Copper Chef Smart Cooker REVIEW

Copper Chef Smart Cooker

Copper Chef Smart Cooker

What is Copper Chef Smart Cooker ?

Copper Chef Smart Cooker is an 18-in-1 multi-functional cooker with a state of the art cooking pot that instantly transforms into a multi-cooker. Copper Chef Smart Cooker states that when the stainless steel induction plate and smart induction base come into contact, the magnetic energy is directed into the pot at the precise temperature you want! This ensures your meals are cooked perfectly to your exact specifications so there is no worry about over or under-cooking. Does the Copper Chef Smart Cooker really work as it claims? We will have to wait for Copper Chef Smart Cooker reviews to reveal the truth.

Copper Chef Smart Cooker

Copper Chef Smart Cooker

How does Copper Chef Smart Cooker work?

It claims to deliver the versatility of 18 different pans and appliances with the precision of induction with just one touch. Use it to braise, slow cook, sous vide, steam, fry, sear, bake and fondue. It asserts it can also be used with the delay timer setting or as a chafing dish on the keep warm setting. At this point of time there are no Copper Chef Smart Cooker reviews to verify this claim.

It convinces that induction cooking is significantly more energy efficient than traditional gas burners, a claim that can be substantiated only after we analyze the Copper Chef Smart Cooker.

Copper Chef Smart Cooker

What makes the Copper Chef Smart Cooker special?

Simply a multi-purpose utensil like a Crock-pot, Ninja inbuilt with an induction compatible plate made of steel.

Although this being an innovative concept however once I got in touch with the producers on their facebook handle , I chose to not purchase it. As per our conversation they mentioned that the pot is comprised of durable aluminium and the NON Stick bit is Teflon. Aluminium tends to transfer into your food and is not good for you while Teflon as you know is of course to be avoided. Feel free to do some homework regarding how many people it affects even at the plant when they supposedly say that it doesn’t hurt you. This isn’t the thing to be opted for.

Decided to have it returned. Size isn’t as large as per requirements.

All of the available cooking mode are yet to be explored however the oven temperature is not adjustable which is a major inconvenience.

The reason this product has received 3 stars instead of 5 is that it isn’t as practical in real life as they have made it appear. This is impractical and something most people wont opt for. Electric pressure cookers actually do and perform everything this one can, rather does it quicker and with a less sizable footprint.

Which is the vital reason that makes this not very practical. This is large ,pretty large. Bigger than a normal largest crockpot, which one would only put to use on Thanksgiving. This uses up the counter as well as the storage space.

Copper Chef Smart Cooker

Copper Chef Smart Cooker

In case one already has a crock pot, toaster oven, and stove-top, this basically does the things they do. And as far as one can see , it really doesn’t make your job any easier, in-fact the most you might save is an occasional extra prep pan you might have to rinse. Nice, but isnt really worth the additional expense and not to forget the counter space.

The question is Will one really get a huge cooker out in order to simply cook eggs? This just hard boils a couple to a dozen soft or hard boiled eggs, poaches up to 12 eggs. It consumes the same time approximately as cooking them on a stove top. The same is applicable for the grains. Chances are the rice, quinoa, or oatmeal could turn out to be the best one could’ve ever had, however there are easier ways to have them cooked.

Not been careless while using only wood or plastics utensils however one can easily notice 3-4 spots now where the coating has peeled off on the pot itself – all throughout the bottom

Like all other crock-pots this too boils on low, and warm, over cooking the meat every time one is not home to supervise it.. which absolutely defeats the whole purpose of using it. However the other options like being able to sear my roast etc are decent.. one would end up pretty much using it as a crock.

Takes a while to get used to, however it does get hot on the outside. It radiates substantial amount of heat to leave anything lying near it on the counter. Must not touch it without a pot holder.

Totally one of the many multipurpose gadgets that one is likely to see on an commercial. A single device that takes care of all kinds of your kitchen functions. The problem is that its technically like a crock-pot on drugs (i.e. it can do a few more things compared to a crockpot) while only being able to handle one thing at a time. Whereas an cheaper set of pots and pans can do half a dozen things at once (hypothetically in case you have a cook-top or something like it). Usually for the price multiple products are available and since that is not the case in this product this would be a difficult choice for someone with a limited budget.

This is a good sized pot. One would hardly have adequate space to store it in places like a studio apartment, and using it takes up a large amount of counter space.

Even externally it tends to get really hot when in use, like a pot on the stove. Children need to be wary, It does get a little over-heated, must keep in mind for slow cooking be careful regarding the temperature.

Its a great product in case one doesn’t have a stove, or a tiny one that cant support a massive pot like this. With the ability to prepare food on the stove, not all that much.

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  1. sandy schneiderwent | October 2, 2019 at 1:50 am | Reply

    I was very disappointed in the multi cooker . Had if for a few months went use it for the first time. and it doesn’t work. had it a little over 60 days. called the company and got no help, service person was rude and must have had her head set to close to her nose, really had to take to someone when you can hear them breathing. So I just wasted my money, and got a headache listing to there service person. I would say do not buy this.

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