer/pan at at high cost ,$70+ range, and am EXTREMELY Disappointed. The bottom has completely scratched away, and the coating inside is TACKY with some residue, of WHAT??? I don’t know.
    And it’s been only used a handful of time, because I find it not as practical and convenient as I thought. [less than a year old]
    When I see it on SALE , for a low $29.99, I wouldn’t suggest it to NO ONE!!!!
    I am so mad at what I paid and results of this product, NEVER would I expand my pots and pans with their JUNK!!!!
    Now I invested in a ceramic pan, and Absolutely love it!!!!!

  87. Linda Matheson | January 16, 2018 at 11:40 pm | Reply

    I have had my pan for less than 3 months and and shortly after the first month I started to see things stick and when I tried to make eggs I had them stick. My friend loves the cookware but I’m very disappointed.

    • Your friend only loves the cookware, because either they don’t cook or they don’t want to admit they got fooled by the infomercial on late night TV..

  88. What is the truth here?
    I’ve had my pans since mother’s day and do not experience any of the negative remarks and I use them daily. After 10 months nothing sticks no matter what I make in it. When I make popcorn
    I don’t even shake the pan and it has NEVER burned !! The lid works perfectly as do the pans.
    I will take them to someone who is an expert in metals and find out the truth. Til then I’m keeping on cooking!!

    • Traci Williams-Raymond | January 23, 2018 at 2:48 pm | Reply

      I love mine, too. So much that I bought one more set for myself and one for my mother. I find it hard to believe that the only reviews they received were negative and there are first names of so-called reviewers but no quoted testimonials. Its as if someone made the whole thing up. Either way its a poorly written review. A true review gives unbiased pros and cons. This gives cons only.
      If your thinking about buying a Copper Chef. I’d say try it. I love mine. And there is no risk as you can return it if you don’t like it.

    • From what I have seen and read, I believe there are a lot of pans out there sold on Amazon by 3rd party sellers that are not true Copper Chef pans, but imposters. I have nothing but good experiences with mine.

      • @Krista
        “January 24, 2018 at 5:39 pm
        From what I have seen and read, I believe there are a lot of pans out there sold on Amazon by 3rd party sellers that are not true Copper Chef pans, but imposters. I have nothing but good experiences with mine.”

        Sure blame counterfeiters, that’s the escape goat now for copperchef, why not just admit they make junk and they sell it high to make people think it might be higher quality then a dollar store pan (which it’s not) knowing most people won’t go though the effort of returning it and hoping to get a refund (which copper chef will never provide ) and they normally just buy a new pan from someone else and toss the copper chef where is belongs in the trash or the recycle bin ….

        And if anyone want’s try out copperchef, buy them from Costco, really they will take them back when you find out how much you won’t like them if you think these negative reviews aren’t true, Costco will actually even take them back complete with the burnt and stuck on food still in them so you don’t have to worry about trying for hours to get the junk out of them ..

    • William Molley | January 24, 2018 at 11:32 pm | Reply

      Yah !! You probably work for them . These pots are shit. Everything sticks to them.

      • William Molley, well that’s not totally true, I’ve found the coating on the pan doesn’t actually stick to the pan, but your spot on they are junk…

    • Let me know what pans you have from your grandma,I have found this also to be true.i am looking for older pots pans now

  89. What is the truth here?
    I’ve had my pans since mother’s day and do not experience any of the negative remarks and I use them daily. After 10 months nothing sticks no matter what I make in it. When I make popcorn
    I don’t even shake the pan and it has NEVER burned !! The lid works perfectly as do the pans.
    I will take them to someone who is an expert in metals and find out the truth. Til then I’m keeping on cooking!!

  90. Be aware. These are not as good as they say. Cheap. Opened box washed pans put them away. Noticed lid to 12 inch was bent. But it can be lived with. And now I used Dutch oven and the handles leaked at the rivits. Called customer service and they can do nothing for me. Take it back where you bought it. Store won’t take it back without box. So I’m stuck with crap.

  91. I used my copper pan almost every day I was happy with it in the beginning but as time when by the pan now has scratch marks on it. I bought the pan because of all the hype that said it couldn’t get scratched up.

  92. I don’t know why anyone doesn’t like the copper chef items. I bought several items and like them more than anything I’ve ever used . In fact I bought several more items for my sister and mother for gifts who loves to bake home made rolls in one . Excellent rolls by the way. No complains by us .exposed to what ?

    • Traci Williams-Raymond | January 23, 2018 at 2:54 pm | Reply

      If you write a negative review, you will get tons of unhappy people who want to jump on the whiner band wagon. I’m with you…I love mine, too.
      But our good reviews were not what they were seeking when they wrote this trash talk piece they call a review.

      • Traci, if your not happy with this “trash talk piece they call a review” your free to pay for your own domain, set up your own website and post your own fake news about copper chef, but the rest of us like the actual honest review found above of the product, if the manufacture, you know the people paying you to comment are not happy with the honest reviews of there junk product, they do have the option to make a quality product to start with and avoid these types of comments from unhappy users who have been screwed over by them and there junk…

    • Brendalee keate | February 10, 2018 at 3:06 pm | Reply

      I love mine too!

  93. The BAD REVIEWS ARE TRUE!!! I am an excellent cook and have gone through countless numbers of different types of cookware including standard non-stick (Teflon), Glassware, Aluminum, Cast Iron, and, yes, “copper” over the last 45 years of cooking. What a piece of junk. Don’t buy it. The non-stick surface lasts about 2 weeks before food starts sticking to it even after “curing” it according to instructions (I guess if you if never let it get hot, it might last…). What a scam.

  94. These pots and pans are crap. The non-stick feature wears off and does not work at all after a few uses. Don’t waste your money. We eat in most every meal so our cookware gets a lot of use. Copper chef are some of the worst pans we’ve ever been unfortunate enough to purchase

  95. does anyone know if you need to spray the pan before using.made eggs and stuck to pan i washed the pan and noticed some copper came off the bottom. i used this product on gas stove dont know if that makes difference

    • Yes they do need to be sprayed before use, it’s really a simple thing to do, first you need to find a licensed DuPont teflon applicator, there is about 20 of them nationally, send the pan in to them and have them spray it with teflon, after they are done nothing should stick for a year or two, but it’s honestly cheaper to just buy a new pan from a reputable manufacture other then copper chef…

  96. I have read the comments for the good or the bad I received one for Christmas from my nephew who loves his he said he took it put it in the oven and cured it before using it and as I read the paper in the center with just says copper cook Square Pro pan it says made from high-grade aluminum it says ceramic non-stick coating up to 500 Degrees in the oven it doesn’t say it is made from copper and it has a stainless steel induction plate it is just copper color I knew it was not made of copper when I picked it up I’m smart enough to know copper is heavier than that but I am going to follow my nephew’s instructions and see if mine works as well as he said his does he says the eggs slide around in it exactly like the commercial so we will see

    • If you apply some Silicone spray to the pan before cooking the eggs will slide around like the commercial, but the label on the silicone spray pan does carry warnings about ingesting the spray something about it being toxic but the eggs will slide around just like the commercial just don’t eat them ….

      But if you want to eat them the same store that sells the silicone spray will sell paint scrapers so you can get the egg off the pan, and steel wool to clean the burnt on stuff off the pan, if that fails they more then likely also sell sandblasters and grit…

  97. I own a full set and they’re fantastic. The bad reviewers seem to be fake.

    • Yeah, I ended up buying the whole set and the cooktop and keep them in my travel trailer because of the easy clean and heat distribution I have few in my kitchen cause my hubby bought me the BRAUN set from Bed Bath n Beyond of pans just before these. I love them so far.

    • BS – I had a fry pan , the one that Eric T. pushes. It was great for about a month then started sticking. Even when I put oil in it. It was terrible. It went into the garbage. Eric T. has lost any respect I have had for him. He made a fortune pushing that junk.

    • So all the bad reviews are “fake” do you have any proof of this claim ? or should we just believe you because you typed it ?

      These pans are junk, and if people don’t believe me, go ahead it’s your money, buy a set, I recommend you buy them from a chain store with good return policies and hang onto the receipt, you will need it later, bring it home and cook some pancakes, honestly Costco will take it back complete with the burned on dried out pancake stuck the pan and the staff will return it to the manufacture for there inspection complete with the junk stuck to the pan, but best of all Costco will refund your money with out the four hour run around on the phone only to get hung up on and never refunded or getting a replacement product, and then you can take your money and buy a much better pan from Costco and some more pancake mix…

    • Traci Williams-Raymond | January 23, 2018 at 3:03 pm | Reply


      • Traci, one minute your raving about these pans and the next I see your agreeing with me, what happened to make you fall out of “love” with your pan, did your dinner stick to it, did the coating peel off, have the chemicals from the coating started to allow you to see the light…

  98. LOVE MY COPPER CHEF!! Have no idea why anyone would complain. They are too good to be true!!

    • Me too!
      I bought my daughter in law a set and she loves them too!

    • I agree 100%. I would buy them again.

    • Well if it sounds to good to be true, it is …

      What is interesting is the number of people that come on here and rave about a cheap pan, just once and you’ll never see them again, ever, does the luster of the pan wear off just like the coating on the pan in a few days ?

  99. What’s really funny, if anyone noticed? He said he is in his RV, he shows the date and time on the computer (anyone that uses a computer knows that can be changed) but that’s not what I really wanted to say, if you look at the person sitting in the passenger seat, through the whole video that person does not move….AT ALL! ha ha, it looks like a still picture, no movement at all throughout the whole video… I just thought it was odd.

  100. do not waste your money,

    fake products!!!!

    everything sticks

    • I agree. I have tried every remedy to clean the outside of pan. It Does Not Work!

      • I bet you haven’t tried a sand blaster, or just tossing in the fire, just bugging it’s so much easier to just toss it in the recycle bin and let them turn it into new shiny soda cans..

    • I am wondering if it the actual copper chef brand you were using or the dollar general or even Walmart other “copper” ware cookware. We have the full set of actual copper chef pans and bake ware and never had a problem with it. Nothing has ever stuck to it and my wife uses it every night and has done so for a few months now.

      • It wasn’t a fake or counterfeit unless this website sells counterfeit stuff, now I know they do sell complete junk but it should be there own junk not someone else’s…

        But nice try on the distraction and attempted diversion, but we won’t be divided, copperchef always has been and always will be complete junk..

        And don’t worry you wife will get tired of food getting stuck to the pan and she will just toss it out, and more then likely won’t tell you about it, and it won’t take long, they lose there luster pretty quick…

  101. do not waste your money,

    fake products!!!!

    • You lie. I just did scramble eggs and overeasy eggs after that. Nothing sticks. Best pan ever!!

      • Just wait! In a few weeks everything sticks! Worse pans ever!

      • Terry czarnecki | January 15, 2018 at 11:22 pm | Reply

        I have owned my pans for a year best pans I have ever owned I wash them as told never have a problem you don’t need a high temperature to cook. If you burn any pan it will destroy.only problem is I would like a lid for my 10 inch fry pan can’t find.

      • So you claim the original poster told a “lie” what proof do you have ? and what proof do you have you actually cooked those eggs and didn’t just get them from a drive thru take out window and claimed you cooked them.

        Exactly zero right ?

  102. I bought one pan and was so impressed with it that I bought an entire set and additional pieces. The surface coating is great and the thing I love about these pans is they go in the dishwasher and come out sparkling, like new clean. Common sense dictates that because it is a coated surface I don’t use metal utensils. I cannot remember if the advertising said it was ok but I don’t. Also the size of the pans I received are full size pans as advertised. I bought them directly off the Copper Chef website and got a great discounted price and free shipping. I cannot understand some of the bad reviews for them on this site because I love them. I found that the Red Copper pan was just the opposite. Everything sticks and it doesn’t clean well and the quality as compared to Copper Chef was inferior, I threw it in the trash after a few uses.

    • I did that same exact thing, the copper chef pan does not stick at all, I think they are great I love them, and I bought the red copper pan and after only cooking a few times EVERYTHING STICKS! It’s crapola! Ha ha!

    • I call bs. They are way too small for what they show on tv. I have eric theiss products and all are good for 2 maybe 3 people cook. The copper stuff chips easily around edges. Wife loves it for over easy eggs..thats about all its good for

    • I love my pans but my friend used it for a few weeks. She has a habit of laying tin foil on the pan to bake cookies. Then throws away the foil and doesn’t wash the pan. It’s horrible looking. Discolored and stained. I’ve tried vinegar and baking soda but no luck. Any suggestions?

  103. I bought the 26.5 cm fry pan. Everything sticks to it.
    I am throwing it in the garbage, because there is no one I hate bad enough to give it to.
    Going back to T-Fal, it works.

    • I was going to make my dog and I some grilled cheeses before going to work but after reading all these reviews, Im afraid too. Scared my pan might explode or my sandwich might not slide around. That would devestate the bulldog and I.🤣

    • Are you sure you had the Copper Chef brand and not the Red Copper brand? I had both and yes I threw the Red Copper pan in the trash but love the Copper Chef. There are specific pre-use instructions as well as use and care instructions that if followed will make the pans work for a long time, e.g. seasoning after each use, recommended non-lemon type detergents, low to medium flame heat.
      I’m beginning to think that the complaints are coming from people who don’t take a minute or two to read the pamphlets that comes with the pans.

      • Exactly.

      • Donna Bruno, stop thinking that is the issue, if they took the time to read your comments on the internet, you can rest assured they read the little piece of paper that came with there pan, Maybe it’s just because Copper Chef pans are junk did you ever think about that ?

        And lemon detergent, really do you know how detergents actually work, and how they strip oil, or do you think because it has citrus scent to that is what strips the oil ?

        And what is a long time ? Two days is a long time to a fruit fly …

  104. Copper chef is junk. I bought into the infomercial and bought the square pan and 2 round skillets (9 and 11 inch). The first couple of times I used the skillet it worked fine. Then I cooked two eggs (over). They were loose in the pan until I flipped them and then they stuck like glue. I turned the pan 90 degrees and the eggs didn’t slide. The other pans stick also. In addition, food stick to them and they have to be cleaned like any other pan.

    • I too was scammed and thought they were great…the first few times I used them. I did what they said, was extremely careful, no spray oils, no olive oil, no metal utensils and about the sixth time we used them the eggs stuck like glue. Now I’m stuck with junk! The company is no help and that was just money down the drain. Spoke to a supervisor who said I had to bake them with oil for 15 min. What a joke. I have no recourse. The company should be banned from selling with such false ads since they don’t stand behind their products.

  105. I really don’t understand the negative posts!!! If you did not SEASON the pan before you used it, or you are using METAL utensils, the cookware will NOT perform for you! If you DID season it and are NOT using metal in the pan, you shouldn’t be having ANY issues! I have skillets from cooper chef and I own 2 of the big square pots. I’ve used them all daily for over 6 months now and there’s not a scratch, mark, stain or anything else on any of these pans! People don’t take proper care of their things and then blame someone else, saying their product is inferior! You have to use them as directed! Plain and simple. My pans are ALL so non-stick, there’s time I struggle getting the food out of them with a spatula because the food keeps sliding around. I have NEVER had anything stick and the cleanup is SO easy! The day they come out with a compete set of pots and pans, I’ll be one of the first to buy them and replace everything else I have with Copper Chef! That includes the rest of my Green Pans, which did NOT hold up well at all.

    • Martha Macernie | November 8, 2017 at 12:34 am | Reply

      I’m concerned about the metal fry basket and metal steam rack. Does it scratch the pan?

    • Patrick G Burns | November 12, 2017 at 12:11 am | Reply

      I’ve had the same good experience that you’ve had. I’ve pan fried chicken and pork chops perfectly until golden brown for nearly a year. The pan looks like the day it arrived. It’s not really copper and I could detect that from the start. However it works perfectly as long as it is taken care of. I usually pan fry my chicken or pork with a little butter.

      I haven’t used the fry or steam basket. I think you might have to be careful, to be sure it didn’t scratch the surface.

    • According to the infomercial, they do not need to be seasoned and are cleaned by wiping them off. NOT TRUE!!!!! No instructions I got say they need seasoning. I had to season my cast iron but never a stainless steel and not ceramic. I bought them because they were supposed to be easier to use and less work, not more.

      • You can’t season these pans. It’s like trying to season paint.

      • Then the must not be Copper Chef but a knockoff. I was a little put off when I read that they had to be seasoned and to not use metal utensils. That part of the ads is not true. I bought one for myself and one for a friend last Christmas. We both use ours multiple times per week and they perform perfectly. I make spaghetti sauce and chile in mine. I use to have to soak pans after cooking those things, but with Copper Chef’s big square pan, clean up is a breeze. I don’t put mine in the dishwasher because it would have to be seasoned each time. I just put a little dish soap in it and swish it out with a dish brush and wipe it dry. It’s great for cooking bacon, pork chops etc too.

    • Norma Whiteside | November 24, 2017 at 5:17 pm | Reply

      I agree I have the big set & the next size down & the electric skillet I followed all the instructions and I use mine every day at least twice a day. Mine are just like when I got them. They are the easiest pan I have ever cleaned and clean up with these pans is literally 2 minutes from wash to put away. People who chose not to follow directions should not be in the kitchen any way. Some people just like to find fault with every thing no matter how good the product is. I have had excellent customer service and think these pans are great. I am 60 years old & have cooked a lot in my time. Best pans ever invented.

    • I absolutely agree with this post and if the author of the post goes to the Copper Chef website she will find a variety of sets and options, which I bought. I love these pans and yes, I do take care of them and they work great.

    • I’m with you Diane. I received one for a gift last Christmas – I was very apprehensive and skeptical about it. Worried it wouldn’t hold up or that the ceramic coating would chip etc… I have not had a single problem with it. I do use a little oil and I do not use metal. It gets washed with soap and it is hung up with the rest of the pots and pans. It’s a great pot. I am looking to buy a couple more but there are so many bad reviews I wonder if they are being made differently = ? I see a lot of people complaining about a ‘coating’ Mine is ceramic inside and out – there is not additional coating to scratch off. There are a lot off knock offs out there that have a copper colored non-stick coating in them but no matter what they say – those are not “The Copper Chef” brand.

    • If you have to season… Cast iron is the best

  106. At 1st i loved these pans them they started to chip. When i called to do the warranty mind you i am not asking for my money just replacement pans they want me to pay 15 a pan since i disnt purches frim them directly. Which is crap never have i ever heard of this. I bought a ninja brewer frim target which i love love love the only thing the stop drip git stuck from so much use. I called ninja and mi priblem sent my machine in and git a new one in 2 days copper chef warranty is ridiculou and should mention that in the warranty before buying. But lesson learned never again.

  107. WORSE PAN EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The “non stick” non scratch” is a LIE ! I followed the care instructions before i used it the 1st time and after EVERY wash etc and things still stick. After a week I used just a fork to pick up the food and it scratched the pan go figure . Throwing it and the small one i bought with it OUT. GOOD RIDDANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. I have a set of the copper chef pans and let me tell you I HATE THEM I would rather of kept my other pans if I wanted everything that I cooked in it to stick. The pans are not worth having. Every time that you go to use them everything sticks to it and there are copper flakes in the food. I have tried calling them and telling them that I want my money back and it was a joke trying to get thru to any one. So I have said that I will never buy anything else off tv again and this is the reason you can’t trust anything that someone says.

  109. Denise Fraganato | October 12, 2017 at 6:03 pm | Reply

    I really don’t understand.. I have had my pan for about 3 months now and I have not had any problems with it, you just have to wash it right after you use it, not a hour or two later and don’t let in soak in the sink.. I wash mine during the time that I let my food rest before eating.

    • I would be willing to go on record that within another 3 months you will begin to have problems with food sticking. I have used ours daily since May and have been having issues the past 1 to 2 months. Good luck though.

  110. Hi I am from South Africa, I bought my copper chef months ago, I cook and back and fry almost no oil – reheat, I use it daily, I have no issues, bought my second pan this week, different one deeper that the first one. Its an amazing pot. Nothing sticks, yes I only cook with wooden spoons or silicon and I use a soft cleaner to clean or wipe with a tissue. It really is an amazing product.

    • Janny Schoeman | October 28, 2017 at 3:45 pm | Reply

      I am also from South Africa and for the first 2 months so impressed with this non stick copper pan! But then fine hair lines started appearing (using plastic/wood) utensils. They did say you only have to wipe it with papertowel to clean, yes that was true only for the first 2 months. I cook mine with a bit of water to get it clean as it does not wash after frying only breakfast stuff. I saw a facebook ad where it was scrached with a fork (really) and nothing happend. (ha ha what a joke) I am taking it back to the chain store I bought it from. Had enough.

  111. I have the air flow basket and used as written in the cookbook. Not only did fries stick but the pan is terribly stained. It is a waste of money.

  112. This pan is worthless, sticks after only being used two times for bacon….WTH …….Tried to make pancakes in this POS pan this morning and they stuck to the pan. Returning this pan this morning….Don’t waste your money!!!!

    • You are lucky if you can return them. They told me to send them $19.99. Good money after bad so why pay them more? What a waste of money. I would seriously love to know why there is ANYONE who has had a good experience. How does that happen when a person can be this careful and everything sticks. It makes no sense to me.

      • That is definitely curious Elaine. I have had mine for almost a year and it’s been great. I have a pot, so I haven’t tried cooking pancakes in it – lol –
        I wonder if maybe the first production run was better quality and maybe they are not made quite the same anymore. I am seeing so many bad reviews that it’s not coincidence – I am afraid to buy any more of them 🙁

        • Do yourself a favor, don’t buy them you’ll thank us later with the money you save, and if you do end up buying them, buy them from a store with a good return policy you’ll end up needing it in a month or two, and don’t lose the receipt..

  113. Susan Herrington | October 8, 2017 at 2:51 pm | Reply

    This is the worst pan I have EVER owned. Cooking bacon is about all it good for…I am returning this FAKE product!!!!!

    • I’m taking it you haven’t owned many pans then. Oh, wait I forgot the ALL CAPS words and !!!!! A real review looks at the positives and negatives as well as being descriptive about issues you’ve experienced.

      • So if “A real review looks at all the positives and negatives as well as being descriptive about the issues you’ve experienced.”

        Are you saying your review is not real ? and please list both the negatives and positives and be descriptive about the issues you’ve experienced, and if you feel the need you can also use ALL CAPS…

  114. I have owned and used Copper Chef pans for 40 years (the originals that is). This new stuff you they are pumping out works great when first received, but soon become a sticky, scratched up mess. I followed all the instructions. Never used a metal utensil and these things stick like I have never seen before. They are the worst. You’re crazy if you buy these.

    I have a feeling, someone took over the company and decided to “cash in” on the high quality Copper Chef name by putting out an inferior product.

    • I made the mistake of buying a copperchef skilet and it is without a doubt the most worthless piece of crap I have ever bought. Immedialtly food started to bond to the pan and it was very difficult to clean. The commercial shows someone just wiping it out What a joke! . Warm soapy water and a cloth is suppose to clean it. I assure that if you buy this you will be impressed. Impressed that food will stick to this pan with strong bond that it would make NASA engineers reconsider it as a bonding process for space shuttle heat tiles. So if your considering building your own space ship and need a metal that will bond to everything when exposed to heat then maybe it has a use, But as a easily cleanable skklet, you will be very disappointed.

  115. The infomercial itself should give one pause. They imply that this pan is infused with copper. False! The only thing copper about it is the color coating. They also compare its weight and cost to real copper cookware (hundreds of $$$). That’s asinine as the two are nowhere in the same ballpark as to quality. This pan is nothing but cheap thin lightweight aluminum with a copper color coating which for a significant number of customers will lose its nonstick quality and start flaking. I see people here claiming that unsatisfied reviewers had somehow failed to follow cooking/oil/washing instructions. Well, according to the infomercial claims, it’ll take up to 800 degrees and stay permanently nonstick, so why would there be a need for any babysitting precautions? I see some people say not to use this oil, that oil etc. Well then, what the hell good is a pan that limits the type of oil you can use in a particular recipe??

    A big red flag is this Eric Theiss character. His (and his partner’s) gushing product love is cringe-worthy. Carefully observe the food products he puts out with the contraptions he hawks. Look at the Thanksgiving turkey or the pork ribs that came out of that Pressurecooker XL (or whatever). They look like overcooked colorless mush! And he’s a famous chef?!? Would he serve that slop in his own restaurant?? He’d be a laughingstock! I imagine he didn’t help his professional reputation by appearing on these infomercials because frankly he looks like an amateur snake-oil salesman.

    Good quality cookware is an investment and costs money. You get what you pay for. Avoid frustration and get a good basic stainless steel set, and add a couple of carbon steel/cast iron and decent nonstick pans to round out. Learn how/when to use each type of pan and you’ll be a way better and knowledgeable cook! Apparently some people are happy with these Copper Chef pans and I’m not knocking them, but far too many have pointed out the same recurring flaws in their purchases to ignore.

  116. Be aware! Unfortunately my mom had already placed an order by phone Copper XL was already shipped when she informed me and show me unprofessional invoice there was no return shipping label inside the package. I’ve suggested she contact Customer Service while she was on the phone I decided to record the conversation. Customer Service rep answer, and my mom ask her where does it advertise on tv Copper XL, will debit the customers debit/credit card before the free trial end? Customer service rep lied to my mom and said on tv advertisement does mention customers debit/credit card will be debit before the free trial ends. My mom told her take is false advertisement and misleading information on tv. She ask the customer service rep about shipping/returning the products? Customer Service Rep told my mom she’s responsible for paying the shipping costs and recommended she have UPS return the package. My mother receive an email confirmation message from UPS informing her it would be delivered to Copper XL. on July 11, 2017, she notice on July 12th or 13th Copper XL have charge her credit card again. She inform me on Thursday, August 24, 2017, she keep calling Copper XL by phone talking to different Customer Service Reps asking why hasn’t receive refund . Customer Service Rep Joe claim the product have been received, but it’s still in the warehouse, he lied to my mom and said he would email a statement. I have check her email inbox 2 days after she spoken to Joe, and she still haven’t receive any email statements or refund her money. This company is a scam & ripoff. I’ve suggested my mom to contact her credit card company and report Copper XL fraudulent charges on her credit card and to request the card to be closed and reissue her a new credit card. I do suggest all customers don’t purchase any products from this company Copper XL or any As Seen TV products.

    • I am simply amazed at all the bad reviews this product has. I have had my set for over a year and it has preformed just as advertised. I have even added to my original purchase and been just as pleased. I have never had anything stick. Clean up is a breeze. I can just wipe them out. I own ceramic coated cast iron, cast iron and copper bottom cookware. The Copper Chef has become my go to cookware. I really love it.

      • I agree. We love our copper chef set!

      • Patrick G Burns | November 12, 2017 at 12:22 am | Reply

        I agree as well. You have to understand what it is. I think Copper Chef is a little strong on the marketing, but if you use it without metal utensils, it does an amazing job of pan frying chick and pork.

      • Where exactly did you purchase from Belle? I want to buy a couple more (I have one) – But I am wondering if maybe the pots/pans were purchased form different sites – they may not all be genuine? The one I have has been great but I do not want to buy another and end up with what most of the others have received.

        • Lissa, That’s a totally awesome tactic, blame the poor preforming copper chef pans as being not genuine, Diversion only works if people don’t notice you doing it, next time you need to do more distraction and maybe they won’t see right through your paid posts, just like the coating on the genuine copper chef pan as it flakes off..

  117. Be aware! Unfortunately my mom had already placed an order by phone and Copper XL was shipped when she informed me and show me unprofessional invoice there was no return label inside the package. I’ve suggested she contact Customer Service while she was on the phone decided to record the conversation. Customer Service rep answer, and my mom ask her where does it advertise on tv Copper XL, will debit the customer debit/credit card before the free trial end? Customer service rep lied to my mom and said on tv advertisement does mention customer debit/credit card will be debit before the free trial ends. My mom told her take is false advertisement and misleading information on tv. She was ask the customer service rep about shipping/returning the products? Customer Service Rep told my mom she’s responsible for paying the shipping costs and recommended she have UPS return the package. My mother receive an email confirmation message from UPS informing her it would be delivered to Copper XL. on July 11, 2017, she notice on July 12th or 13th Copper XL have charge her credit card again. She inform me on Thursday, August 24, 2014, she keep calling Copper XL by phone talking to different Customer Service Rep about her money refund . Customer Service Rep Joe claim the product have been received, but it’s still in the warehouse, he lied to my mom and said she would email a statement. I have check her inbox 2 days after she spoken to him, and she still haven’t receive any email statements or refund her money. This company is a SCAM & ripoff. I’ve suggested my mom to contact her credit card company and report Copper XL fraudulent charges on her credit card and to request the card to be closed and reissue her a new credit card. I do suggest all customers don’t ever purchase any products from this company Copper XL or any As Seen TV products.

  118. Anything and I mean ANYTHING advertised on TV should always be Googled for complaints. 90% of the products are overpriced cheaply made junk, sold at high prices with little or no guarantees. The TV companies know that most products are scams from “snake oil salesman”, but the profits from these ads makes them very rich and they turn a blind eye to fraud. If the public would only learn from everyone’s bad experiences, these ads would slowly disappear, but like P.T. Barnum once said “There is a sucker born every minute”.

  119. I have the square pan and it was great until the 7th use and it lost all it’s non-stick and started showing cracks and scratches in even though I have only used plastic cooking utensils. I have followed instructions, medium heat, no soap washing and waiting till pan cool to rinse. It was so good the first few uses that I considered another one but now I won’t be getting one and it may be headed for the trash.

  120. I have 1 problem with this 1 1/2 by 11 inch small square pan when I cook eggs or pancakes it rolls to the edge of the pan an sticks. very bad design it looks like the pan is warped. keep away from the short square pans. don’t buy it

  121. Thank for sharing! I’m using a copper gives a really poor performance but it can still be used for non-professional cooking

    • “used for non-professional cooking” so if I cut it down with a pair of tin snips it should be good for the easy bake oven my kids own or will the cake batter stick to it like everything else ?

  122. Mark Calkins | July 17, 2017 at 6:27 pm | Reply

    The onlything that doesn’t stick to these pans is water!! Terrable product!! You got my $75.00, Hope yoiur happy, Im not!!

  123. If I could GET the pans, I might review them. First shipment, received one small part of order. Called customer service; they said the equivalent of “oops, our bad”. Said they would resend. 3 tracking numbers and 7 weeks later, still don’t have what each person and supervisor said would arrive in “7-10 working days”. Got the bill on my credit card though, within a week of the order. Called my cc company–they are charging the amt back to the company and taking it off my bill, and launching an investigation. They had multiple chances to make me happy, but I feel they lied to me over and over, and keep sending incomplete orders. Still don’t have everything we ordered. Not worth the stress.

  124. cheri miller | May 30, 2017 at 3:47 pm | Reply

    overall I love my 9″ fry pan. I have used everyday for 2 months now. never sticks,yes wash by hand but its recommended,no you cant use metal utensils, they tell you that,just like any tefelon.yes they will scratch if you stack things on top of them,any pan does that. common sense gets you along ways. copper chef I like your pan thanks

  125. I love my Copper Chef. Cleanup has been a breeze.

  126. In Copper Chef advertisement they claim that they are using a new Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Technology on their products so nothing sticks to the pan, even cook without oil, butter or grease. So I was amazed by this new technology and bought one of their 9.5” square frying pans from their website. But to my stunning disappointment I found that almost everything sticks to the pan, even with plenty of oil, especially starchy food such as fried rice, potatoes, pastas etc. Even fried eggs stick badly! I also found the pan is not made of copper for better heat conduction, as its name suggested and implied in their ad. It is made of aluminum plate covered by coatings that look like the color of copper. The whole thing really makes me sick.

    • Well that is because they forgot to tell you, in there infomercial they pre-sprayed the pan with silicone lubricant so yes everything it touches becomes non-stick, and if you look for a can of it make sure you buy one that is made with food grade, food safe products. But the question is do you really want to eat it ? Normally it’s used to lubricate machines in a commercial kitchen that may come into contact with food but it’s really not for lubricating pans but hey it’s a video and it’s gotta look great who cares about taste and health issues right…

      • always read any and all information first

        • @Phyllis O
          January 12, 2018 at 7:15 pm
          always read any and all information first

          Yes because people just can’t be trusted to use a pan to cook with anymore… Because if you can’t trust the CEO of copperchef who can you trust ?

          And the rest of us with common sense and cooking skills will just buy the pans with no instructions needed, we are those people that don’t need the warnings on the coffee cup telling us the coffee may be hot, we know we are buying hot coffee and will complain if it’s cold just like how we will complain if copperchef sells junk products, which they do …

    • I had bad experience to. Called to complain they say season it and try it again so I did when I called back they tell me its past 60 days it was a gift .. Really hate these Pans!!

      • That’s like telling someone to season a teflon pan. Impossible. Only pans that can be seasoned are cast iron and carbon steel. You can try with stainless steel but any coating on that material is surface only and will need to be renewed after one or two sessions. Apparently people season aluminum pans but I don’t own any and never tried. I do have aluminum Grill Grates and they do seem to take on seasoning, though.

  127. Chrystal Martinez | May 13, 2017 at 6:16 pm | Reply

    I bought the copper chef about a year ago. The same week I bought the Gotham steel pan. The first 6 months I used both regularly with the same care. By month 6 the copper chef sucked! Everything is sticking and it has scrapes and it’s stained! Mean while the Gotham is still going strong and still my go to pan every morning to make eggs, although I have started to use a dot of oil on it it’s for the most part non stick easy clean. While the Copper Chef has been a complete disappointment. Over priced and lacks quality! I would not recommend to an enemy, much less a loved one!

  128. What is all this negativity here? Its obvious that someone is not reading the directions, this pan I have had for 6 months, and it still works like the first day. From most of the posts, it is clear that people are using VERY high heat. wow, there posts are a trip!

    • Rodney, it promises to with hold 850°temps…. what are you talking about???
      I bought the copper chef about a year ago. The same week I bought the Gotham steel pan. The first 6 months I used both regularly with the same care. By month 6 the copper chef sucked! Everything is sticking and it has scrapes and it’s stained! Mean while the Gotham is still going strong and still my go to pan every morning to make eggs, although I have started to use a dot of oil on it it’s for the most part non stick easy clean. While the Copper Chef has been a complete disappointment. Over priced and lacks quality! I would not recommend to an enemy, much less a loved one!

      • I have 2 cooper chief pans. At first they worked fine. Niw they are staibed and everything sticks. No matter how much oil l use. Don’t beleive the hype. If you have 20 bucks to throw away, it is good for a coupke uses. I’m trowing mine away!

    • I so agree. I have had no issue with mine cooks very well in the directions of the pan it says do not use vegetable oil and so far I’ve seen for post on there that say that use vegetable oil or vegetable oil with butter I use peanut oil or coconut oil and I have had no issue whatsoever

      • A quality pan should be able to take on any type of oil without falling off the quality cliff. The infomercial promises a bulletproof fireproof indestructible pan but the reality is way different. The company knows this so they offer a “lifetime guarantee”, but you’ll pay for shipping both ways and in the end still end up with a poorly made disposable pan. They can afford to offer this guarantee because they know most owners won’t spend the $$$ for shipping. And the product is so poorly made and cheap to manufacture that they made all their money up front already.

    • You don’t even need to use high heat to make everything stick to this pan, but I do know you only need a 30,000 btu burner to melt it into a nice aluminum block so it doesn’t fill up the recycle can. Which is were this overpriced piece of trash belongs and were the one I had is long gone into.

      But for some reason, real copper pans, stainless steel, and cast iron will take that heat no problem.

    • Carol Skelton | July 24, 2017 at 10:09 pm | Reply

      Perhaps the negativity is justified. I have been cooking for over 45 years, mostly with cast iron. I gave this pan a try. Loved it for about 4 months. Then it started sticking. Within 7 months of purchase, it was really sticking. I had seriously considered getting a couple more. Now, no. Used it the other day for hamburgers. I had to let the pan soak to clean it. So, be careful before you start insulting others and their cooking abilities, stop and think. You might have gotten lucky.

  129. I bought a 5-piece set from QVC, but less than two months later, the edge of the pan was all off, and the inside chipped. I contacted copper chef customer service, but they tell me to pay to send it to them at my expense, and to send a $14.95 prepaid shipping label for them to send me a replacement. This is a scam; it chips even with me who uses plastic spoons and seldom light uses.

    Be warned! This is just another person making a quick fortune at your expense, knowing that 75% of customers will not bother spending the same amount of the purchase in shipping cost to return it to them to get the pan replaced.

  130. I bought my copper pan too make a special pie for Easter but when we came too remove the apple pie from the pan it STUCK like glue we tried too cut a piece but it stuck too the side of the pan just couldn’t get it out . All it did was mark the pan Question: Can I take it back too the store for a refund?????

    • The word you want to use is “to”. The other word “too” means also. Learn English.

    • MarieElena, Yep take it back, they don’t really care at the store, they simply ship the trash back and keep a customer happy.

      BobBitchin, Just letting you know it’s actually “to” and not [sic] “”to”.” this is an US site using US English.

      If you actually needed to place a period at the end of that sentence it would go inside the quotation marks, but my guess is your browser didn’t underline that? Maybe it’s time for you to learn English and the correct use of punctuation.

      katyrose, thanks for pointing out what is important here. It’s really nice that when people can’t find anything to say they pick on someone’s spelling or grammar, yet they make simple mistakes in there own writing. It just shows they have nothing better to do with there time, and they really don’t know what they are talking about.

      • You mean “their” and not “there”… . I’m sorry. I’m another one of those people who can’t find anything better to do with THEIR time.
        Grammar issue aside, I just bought a square copper chef at Bed Bath and Beyond because a fully satisfied customer swore it’s the best nonstick pan ever. I bought a square pan and so far so good. After reading the negative reviews here, I’ll be more observant on the flaws pointed out by many reviewers. Hopefully, I’ll have positive experience. I’ve used it only four times. So I will see.

      • The word you’re looking for is their. You’re welcome. Pedant.

  131. Lousy pan- cooking surface stained and not able to remove the stains after about 6 uses- none of the meals were especially hot/long term. Just a bad pan- Don’t buy this pan- you will be disappointed.

    • I bought the copper pans and I’m very pleased. You definitely need to read instructions, which are different than the demo’s on TV. Wipe pan with paper towel set aside until cooled. Do not soak pans in dish soap or leave food in pans. Do not use metal tools in pans. Wash pans after meal is over. Easy clean up. So far I have no complaints, just in the ordering department.

  132. garry bringsli | April 14, 2017 at 2:13 pm | Reply

    My pan cracked while frying chicken in oil and caused a fire. After 8 phone calls and returned the item for inspection, I did not receive a refund.
    They said they did not remember me!

    I was ripped off!!!!

  133. Mary Masters | April 8, 2017 at 5:20 pm | Reply

    Don’t know why all those people are having such issues. I have cooked steaks French fries, eggs, salmon, veggies,etc. and absolutely LOVE this pan. Never had any sticking problems and really can just wipe it out. Of course you would not use any metal utensils, just like any other non-stick pan..I actually have ordered another bigger one and can’t wait to receive it!! Hope this was helpful.

    • Why people are having problems, well they are junk, they don’t last, and you better get that bigger one real soon you’ll need it, and you’ll learn to use metal utensils, because you’ll need them to scrape the burnt stuck on food out of them as the non-stick coating only last a few days, personally it’s much easier to just throw the entire pan away…

      • Tarik Salamn | May 12, 2017 at 2:21 pm | Reply

        Seems that people are using the pan with excessive heat, but when I watch most people cook their burners are too high..
        I love mine as it allows me to cook and fry with easy clean up and minimal mess.
        Not sure if maybe there’s a difference between using them on a gas range but on my electric the pan performs as described if not better.

      • You people must put burner on high and throw cold food in it. I start my burner on low to med, I do put a few drops of oil just to roll around on the bottom of pan. No place in the instructions does it say you can cook in 800 degrees. When they demonstrate on TV tell me what food they cooked at over 800 degrees. Tell me what food do you cook at over 800 degrees? You must use common sense even when you cook.

        • Pat, the answer is simple, Steak and pizza, honestly if I could get my pan to 1000° to cook a pizza that would be totally awesome, and Pittsburgh rare steaks need the pan glowing a soft red to get the true effect you need about 2200°F which is 1000°F above the melting point of the copper chef pans…

  134. Monica Buono | April 8, 2017 at 12:20 am | Reply

    The customer service is horrible and they don’t care if you’re not happy with your product or not. I ordered my copper chef xl with induction cooktop on February 23 upon inspection I noticed that the pan was dented in three spots so I returned the pan on March 4th for an exchange. I called them several times to find out where the replacement was and I was told to call back so I did and as of April 7th I still don’t have the replacement pan. I can’t comment on if it works because I wasn’t able to use it, I’m tired of waiting, so now I’m sending everything back. I will never order from them again.

    • If you have an induction stove you better read a few comments down, they will destroy your stove like others have found out …

  135. Hi i live in Barrie, Canada
    lately i ordered 6 pieces copper chef from copper chef Canada for $118.00 with promises of $20.00 cash back. when i called in for cash back customer service said cash back is only for US not for Canada i explained i ordered from copper chef Canada but they don’t care on top of that they charged my credit $118.00 plus exchange rate=$154.00
    please be careful ordering anything from copper chef

    • Contest the charges with your bank, they are not delivering what they promise, and if they reply challenge it a second time the bank will find in your favor, and more then likely give you all $154 back …

  136. | April 3, 2017 at 4:29 pm | Reply

    my copper chef started sticking about the fifth time I used it.I have the big one and the small square one too. The small square one I cant even get eggs out of without sticking. the big one cooks well but it browns the bottom so bad I have to soak it when I make steaks. Disappointed. I gave them as xmas gifts and now I feel bad about them.

    • Well on the plus side it lasted five meals… that’s more meals then some other people get out of them …

    • I had the same results; these pans are nothing like what I thought I was ordering; I sent an email to the company asking for my money back and I haven’t heard anything from them – make you think they know their product SUCK!

  137. I recently purchased the square roasting pan with the rack and fry basket. I honestly never thought it was copper at all. However, I never thought that
    cooking in this pan would be difficult. Bacon did not fry correctly, french fries did not fry correctly and believe me it was not me or my stove. I decided to try the roast chicken recipe that is in the cook book that came along with the pan, well let me tell you. I followed the recipe to the letter. And, once again, it is not me or my oven. After being in the oven for 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees, the potatoes and carrots are still RAW. The chicken is only cooked on top. This has got to be the worst product I have ever had the misfortune to have purchased. I now have the potatoes and tiny carrots cooking in the microwave and the chicken is back in the oven with the lid on it and chicken broth on the bottom. So, instead of having a nice roasted chicken, I will have a braised chicken with microwaved veggies. My advice, KEEP FAR AWAY from this product.

  138. I purchased the square copper chef ($100) one at Kohl’s 5 months ago. At first , I just loved it cause I made the huge pies advertised on TV. I cooked and steamed in it and had no problems washing it. It never did stick. Last night I was cooking 5 pork loins in it and when they were done I just left them on low heat on my gas stove. I was almost ready to remove them and heard a loud pop. I looked over at my stove and pan and there to my surprise was my $14 worth of pork loins ruined because the lid had shattered into a thousand pieces and what looked to be like a lid was only the metal top and the rim. Thank God it was like candy glass and didn’t explode and cut me. I had cooked for 5 people and had nothing else to make so I had to change my menu. Can anyone tell me where I can get a new lid? I read most all the comments and I never saw my problem posted. I still like my pan tho. It cooks really good without the lid!

    • Just take it back to Kohl’s and get an new pan from a more reliable manufacturer, and I would report it at
      So no one else has this issue, and they will also assure you get your money back in full …

    • After reading these reviews, I have to comment. I own some of the Copper Chef products, and I am having NONE of the problems these reviewers are claiming to have. First off, I heat my pans first on a lower medium setting, and then I sprinkle water across the bottom of whatever pan I am using. NOTHING sticks and that includes that apple pie recipe in the cookbook. I also make eggs, omelets, etc. My pans have not scratched or flaked and the lids are heavy glass. I don’t put them in the dishwasher and I never use metal utensils in them. They still look brand new. All I can say is that those whose food sticks, or who have scratched pans. are not using the pans correctly. No, I am not a Copper Chef employee…I am a regular person who happens to like the Copper Chef pans and would recommend them to anyone.

      • I agree. These pans are great. I don’t understand all these bad reviews. I never cook anything above medium heat and certainly never use metal utensils. I also wash them by hand once they’ve cooled. I LOVE THESE PANS and I cook everything in them.

      • Patrick G Burns | November 12, 2017 at 12:44 am | Reply

        I would also recommend Copper Chef cookware. I just used common sense knowing it was non-stick cookware and everything has been fine for nearly one year!

      • Robin Petrillo | December 9, 2017 at 1:23 pm | Reply

        I too agree. I have the original copper chef set and love it. I have learned that you should not use the high stove temp.setting. I saute veggies almost every night and if I get distracted the carmelization can get crusty. I turn heat down to low, scrape off the crust with hard plastic spatula and I’m good. No lasting marks after cleaning with dish soap and water. Anything else, I just have to wipe pans out with paper towel. Love these pans! We also use at 500 degrees in oven. No mess.
        We now have yhe gotham smokeless copper griddle/grill which we love, but don’t count too much on the smokeless part! We use it out in the garage so the house isn’t smoked. We used to grill out in garage with door opened on a propane small grill, but have trouble with black bears, so we have gone to electric grilling in garage with door shut!

      • Lin – I’m with you! We “seasoned” ours before use. They look and cook as good today as months ago and we use daily!

  139. Wayne Slagle | March 30, 2017 at 6:03 pm | Reply

    One of the worst products on the market. One big scam. A real disappointment . I am going back to Iron Skillets.

    • Cast iron is great, but your should also try out some vintage “real copper” like revere ware or mauviel as well they are nice to use and look great they also don’t weight as much so you can get the nice flipping action in the pan with a quick toss, but for searing off a thick steak cast is the best…

      • I absolutely love the vintage cast iron Griswold pans! Lighter than modern pans from Lodge and has a smooth surface. Easy to season and use. I can also recommend even lighter carbon steel pans. I have a couple from De Buyer. Once these are seasoned and well-used, you really don’t need teflon pans. These pans get BETTER as you use them, unlike teflon and these Copper Chef pans which start going downhill as soon as you use them.

  140. Wayne Slagle | March 30, 2017 at 5:55 pm | Reply

    I have not been this disappointed in a product in a very long time . Scratches were evident with the first use. It is nothing it says it is . Truly a waste of money.

    • Well if it sounds to good to be true, it is …

      • Tina Miller | July 4, 2017 at 4:34 pm | Reply

        Thanks everyone for their reviews. I wanted something more so for frying without a huge mess because I love making fish and chips. Have tried it all. Even the so-called deep fryers on the market but cleaning the baskets is such a huge mess. Airfryers, yuck. So, I was going to try this but then have read these reviews and forget it. My only option is to go back to the tried and true Induction Cuisinart pans. I bought a set from Bed Bath and Beyond and have used them for 3 years now and love them. I don’t dishwasher them. All by hand. If I cook fish, I rub some lemon in the pan to get rid of that taste. I can use them for all types of cooktops and oven safe. Have been so happy with them. They were 229 for the set and the large extra fry pan is 69 and I used my 20% off and usually have several coupons. My only thing is frying and when I fry my fish and chips works out great but grease everywhere. I think I might try a bacon fry thing on top and maybe that will help. trying to think of some sort of device I could create that would help but nothing so far. Anyway, sticking with my Cuisinart.

  141. John Caporale | March 27, 2017 at 9:00 pm | Reply

    Someone obviously has an axe to grind with Copper Chef or someone because all these stupid posts are just that. I’ve had my Copper Chef for months. Cooks fantastically, NOTHING sticks, EVER! My son in fact mixed a concoction of syrups, jellies, marshmallow, burned it all and, guess what? Came right out with a paper towel!

    Please stop the BS. Shameful. My bet is 99% of the bad reviews have never even seen one of these pans.

    • And all the good reviews are paid posters, I know you have to make a living some how, it’s ok…

      • Lodge,
        You reply to so many of the reviews, always negatively, it sounds like YOU are the PAID contributor! paid by a competitor that is! I have owned and used the large set plus added more to the original set purchased! As long as the instructions are followed and people don’t think THEY know more than the manufacturer, the pans all work exactly as described! Oh, and I use ONLY induction cook tops without ANY issues at all! The pans all clean easily, no stains, scratches, blemishes, chips or any other issues. I have never had any food stick in any of the pans! I can guess that people are not following the instructions or there are others in their households that are ruining the pans?? I am just an old fart, single man, that cooks for myself more times than not and I have always followed the instructions on use and care and without one issue in over a year!

      • Patrick G Burns | November 12, 2017 at 12:49 am | Reply

        I’m paid nothing for my favorable comment on Copper Chef.

  142. Terrible!!! Just like above comments. First two times the shallow 9″square pan, eggs slid around and came right out. Now no matter how low of heat they stick, and cant be gotten out. DON’T BUY!!!

    • If you turn the heat up more, eventually the eggs will burn out of the pan, or you could save your self the effort and just put the pan where it belongs in the trash ….

  143. Glenda Simpson | March 22, 2017 at 3:35 pm | Reply

    I don’t know which copper pan you were using but it wasn’t the Copper Chef. I have mine for a while and I am very satisfied. Mind is not like an aluminum pan. Nothing sticks and no metallic taste. Very easy to clean.

    • Ellie. Pilipuf | March 29, 2017 at 1:21 am | Reply

      I ❤️ my copper chef.So far no problem at all. Wish the utensils were of better quality. They were reasonable so I’m not too upset about it. The cookware is awesome I have no trouble with it .Light weight,even cooking etc.Thanks. Where do I get the large fry crisper?

      • The Large fry crisper well Value Village has them for a few bucks each, you might even be able to find them in dumpsters …

    • I don’t know what Copper chef pan your using because if it’s not an aluminum pan its not a copper chef pan … but please let us all know so we can all get one …

  144. We’ve had ours for a few months and they’ve been perfect so far! Everything we’ve done (salmon, prime rib, burgers, chops, bacon, veggies, bread, pizza, etc.) has come out just right.

    Nothing stuck, it’s cleans up easily and they wipe out like a breeze. But then again, unlike many of the reviewers, we read the instructions, knew what the pans were made of because we LISTENED, and don’t expect the food to cook itself.

    • Yep and I have pans older then me that just wipe out with paper towel, even burned cheese or eggs, and I plan on handing them down to the kids in few decades, that don’t have instructions to follow, you just cook your food in them when they are hot, all while you’ll be handing yours to the people picking up the black bags on the curb early in the morning, in the matter of a few weeks from now…

      • Obviously Lodge, your just as guilty of “misleading” as you suggest any positive reviews on CopperChef are because cast iron DOES have and NEED instruction to use and maintain to prevent rusting and to season them before use! Also, you state in one of your many and obnoxious comments below that you run yours through the dishwasher and that will strip the “seasoning” of cast iron in no time! I agree that a good cast iron skillet is a must in most any kitchen for SOME cooking but not everything! Mine gets used for steaks and cornbread but the CopperChef works far better on Lasagna, baked chicken, and the like. Clean up is EASY on either! Your bitter about CopperChef, that is obvious! You need something to complain relentlessly about… I get it! But seriously, find another outlet for your ranting already!

    • Patrick G Burns | November 12, 2017 at 12:51 am | Reply

      Exactly, John!

  145. Peter Steiner | March 19, 2017 at 6:08 pm | Reply

    My goodness, soooo many stupid people out there.
    Just because it’s name is “Copper Chef ” does not mean the products are made of copper.
    It is made of much superior materials (Waterglass).
    Just don’t have time to go in to basics with idiots.
    I have bought every product from “Copper Chef “,
    great products…great service.
    The person who wrote the aricle must work for “Gotham “.

    Peter S.

    • There you have it, the paid poster, who is representing copper chef sums it all up nicely, what this company thinks of people that buy there products in there post above..

      “soooo many stupid people out there.[sic]”
      ” idiots[sic]”

      So I would show them you are not what they think you are, and spend your hard earned cash somewhere else, and get a much better quality product then they are trying to pawn off for less money then they are demanding..

  146. I have no problems at all with mine.i also followed the instructions on how to take care of it.i live alone and I need all the help I can get on cooking and the cook ware does the trick

    • There should be nothing to take care of and no instructions to follow if its as stated in their add of non stick copper good for 800 degrees. However me thinks its a scam.

      • Exactly. The infomercial makes a lot of wild claims that’ll never hold up. Why should one need to baby these supposedly indestructible pans?? In actuality they are as fragile as can be. Some people have had luck so far with them, so more power to them, but I don’t baby my pans. I use them on high heat/low heat, with butter, all kinds of oils as the recipe calls for, etc.

      • Patrick G Burns | November 12, 2017 at 12:54 am | Reply

        The Copper Chef is over-marketed. That’s not good. However if you follow instructions that come with it, the product works well.

  147. We purchased a copper fry pan and did what was written and it burned leaving black that will not come out this pan was a lemon not worth the money we spent there was bacon grease for pancakes give me a regular pan any day.

  148. We ordered the square pan and the round one. After about a month of light use they began to stick anything that was put in them. Then after about two months the paint began to chip off the bottom. This is a total scam folks, painted cheap steel piece of crap made in china. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar, don’t waste your money

  149. Andrea Hodge | March 6, 2017 at 3:53 pm | Reply

    Customer service is TERRIBLE. Their reps are disconnected, distracted and, from the sounds of the back ground noises, are sitting in the comforts of their own homes, trying to “work”. From not being able to hear over blaring televisions to inability to hear over children screaming and infants crying to reps not being able to focus long enough to finish sentences. I have emailed and tried to use their chat. Both times on chat, I entered, posted my question regarding multiple orders and missing order pieces, only for my sessions to automatically time out after sitting idle for 15 minutes, waiting on a rep. Once they have your order and money, they’re finished with you. There is NO way to get through to a caring, reputable, knowledgeable human being to get any problems solved. We haven’t had our product long enough to know about the quality. Praying it’s decent, considering we have spent hundreds of dollars for multiple sets, one for ourselves and the others as gifts. We WILL spread the word with ANYONE willing to listen.

    • Call the credit card company to contest the charges, when the bank calls them and they get the run around like that, they just respond in your favor and give you your money back .. Maybe they will learn and quickest lesson is one that cost them real money …

  150. Diane Heminger | March 4, 2017 at 3:52 pm | Reply

    I hate to differ with all of the complainers of the Copper Chef because I love the pan. It has been used many times and it is like brand new! Some people just like to complain.

  151. I have had my Copper Chef pans for more than a few months and I like the pans. I have fried, baked and boiled in these; made rice, steaks, fish, macaroni, potatoes, etc. etc. My go-to pan.
    I wonder about scratching the surface using the strainer basket and steamer tray, but if one treats the pans right, I see no problem.

  152. When I ordered the pots by phone, I asked were they were manufactured, I was told Canada. The boxes arrived today clearly marked Made in China. I am furious by this deception. I am so sorry I did not research the product before ordering. I will be returning everything

    • Good luck return them they will A, not answer the phone, B lie you if they do. Your better taking it up with your credit card provider and challenge the charges and mail them there junk back…

  153. Patricia sordiff | February 27, 2017 at 2:57 pm | Reply

    Hi,I just bought the square frying pan for 19.99 and I decided to cook an egg first,so when I cracked open the egg and put it in the pan,first thing it did,was run to sides,and when it did,it left a see thru egg thing,looked and tasted like plastic.i couldn’t even sererate it from the egg,ok so then I decided to cook a little bacon,I noticed it cooked really fast,even if I turned it way down,that I don’t like,so I used it 2times and both times was not what I thought would be,I’m sad now.cause after reading all these reviews I decided to not buy the rest of them,which I was going to,but I’m going to wait and see how this little frying pan works for a couple of times,it is tiny,only about an inch and a half high,and has a round imprint of bottom plate so it make all liquids run to sides,so far,I’m not liking this,this sucks,I had such high expectations

    • I also bought the square frying pan and we cook our eggs in it with no problem. I also cooked chicken sausage first, which turned out great. As far as the eggs, I wipe the pan out, add nothing, and put them in the pan with the lid on. Two minutes later they turn out great and do NOT stick. I kept the heat at just below medium. I love these pans!

  154. This pan ruined my glass cook top the very first time I used it leaving a gray discolored area where the pan sat. When I called the company they told me it was not suppose to be used on glass cook tops. In the meantime, my stove looks like crap and I told them the infomercials show them cooking on glass cook tops and I was told they have special pans for glass cook tops. You cannot win with these people. DO NOT BUY!!!!

  155. I don’t know what these people did to post the negative comments. I have 3 different of these pans, & use them vigorously, NOT A PROBLEM!
    Love these pans & firmly believe it is the best money I have ever spent. Getting ready to order more.

    • I think some of the problems may be caused from cooking with the heat too high. These pans transfer heat so efficiently, that I have yet to cook above “medium” setting on the stove top. I am awaiting an induction cook top to try them out on that where I can set the temperature precisely where I want it. Great Product!

    • me too!

      • Better get the extended warranty on the Induction stove that offers in home service because if you use these pans on induction you’ll need it, when they destroy your stove …

  156. Monica McDermott | February 25, 2017 at 7:11 pm | Reply

    I purchased 2 sets of these pots and 2 skillets, 1 of my son and one for me. After using it 3 times I noticed that the outer corner the copper color was scraped from my stove burner exposing silver color metal surface.
    I would never recommend this product to anyone. Extremely deceptive…Don’t waste your money

    • Yep it’s an Aluminum pan, like those found at the dollar stores ( only the dollars store’s are better quality )

  157. I find your replys degrading, meaningless and if you do not agree with you you are offensive. This is what makes your site and reviews bogas!!! I have had Copper chef skillet since they first came out, I liked it so much I bought my daughter one, she loved it. I have since bought her and I both a complete set. They are the best set of cookware i have ever had. check your facts and learn how to use the equipment before you judge it.

    • I purchased a set and have used them for three weeks now. I have baked, fried, boiled, and cooked dishes for a family of four and so far not a single problem. Maybe using non-stick spray may help with frying eggs because unless you are deep frying, the oil does run off to the sides. So far we are happy. My purchase came with a 60 day guarantee and a 100% life time guarantee. So, if at any point I am not happy or food starts sticking I can either return them or simply ask for a new one/set. The size of both pans are exactly what I expected and do allow me to cook a dish for a family of four. This site should allow uploads of pictures because the proof is in the pudding.

    • So what your saying is all the reviews are Bogus, so I’m assuming yours is as well but only because you said it, so it must be true ….

  158. I asked for the original Copper Chef square frying pan with fryer, steamer, lid and I received it for Christmas. It was the best Christmas gift I received. I have used it everyday, in fact, I just left it on my stove top. I just use it so much didn’t see any sense in putting it up. Gave two of my fry pans away since I got this one, and it works just like the Chef shows on T.V. Infact, I am on here to order the larger one, the XL. when I came across reviews, so now I am here when I should be ordering my XL.

    When I first saw the Commerial on the Copper Chef I was undecided because I thought the food probably would taste blah, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. All the recipes have been really yummy.
    I only had one thing that stuck a little and that was very thin potatoes, which, I cut with a mandolin.
    I haven’t used oil, butter or sprays and I just rinse out then dry with paper towel. I follow the recipes in the cook book they sent.

    Now I did order, after receiving the above Copper Chef, a fry pan which ISN’T Copper Chef, but is on info commercials and you would think it connecterd to Copper Chef. I don’t care for that pan as much and noticed when it came it had a rougher bottom, almost felt as though it would cut my fingers if I did them in circular motion on the bottom of pan, then noticed the handle wasn’t as nice as Copper Chef, also noticed Copper Chef wasn’t on the bottom of pan like my first pan has the name on the bottom. So be careful from whom and what you order.
    I thought also that perhaps the food wouldn’t taste good since it seems you don’t add the usual oils, etc. that I have always used, but I was wrong, everything I have tried has been very good. I made fried chicken, apple pie , eggs, baked chicken with potatoes etc, like the recipe calls for, all have been very good. I have NO complaints about my Copper Chef.

    • Really you came here to read the reviews while you were in the process of ordering a larger more expensive pan, but having owned there other sizes one would think you know there quality ? right you own them and post speaks about there quality, and you then took the time to write a 1849 Character review (1485 if you don’t get paid per space or 367 / word) makes us wonder why you didn’t just go and order the pan if they are that good, or is that the cost of the pan 1895 Characters ?

      Here is the problem most paid posters do that sells them out, they post huge glowing reviews, and then post some distraction about another product in there posts.. Thanks but after owning one I won’t make that mistake again I flattened it, melted it down into an aluminum disk and threw it in the blue bin where it belongs so I will come back one day in a much more useful product like a soda can..

      • Thank you for your post to save me $100 bucks. I fell in LOVE with the infomercial with the chef making all of the recipes and the recipe book included and the other items. What got me was the “$100 free groceries” I had to search this item a little more and it brought me here. I have to say though- I am SO disappointed as it really really looked SO AMAZING! I am bummed as it was going to be a birthday present to myself lol. Thank you for making me realize it IS just too good to be true. #you saved me $100 bucks!# Thank you#

        • EDITED TO ADD- the $100 free groceries was my que that this is possibly a worthless product. How could any company make any money giving away $100 free groceries and the product was roughly $100??? That was my answer but didnt really want to believe it until now!

          • Your welcome… Enjoy the $100 in your hand and not some junk pan, just grab a cast iron skillet from a Garage sale for like $5 , season it and enjoy the $95 with a few nice steaks or other food…

          • When I read the comments of those that liked the pans I know that Obama stole 9 trillion dollars to give to his friends and there are still many Morons that think he was a Hero.

      • The word “there,” as in “over there,” refers to location, or, as in “there was,” is used as a function word to introduce a sentence or a clause.

        The word “their,” as in “it’s their fault,” indicates ownership or relating to ‘them.’

  159. Linda Elsbernd | February 21, 2017 at 2:54 pm | Reply

    I’ve got to wonder what pans the people above purchased and used. Did you get a cheap knock off?

    I love this pan! I use my pan almost every day. I do not have sticking or scratching or any of the complaints I am reading. It delivers everything the informercial said and more. I use it in place of most of my pans. I was looking for a promo code to order more products for myself and my daughter, when I found this page with all the negative reviews. I am completely baffled by the above responses.

    • You haven’t owned them long have you, keep looking for that promo code, maybe Altavista has one ? you’ll thank me in a few weeks…

      • I have owned mine for quite a while now, and they work great! If people have problems with them, it is something THEY are doing wrong…it is not the pan. I never use oil, butter, or water. If people do use olive oil, it should be refined olive oil, not unrefined, for these pans. I keep the heat at just below medium and I use the lid. These ARE great pans!

        • Wow, it’s always the person using the pan that is the problem, and never the pan… That’s a polite way of saying every one is stupid but you, just remember when you point a finger at someone there is three more pointing back at you, enjoy your pan you think ARE great pans, while they rest of use get a truly great pan that is not Copper chef junk….

  160. Steve ambrosini | February 20, 2017 at 12:05 pm | Reply

    I bought the xL two weeks ago. I wish I would have looked at reviews. This pan is a piece of junk. It sticks. I used steamer tray it scratched the bottom. Calling coustmers service is a Joke. I am not going to give them any more money to send it back. I think I will put in shop an use it to store mis screws an bolts. This pan is a Rip off. Don’t waste your money 2-20-2017 Steve A.

  161. Michael Coombs | February 20, 2017 at 6:19 am | Reply

    Bought one months ago. Love it. Use it several times a week. Bought one for each of my kids (all over 40), and they love them. Since then, I purchased the 11″ casserole and love it even more. I cook all the time and I use them constantly. Like Eric’s stuff so much, and trust what I already purchased, that I’ve also purchased and love his air fryer and a 10qt. Power pressure cooker XL. If they sell something else that is as useful, I will purchase them as well.

    • Another excellent review, the word love was used not just once but twice, Are they hiring and how much do they pay per post, or i do you get paid per character ?

    • I like the pans. As a person who works retail I see a LOT of dummies so most of the negative people on here are probably trailer trash who can’t read directions for proper care.

      • Again another paid poster calling you all “trailer trash who can’t read” but yet somehow they managed to read the post above …

        I’m sorry, if you were right, I’d agree with you.

  162. At first it worked great. Suddenly EVERYTHING stuck to the bottom. Forget getting off the pan…no matter how long you soak it in hot, soapy water. FALSE ADVERTISING; DONT BOTHER!

    • Water will remove every thing from this pan with no effort, your just not doing it right, just use a pressure washer 3100 PSI will even remove the coating ….

  163. Let me start with I DO NOT work for this company in any way or form. Withe that being said, I have been watching a lot of reviews on you tube and I see some of what is causing problems, mostly people don’t know they should READ the instructions completely before they use the product and do what it tells them to do. My husband got me the Copper Chef square pan ( the one with high sides) for Christmas 2016, I use it every day and have had on problems with it, I have made chicken pot pie, fried potatoes with scrambled eggs and pork roast just to name a few and NOTHING has ever stuck or burned. It tells you not to cook on top of the stove with heat higher the MEDIUM to low, also ti tell you NOT to wash it until it has COMPLETELY COOLED OFF. I have never used oil or lubricants in the pan. I just do what the instruction told me to do and NO problems.

    • I also don’t cook with lubricants in my pan, I normally use them in my car and truck I don’t think WD-40 and fried eggs would go over very well in my house … But that said if people need instructions every time they go to use a pan or wash a pan, there is something wrong with the pan, take cast iron, no instructions needed, other then if the pan is on the stove it’s more then likely hot, apply food, cook, eat, tell the kids to wash and repeat, and sure there is some instructions if you need to reseason them but just try calling copper chef when you have a problem with there pans coating, I could walk to china and get a replacement faster …


  165. James Mitchell | February 12, 2017 at 8:02 pm | Reply

    The Red Copper Pan I purchased worked for a few weeks, then lost its capability to release the food. Even a simple omelet with plenty of butter sticks to the bottom making it impossible to flip. It has also developed a warped bottom. This is a scam and should not be sold at reputable stores.

    • Just take it back the reputable store, they should have a return policy of at least 90 days and let them deal with it and walk out with cash in your hand and get a real pan made in the USA, Canada, France or Switzerland… Check out some vintage Cast iron and at a garage sale you’ll have enough for the pan that will last a life time, a few steaks and six pack and still have change in your pocket…

  166. Really? All the negative comments about the Copper Chef cookware. I have had a set for months and use them several times a week and they perform like a dream!!! Nothing ever sticks. Sounds like this Lodge person is working for the Lodge cast iron company huh? If you buy the true Copper Chef pan you will be happy!

    • James Mitchell | February 12, 2017 at 8:03 pm | Reply

      And how long have you worked for the company?

    • I have found the copper pan to be totally useless. The claims are bogus and I do not work for any competing company. What I say is the truth.

    • Linda Elsbernd | February 21, 2017 at 2:55 pm | Reply

      I completely agree with you Ken!

    • Nope I don’t work for them, actually I prefer Wagner Cast iron vintage products, but to flatten and then melt copper chef pan’s I only use only lodge products for the flattening, and visions glassware so I can see it melt into an aluminium pellet and ease of cleaning, because while Cast iron is tough there is still a risk of it cracking when it hits a copper chef pan sitting on a 24 inch thick butchers block and I don’t want to crack a vintage pan that is older then me, but I can buy Lodge products all over the place if I actually crack one or bust off a handle, but it hasn’t happened yet…

    • “If you buy the true Copper Chef pan you will be happy! ”

      By True copper do you mean Mauviel because yes mauviel does make me happy every time I use them, except when I cook steak nothing beats cast iron.

  167. does anyone out there have the return mailing address? I have tried unsecssfully to get it from the company with no response!

  168. The Pan is a fraud. It scratches and sticks. In addition, when I ask for a replacement on the 100% lifetime warranty, copper chef requires that I pay $30 to send the old pan and receive the replacement. The pan did not cost $30.

  169. Induction cook top WARNING. I just bought a set of the Cooper Chef pots and totally destroyed my $1200 induction cook top. These pots do not have enough “ferrous” material in them. The technician who tried to fix my stove told me that he has seen this before. These pots are basically aluminum with a think insert of steel on the bottom so that it does have some ferrous qualities. Using these pots, or other non-ferrous pots and pans will ruin your induction cook top. After five minutes of use, there was a loud “pop” and the stove top was destroyed. By the way, Copper Chef still maintains these are fine to use with induction cook tops, and refuses to take any responsibility. Run as fast as you can from this product and company. They are a sham.

    • Your lucky the stove died, aluminum on induction can have worse results than just a stove burner failure, you can actually melt them to the stove top, or shatter the stove top, which really increases the cost to fix and risks of a fire, burns and electrocution …

    • This is EXACTLY what happened to us! A loud pop & out stovetop was gone. We are so getting a lawyer!

      • INDUCTION COOK TOP OWNERS BEWARE! THIS FRYER FRIED OUR INDUCTION COOK TOP. I was excited to try out the new Copper Chef pan, so after washing it, I added an inch and a half of water to see how fast it would come to a boil on our induction cook top. It took a few minutes before some steam starting to form on the lid, until then I heard a loud pop and saw a flash. The stove just quit and there was a very strong burnt electrical transformer-like smell inside the drawer under the cook top. The circuit breaker to our stove was also tripped, so I reset it but our very expensive cook top doesn’t work. I’m smelling a class action suit brewing now.

  170. No complaints with the product. My complaint is the costomer service. I got this pan for Christmas. The legs were missing from the steamer. Called and complained and asked for the legs. First they were going to charge me, and I threw a fit so they said they would send me the steamer part. I just want the legs. Here it is Feb. 8th and still don’t have them. I have called numerous times. They sent me an email that it was shipped and today I called and was old my order was not shipped yet. The guy said my order maybe shipped in a couple of weeks. But of course not a definite.

    • I received my Copper Chef pan for Christmas and love it. I haven’t had any problems. I don’t put it in the dishwasher, wipe the pan before washing it with a mild dish soap.

  171. Keith A. Harris | February 7, 2017 at 9:54 pm | Reply

    I received the Copper Chef System as a gift. It is the one on the Infomercial for “3 Easy Payments of $24.99.” The first time I used the pan, I cooked 3 Eggs, Over Easy… And, YES! It was AMAZING! Just like on TV, the eggs slid around like they were on wheels. NON-STICK and they flipped over like a dream. I really was happy! I washed the pan, fast & easy with no need for scratch pads or cleansers… It cleaned up with a cloth and a little dish soap in the water. The next day I cooked 2 really great Stakes! But, the following morning, I cooked 3 more eggs. But, THIS TIME THEY STUCK and I had trouble even turning them… Then, I washed the pan and I saw a little raised bubble in the bottom corner, which I scratched at, thinking it was EGG… It was actually the coating peeling off! I realized the pan is NOT made of Copper! It is actually a very thin Aluminum Pan, that is not “INFUSED” with Copper, or anything else! It has a copper colored spray on PAINT coating that lasted me only 3 cooking sessions before it peeled… REALLY, IT ACTUALLY ONLY LASTED 2 COOKINGS AND THEN IT BEGAN STICKING AND BLISTERING! Paint is NOT something I want to EAT the next time I cook my food! So they will likely go in my next garage sale!! Glad they were a GIFT, because I would return them and only WISH that I could return it in person, so I could force them to cook with it and feel free to gobble up the delicious paint bubbles and chips for lunch! I’d actually like to smack the Chef who endorses this product and tell him what a true SELL OUT he has obviously become! I suggest buying a nice Stainless Steel Cook Set that requires a bit more scrubbing. But, the cook is always clean and even and fairly non-stick if you just add some oil! Bon Appetite, you fraudulent animals! I feel bad that my Aunt spent good, hard-earned money on this garbage!! I certainly foresee a HUGE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against this company in the very near future!!
    How hard would it be to make a quality product that offers up the service it claims?!? Our world is all about fraud! Deceitful practices to gain a dollar is why our country is so despised by the rest of our world! GREED, DECEIT & LACK OF CONSCIENCE!!!

    • Totally right, Keith. I bought a set and totally ruined my induction cook top the first time I used them. They have a thin steel plate on the bottom, but not enough ferrous material to use on an induction top, even though the company promises they work just fine. I’m returning mine, so I’m out the $20 return shipping, and $200 to repair my stove. Lucky it was under an extended warranty. Stay away from this company. They are their products are a sham!

    • If you want the eggs to slide out every time like they do on TV it’s really simple to do, just spray the pan with a silicone lubricant, it’s clear, works with a very thin coating, you can wipe it down and it makes the pan look clean, and it will not smoke at normal cooking temperatures, but I wouldn’t recommend eating any food cooked in the pan the skull and crossbones and the word poison on the bottle of silicone lubricant are telling me it might not be the best for you to eat, but it sure looks great on TV….

      • Hi Lodge I have just found this site after buying Copper Chef yesterday, I got mine from eBay used papal, so if its no good I can send it back and get my money, I am a bit nervous now about using it on my cooktop after seeing all the reviews on how it ruined theirs. I am expecting the saucepan to arrive next Tuesday
        so will give you and update on how it went…..

  172. Use old pan for eggs if you want scrambled use copper chef piece of shit what a joke

  173. I got this as a gift but it was missing the feet to the steamer tray. Called the phone number on the back of the instruction booklet. They took my name and address and said they would be sending me a set and I should have it in 7 to 10 days. Well, 3 weeks later still had not received them so called again and this time was routed to India and was told that it was not their problem. When I asked who’s problem was it I was informed it was the stores. WHAT!!!! So I tried to get in touch with them through another site and I was told how they were very sorry and did nothing but give me the run around once again. They have no intentions of making this right so I’m going on every site I can find to tell everyone not to buy this product or any products from them. They care noting about you as a customer, they care only about getting your money and leaving you hanging if there’s any problem. DON’T BUY THIS OR ANYTHING FROM THEM…….if you do you’ll be sorry.

  174. Returned pan on 12/05 16 almost 2 months ago, and all I got was a run around from there customer service dept. I even emailed the chef who said he would intervene, but has not expedited my replacement to date.

  175. the ‘sting’ of being misled by the CC infomercial’s obvious use of a larger pan than what is ACTUALLY being shipped or sold locally in ‘As Seen on Tv’ departments…i.e., Bed Bath & Beyond, is somewhat lessened by the fact that I live alone so I really don’t need a pan that can render FOUR (crust-less) grilled cheese sandwiches. That said, I think it is sneaky and the apex of dishonesty. I don’t know how Eric Theiss sleeps at night, assuming he knows he’s showing the TV audience a so-called Copper pan that can do more than what they are actually selling. I, like too many others in the past, have been ‘bitten’ by these TV gadget scams, so now if I can’t find the product at BB&B/Target/ or KMART, where I can simply return the item without all the hassle of shipping it back and the nightmare that is involved with that…I simply will do without it.

    For the moment, the pan behaves as expected. But my expectations are limited.

  176. If you want to try this product order it directly from Amazon instead of the company directly. When the product doesn’t perform as described you will receive outstanding service from Amazon instead of dealing with the company directly which I had to do unfortunately.

    The product is cheap and doesn’t meet expectations. Save your money. If you’re still willing to take the risk purchase from a third party that will make your return process easier.

  177. Well now we know that these New Pans are another TV scam they are classic BATE AND SWITCH SELLING from here on i will blame the places that are still offering this junk to their customers KNOWING THEY ARE NOT AS ADVERTISED .. Then they are themselves complicit so please take your junk pan back to where u got them and demand a full refund !! don’t call go to a store and throw it on the floor as u are demanding your refund .

    • Maybe you people are abusing your pans. I have had mine for several moths and haven’t had any problem with them. They clean up easy. I have fried in them. Steamed in them. No problems. I wait until they are cooled off before washing with ild dish detergant and dry them .

      • Patricia Fabian-Chavez | February 11, 2017 at 10:44 pm | Reply

        Me too. Have fried fish, chicken etc and all is OK. I clean it easily too. Can’t complain so far. Also I cooked on an induction hot plate

        • Abuse pans, yep i’ve done that to my cast iron for the last several decades and they are still going stong, I’m still trying to figure out why the copper chef didn’t last a week, so I flattened it with a cast iron pan and melted it down for recycling in a visions pot as seen on TV to prove not all as seen on TV commercials are fake but Copper chef commercials are…

          • Jay kurzendoerfer | May 5, 2017 at 1:00 pm |

            I bought my copper chef pan at Walmart for 23.00 work good one time then everything sticks .These people are big lairs and thieves if u try to call or email them they never answer or will give u the run around! I will go back to using my iron skillet and will be throwing copper chef crap in trash not worth buying at any price

  178. Bought this pan dec.2016
    Everything sticks and the pan coating is coming off
    Scratches all in it supposed to be scratch free
    Very disappointed will never buy another one

  179. The pan does work reasonably well for some recipes. However, it is way overpriced for a thin aluminum pan. To make matters worse, we received a second pan that we did not order. The company took a second payment out of our PayPal account. Several calls to customer service brought apologies and a promise to send a free retrun label. Guess what, no label ever arrived. So, we are stuck with TWO overpriced pans. beware!

  180. The Copper Chef non stick square pan is a big joke! Eggs stick like crazy. Bacon sticks like you wouldn’t believe and you have to soak for hours and use a scotch brite pad scrubbing your brains out to get the stuck food off. Don’t waste your money. They are a big ripoff! Their commercials are so bogus. Worst product I have ever wasted money on.

    • You don’t need to soak them for hours or scrub them with a scotch brite pad, you just need to know how to clean them and it only takes seconds, i use a pressure washer at 3100 PSI delivering 5 gallons a minute, you simply step on the handle with your boot to hold it on the sidewalk and use a 0 deg jet and its clean in no time, it’ll even remove that pesky coating that flakes off in your food …

  181. I purchased a Red Copper Chef square pan (not the 5 in 1 but shallower) w/o a cover. The first couple of times I used it for eggs, the eggs slid right off. Since then things stick and leaves burnt residue which is extremely hard to remove. Needless to say, my review mimics several others. Don’t waste your money!

  182. I was really excited to receive this as Christmas gift. Eggs stuck the second time I used it. It was smaller than looked. It also had rules on on oil I didn’t care for. More than disappointed.

  183. Does someone have a number for their corporate office because they are giving my friend a run around. She talked to several representatives and their story changes – even though they admit the previous conversations have been logged in. One representative told her to return the pot and she will be refunded. When she called, another rep told her they don’t do refunds. She talked to a few ‘supervisors’, and one said she is sending the form for refund to corporate and for her to call corporate. When she asked what is the number for corporate, she was told it’s the same number. She called same number and they said they can’t connect to corporate. Please advise if you have a different number than what is on their website. Thank you.

  184. Cooking with an electric stove on a daily basis my Copper Chef fryer worpped and is no longer sitting level causing an uneven cooking surface and listing toward handle ….after just 2 months of use I no longer use the product……

  185. paul Amato Amato | January 8, 2017 at 4:19 pm | Reply

    I’m really disappointed. I’ve had the copper chef pan for about 6 to 9 months. I bought it because they advertise it is usable with induction. IT IS.
    But that is where all the claims end…for me and my needs. I wanted to cook fried foods, NOT DEEP FRIED. using an induction table top unit.
    Each night I cook hamburger, bacon, and pork sausage as an addition to dog food to cause my dogs to eat and not to look at it and leave. Using the pan for that works well. But,
    I can’t fry an egg because it sticks, and the pot is blackened at the cooking surface. By the way it gets HOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PAN , THE

  186. this is the worst pan ever expensive and its flaking customer service is terrible they claim they never sent out the pan cause they cant find a tracking no the small pan looks like there is weld burns on the bottom .they do not stand behind their product.keep giving different phone numbers and nobody will do anything

  187. People are complaining that the Copper Chef pan is not made out of copper. Silly people. The pan was invented by a chef who used to be a policeman. Hence the name. The Red Copper pan was invented by a Russian policeman……….

  188. Jack CCR Bellis | January 7, 2017 at 2:38 pm | Reply

    I suspect there are multiple different products being referred to in this page.
    After seeing the TV ad (maybe for the third time) for the $75 pan, I bought a $20 version at Boscov’s in suburban Phila. I think the product I bought was in fact “branded” Copper Chef. I notice there are now variant brand names on the shelves. I was not a nincompoop expecting a copper pan for $20. And I cared about only one thing: surface slippery-ness…. and maintaining that quality over time (durability, which comes from hardness); not shipping condition, not bad customer service, not the exterior, not the material, not the weight, not the feel. I expected and got a pan with some sort of new, ceramic coating on the inside that is copper colored. My wife then pointed out out we already had another ceramic interior (but white) pan from perhaps a giveaway at our local supermarket. I am a serious studier of all matters mechanical, material, and scientific. And this pan’s interior surface was so much slippery-er and seemingly harder than all the previous incarnations of Teflon (really just Teflon then Silverstone as far as I know), that after using it twice I bought one for my mother who is a serious cook. I have used it about 10 times now—no that’s not a lot—but the interior is still 100% unscathed. I blackened fish in it. I’ve only used oil for flavor—misting now instead of tablespoons. My mother raved about it, but again it’s early. I’m disappointed the exterior is not the same (ceramic?) coating as the interior, but for $20 I get it. I’ll gladly pay a lot more now if I see one with the ceramic on both sides.

    • Jay kurzendoerfer | May 5, 2017 at 1:08 pm | Reply

      Don’t wast your money unless you like eating that coating every time u cook with it and ruining your induction stove oh I see u work for them never mine go use them haaaa

  189. John W.McAfee | January 7, 2017 at 6:42 am | Reply

    100%pure junk you even tried to scam my credit card for free coupons for a fee of under $8.00 per month that scam was shut down like a hot potato.invested over $300.00 for three x/mas gifts.all three sets of your so called quality products are in the trash.i,ve read about your service to other would be a waste or time with your scam professional non American employees to ask for my investment i think i did the right thing Washigton D.C. seems to have a department of consumer fraud under the federal trade commission that will be looking into your consumer reviews .my complaint file #is79427851 hope they shut you down and mandatory money returned to all the unhappy clients your company has scammed.

  190. Disappointed in my purchase, when I received my pans, I bought the promotional set and got one square lid, had to go to the thrift store to get a 10″glass lid for the round skillet. Waste of money the promotional set of skillets, I use spray butter on mine and Teflon wares to use on the skillets, since I am stuck with them, I have learned by experience to get the most out of them. However, I really like the big square pan and I use it the most and have had no problems with it, the other ones are crap. Someone said the other pans were really small, mine are normal size, but things burn in them really easy you cannot use a really hot stove to cook with them, medium heat or less.

  191. I’ve had my pan for several months and have had NO problems with it. I have the “Copper Chef” NOT the “other” pan that is out there! Listen and read people! It does not say it is a “Copper” pan. Copper is the Color not the material it is made out of.

    • Yes it’s a cheap aluminum pan, inferior to those found for under $10 at most big box stores and dollar type stores.. And most big box stores have a 90 day return period which is exactly 90 days longer then this company offers, and you don’t have to wait on hold for four hours either, to find out they don’t really want it back and if you mail it to them, like they request in order to get a “replacement”, they will claim they didn’t get it… But on a positive note Aluminum is fully recyclable so you can stick it in the blue bin, and buy a real pan…

  192. I’m totally floored at any negative reviews of Copper Chef. I’m an avid cook and got my 4 piece set and extra shallow skillet about 7 months ago and I couldn’t be happier. Not even burnt cheese will stick, and cleanup is a breeze with hot water and wiping out with a paper towel. Yes, you can scratch Copper Chef if you use metal cooking utensils, but I love how I can take It directly from the burner of the stove and pop it right in the oven to finish a dish off, with or without the lid. I’ve made some of my best meals ever in it, and often post pics of them on Facebook, including tonight. I’m truly puzzled at how anyone isn’t 100% happy with their purchase. Mine pans and lid are heavy and substantial. Have only used the steamer plate and fry basket once each, but had great results with those too.

    I just want other consumers to know that there are very happy customers like myself that love their Copper Chef!

    • well people are not happy because they are junk, the coating peels off the food sticks and the customer service is non-existent, And as an “avid cook” and owning a set for seven months and only using two pieces from the set once doesn’t sound that “avid” I have cast iron and revere ware ( Real copper ) and they get used daily, and in the summer months they even get used over the fire pit and BBQ, try that with your pan, and both are older then me and will last long after I’m gone, even with the use of metal utensils and burnt cheese it’ll wipe right out with paper towel, I don’t even stop cookin.. But enjoy you aluminum pan while it lasts and if you need it recycled let me know I’ll melt it in cast iron pan after a cook a steak with a beautiful sear at 500 plus degs, flipped with a stainless steel utensil…

    • About the seven months, just a few posts ago you said you got it for Christmas ? Which is it Seven months or Christmas ( you know it’s only January or do you normally celebrate Christmas in June ? )

    • I am sure you are happy with your skillets, but mine are not heavy and they are super light weight and not worth the money, that I paid for them.

    • Yes so far I love it . It’s everything they said it would be . Meat is so moist ! No stick easy clean . Maybe the other negative commenters are either rough or can’t cook

      • It is perfect nothing sticks wipe clean so easily! If this was aluminum then everything will stick which is NOT the case! No oil when frying anything like eggs!

      • Honestly, I was excited about the dishes he was making on the Infomercial, and I thought if I can make all of those, THAT is what I’ll use the pan for. far so good. Made the Lasagna on the PIC top and it slid right out of the pan and I wiped it clean with a paper towel. If it performs like that…then I’m happy.

    • I bought the deep square copper pan with fry basket and steamer about three months ago. I’ve had No Problem with mine. The handle does not get hot
      When used on the stove..I’ve used it to fry potatoes,
      make eggs, brown meatballs and even grilled cheese sandwiches. I haven’t had any issues at all.
      I love it and now I want to buy the 9 1/2 ” square pan
      as well.

      • Juanita Campbell | February 16, 2017 at 2:04 am | Reply

        What oil or grease did you use to cook fried potatoes. Can you use bacon grease to cook potatoes and or eggs?

    • How much does the Chef pay for positive comments ?

  193. I bought the Copper Chef pan at Walmart. I love it. It states directly in the information not to use oil, or anything but non-metal utensils. We have let it cool down before putting it in ANY temperature water, and it has cleaned up very well.

    • What ever you do, don’t lose that Walmart receipt, you’ll need it to return the pan to Walmart in a few weeks, when you no longer love it …

    • I agree, I sometimes wipe them out with a paper towel and just spray them, that is sufficient. But it does require oil for the popcorn, according to the copper chef recipe on the internet.

  194. I bought the Copper Chef pan at Walmart. I love it. It states directly in the information not to use oil, or anything but non-metal utensils. We have let it cool down before putting it in ANY temperature water, and it has cleaned up very well.

  195. Are there any non-stick good cooking pans that anyone out there DOES recommend? It doesn’t sound like these companies have any!

    • Yep, vintage cast iron, strip in the oven on self clean, wash it and apply a light coating of oil, toss it in the over at 475 for an hour repeat the oiling and oven two or three times and your good to go, and if you damage the coating like leaving it on the camp fire till it’s glowing red, just repeat the process once it’s cool enough to pick up and your cooking non-stick in few hours again.. Check out yard/garage sales you can often get them for a few bucks and they will last a lifetime,and if you use Flax oil you can even run them in the dishwasher, but they do wipe clean with paper towel, even with burnt cheese…

  196. I just got my “copper”pans and while they seem quite flimsy, they certainly live up to the non- stick claims. those of you who claim different must of voted for D. T.. and those of you who are trying to season these non-stick pans must of certainly voted for DT. My biggest problem . is with the flimsy fryer basket, it seems to be missing some pieces. Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for. And this stuff is cheap chinese junk.

  197. The large square pan cooks 5 artichokes at one time ,and without any off-taste. I like the sturdy thick handle better than the handles on any of the much more expensive pans I own. The handle gets hot at the base, on my gas stove, but I don’t handle ANY pot without hot pads anyway. The deep-fry basket and steamer plate are both way too flimsy and useless. The lid on the pot works fine. The fry pan is more shallow than any I’ve ever seen.

    • And I got a large cast iron 17 inch and over two burners I cooked 5 T-Bones at one time with no off taste and a beautiful sear to boot, and yes my handles get hot as well, that’s why you buy the silicone handle covers..

  198. Thomas Donahue | December 31, 2016 at 1:57 am | Reply

    This is the worst company I have ever dealt with! In early Dec, I ordered the deluxe pans and on Dec 12th everything arrived dented, scratched and used looking. Called customer service& was promised replacements would be sent right away as these were to be Xmas Gifts for relatives. Returned broken items on Dec 14th to Copper Chef’s Merchandise Return Unit. Nothing arrived before Xmas & figured it was due to heavy Holiday mail. Called again Dec 29th & Customer service Rep told me the previous lady had lied to me, they did not show having the items back even though they were post marked as returned 15 days prior and they never send replacements until they have the damaged products in hand. Then was placed on hold for 27 minutes listening to the same recording telling me an agent will be right with me and to press “2” to continue to hold. Tried even writing their “Chat” located on their site but gave up after no one replying. I still have NOTHING, they have my money & 15 days ago I already returned their broken pieces of crap cookware. If their merchandise won’t survive mailing, how will it survive daily use in a Kitchen? DO NOT BUY THIS JUNKY TV PRODUCT. You will only be disappointed & have hours of aggravation dealing with their non performing customer service agents. You’ve been warned!

    • Just call your credit card company and challenge the charges, even if they lie and say it was delivered just challenge them a second time they will lose and you’ll get refunded..

  199. Paid over 200 dollars for two peices of copper chef. The sauspan is not so bad but could be dangerouse with its style of handle. The fry pan is useless and after only one month of use has now been put in the trash can.on complaing by phone got no satisfaction at all. The a.c.c.c.should look into this product.a completely useless product.

    • Don’t believe the hype just buy a cheap american made cast iron pan and your kids kids will be able to cook in it, you can even buy a used one from a garage sale for a few bucks, knowing that it’ll last a lifetime… Really expensive cookware isn’t any better then cheap cast iron, and won’t last longer then lowly cast iron once you learn to care for it and cook in it and see that even some finer restaurants will serve food at the table on black cast iron…… But I’ll give you the warning the handles get hot…

    • I have several pieces of Copper Chef that I use daily and absolutely love!! The 4 piece set with utensils was only $75, and then I bought an extra shallow skillet for $19. If you paid $200, it sounds like you really got ripped off.

      • So why in your post further up the page you said this ” Have only used the steamer plate and fry basket once each” and you have owned it “seven months” Daily or once which is it ? ( I’m going with once is the truth ) but thanks for the “honest” review. And regardless of what either of you paid, you both got ripped off..

  200. This pan sure doesn’t pop popcorn it burns . Think would be better to buy regular pan. this is another QVC scam

    • Knowing what you mean about QVC, I’d only add that this wasn’t THEIR scam but just another they are all too happy to take part in.

  201. Learn how to cook you wouldn’t have to worry about things sticking in it

    • This is the best suggestion on this site so far, Yes attend a cooking class and learn to cook, the first thing you’ll learn is they don’t use these pans even before you cook any thing, they have Cast Iron, copper clad stainless steel, straight stainless, carbon steel, and PTFE ( Teflon ) coated aluminum pans. I have yet to see Gordon Ramsey use one, or any of the other big name chefs, and if you already know how to cook, just take a peak inside a commercial kitchen and see what they use, it won’t be this pan…

    • I’ve seen some bad reviews on this product but I have found a problem with cleaning it, If you use any sort of cleaning product then it will basically destroy the non stick coating and render the pan useless, If you use hot water and some kitchen towel then this pan will last you ages. I’ve had mine for about 3 weeks now and used it many times, cleaned it with hot water and its as if I have never used it, clean it properly for best results.

      • 3 weeks, and it’s still good, I have cast iron older then me and it’s still good, I have copper clad stainless revere ware twice my age and it’s still good, I also use them daily and you can clean them like most other people do with soap and water, and I even throw them in the dish washer, seriously you don’t use soap, I hope you preheat the pan to kill what ever is festering on them before cooking in them…. just give your pan it a few more weeks and you’ll find out it won’t last for ages, you’ll be lucky if it lasts a few more weeks….

  202. I DISAGREE!!! I ordered the set of the larger square pan. I have had it now for 3 or 4 months, and it’s fantastic! I ordered 2 smaller fry pans and a smaller square pan too, and that one also came with a lid. I have thrown EVERYTHING ELSE OUT!

    Don’t know why the company doesn’t advertise the smaller square one. It’s GREAT. I LOVE these. They work JUST the way they say. NON STICK NON STICK NON STICK. I have used them over and over, and they are still non- stick. I think these reviews are trying to sway people into not buying them for some reason, but I’m VERY happy with them, for sure.

    • Really they have small pans, I bet I can cook those in Visions glass pan, let me know when you need your’s recycled next month, once the coating peals off and every thing sticks, and you get tired of the bits of stuff in your food…

      • Lodge I agree…Ours had a scratch in the first three days! With in a few more days, there was a burn mark on the pan and NOW the pan just burns anything that touches it! My sister had the GREEN pan…Which seemed to work a lot better. But this copper one is a true joke! It comes down to $20 wasted! Obviously the person that wrote the review up above, works for he company and had to put in a SUPER WONDERFUL review as part of their job requirement. The copper pan is pure garbage! We had ours for less than 2 months!!

    • Georgette Hahns | March 2, 2017 at 9:23 pm | Reply

      I agree! I love my pans. Got the xl as a gift and bought the large because my gift was the only pan I found myself using. Love this cookware. Have had mine for 4 months, use it daily and have fried foods, sauteed foods and baked foods in it.

  203. Its to bad Vivian in her video kept using God”s name in vain every 6 words………..OMG= belittles this Holy God into an everyday curse word,,,people who use these words today prove they have no Relationship with their Blessed Creator……..

  204. I’m not at all sure of how people could claim to have had any bad experiences with these pans. We have a set and absolutely love them. nothing sticks. They cook evenly and clean without effort.

    • I cooked an aluminum copper pan in my cast iron, and nothing sticked either. let me know when you need your’s recycled next month..

    • Try making pancakes and getting them brown… The pan turns brown and the only way I could get the brown out of the pan was a type of sos pad… Now everything sticks…Also some of the sprayed on copper is flaking off at the rim… I don’t want that stuff in my food…. I just have the 12 in skillet and I liked it so much that my son got me the big set for Christmas… I am thinking of returning it, but from the sound of others trying to return them I don’t know if I want to go through the hassle. Someone is making a killing off of this and promising a refund if not happy which they will not honor.

      • Someone is making a killing off of this, and what is in the stuff flaking off in your food ,something to think about, if I was you I’d return and if they don’t take it back I’d recycle it in the blue bin were they belong..

  205. I ordered a pan/ cook top package on October 10 oand now it is December 16 and still nothing. WTF? Where is it comings from Mars?

    • We’ll see. Just ordered, now wondering.

    • They are waiting for the next shipment of old aluminium pans to arrive at the local thrift shop and it takes a few days for the copper tremclad to dry …

      • I agree wonder how much some of these people get for the fake reviews>

        • Dan that is exactly what I was thinking. IF they were to do a mediocre review it may be somewhat believable! After seeing how quickly ours screwed up, I now realize that the WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC, and the I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THEM posts are just as bogus as the pans!

          • They make a few cents per character, and facts aren’t important, its all hype and lies, you’ll see reviews about how aluminum pans work perfectly on induction stoves yet induction stoves don’t heat aluminium, so either they had cold uncooked food or they are not telling the truth… And to the paid posters if you don’t believe me just google :> do induction stoves heat aluminium pans

    • I ordered mine from Copper Chef once online and a set for my Mother in Law from QVC this Christmas, and received both shipments within a week or so. Best thing was that with QVC, you get $5 off your first order + shipping is free.

  206. The complaint that was mentioned in November was solved.

  207. I’ve ordered all of the Copper Chef pans and accessories, and have been absolutely thrilled with them. I’m not particularly sure what people are expecting to receive, but I believe they are exactly as advertised. If you’re expecting Calphalon for the price of the Copper Chef pans, of course you will be disappointed. I suggest you return them and don’t buy again.

    • If you’re expecting Calphalon for the price of the Copper Chef pans, of course you will be disappointed, But most are disappointed because they are expecting something comparable to the house brand cheap pans normally under $10 found at big box stores / dollar stores, and they don’t even get that…

      • No, I was not expecting anything but what the ad said… The price does not bother me if it does what they say it will… It was doing that on eggs and warming things up but when I started to fry pancakes it turned brown and you could not wipe it out, no matter what. I even re-oiled and reheated it like the instructions tell you to do at the beginning…

  208. Susanna Rafferty | December 10, 2016 at 9:49 am | Reply

    Thank you so much for the reviews I have just read on Copper chef.
    I was about to purchase one after watching the Tv advert.
    What a great idea this is sharing your views on a product for others to read.
    I have just saved myself a few quid. Thanks.

    • WRONG. Don’t know why people have said they don’t work. They are fantastic, and I have had mine for months. Also, ordered a few others from the company they don’t advertise.

    • Ya, Sher has had it for months, how could you go wrong,with months, now my Cast Iron by both Lodge and Wagner are about 50 to 60 years old and my Reverware stainless is from 1945 and none of them cost more then $10 used, and they all cook and look like new, but don’t take my word for copper chefs overly apparent lack of quality and blow $70 and be happy for “months” with a Copper chef pan, if you get like two months it’s only just over a buck a day. Sher is that “months” two months, or three months ?

  209. For those that want a bigger pan they now have the 11″ square pan.

    • Save your money, order an 11 inch pizza instead, because with an 11 inch pizza you should get more then one meal out of it…

  210. Hi John, Could you please tell me how you seasoned your pan and for how long? Did you place it in the oven or top burner?
    I bought the pan from QVC and am waiting on it at the moment.

    Greatly appreciate your reply,

  211. My only response is to Tilda. I returned this to Amazon. Order number is clearly on the page and I could even print out a copy for my records.

  212. Did anyone take the time to first apply a light coat of vegetable oil to the inside of the pan and put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 300 degrees before first use, as indicated in the “before first use” instructions? That does help….so far.

  213. Sherry Edwards | December 4, 2016 at 3:17 am | Reply

    I bought a set of Black & Decker copper pans and they are awesome. Have had them for about a month now & have cooked hamburgers, fried chicken, bacon, eggs & nothing is sticking. I don’t have to use any oil (instructions with set said to not use cooking sprays which I don’t). I bought the square pan advertised on TV & have used it to make a small turkey breast in the oven and as a deep fryer for french fries, have had no issues with it either. Love the copper pans

  214. Thank you very much for your effort to show the pan in real life. Not many can say, they have not been disappointed in the past using or just handling the product the first time it arrives after the hype of infomercial expectation. I sit down to order all of us a set for xmas 5 set in total. Knowing what I know… I MUST READ THE REAL LIFE REVIEWs before making the leap. Thank you again for taking the time to produce this review page. Also a thank you to all the posters for sharing their information, gifting their time to help others. You saved me from gullible, wishful thinking and making a foolish choice of ordering.
    People have nothing to gain by dissing something that actually works as promised.

    • Sorry to hear about your pans, but they’re certainly not like mine. I have two round pans, a square a pan and a deep pan that I bought over a year ago and have never had one problem. All still “non-stick” and cleaning as easy as ever. Best pans I’ve ever had!

  215. They say its nonstick but everything sticks its hard to clean and not to mention that my family got sick using these crappy pans. My guess is from where the paint was scratched off. You call to get your money back and they said no refunds but said they would replace them. I told them no cause it made me sick.

  216. Dianne Maroney | November 28, 2016 at 9:15 pm | Reply

    Well here I am writing a review for a product I thought was going to be great and healthy.
    After having a heart attack and a stent placed in my LAD (widow maker), at a relatively young age, I was told to follow a healthy diet avoiding fats and frying.
    Enter these new pots that do not require and fat for cooking and they are copper.
    At first pots worked as advertised. I was pleased with the non stick surface. A few weeks later I noticed the fry pan was pitting. There were these little black holes popping up on the bottom of the pan. Next thing, food stuck to the surface and this dark brown surface appears. Then the next pan started pitting. The pots are now unusable. Contacted customer service in India and was told I had to pay for return of the pots and then pay for new pots to be sent! I spoke to three representatives and was told I had to pay and that was it. The were rude and condescending!
    I am now wondering where the surface of these pots went. Unfortunately I have ingested some sort of coating from these pans.
    I need to find out what kind of chemical was on these pans. Moreover, I also bought a set of these for my daughter, son-in law and my two small grandsons!!
    There is definitely going to be a lawsuit!

    • they are not copper just some more ? coatings on Aluminum

    • Just buy a Cast Iron pan, Iron is good for you, season it with flax or Canola oil and nothing sticks, and you don’t need to add oil to cook once it’s seasoned, and actually cooking in an unlined real copper pan is not good for you unless your making jam or candy, real copper pans have to be lined with tin, or stainless for cooking anything else..

  217. I received the copper cookware and am totally pleased. I can hardly lift my favorite cast iron pan but now with this pan I can put that away. From stove top to oven and dishwasher. Going to buy one for all my kids for Christmas.

    • I hope your going to buy them new ones for Easter, Summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas next year and the year after because they will need them to replace all the failing old ones, ( Don’t worry about yourself, you have a cast iron pan you’ll need that in a few weeks, and on the plus side you can flatten them with your cast iron pan so they don’t fill up your recycling bag as fast )

  218. Helpful ideas , Just to add my thoughts , if your company needs to fill out a NC UNC Health Care HD 555 , my business filled out a sample form here

  219. This is all so disturbing. In 1979-1980 my husband and I bought Copper Chef pots and pans at Bloomingdales in Stamford, CT. They were a lifetime investment. Heavy duty, heavy copper on the outside, aluminum interior to assure even heat distribution, and stainless steel interior. Perfection! It is now 37 yrs later, and when I got my divorce last year, those pots were MINE. What the heck are they selling under the name of “Copper Chef”?

  220. I wish that, if he is going to record a review, that he turns off his TV first. Very distracting and unprofessional.

  221. Rhondda Taylor | November 13, 2016 at 4:31 am | Reply

    My first pan I had to return itsome non stick was flaking away. I gave this product a second chance only to discover that the lid would not fit properly. Time to try the competition.

  222. I can’t for the life of me understand these negative reviews. My sisters and I all just got a set and we can’t believe how amazing they are. It’s important that you read the instructions on how to season and use them first. The food tastes amazing,nothing(including eggs) stick,less steam when cooking which is nice in a small apartment and no grease. Everything cleans amazing! One of the best items we have purchased!!!

  223. I got the 10″ skillet a couple of months ago, and i was telling everyone how great it was. No stick, eggs slid out like they showed on t.v. and it was great. Then tonight my son had accidentally burned some chicken strips in it, so washed it out and put more in…. then upon heating it up again on med/high heat he noticed the entire bottom of the skillet turned brown! so he thought it was something on it, and wiped around on it and the COATING just came off !! It’s only a “copper” (if it is even that) coating, and somehow heating it up this time made it come off. Luckily I got mine at Walmart and plan to take it back and get my money back. NOT going to repurchase, as my opinion is that it’s a health risk!! He had to throw all the chicken away, as the flaking off coating got into it all. Ridiculous! 🙁

  224. Whoa I almost fell for it, I went to there website look at the names of comments there made up,I knew no way this had any copper, I’ve been cooking with real copper pots for many yrs they get very hot,an must be cleaned properly thank you I don’t need any headaches with customer service,and peeling paint in my food I’ll bet it’s made in China!

  225. I am surprised by the number of negative comments. I also was intrigued by the infomercial and found a set at my local Walmart. I have had it for a month and have used it numerous times, both in the oven and on a burner already with excellent results. Last night I used the Copper Chef 9 1/2 inch deep pan to make baked apples with brown sugar, butter and chocolate chips. They came out great and clean up (burnt butter, sugar and chips) was a snap! Use proper utensils and take care of your product and it should work for you too.

  226. This product is a piece of junk. I seasoned it and used it once following all the directions. Now eggs and every thing sticks to it and it has to be scraped off. I don’t care that a truck can run over it, if it cannot even cook an egg. Where do I get my money back? Buyer Beware!

    • I’ve had this 8 weeks, 80% of the items I cook stick..cheese omelets, ham, BBQ, sausages.60.00 and its going to goodwill.

  227. Dorothy goldstein | October 14, 2016 at 5:01 pm | Reply

    So happy to have read these reviews, as now I’m not going to buy one. Thank you all for taking the time to write these, but very sorry that you all had such a bad experience.

  228. I’m surprised at the negative reviews the copper chef pan is receiving in this thread. I have 2 of the deep square pas and have used them almost daily for over a year without any problem with either one of them sticking to this day, and clean up never takes more then a minute. Aside from my cast iron pan the copper chef pans are my favorite pans in the kitchen, they have no negative affect on the flavor of the the food that I’ve been cooking for the last 40 years. They’re not many kitchen products out there today that meet with my approval, most are over rated but my copper pans have my complete approval. Sorry to see so many of you are disappointed, I guess I don’t understand where the difference is between mine and yours. I will purchase another one for my daughter for her birthday.

    • Did you season your pan before you used it for the first time?

    • Fredrick Meredith | November 19, 2016 at 5:08 am | Reply

      I haven’t bought these yet, and after scanning this thread I’m not sure I’m going to invest in them. I suspect they are working for you well because you know how to use them and have properly seasoned them, although the way they advertise them I would think they would not require any seasoning process. That seems like it would be akin to them not being dishwasher safe!

      • Just buy a Lodge Cast Iron skillet, not only can use use the Lodge pan to flatten this junk aluminum pan for recycling, you can cook a killer steak with out much effort …

  229. Fell for the commercial. Worked the first day on eggs slipping around but after a few uses and getting use to the thinness for correct temperatures everything now sticks and clean up is a chore. Cheap non-stick purchase would be better. Throwing it away! Do not buy this product!

  230. I bought the square pan. The first 3-4 times it worked flawlessly. I thought to myself, “wow, a product that works as advertised, awesome!” Then things started to stick. It wasn’t drastic at first, but very quickly turned into a nightmare! I’ve never used soap on this pan, never used oil, never used metal products. In fact the way I cleaned them was to boil water in them for 10-min. and wipe them out with a soft cloth. This is the absolute worst sticking pan I’ve ever owned, total and absolute junk! You’d be 1000x better to buy the Rachael Ray non-stick set from Wal-Mart. At least then you can deal with C/S in America if something goes wrong. Do Not Fall for This Scam! Total crap product!!!

  231. Good pan for about a month now everything stick complete high priced ripoff.

  232. Esther R Scott | October 3, 2016 at 2:36 am | Reply

    I just got a ‘chat’ from their customer service and they said that it is a copper colored aluminum pan. Not good. Getting my money back.

    • Theresa Epifanio | October 18, 2016 at 6:49 pm | Reply

      Anyone looking to get your money back, GOOD LUCK! The first set I received was damaged so I decided i didn’t want them and ask for a credit. I followed all instructions properly and in about 3 weeks, I got another set of Copper Chef!After going through this process 3 times, today, I received my 4th set of Copper Chef!!! To top things off, I am on disability and don’t have the strength of lifting and returning these over and over again. Plus the nightmare of dealing with Customer Service raises my blood pressure. And, i also ordered an additional set as a gift so they are good $295 of my money. I’m researching what to do next. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BUYING ANYTHING FROM COPPER CHEF!!!!

  233. Esther R Scott | October 3, 2016 at 2:36 am | Reply

    Customer service just told me that they are “copper colored” aluminum pans.

  234. Maybe Craig should have read the instructions before he cook with them. You need to run a very light coating of vegetable oil on them and then bake them for a period of time and heat that escapes me at the moment. Never, NEVER, had eggs stick.

  235. I was very disappointed with the size of the skillet, while watching the program, that skillet that you displayed was large enough to cook a meal. I think you all should be charged with false advertisement. I haven’t used my skillet yet, I hope it preforms better than what the size of it is, I have already discouraged two other people to not order if they were thinking they could cook a big meal.

  236. I totally agree with everyone – the fake reviews and the products are not as claimed to be. Now, I got more junk in my kitchen cabinet (so much of replacing all my pots and pans). Outside coating already peel the first month I got them. Non-stick? for the first few times I used it. Imagine, you can’t even cook an egg (with oil) without sticking? Anyways, I called to return the product, the rep said, they’ll give me 1) $15 credit, 2) Replacement with return label, 3) Life-time warranty in replacement and return label to ship back. I accepted, because the “life-time warranty of replace and return label” sounds too good. Then month passed by, no new pans… now, I just called, they said I need to ship back the old ones at my own expense, and for “life time warranty”, you’ll have to pay the cost of shipping back, and pay $14.99 to the company. At this point, I insist of returning the shipment (outside of 60-days MBG) and pay my own shipping cost. I make sure to mentioned that my brother is a “class action” attorney, and this is a perfect ground for a class action lawsuit! Then, they allow me to return it. My advice is, insist of returning them if you need to with the grounds of Misrepresentation. BUT the best advice is NOT to buy this product. 🙁

    • Next time buy a single pan from Walgreens and if it doesn’t work out you’re not stuck with a set you don’t want and you’re out of far less money.

    • I had the same problem egg stuck using oil and now can’t even get the pan clean! These pans are JUNK!

  237. I received my Copper Chef set Tuesday, I washed it and used it for dinner that night. I agree, it is a lot smaller than what they show on the TV infomercial. I looked through the enclosed free cookbook. What I did notice on most recipes, is you don’t drain any of the meat grease. Yuck, isn’t that un-healthy. I drained the grease from mine, before I added the rest of the ingredients. Also, after cleaning the pan after dinner, I noticed scratch marks on the bottom of the pan, which are probably because I have a gas stove. So apparently you should not move the pan while on the gas stove grates, IT DOES scratch it up. So now, am I faced with a pan that will start flaking on the under side, because it has scratched off the copper surface. If so, I am not a very happy camper for that kind of money. Another thing, I too noticed the concave design when I used it for breakfast this morning to cook bacon, all the bacon grease went out to the sides, leaving nothing in the middle to cook the bacon, in which the bacon pieces in the center didn’t cook like the outer ones. My family likes crispy bacon. So I had to keep moving the oil around to fry all the bacon evenly. Not happy, I bought this pan thinking I could fry without using some oil, letting meat or whatever you are cooking fry even but it doesn’t. Also, I liked the idea of the fry basket, but if it is going to scratch the pan, I am afraid to use it now. I think they should have come up with silicone feet for the fry basket and th steamer basket. Otherwise they are useless in this pan.

    • I always cook bacon in the microwave, very fast and no cleaning. Put bacon between 2 layers of paper towels. Microwave for 4 strips crispy is 4 minutes but it also depends on your microwave so try with 3mins first and you can add more time.

  238. Paige Clendenin | September 26, 2016 at 9:30 pm | Reply

    Don’t buy them! I bought a set for me & one for gift… AWFUL pan! Called today to return both sets & agent was so pushy with me keeping them & basically I didn’t know how to cook an egg! What really gets me is, if you have a very unhappy customer wouldn’t you knock yourself out to make it better??? He made it worse & I have to pay SHIPPING BACK which irritates me beyond control! Now I have to spend more time boxing, waiting for ‘the return paperwork’ so I can haul them somewhere to be returned! I ‘supposedly ‘ get my refund of which I never got out of his mouth how much total once their warehouse gets & checks them in…who knows how long that could take! This company has scam written everywhere!! Just don’t fall for their false advertising….don’t buy!!

  239. Satish Shrestha | September 26, 2016 at 7:19 pm | Reply

    I got a copper chef pan in May 2016 I though was a ultimate product as watching tv commercial it came out to be wrong. it start to stick after a month of use. when i try to cook omelette it turn out to be scramble because of sticking. I let it go for a couple of months it start to be more worst so call cooper chef and ask to exchange the product they said do not worry you have lifetime warranty, I said fine so i send the product back hoping to get a new replacement but never got it instead of product i got a email that we process for full refund which will take 5 to 7 business days fine so i waited never seen the money nor a product. I did call several time answer was wait it does take 5 days to 20 days to see the refund in my account which never happen and even asked to give me the transaction conformation number, no one could provide me so i felt this is a scam big time. So i want everybody know be aware with this company and the product. product does not work at all as seen on tv. it just work for a week after that forget it.

  240. I don’t why some people say they don’t work with an induction cooktop because they do. That being said that’s about the only good thing I have to say about it. The rim of the lid of the one I received had a severe crimp in it & I contacted the company about a replacement & have yet to receive a reply. The pan was smaller than expected. I was making chicken fried steak & had to cook it one piece at a time.

    • Aluminum pans work on induction, What model stove do you own ? ( hint Google can’t find one, so you might want to try Bing or webcrawler )

  241. Everytime I see an informercial and its something Im interested in, I always have to google it to see how true it is and if the items really work. Well after reading all the reviews on here about the copper square pan, I have decided to stay away and not order it. I am truly thankful for the reviews as I cant afford to waste my money as I live paycheck to paycheck. Thank you all so much for your reviews.

    • I’m with you. I tried to order but it wouldn’t take my credit card. There was a place on the order to put a promo number which I did not have so I looked online to find one. Instead I found these reviews. Thank you all for being honest. I will not be ordering these pans.

  242. I have the red copper skilled and the whole set of copper pans. I love all of them. After a few uses, things do start to stick, so I just re-season them and they are good to go for another month or so. I also put mine in the dishwasher and have had no problem. I use mine every single morning and love it.

  243. not happy with this frying pan. The eggs are sticking to the pan now. I made chicken parmesan and the parmesan stuck to the pan so bad, I had to soak it in hot water before it came clean. I have tried the green pan, the blue pan and now the copper pan. They advertise them to be such super pans, which is far from the truth.
    Anything with sugar in it will burn stick to the pan, and you just don’t wipe it out like you see on TV. Around the top edge the copper is wearing off. I have had enough, it’s a waste of money.

  244. Wow, I’m really surprised with the negative comments about the Copper Chef pans. I absolutely love mine. Are you sure it’s the correct one that you tested? Cleans beautifully in the dishwasher or by hand. I have the pot and frypan and those are pretty much the only ones I use. Don’t want to part with either of them! !

  245. My husband surprised me with the Copper Chef. For the cost of the set, I should. Had received a substantial cookbook with many recipes not just a handful. As I watched the commercial, I was planning to review what customers have stated n rated, and quite frankly was not going to purchase! As a diabetic I need to prepare low carb dinners. Obviously, Eric does not.
    Will do the best I can with it because my husband gave me the gift.

  246. Copper Chef cannot keep up with the demands. They will charge your cc but will not ship for about a month.

    • Not true I received my copper chef ahead of schedule and I ordered a second one for my mother and we both love it. I’m getting ready to order 2 more one for my daughter and my sister in law.

      • I ordered 4, one for me and one for each of my college aged grandchildren. I love mine. After a month’s worth of usage every morning, I do have to re-season it and then it works just fine. I put it in the dishwasher, too.

  247. i haven’t tried the pans yet, i would never buy anything associated with that red headed mouthy lying bitch. i bought a product she was hawking several years ago and the product came in just like it was supposed to, then i get several overdraft notices from my bank, on top of the product i bought they enrolled me in a receipt club of hers for 90.00 a month, and all it amounted to was a bunch of stupid receipts printed on flimsy cards. took me several calls and lots of threats to cancel it, on top of that i had charges on my bank account for returned checks and overdrafts, some of us live from pay day to pay day and i didn’t have 90.00 bucks to waste. she reminds me of the old snake oil salesmen you see in the movies.

    • I don’t blame you I would never order from her. I don’t trust her. I went to the website copper chef and you see a guy wavy hair and the pan is not red thru the outside.

  248. As a chef myself I would never use copper in pretty much 95% of what I do. Copper no matter what you do to it this metal has bad qualities for cooking. Acidic foods and sauces with fray and distort the flavors of any dish into a metallic disappointed dish cooked for the family. Non stick should never go in the oven, if you are looking for this kind of sear and bake method I would highly recommend using a well seasoned cast iron pan for this method. Cooks are not even you can see it in the commercial as I have in real life with home cooking. (No longer have pans.) Brown and uneven spots as the induction and spread of heat is not even with the pan.

  249. I received my pans yesterday. Washed them in warm soapy water until they squeeked. I cooked skinless chicken breasts in one pan and dirty rice in another. No sticking at all and I didn’t use any oils. The chicken breasts had a great golden color.

    I started with the heat setting at about 8 oclock – 3/4ths of the way to the mid setting. the pan heats up slowly so I inched up to midway to get things going and then back to the 8 oclock position. I never set my electric stove top over mid way. The handles didnt get hot at these settings.

    I cooked the chicken about 3/4 done on top of the stove and then just placed them in the oven (not turned on) and the residual heat finished them off.

    Cleaned up as advertised – again I followed the directions. I got the utensils too and they are OK for the heat involved.

    I know many cooking sites have advise on when NOT to use copper with certain foods and I plan on giving that a look.


  250. I bought these hoping to have a non stick option for my induction cooktop. When I tried to use it the cooktop shut off, indicating an unsuitable pan. I guess I’ll just give it to a thrift shop. What an expensive failure.

    • I looked into an induction range and saw induction pots and pans are expensive.

      You couldn’t possibly thought thought these pans were induction compatible at THIS price did you?

      Again – if they advertised them as induction compatible this would be the best deal ever!

      • Cast Iron is cheap and works great on induction, gas, electric, open fire, BBQ, even molten lava, try that with your aluminum pot, I could melt your pot in my cast iron, and still cook in it after.

  251. I bought my pan at Kitchen Collection at the mall. Just went back today and purchase 2 more. I use my pan alot and they work perfectly. My husband likes the way the food tastes. No greasy taste and after the pan gets warm, nothing sticks. Very easy to use, no burning (I seem to burn everything but not in this pan) and easy to clean.

  252. This pan melts cups into a nonstick goop
    But you can’t season the pans?

  253. OK, was just telling a family member how unsafe Teflon/nonstick products were…she says, what about copper? Stating that she just spent over $80 dollars on a couple of pans…I was thinking of the metal copper and said, “Oh…copper should be fine.” Then I did a little research and for the life of me, How could the good old American system allow a person/company to name, market and sell something as copper…and the product be totally COPPER FREE?
    Anywho…I see on the package what it doesn’t have in it (no PTFE and PFOA free) But my main concern is if it isn’t copper, what is the nonstick coating? My few searches brought me here, but even on the main copper cookware website…they don’t mention what material (chemicals) they are using to coat the product with. CITIZENS BEWARE! Sounds to me like some company fabricated a new toxic chemical that hasn’t been officially labeled “Toxic To Human Health”…yet! I have this strange feeling that after 10 million units are sold…the FDA or the EPA will make a statement saying, “Add Copper-Cookware” to the list of toxic products (that we simple minded Americans can’t wait to buy and use.) remember, If it acts like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck
    …there’s a 99.9% chance that its crap smells just like duck crap…something smells with this nonstick product. Use at your own risk!

  254. I just want to say thank you so much for all of your reviews. I was about to order this product’s 12 piece set!!!…it was just by dumb luck that I came across this page, I was sitting here with my credit card beside me ready to go when I read these reviews, thank you again….I will NOT be ordering this product!….cheers.

    • Your wise to not order this pan Mine was fine even good at first. But now everything sticks and I can’t get them clean. I have scratch marks that are palpable. So I assume what’s under will be getting in our food. I also had terrible service. They said they needed to email me the instructions to return the item. I explained I didn’t have WIFI and requested it be sent. She said she couldn’t and conceded it would take Atleast 4 weeks to get Well after 5 weeks I still have not received anything from Copper Chef except the monthly deduction from my bank. Definitely not worth these hassle st!!

  255. I have had this pan for about 2 mo this now and use it everyday. I have read a lot of these reviews and can’t understand why anyone would try to season a nonstick pan. The whole reason to season a pan is to create a nonstick surface. A nonstick pan already has that. The pan won’t scratch if you don’t use metal on it. Also some one said they burnt their hand on the handle when the pan was in the oven..HELLO!!!! Any thing from the oven is hot. Use pot holders. I have made chicken pot pie, lasagna, pork chops, fish and other dinners and have never had a problem with it. I use no oil and no metal. Nothing ever sticks or scratches.

  256. I was very interested in buying both of them… but now I am not surprise, that what we see in TV as add it’s not what appears to be true, I got many things in different stores and guess what , they don’t work like their claim, it’s only for the companies to make money from us the shoppers.

    Why don’t we send a message to the chef, who proclaims to be the best pan ever, I respect chefs like him making a TV food show, but getting himself into this ? Of course he is making money too.

    What looks good on TV it’s not good at home, save time and money as you maybe get some one from who knows where and dealing with the language it’s worts too. Customer satisfied , if you saw it Tv and you are impressed get it, keep your receipt and return it asap if you dislike the product.

  257. Sheilah Nelson | August 22, 2016 at 9:37 pm | Reply

    We use the pan everyday. I don’t know why yall say it’s not dishwasher safe because it is. U can use virgin olive oil and what is this about having to season it. I think some people must be making things up. I love this pan. Have had not one bit of trouble with it. I think the people r a scam not the pan. Someone is trying really hard to make this pan look bad.

  258. Sheilah Nelson | August 22, 2016 at 9:32 pm | Reply

    I don’t know why u people r saying this bad stuff about copper chef pans. I have 2 and love them. As for seasonING it I have no ideal what u r talking about. Also u CAN put it in the dishwasher. We use this pan everyday and have never had a bit of trouble out of it. I think u people r the scam. Thank u and have a nice day.

  259. Copper ,cast iron,stainless steel, who friggen cares ..the meth cooks the same in any pan…the real test is when you smoke it !

  260. My first thought when I came across the commercial for this pan on TV, was that it was a commercial for foods that should NOT be eaten. I couldn’t get past the horrible processed meals he was preparing and, therefore, didn’t really pay much attention to the pan itself! I’m guessing that the reason the food he was preparing was not sticking to the pan was because it was all full of hydrogenated oils and processed fats to begin with which is why he did not have to add any oils or anything to the pan. I actually have no interest in the pan because I absolutely love my stainless steel and cast iron pans. I just wanted to offer some insight to those of you who are having trouble with items sticking to your pan!

  261. Best pan I’ve ever purchased! I’m not sure what these other reviewers experienced, but I’ve made salmon, chicken, no oil popcorn, fried homemade potatoes, etc., and NOTHING has stuck to the pan nor has the pan shown any signs of wear.

    I would highly recommend this pan.

  262. you are dead beats. I got orders i didn’t even order and now I am having to pay shipping for them I am not a happy camper. I do what I say but I cant say that for your company. I didn’t get what they told me and I got stuff I didn’t order an I think I should I not have to pay shipping for that would you look into that please.

  263. frances daley | August 14, 2016 at 4:21 pm | Reply

    Have used the pan and love it. Coating is still on heats like a dream and don’t use oil or very little

  264. Dianne Behringer | August 13, 2016 at 6:39 pm | Reply

    I did as the instructions said and seasoned the pan before using it. So far the only complaint I have with the fry pan is the handle got so hot while it was in the oven seasoning that i had burnt my hand! the handle needs something that doesn’t get hot. kit was non stick as advertised. I also found it awkward when it had an item in it frying.

    • Kimberly D Gramling | August 28, 2016 at 1:49 am | Reply

      What instructions were you reading? You DO NOT season these pans, you RINSE THEM IN HOT WATER AND DRY THEM BEFORE USE. And

    • The instructions say to RINSE WITH HOT, SOAPY WATER AND DRY IMMEDIATELY. Where did you get the idea that nonstick pans needed to be seasoned? You only do that with cast iron! And to reach into a hot oven to remove anything without oven mitts is USER ERROR, not a defect in the product. Wow.

  265. Well I have had my Copper Chef set since April. I use it everyday. This is NOT a fake review. This is true and real. I have never had any problems with it. I cook eggs in mine about 5 days a week and they Never stick. And I am not sure how big the Lamb Chops are that the one person was cooking but I can fit 4 Lamb Chops in mine at one time. Nothing sticks, burns and the clean up is still quick and easy. I bought a set for my sister and she loves it. If you do not allow your skillet or pan to heat up properly the food will stick. They tell you that in the commercial. All of my meals are cooked in my Copper Chef.

  266. Tony Franzese | August 9, 2016 at 10:24 am | Reply

    All the ceramic copper cookware pans I had are in the boneyard, used them less + less as they deteriorated. Will “stick” to tried + true stainess. Besides, olive oil IS healthy. Have also learned NOT to believe any TV infomercial anymore.

  267. tyvm!


  269. I love my copper chef pans! I have never had anything i make stick to pan. Its unbelievable. I always hand wash my pans using a non abrasive cloth and never use metal spoons in pans. I only use my copper pans now.

  270. I think some of these folks are trying too hard to find something wrong with this product. Or they bought knock offs. I almost cancelled my order based on the negative reviews but decided against it, and glad I did. Performs wonderfully. No sticking, heats evenly. Okay I didn’t take a blowtorch to it, or try to cook up a batch of ball bearings WHO DOES!? and as for the video…how long does it take this guy to fry an egg? I fried eggs and the slid right out as advertised. Have cooked chops, steaks…cooktop to the oven was no issue
    Made the most beautiful salmon with potatoes and asparagus tonight. All in one pan, a spritz of oil and it was perfect

    • How long have you had it ? And I’m assuming you use it with medium to low heat as seems to be the key with multi layer pans.

      Been thinking about getting Waterless cookware and perhaps this piece. Seems to have similar characteristics.

      • Over 2 weeks and I have put it through its paces. Right this moment making turmeric seasoned chops and eggplant. All in one pan. Cooktop to oven to plate . Yes, I use a low flame because it conducts the heat so evenly. I have a kerjillion year old Viking cooktop (the grease has its own zip code) Maybe on electric or those precious glass tops it doesn’t work so well. But kitchen is a workhorse and this pan has stood up to it

  271. Garbage pan. The coating does not last. Even bacon sticks on low/medium heat. The pan is made of inferior material. The custom service is terrible. If the product was even a little as the commercial claimed I’d be happy. This product is crap.

    • Susan Harrison | August 25, 2016 at 1:53 pm | Reply

      I agree. Scratched first time we used it. And, MY biggest complaint is their “affiliates” . What a rip off. I should have not continued the order when the sales woman keep trying to add to the order. I ended up, apparently, agreeing to $50 Walmart gift card, which turned into 24.96 per month fee for “rewards” program. I didn’t realize this until 2nd 24.96 came out. I called cancelled and expected refund. NO. Apparently, just agreeing to Walmart gift card, which I didn’t receive because I was supposed to “claim” it within 39 days. WHAT A FLIPPING SCAM!!!

  272. I’ve purchased the set and found that not only are the pans a pain in the ass to season, they still scratch and stick like any other so called non stick pan. Company needs to be sued for fraud!!!!

    • Who seasons a nonstick pan?

      • Perhaps you should reread your instructions before you defame Copper Chef and suggest a lawsuit. Your post incriminates you anyway so you needn’t bother… You don’t season these pans. You rinse them, dry them, and use them. The instructions will also tell you not to use metal utensils, abrasive scrubbers, or lemon soap. I unboxed mine, rinsed it with soapy water, dried it, used it, and it was perfect. Still is.

      • Morons. You only have to season pans like a black iron skillet. Non stick pans do not need seasoning. You season cast iron so stuff won’t stick to it. Geez..

  273. I love my copper chef pans! Never use oil. I cool eggs with no oil or butter. They slide out. They tell you not to use metal utensils and not to wash in dishwasher. I cook everything in them and go from stove to oven on steaks, roasts and chicken. Not sure why they work for me!

  274. You still have to use oil, if you don’t everything sticks. 🙁 The Commercial lies!

  275. Cynthia Hardy | July 26, 2016 at 3:17 pm | Reply


  276. Melissa haddock | July 25, 2016 at 2:03 am | Reply

    Well I ordered the pan and at first thought it was the best pan in my kitchen but after using it every day it’s the worst pan in my kitchen.they say you don’t have to use any oils or anything but we have used everything. And it still sticks .very disappointed I paid 75.00 for a dud I’ll be sending this pan back and I hope to get my money back.

  277. The Canadian Shopping Channel flogged the Copper Chef stuff yesterday and I bought the ‘showstopper’. I thought the coating was having to do with ceramic’s… meaning rock hard and basically indestructible. I’m not so sure now after reading some of the above. If it’s a lie, at least i can send it back for a refund, less S+H.

  278. I am highly disappointed with this pan!!!! I have only used it twice and everything stuck
    to the pan from the very beginning. It arrived smaller in size than advertised. Complete
    false advertising in every way! Their return policy is horrible and hardly worth the hassle to return it. I even had extra coating put on which was another joke!!! Do not get sucked into
    buying this! It is a complete ripoff!!!!!

    • Yeah I Made Popcorn with Mine And It stuck and burned the pan i cant even get it clean this is 100% a RIPOFF

      • Nina, they are so easy to clean, just place the pan in a Cast iron skillet,turn the stove on high,open a window and in about 20 minutes it will be clean shiny aluminium ready for recycling..

  279. Sally Knispel | July 17, 2016 at 5:29 pm | Reply

    I purchased a large square Copper Chef and I just returned it to Bed,Bath & Beyond because it scratched my hard top stove. Now I have scratches and need a product to smooth out the scratches on my perfectly kept stove top.
    Would you recommend/suggest a product and I believe you should be responsible for the cost as your product caused the damage. I keep my stove top in perfect brand new condition and now it is marred from your Copper Chef Pan which I used 4 times.

  280. This company has the worst customer service that I’ve ever experienced plus they lie about everything

  281. I have have the copper chef square pan and love it. We made the s’mores cake, 6lb. Chicken with vegetables, and have used the basket to deep fry twinkles, Oreos, pickles and bite size candies. Have taken it from the stovetop and put it right in the oven.
    Food doesn’t stick went from roasting vegetables to deep frying with no issues. It cleaned right up only using dawn and a sponge. I am ordering a second set…follow the directions and you shouldn’t have any problems.

  282. Lynn stanley | June 30, 2016 at 12:03 pm | Reply

    Dont know about your poor experiences but our experience has been spot on awesone. Bought 3 pans. 1 for my husband who hasnt used any other pan since . 1 for my son who uses cast iron interior ceramic and loves his copper chef pan / 1 for my daughter and she has been totally impressed. For those of u with sticking problems / question. Are u using extra virgin olive oil. If you read your literature it clearly says DONT. It leaves a coating causing sticking. Anyway. Satisfied is our current observation.

  283. I got my set of cooper ware and haven’t had any problems…so far so good so I love my set its the best so far

    • So far, it works as advertised. Got the big square one & 2 square frying pans.
      Improvements: the company should put heat resistant silicon on the ends of the 4 leg bendable leg inserts that hold up the steamer plate! How easy! And cheap for them by causing less returns. The steamer plate WILL scratch your pans. I returned my big square pan because the outside bottom became scratched up from normal use of taking in & out of oven. Scratches are from the oven racks. I did notice that the more you use the pans, the less the “non-stick” coating for food cooked becomes. My pan return was relatively easy to get my new one. They are light in weight, but I prefer that when cooking. Overall, satisfied so far. Still confused about using spray EOO on pans, using a Mr Misto to sometimes spray bottom of pans. Using EOO apparently “coats” the non-stick surface…..really?

  284. Dan Micolichek | June 29, 2016 at 5:36 pm | Reply

    I’ve used mine several times now and everything was fantastic. I purposely left the pan sit for two days after making the chicken fettucini al fredo and the cheese wipe out effortlessly. I have yet to get anything to stick, even scrambled eggs. Don’t know if others are receiving fakes or using metal utensils on it but mine works perfectly.

  285. Come on people it’s only common sense… if it’s too good to be true… We all know Infomercials products are a one time use….

  286. Carol Richardson | June 28, 2016 at 2:31 pm | Reply

    I excitedly used my Copper Chef pan to make “over easy”! The eggs stuck horribly to the pan and I could not turn the eggs over without them falling apart! So disappointed after watching the wondrous ads claiming to easily cook eggs! I hesitate to try anything else! Money lost – Copper Chefs gain! To costly to return!!

  287. Sheilagh Hicks | June 27, 2016 at 12:46 am | Reply

    P.S. I am NOT the “Shelagh” mentioned in the second paragraph at the very top of this page!

  288. Sheilagh Hicks | June 27, 2016 at 12:12 am | Reply

    I bought the copper pan when it was demonstrated by a woman, not Eric. Disappointingly, it totally did not work even the first time out. I tried simple scrambled eggs. I used a plastic spatula out of habit (no problem), but the eggs stuck badly. Very disappointing, and I haven’t used it again. I can’t afford to spend more money returning it. I didn’t check the “copper” factor, but I will now after reading these comments. BTW, I had the same results with the “Green” pan sold by another company. Thought I am either completely inept or completely gullible, but these other complaints make me feel better about my experiences. Glad I found this page – I almost got sucked in to trying another “copper” pan!

    • just hit up a yard sale grab a cast iron pan for like $5 and you’ll never need a replacement, you can even leave it in your will for your kids… ( and it’s cheaper then the cost of shipping that junk back, just toss it in the recycle bag, and if it will make you feel better, you first take your cast iron pan and flatten that other junk pan with it, which is easy and very rewarding )

  289. Look, folks – if you ordered this pan based on the claims made in the TV ads, DON’T blame yourselve for being duped. These ads are DESIGNED to fool people into ordering what appears to be a quality product at an inexpensive price. They only break even on the pan itself, but they make a FORTUNE on the “upsell.” The general pitch is to offer “2 for the price of 1,” but the second one is NEVER free, as the fine print clearly states, “Just pay a separate processing and handling fee.” So when you bite, and order the second one, your P&H fees begin to skyrocket: Do you want the basket for only $5 + P&H? How about the lid for only $9.95 + P&H? Here’s a nice set of silicon oven mitts we’ll GIVE you if you order the spatter screen for only $9.95. What they gail to mention is that both the mitts AND the spatter screen each carry a separate shipping (P&H) charge. By the time you actually reach checkout, you’ve paid more for shipping charges than you have for the product.
    All is not lost, however. Every state has (or should have) its own Fraud/Deceptive Advertising statute. Call your Attorney General and ask where you can find it online (you’ll nt the actual statute number). Once you have it, print a copy, and run to your local county courthouse and get a “Small Claims” packet from your county clerk. Fill out the forms (you’re the plaintiff, the marketer is the defendant), pay a small fee (usually $50 – $75), and get a court date. In order to defend themselves, they have to show up for court, but they probably won’t if you live in a different state than the company you’re suing. When your case is called, the court will enter a default judgment in your favor. You shoukd sue for the maximum amount allowable; “Actual Damages” means what you actually spent. “Compensatory Damages” is an arbitrary amount that you feel would be fair compensation for the time and trouble you spent trying to get your money back. Don’t bother with punitive damages; normally, you can’t collect that in Small Claims Court. Once the court has ruled in your favor, tell the judge you’d prefer the judgment to be paid to the court, because you don’t have the means to collect if the defendant fails, or refuses, to pay. You’ll be notified when the clerk receives your check. Then, just sign the receipt and go to the bank (ask the bank to verify funds before you make your deposit, or they might charge YOU a fee if the check bounces).
    And don’t forget to bring your evidence: the ad (if you can find it online), the defective product, all written communication (emails or letters, whether sent or received), bank or credit card statements showing charges and anything else applicable to your claim. I’ve won several cases against scam artists like this one. I’m not getting rich, but I always get more than I paid for the product (usually several hundred dollars more), and the money is tax-free.
    Happy suing!

    • Frank Murphy | July 8, 2016 at 12:50 am | Reply

      These people on television selling copper chef are like “carnival barkers” as P T Barnum said “there’s a sucker born every second” I won’t ever buy something advertised on tv from anyplace I can’t walk in and get a refund, these cheap pans are probably poisonous to the human body, it wouldn’t surprise me if the copper colored coating contained a heavy metal like lead or cadmium, these unscrupulous scam artists use trickery in their commercials, reminds me of a siding salesman who gave me a demonstration at my residence, he held a cigarette lighter to the siding and had my wife and me touch it, and it was barely warm, the salesman made one mistake I asked for a sample and he left me a small piece , that night a friend stopped by and my wife held a lighter to the steel side of the siding and handed it to my friend and he dropped it right away and said ouch, it was all a scam, the people that had the model house discount of vinyl covered steel siding, within a few years it rusted , white siding with brown stains all over it, just like these pans a scam.

  290. I just received a call saying my pan was on it’s way, along with a ‘free’ pair of CZ earrings (not ordered, not wanted). ALSO INCLUDED is a CZ NECKLACE. Which is mine to keep for $53.99 or if I don’t want it, I can send it back. WHAT?? I ordered a pan. No earrings, no necklace. So now, when it arrives I have to go to the hassle of SENDING BACK THE NECKLACE, or I will get charged $53.99!. This seems very illegal to me and I am going to report them to the attorney general. I told them I would NOT send the necklace back, I didn’t order it, I didn’t want it. What a SCAM. I think when the pan arrives I will return the whole thing unopened.

  291. John Bevington | June 23, 2016 at 12:13 pm | Reply

    WARNING, WARNING…I ordered the Copper Chef PAN on 6/6/16 on line used my credit card. I live in California and one day later I received a fraud alert from my cc company, someone racked up over 4k on my cc in North Carolina. The Website is not Secure or they have some really awful people stealing cc #. I called customer service at Copper Chef and they promised to call me back and I have not heard a thing from them.

  292. Thanks for reviews

  293. This pan is pretty much a scam. I have had one for about two months. Got it at Walmart in their “As seen on TV” shelf. It has scratched horribly. On the inside and outside. I use a plastic spatula so not sure why is scratching. The non-stick claim is bogus. I use it to cook omelets, pancakes and to bake salmon. Everything sticks. The spray non-stick will burn onto the coating and takes a lot of scrubbing to clean. Best to let it soak for a while and use baking soda with a sponge. Baked some salmon tonight, use canola oil under the fish and it still stuck. LSS – take a pass on this pan. It does live up to the ads.

  294. juan gonzales | June 5, 2016 at 11:18 am | Reply

    glad I did my homework. will not be ordering anything from these people.

  295. Glad I read the reviews, I was about to purchase this pan and have decided against it. Thanks to the people who do post reviews, it really helps other people to make decisions. When something seems to good to be true…follow your instincts or at least research the reviews of people that used the product!

    • Doug Garrett | June 8, 2016 at 11:29 pm | Reply

      I might as well have written this review myself! Agree with your opinion 150%. Buyer beware! There is no-one to protect us from these T.V. predators, other than ourselves. Take Donna’s advice at the very least spend a couple of minutes versus potentially hundreds of dollars on these scams. Where is the Attorney General to review these false and misleading and flat out fraudulent claims. Shame on all these phony-baloney advertising hosts!!!

      • it’s s huge pain in the ass to fight back but if enough ppl do the cc co’s and bank will issue alerts I’ve rec them before via cc an banks to “be aware” so simple from the comfort of ur home type some letters let the scamming co know ur doing it as well and if nothing else ppl will Pay attention to the alerts from the credit card companies and the banks and not purchase then we will start making a difference heading this company in the pocketbook where is the only place that it counts
        I ordered one pan I received it paid for it so far I’ve only used it twice and it works but a couple weeks after it happened I received a deduction in my bank account for a 12 piece set which absolutely freaked me out and now I’m going to spend a lot of time on hurting this company whatever way I can and getting my money back which they claim they are going to do but I’ll believe it when I say i and getting my money back which they claim they are going to do but I’ll believe it when I swe it
        keep fighting back it’ll work
        it’s not Hillary Clinton so u hv a good shot
        hurt them where it counts
        btw u Spk with customer service in frigin Jamaica these scamming bastards !!

    • I bought my pans over a month ago and to this day I only had one problem which is being rectified . I use a mim amount of butter or olive oil when i cook. I use my square pan everyday for eggs or french toast and not once has it ever burned or stuck. If you read the directions you will see not to use higher them med heat. I have cooked popcorn to my amazement without any oil and it came out perfect. As for their customer service I have never had a problem dealing with them. I purchased the complete set and have used all of them. I knew the pots were not cooper and as for them being light I love it.

      • Frank Murphy | July 8, 2016 at 1:01 am | Reply

        Really ??? you knew they weren’t cooper!!!
        I know there not cooper too, and you’re full of whatever material these pots are made of , obviously not COOPER…….

        • Stephen Lilley | July 19, 2016 at 3:48 pm | Reply

          Not sure what some of these people are “on” but Have had my pan for over three months and I could not be happier with the results. Only use a tiny b it of oil and everything comes out great!!. Yes, if you listen to the commercials they tell you it is not made of copper, but copper infused!! Let the buyer beware is a good saying, but in this case (mine) it is not necessary.

  296. Worst pan my dad ever bought. He is a Chef that should enough

  297. Thank you everyone for the honest reviews. The infomercial looks so good I was about to order. Glad I did my homework! I won’t be purchasing.

    • I am so glad I came here and read these reviews AS WELL. I was pulling out my credit card, and decided to check to see what others were saying. Thank you all.

    • Yes, thank you for the reviews. The informercial was selling me also, but thankfully I took time to read these “real” reviews.

  298. chris watanabe | May 27, 2016 at 9:43 pm | Reply

    Got this pan and after 2 weeks things are sticking. The commercial claims cooking up to 800 degrees and scratch resistant. Clearly this coating is not permanent and probably poisonous. Terrible!!!

    • When I saw the Copper Chef informercial I was SOOOO EXCITED to sell all my other pots and pans at a yard sale and only have ONE wonderful pan in my possession! However, after reading all these reviews, I had better skip the whole idea! Thank you for posting these reviews!! The infomercial made this pan look so great, but it does not appear that is the case from all these horrible reviews!!! People, always always always read reviews before you buy anything from an infomercial. I will gladly keep all the good pots and pans now!!!

  299. Look for good, high-quality cookware. Not cheap, but that’s the only way to go.

  300. This commercial (copperchef), I feel implies this pan IS MADE OUT OF COPPER. I would bet there is NO COPPER at all, in its makeup. The chef ‘Erik’ seems as slimy as they come.

  301. if you can’t use regular virgin olive oil and sprays what is the kind of specific olive oil it says u can use??

  302. I have found the Copper Chef square pan to be a pleasant experience. It is unfortunate that Gotham and Red Copper came out about the same time and has caused such confusion. Everything I have fixed according to directions has been a great success and ease to clean up when done. I highly recommend this pan, and accessories. I used the fry basket which also cleaned up easily. Thank you Copper Chef. I would like more recipes (whether placed on the original recipe page or even better – a book sent out to all customers). Cooking has been enjoyable using the Copper Chef.

    • Doug Garrett | June 8, 2016 at 11:36 pm | Reply

      WOW!! Isn’t it amazing that you’re entirely on your own in your opinion about this phony product?? How much are you vested in this scam organization??

      • Sorry Doug Garrett, but she’s not alone on this. I’ve had a set of the square pans for a few months and have nothing but praise for them. They have proven to me that they perform just as projected in the ads.

  303. Any of you idiots ever think of ordering through Amazon???
    Same product & it’s backed by Amazon fulfillment services….
    And Jesus Christ it’s only $75….
    Some of you act like they stole your life savings

    • Herlin M Burch | May 20, 2016 at 6:07 am | Reply

      jerry you are a total moron.Calling people idiots go $#c% yourself.

      • Herlin and the same to you with the three fingers pointing back at you. Jerry might not have said it politically correct, but he is correct. Bet he’s voting for Trump and you are not.

    • Some people don’t throw money in the Garbage

    • QVC has it for 69.98 with free shipping and 3 payments

    • Frank Murphy | July 8, 2016 at 1:08 am | Reply

      I don’t think My Lord needs a fake copper pan , that’s worth about $4.99 ,,,, $75 for a cheap aluminum pan , holy moses that’s a lot of money for a scam. for some people it is more than their life savings.

  304. Just regular use, no excessive heat or using metal, and the Copper Chef pan is sticking after about two weeks of use.

    The pan does clean up easily, with a wet cloth, but not as easily as the fist few times I cleaned the pan with a quick wipe.

    When new the pan performed as advertised, nothing stuck and the pan cleaned with a quick wipe. After a few weeks use the Copper Chef pan is sticking and I have to scrape using plastic utensils.

    The pan is convenient for stove top or oven, but is certainly not heat proof, non stick or scratch resistant.

    Most Teflon non stick pans I have tried lasted longer in the non stick department than this pan.

    Sorry Copper Chef, your claims are exaggerated.

    • Arlene Kevitz | May 26, 2016 at 10:57 pm | Reply

      I have had my Copper Chef 10″ pan for a couple of months. Happy that it works on my infusion burner. I was cutting the pork chop in half the other night and guess what. I cut the pan and now everything sticks where the knife cuts are. I’m bummed out.

      • Why the heck would you cut the food you are cooking inside the pan!?!? You take out the food to cut it! With any type of pan! Regardless of what it’s made of. Oh my, this just got me riled up! That is just basic cooking etiquette. Smh…

        • Jessica , everyone at one point or another cut something in the pan !
          In addition it is not copper but anodized metal , with copper they would not need a stainless steel heat diffuser .
          As such it is a fraudulent sales product .
          My Modest experience as Master Chef with 5 Diamonds AAA 5 stars Mobil and over 30 years of experience in the highest ranking Hotel and Restaurant World wide .
          What are your credential ?

        • Jessica, I cut food in my Cast iron pan all the time,I find in only dulls the point on the knife, but a few seconds with a diamond sharpener and the knife is fine, and it’s never hurt the cast iron pan, basic fishing etiquette I guess …

      • and when you were sold that pan weren’t you offered plastic utensils . for a reason. you were told if listened to offer that needed use plastic. you just thought i got them. and if you use a knife in your Teflon pans does it not leave a cut? well with that your eating chemicals then. do more research and actually listen to why they offer you these items.

      • After all the reviews I have been reading this morning BEFORE I buy the square pan, this review is the most useful. Thank you. Never never scratch the pan’s copper film, or the entire pan will be disabled. A scratchless is not real life, stuff gets scratched. I don’t feel like wasting 75 bucks. I’m passing on this product.

        All folks with bad experiences, it’s time to contact Federal Consumer Affairs , or the FTC, and file a complaint about false advertising. And demand your money back.

    • Those of you who are claiming that food sticks to the pan, did you season the pan as soon as you got it and before the first use? It might be a god idea to cal the company and ask their recommendation as to how to season the pan. I read one other review by some one who did just this and found that the pan reteained its non-stick coating and ability t let food slide right off even after a few uses, when seasoning directions were followed.

  305. Sandra Jackson | May 8, 2016 at 5:40 am | Reply

    We ordered the Copper Chef pan square pan..frying pan and smaller square pan..
    We also ordered the tools. I am thrilled with these pans…I made the inside out grilled cheese sandwiches and the cheese did not stick in the pan…no butter or oil used. I also made a heavenly roast with potatoes and carrots. We are so happy with these pans. It makes cooking a lot more fun with less cooking mess to clean up.

  306. Brenda Gilbert | May 7, 2016 at 12:09 am | Reply

    I just submitted my comment and when I went back I saw that my comment “is being moderated”. What good does a comment do if it might somehow be altered in favor of the vendor? I hope that does not happen, since the very substance of my comment was about being misled by the seller.

  307. Brenda Gilbert | May 7, 2016 at 12:05 am | Reply

    I first ordered two skillets and love them. It takes a few hits and misses to adjust to using the correct temperatures for cooking various items. What I am now unhappy about is my recent order. This was the “Buy one and get a second one” for what I believed was a fair price. However when my order arrived today, the SECOND one was not a duplicate of the first, it was a square skillet. I will probably enjoy both products but I do not appreciate being misled about the second product. Given the difference in size in the two items, I probably did not get a fair price, since the second item was not as large as the first. Further, the instructions which came with the second order (but not with the first) also warned against various things one might do to damage the pans, but which were initially guaranteed to be harmless, i.e. cooking spoons, knives, etc. will not scratch the surface. The tv ad even shows a cook using a mixer against the bottom of the pan. The ads say the items are 100% guaranteed for life, but the written guide says the warranty is “limited”. Why wasn’t this guide included with my first order? Why does the tv ad misrepresent how the pans can withstand certain handling without damage? (The guide says you can’t even stack the pans together or next to anything that might scratch them). All in all, this product is misrepresented on tv and in the internet ads. Even though I am currently satisfied with the pans, I am concerned that will soon not be the case. And I do not appreciate being misled in both the tv ads and the internet presentations. That is cheating, no matter who misrepresents or lies outright. I hope I do not regret the purchase, since many of the comments in the reviews herein lead me to believe that the process and expense associated with the possible return of the products is nothing less than a nightmare, especially the idea of trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak nor understand clear English. I think perhaps that is why vendors use customer service agents who reside in foreign countries – that is, so the caller will become so frustrated trying to discuss the problem, he or she will simply give up and go away. ALL MERCHANTS, TAKE A HINT. USE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS WHO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF THE COUNTRY FROM WHICH THE CALL ORIGINATES!

    • It appears you are confusing 2 different products. I just watched the infomercial. It is not the one that claims to be made out of copper, only copper colored. They also stressed to use only plastic utensils and no scrubbers. The infomercial that shows them using an electric mixer and claiming to be made of copper that won’t scratch is for a different company and product. That one, the one you are referring to, is called Red Copper Pan.
      I felt the need to let people know the correct information. will show that they do not claim the pans are made of copper and are not scratch resistent. They are supposed to be totally non-stick and heat resistant up to 800 degrees which allows you to cook faster. The link for the claims you mentioned is
      These are reviews for
      This website is also mis-staing the claims of copperchef. I had the same problem when I first saw the infomercial a few months ago and when I looked up the website I found the other one and wondered why it didn’t show the mixer. They are very easily confused but are two totally different types of products.

      • ummmm, I just saw the infomercial, and it DOES show the cook using an electric mixer, with METAL mixers…. what infomercial did you see? and can I see it on YouTube? The one I’ve seen a couple of times, IS for and it shows that you can scramble an egg with a metal fork, or an electric mixer…. can you explain further what infomercial you saw? And yes, I am aware that Red Copper Pan is different from the

    • Totally agree with you last sentence. Frustrating to deal and speak with them. But they are the cheap labor that US companies use. Sure hope this is part of Trump’s plan and fine these companies for doing that.

  308. Robert Budinko | May 6, 2016 at 1:34 am | Reply

    Bought the 4-piece square pan as advertised, for $75. Claimed works on induction cooktop . . well, it DOESN’T.
    Blank spot in center label is non-conductive, and that is where the cooktop sensor for locking-up the electronics and turning on stove is located . . . Real Dumb Design ! ! !
    Got correct Return Authorization Number (RAN) as told, then shipped as instructed with label attached. Had to pay $25 at PO for shipping . . was promised refund . . never showed. Repeated calls to CS only got me the word “unfortunately” too many times. Got real frustrated and hence this review. Hope you all read this.

    • TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! They double shipped me and argued with me that it was my fault. In the end they refused to give me an RA because I was one day over the Warrenty of 60 days.

      • Why did it take you 60 days to know that they double shipped you? Just do not see this being the company issue. But I would argue that with a Credit Card Co. and hopefully that is what you used.

    • if you paid with credit card dispute the charges you will get your money back .

    • I had to send my square pan back because of a defect. I was sent a return authorization and in the e-mail it had a place to get a return label without paying postage?

  309. I just did the most incredible stupid thing ever. I bought something without reading the reviews.
    Well here goes my story. I still have not received my order and I don’t want it!!!
    these scammers got the best of me and my money. After what I believed was going to be just a few minutes on the phone, these eastwards took me through the most horrible experience of my life! I was held hostage by a computerized system for 40 minutes offering me everything that I did not want!!!!! I was asked at the end of each new sales pitch if I’d accept or not, and of course I kept yelling NO at this stupid robot. They then moved on to the next sales pitch driving me as you can imagine to insanity!
    Finally I got my bill but did not give me the opportunity to review or repeat the amount. My confirmation number had the same effect but I as able to write down their Customer service number.
    I called and once again after waiting for a human to answer, I was referred to an idiot. I provided him with my confirmation number and he told me that I must wait 24 hours for the order to populate their system!!!
    I then asked for a Supervisor and a higher paid idiot told me the same crap!
    I called ny bank to stop the order but while Ive been trying to get my confirmation number they were busy charging up my credit card. To add insult to injury, my bank told me that there was nothing they could do since it had already been approved!!
    I feel stupid for not doing my homework!! I have read some pretty bad reviews on here.
    I will never again do business with this company!!!ever!!!
    I will tell ‘ll my friends and clients to say clear from this crap!

    Don’t buy from this manufacturer and if there is an ACTION LAW SUIT, PLEASE ADD ME IN.

    • I bought 2 sets and extra fry pan late feb. one of the deep pans has split. I emailed customer service 3time and got no reply. I called and was told a returns label would be emailed same day -no reply so after 3 more days called again spoke to supervisor whose accent was very strong and difficult to understand but he did say no returns label for returns customers stand the cost. I am not returning, I have zero confidence I will receive a replacement. Customer care policy quoted in their ads is NOT my experience. Shameful

    • Carolyn E. Colbert | May 3, 2016 at 11:43 pm | Reply

      You are not alone, I usually never order without researching, your experience is the same as mine word for word. Please add me in to any lawsuits involving this company.

    • dot batliner | May 21, 2016 at 4:52 am | Reply

      Copper Chef Pan with Bonus Items 1 @ 3 easy payments of $24.99 $74.97
      Merchandise Subtotal: $74.97
      Processing and Handling: $0.00
      Sales Tax Total: $0.00
      Order Total: $74.97

      • if you ordered through a live person then they gave you the option of one payment or three payments. were you listening?

        • Jeanne, In Dot’s first two sentences, she states that she set up the order on 3 easy payments, and then gave the order number. Following that was the order, itself. Were you not listening? Can’t you read?

          Clearly, there is a major problem. Some say the instructions say to season the pan. Others say that you are not supposed to season the pan according to their instructions. The check, Eric, shows a torch heating up the pan and says that it can stand up to 800 degrees. Then you have other people say that it’s a light pan, do not use excessive heat. Also you have the metal Whisk, metal utensils (fork by Kathy and electric mixer blades from Eric), then you’re not supposed to use metal on it. Copper, no copper, copper infused. Claim to be dishwasher safe, and some people say the instructions say don’t use it, while others say the instructions say it’s okay.

          This is only the advertisement and the instructions. We haven’t gotten to how people say that it actually performs.

          My take on this is that if the written instructions are different than that which are visible demonstrated on the commercial, then it’s time for the Buyer to Beware. You see it for yourself. But if what EVERYONE says is true about the product they received, and not talking about anyone else’s pots and pans, then clearly there are multiple manufacturers of this “product” and the one company may be selling pots and pans as a salesman. But in reality, there are several different manufacturers all calling themselves the same product name. You may be one of the lucky ones and get one from a good quality manufacturer. But, there again, you may be second in line and get the next one from a different manufacturer that isn’t as “wonderful” as the one shipped out just before you.

          So, Is it worth taking the chance? The only one that can answer that question is you.

  310. This review is just lame and obviously written by a person who probably finds theirselves dissatisfied by many things in life these Pans are Amazing and everything I have made came out as the picture in the book. It states replacements are lifetime guaranteed so what’s the big deal?? Only complaint I would have is I would love a Recipe book with more dishes. Don’t listen to this unwarranted garbage review. Buy the pans. They are amazing! I stay in the kitchen less and have a very Happy and Full Husband and children.

    • Jenny,
      I just replied on another review too. Some of these people are confusing it with the Red Copper pan and this one is the Copper Chef pan. That is why there are so many complaints, they are expecting to get the wrong thing. They have completely different claims as far as the product goes.

      • Frank Murphy | July 8, 2016 at 1:31 am | Reply

        You can go to Aldis and buy a much better pan or whole set of pans for under $50. red copper or copper chef are both a scam, why pay such a high price for a low quality product, you can go to sears, kmart, walmart, target, shopko, and buy a ceramic coated set of pans that will last much longer for much less, you must work for red copper and these fake reviews that say these pans are wonderful, are full all right, sleep well, Jenny , the sand man cometh quickly.

  311. If i would have read comments first i would not have wasted $76.00. Instructions tell how easy it is to scratch this waste of money.

  312. I purchased the complete set of Copper Chef a couple of months ago. It took two weeks for delivery, but that was explained in the confirmation I received for my purchase. I read the negative reviews, but for me, this has been the best cookware I have used. Having spent money on more expensive cookware, this set has proven to be better. I prepare a lot of different dishes and am thoroughly pleased with the ease of cleanup and even heat. I highly recommend this product.

  313. Excellent product bought the utensils and square fry pan. Follow directions never put hot in cold water, dont use spray or olive oil, dont use high heat without a food load. The heat is evenly distributed i ve used with/without butter/oil. Cooked potato pancakes,kielbasa (simmer & fried),reheated pizza,made spaghetti sauce, steamers,shrimp,scallops,haddock,oysters,whole yellow pea soup,burgers,fries,steak,pork chops,reheated spaghetti,fried chicken.. Never a
    Stick/clean problem! Recommend to friends.

  314. I got my first Copoer Chef fry pan on Amazon I tried it for 2 weeks and fell in love with it. Some items like sass age and bacon I felt I had to use a bit of oil. But if I would have turned down the heat just a bit that would have taken care of that. After the 2 weeks I went back to Amazon and bought the larger square pan. I have been also impressed wit it, although I usually only make popcorn in it. I did fry something in it with the fry basket and that worked fine also.
    Generally for cleaning I can clean most of the pan stuff with a paper towel once it’s cooled. Then a few drop of dishwashing soap and water is all that’s needed.
    I know that on this site there is a bad rap going on about these pans, but I for 1 love them, I just wish they had some sauce pans.

  315. Well thanks to all your reviews I will not be wasting my time or money on this completely useless piece of sh*t I’m so glad I read the reviews instead of buying it is there actually any product on an infomercial that really works and does what they say they do I have never bought a product off an infomercial due to people that don’t do there research and just buy all the products off the hype so I would like thank all you stupid gullible people for saving me a lot of money agrevation and time

    • I find this pan to be as advertised! The key is to trust the heat conductivity and use a “LOW” flame. High heat cooking is not for this pan, as advertised, and everything slips out of the pan. No non-stick sprays, olive oils, etc as shown on the tag that comes with the pan(s). I bought the “green” pan, the “ceramic” pan and well… those did not work for me, no matter the instructions and recommended use by the manufacturer. I like the copper (aluminum) pans.

      • Maybe you can use some of the money you saved to get some writing lessons. < Please note the period.

    • Get the pans! They are amazing. This review is garbage. Don’t know how or why they can spread this BS.

    • DeLoris J Bridges | April 26, 2016 at 2:28 am | Reply

      Too bad Danny O. YOUR LOSS!!!!

    • After reading many reviews I’ve noticed that a large number of the neg reviews are from people who haven’t even used the pans or didn’t follow the instructions of types of oils not to use or using to high of heat source. There are obviously cases of defects (pan breaking).
      Take into account all the reviews that are highly positive.

      • I don’t understand all the comments of too high heat if the claim is that it is heat tolerant to 800 degrees. That makes no sense.

        • you don’t need high heat with this pan like others. i find cooking with any pan at a lower heat food better no sticking . its all about the way you do it with most everything in life…

        • Sam – I may be able to clarify the heat issue for u, although I will say right away, I do not own, & have never used THESE SPECIFIC Copper Chef pans.

          I do how ever own a VERY NICE, VERY EXPENSIVE set of pots & pans I bought years ago from Royal Prestige. They r 9 ply cooking pans, one of the inner layers is actually REAL copper, & the outside is Stainless Steel.

          We were given basically the same instructions as these Copper Chef pans. Due to the fact that they have such HIGH HEAT CONDUCTIVITY – they actually heat up faster & hotter than a normal pan. Therefore if I would normally heat something on HIGH, w/my pans I turn the stove up to only around 5 (out of 10), because the pan gets equally as hot as a normal pan on high. Because of this it takes some getting used to using them. Since my husband doesn’t cook very often he hates them! Everything he cooks in them sticks & burns. I on the hand love them & can cook just about anything in them w/out any oil or butter & no sticking!

          As far as the up to 800°F part of the question, that is for when u put them in the oven, although most ovens only go to 500°F anyway.

          So to answer you question, assuming these pans heat similarly to my own, when u cook on the stove top it takes less heat to get them hot so consider Level 5 (out of 10) or I guess MEDIUM on some stove tops to be the same as HIGH w/a normal pan, so adjust accordingly when u cook onon the stove top. However they can withstand all the heat the oven can throw at them!

          Hope that made sense & answered ur question.
          Again I have not used Copper Chef pans I am just assuming by the information given they heat similarly to my Royal Prestige 9 ply pans which have a layer of Copper in the middle for heat conductivity!

    • The people that wrote the bad reviews are all confusing the claims with the Red Copper pan. They expected it to be non scratch and made of copper and it does not claim either.
      And no, I do not work for either company. I am interested in buying the pans so I read these reviews. The claims about electric mixers, made of copper, etc are all the claims that the Red Copper pan makes not the Copper Chef pans.

      • Frank Murphy | July 8, 2016 at 1:46 am | Reply

        I just got through watching the copper chef commercial, it was not the red copper commercial, and the guy was using a hammer on the pan and yes it was copper chef, not red copper, he used a mixer in the copper chef pan and yes it was the copper chef not the red copper pan, the commercial with the woman that resembles George Costanzas mother on seinfeld was selling the same copper chef pan, not the red copper pan, I haven’t seen a commercial for red copper pan , only copper chef and they make all sorts of claims, they say it is almost indestructable and that is a lie , I washed one in the dish washer and had to take it back to the store it washed off all the copper colored stuff and was a cheap aluminum pan , available for under $10. at another big lots store. so if you want to try one you’re only out $10 bucks …..

  316. I’ve been using my Copper Chef pan for two months and I love it! I am about to order a second one for the shore house.

  317. Well damn. I recently hurt my back. Bad! They put me on some strong meds and I don’t even remember watching this stupid infomercial. In fact, I was instantly shocked to open my email informing me that my order has been shipped. Son of a Bitch! Did I really just get stoned and spend $150 on a total piece of crap? You know what… I’m just gonna hang my head in shame and go stand in the corner. If I wasn’t coherent enough to recall looking at this, then how did I give them my information. This is bad. Very very bad.

  318. I have this product, I have used it for various things, steaks, quesadillas, bacon, chicken. I have not had any problems with sticking at all. I thought when I cooked the steaks to sear on the stove there was a residue from them, but when I finished them in the oven, it slid right off. So far I love this pan!! I usually get the crappy product, I must have lucked out!!

  319. I wished I saw all these reviews before I fell for such Cr–. Everything including the popcorn scorned the pans. I tried the egg, ya it slipped only after I coached it to move from side to side. I did a sausage and onion and that really left black scorn marks. WHICH did not wipe off with paper towel nor cleaned. Pot is too light weight.

  320. I bought my copper chef pan at Boscovs for $19.99
    Did not use it yet, but if it doesn’t perform like it says, I can easily take it back to Boscovs and get my money back with no hassle. Easier then dealing with customer service that does you no service

  321. damn – i wish i had found this site before the disaster – i looked. My pan (stop me if you’ve heard this) arrived and didn’t do what it was advertised to do (not stick). I fell for it. I called to return it and get another – the agent informed me it must be a “manufactures defect”. i balked not believing i would have the ONLY ONE with this issue – The agent also told me i was the FIRST one to call about this. So, i returned it and waited. after a few weeks i called to follow up and was told it can take up to 5 weeks the be handled (another red flag). So, i got fed up and asked for my money back – they have an advertised 90 day money back guarantee – right? Well no – the first agent told me he was refunding $7 for my inconvenience having to return it. I said, “OK”. NOW the tell me since i accepted the $7 (which WAS refunded) that i now can NOT get my money back – i had agreed to a TRADE. Of course i called my back and disputed the whole amount and will get my money back at my bank’s expense. Is there a class action law suit in the works? I’m be happy to be a part of making them PAY for this SCAM gk

  322. Thanks to all the reviewers !!! The bad, vastly outweighed the good and saved me both money and the embarrassment of sending a piece of junk to my Daughter !

  323. Well lots of bad reviews here but I have been happy so far I haven’t baked with it yet but made ckn tenders, bacon, polska kielbasa, homemade tortillas chips, sautéed veggies,hash browns all cooked up beautifully sunny side eggs did not due to the side dip to the design so far my only complaint and hoping the materials are made with safe stuff but so far so good. I don’t use harsh cleaning stuff forks spoons or spatulas made out of metal so it doesn’t scratch. That is the same for all coated cookware. I like my pan

  324. Well lots of bad reviews here but I have been happy so far I haven’t baked with it yet but made ckn tenders, bacon, polska kielbasa, homemade tortillas chips, sautéed veggies,hash browns all cooked up beautifully sunny side eggs did not due to the side dip to the design so far my only complaint and hoping the materials are made with safe stuff but so far so good. I don’t use harsh cleaning stuff forks spoons or spatulas made out of metal so it doesn’t scratch. That is the sane for all coated cookware. I like my pan

  325. Michelle Payne | April 1, 2016 at 10:13 pm | Reply

    I am trying to purchase more copper chef pans and maybe pots if they are available. I have been on numerous websites that advertise copper chef but it seems that product was taken off the market or discontinued. It says nothing exists on this product. Now I know it exists because I have a pan and want to purchase more so please reply with some suggestions on where I can find more of the copper chef products. Thank you

  326. I would never buy any thing that has any particles what so ever of aluminum……
    I even avoid dedordant – aluminum is a health risk.

    I don’t want to sound like I am exagerating – but that is what I firmly believe since the 1980’s

  327. I’m not sure why all the negative comments. I started off in the morning making Easter Breakfast. I fixed bacon, sausage, hash browns and scrambled eggs. All cooked flawlessly with no sticking. I also used it again last night to roast a chicken and make the mac and cheese recipe. First you put in a spoon of olive oil and brown the chicken then put in the oven on 375 for 90 minutes. The chicken was extremely juicy and nothing stuck to the pan. I was a bit skeptical with the mac and cheese since you throw everything into the pot and just simmer but it came out perfectly and the pan was easy to clean. I did have a hard time cleaning the glass lid but I’d give the pot 4.5 stars easy.

  328. Camille Moffitt | March 26, 2016 at 8:20 pm | Reply

    Worthless! It scratches very easily! I thought it was like the other “copper” pans offered on tv th