Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Compare what is it? Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef – It is a nonstick, no cleanup cooking pan that lets you replace all kinds of cookers, pots, and pans with just one pan and allows you to cook on the gas stove and in oven. For more information about Copper Chef, please visit Copper Chef review page.

Gotham Steel Pan – It is a nonstick cooking pan made with ceramic and titanium, which makes the stickiest of dishes slide right off the surface of the pan. For detailed Gotham Steel Pan review, please visit this page.

Compare REVIEW: Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef REVIEW

Good product, but a bit expensive – Suzanne who bought Copper Chef revealed in her review that though it is a useful product, it can be a bit expensive. The good news is that it arrived on time and was quite simple to use. She made chicken pot pie with it and that worked out quite well. However she wasn’t keen on using frozen fruits for pies so used her own ingredients and the results weren’t great but they weren’t appalling either. Overall she thinks it’s a decent lightweight product, which could have been more reasonably priced.

Works but has limitations – Cassandra who used Copper Chef complained in her review that though its performance is good, it isn’t always consistent. She tried to make chicken breasts with mushrooms and that worked out quite well. However she just couldn’t make popcorn with the pan as it came out stuck and burned. Unfortunately cleaning it was a hassle and she tried every trick in the book but just couldn’t get rid of the stains that were left on the outside. Another problem she had was with accessories, which worked well but were just a bit lightweight. She just couldn’t manage to fit all the accessories into the pot for storage. She wishes that they had paid attention to the design, especially with the lid that could have been higher to make things easier. Other than that, she is happy with its performance and looks forward to making various recipes according to the instructions.

It has to be used carefully – Patricia who reviewed Copper Chef revealed in her review that the pan has worked exactly according to its claims, which is definitely a good sign. She has used it to try and make a variety of dishes and the results have been consistent. She had no problems cleaning it either. However she advises that you need to be very careful while using it. In fact she suggests that you treat it like a regular non-stick pan. Metal utensils, scrubbers, brushes are only going to ruin it. Although it is a copper pan, it doesn’t have to be cleaned like copper. According to her that’s a benefit and disadvantage at the same time. She is happy about the fact that it is light and durable.

Not really copper – Meryl who reviewed Copper Chef exposed in her review that the pan is not really copper, as it claims to be. That’s something she was concerned about knowing that copper cannot be used as a standalone material because it gets anodized. That’s why she called the customer service to find out if copper-aluminum or copper-tin was used in its making. To her surprise, she was told that it is copper colored aluminum pan with a stainless steel induction plate. There is no copper in it whatsoever, which she found shocking. She decided not to buy it because it was completely false marketing.

All hype, no substance – Kate who bought Copper Chef complained in her review that all her excitement about buying it evaporated as soon as she started using the pan. She believes that the pan is all about the hype and there is actually no performance. Only after three uses, she started having problems making something simple as eggs. They were sticking and led to a complete mess. She was completely disappointed and returned it in a short while. Unfortunately that meant she had to pay from her pockets for the shipping costs.

Fake copper pans, not worth the money – Alicia who used Copper Chef exposed in her review that as soon as the package arrived and her husband saw them, he knew that they weren’t made out of copper at all. The pan looked like the colour was painted on it, and on close inspection realized that it’s exactly the case. She still tried using it and there was no problem the first time. However in the very next use, things started sticking to the pan. There was absolutely no point using it so she thought of returning it, but they wouldn’t let go of the shipping charges. Moreover she would also have to bear the costs for returns, which is why she just decided to bin the pan.

Gotham Steel Pan REVIEW

Gotham Steel Pan is Sticky – Alan who bought Gotham Steel Pan complained in his review that right from the first use, things started to stick to the pans. He tried to make eggs first but they came out scrambled by the time he was done with them. They just didn’t slide around like he was expecting them to after seeing the infomercial. He also tried keeping the heat to medium or low, but the ham just didn’t brown. He was taken in by the free shipping order and ended up buying two pans. But he didn’t get any free shipping and is now stuck with two pans that just don’t work like they claim to. The lids don’t come with the pans either and he is just annoyed with the false claims from the company.

Bad service – Leo who used Gotham Steel Pan exposed in his review that the delivery of the pans and the ordering process is completely shambolic. He ordered a few of these pans at once but they arrived about a month later than it was expected. He was hoping to get the lid, which was a part of the promotional order but that didn’t arrive. He tried calling the customer service but that was completely useless too. He found it difficult to get hold of someone who knew what they were talking about. He thinks the pan he got worked well but it’s really not worth all the hassle that surrounds it.

Gotham Steel Pan Not lives up to the claims – Johanna who reviewed Gotham Steel Pan revealed in her review that she finally bought the pan after seeing all the hype. Firstly, it took more than a month to arrive. Secondly, she followed instructions to the T but foods didn’t just slide out like you see in the infomercial. The S’more Dip was a disaster and ended up creating a lot of mess on the pan. Unfortunately cleaning it was a hassle too and the paper towel stuck to it. She was hoping that the 90 day returns policy will save her, but when she pressed on the returns button, it suddenly turned to 30 days return. You also have to pay shipping and handling charges, which is why it was easier for her to just throw it away.

Poorly made – Kanye who bought Gotham Steel Pan complained in his review that it scratched the first time and everything sticks to it. He would have been better off using a cast iron pan instead. Another problem he mentioned was that he would keep getting unwanted calls from the company and that was a big nuisance.

Compare Features: Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef – It is a nonstick and no cleanup pan with stainless steel induction plate. Copper Chef has Cerami-Tech (ceramic high-tech) nonstick coating that lets you cook without any extra oil, grease or butter. It has a rivet handle that is high-temperature and oven safe. The pan is a 4-piece system with 9 ½ square pan, tempered glass lid, steam and roast rack, and fry basket. It resists up to 850 degrees of heat. It has extra deep sides that make it a roasting pan, rice cooker, steamer, stock pot, wok and a baking dish all in one. Its outer coating is infused with 100% real copper, which is the best heating material, and induction plate channel that heats quickly making dishes fast.

Gotham Steel Pan – The innovative cooking pan combines nonstick ceramic and sturdy titanium. Even the stickiest ingredients slide right off the nonstick surface and cooks without any added butter or oil needed to cook. The non-scratch technology lets you use metal utensils like blenders even on the pan. Gotham Steel withstands up to 500 degrees of heat and is free of PFOA, PTFE and PFOS. Its surface is scratch proof and has a metal scratch ring at the bottom.

Compare what to expect? Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef – With just one cooking pan you can replace your cooker, steamer, stock pot, wok, and baking dish and cook healthy meals with no extra grease, butter or oil. It sears meat in minutes and lets you cook food on all kinds of ovens and gas stove tops whether steam, electric, gas, or induction. You can cook more amount of food in the square pan with deep sides compare to a round and shallow pan. Cleaning is a breeze because food doesn’t stick to the surface and comes right off without scrubbing or scrapping even if it is burnt.

Gotham Steel Pan – Make perfect dishes every single time with even the stickiest recipe such as condensed milk and marshmallows and melted parmesan cheese sliding right off. You can even beat an egg with a metal blender right on the pan without causing any scratches to the surface. The titanium infusion in Gotham Steel Pan withstands even fire so you can make flambé recipes without damaging the pan. Now get healthy dishes easily and fast without any added butter or oil. You can easily clean the pan without scrubbing or scrapping and damaging the coating.

Compare Material: Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef – Ceramic, stainless steel, and tempered glass.

Gotham Steel Pan – Ceramic, titanium, and stainless steel.


Compare Coating: Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef
Cerami-Tech (ceramic high-tech) nonstick coating, which is free of chemicals, PTFE and PFOA and doesn’t chip or peel into food. It lets you cook without butter, oil or grease.

Gotham Steel Pan – Its surface is made of ceramic making it nonstick and titanium making it withstand even fire.

Compare Bottom: Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef – The bottom induction plate is made of steel that is pressed into aluminum.

Gotham Steel Pan –It has metal scratch guard ring at the bottom

Compare Cleaning: Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef –It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean because food doesn’t stick to its ceramic coated nonstick surface.

Gotham Steel Pan – It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean because of its nonstick and non-scratch surface that prevents food from sticking.

Compare Heat Resistance: Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef – Up to 850 degrees

Gotham Steel Pan – Up to 500 degrees

Compare Handle: Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef – Rivet handle, which is high-temperature and oven safe

Gotham Steel Pan – Solid stainless steel handle that is cool to touch

Is it oven safe?

Copper Chef – Yes

Gotham Steel Pan – Yes

Compare Size: Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef – 9.5 inches

Gotham Steel Pan – 9.5 inches

Compare Weight: Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef – 1.93lb

Gotham Steel Pan – No information

Compare Price: Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel Pan

Copper Chef – $74.97

Gotham Steel Pan – $29.99 + $6.95 P&H

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  1. Don’t buy Gotham hammered steel they are supposed to have lids with them you pay for the kids but guess what not included then you get the run around that they will send to you but it’s a scam you never receive the kids bad company take advantage of people

  2. Wondering about the ability of the Gotham items to emit copper into your system after use? Some recent lab results indicated high readings for copper. This has me running in the other direction. Not good.

  3. Does anyone know where I can buy bacon or eggs or chicken that doesn’t stick to these supposedly non-stick pans? Obviously I have been buying the wrong brands. It’s either that or I have purchased 3 defective pans. What are the odds on either one?

  4. I bought the copper chef 9.5 set I also bought the induction top for deep frying. I seasoned the pan like in the instructions no problems in 6 months. I have found it is much easier to cook on the induction top than my gas range. My suggestion to the unhappy posters try not to cook above medium heat or use a induction cook top set it and almost forget it!

  5. Kathryn Herniman | February 7, 2018 at 4:05 pm | Reply

    I bought the stock pot and I like the copper insides but the pot itself warped and it is on my stove and it is all rounded like so it spins on the burners.
    I would never buy this product again and I will tell everyone the same thing,. Terrible.

    • If you really like the copper color, maybe you can use the warped pan as a plant pot , just bang it sorta flat on the sidewalk drill a few drainage holes in the bottom of it and enjoy your copper colored plant pot… just a though..

  6. Thanks for that. I think Gotham Steel Pan is the best for me. I need it.

  7. Steven Balsteros | January 19, 2018 at 7:09 am | Reply

    Folks. NEVER, EVER BUY AN ITEM FROM THE INFORMERCIAL. They are usually the biggest scammers. They have hundreds of operators ready to take your order and promise you everything while up-selling every chance they get. But if you have a problem with the item, customer service will amount to almost nothing and you’ll have to wait on the phone for quite awhile before they even pick up your call.

    Do not fall for it. Let the pan be on the market for awhile. Search for unbiased reviews.

    Once you feel good about the product after researching on various sites, compare Amazon’s offer. Check the shopping channels – QVC, EVine and HSN.
    QVC has an ongoing deal with Copper Chef and items selling for about $29 on Amazon were only $19.95 on qvc. Their deep 9.5 pan was comparable on QVC and Amazon. But QVC was selling the induction cooktop burner for $39.98 – the copper chef brand. Amazon had it for $69.98. Pays to shop around

    AND NEVER BUY DIRECTLY FROM AN INFORMERCIAL. Even if no one else is carrying the items yet. They will, sooner than later.

    • Just buy them from a store like COSTCO, or anywhere with a decent return policy
      and save the receipt, so when you find out the reviews are true about them all being junk, with your own eyes, you can take them back, you can thank us later when you get your money back..

  8. Just like with any device, read and follow the instructions!!! Season them properly and MAINTAIN them properly and you’ll find them to be fantastic. I have the Copper Chef pans and love them. They cook evenly and clean up easily. Word of warning though, get rid of your metal utensils or at least put them away until the kids need tools for the sand box. Even though I used cast iron for many years I am finding there is a lot less care and caution required for the Copper Chefs to remain non-stick if treated properly.

    • This statement [sic]”I used cast iron for many years I am finding there is a lot less care and caution required for the Copper Chefs to remain non-stick if treated properly.” really contradicts this statement [sic] “Word of warning though, get rid of your metal utensils or at least put them away until the kids need tools for the sand box” You can’t claim less care and caution after just giving care and caution warnings, So are they junk or are they junk, which is it ?

  9. Sevella Joubert | January 2, 2018 at 12:51 pm | Reply

    I bought a set yesterday. I heated it on medium heat and seasoned it with olive oil. I put the eggs in pan on medium heat and they were great.

    • Kenneth S Thorne | April 29, 2018 at 11:07 am | Reply

      Yup, me too. It’s not really non-stick as they say, I still use cooking oil as it makes it easier to clean. I fry onions in oil and season them as the season makes the onion stick, but with oil it slides right off. Gotham Steel works for us

  10. I am very disapolnted ,i have the Gotham skillet, it was wonderful at first,now i can not scammer eggs without a mess. I was going to buy a whole set , but i will not buy it now.

    • I have a Red Copper that I’ve had for over a year now and it’s my primary pan. It looks just like it did the day I bought it.

  11. Glo in the Kitchen | December 3, 2017 at 12:00 am | Reply

    Just for the record — THREE different products are being referred to in these reviews. — Copper Chef, Gotham Steel, and Red Copper. All three can be found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, on-line and in-store. So I would imagine you could return an item that wasn’t as advertised. Other reviews have shown that the “red” of Red Copper comes off — so it’s definitely out.

    As for the other two, I suggest cooking style and defective, scratched, or old utensils may be to blame for scratching the pans. These are pots and pans made by Man, and can be defective in the process. If you want to test it with a screwdriver or icepick, yes it will scratch. Otherwise, treat it with respect and you will have a fine pan (or pot).

    • Just test them in the store, you’ll find they will all fail, and to suggest it’s because of the hands of man to be the fault, is 100% correct, because some man is attempting to get there hands on your wallet, by selling you the cheapest low quality product and using deceptive marketing and it’s nothing to do with the fact some ones hands made them, because hand made, hand poured cast iron will last longer then you will live regardless what old utensils you use in them, infact using stainless steel utensils is preferred and will make the pan better with time…

  12. My mom bought the 9.5” Gotham Steel and without realizing it, the 11” Copper Chef. Both seem identical other than the exterior color. We have used them for deep frying and melting cheese, as well as several one-dish stove top meals. Both have worked as advertised but we bought the full Gotham Steel set because they offer more variety. They work perfectly on her glass top stove and in her oven, the cookie sheets don’t warp as promised. I guess it just depends on how you cook as an individual. We’ve never burned a pan, but her other nonstick cookware was ruined with cooking spray because I never saw instructions that say not to use it, as included with these products.

  13. I have all the red copper chef cookware and I love them. I seasoned like the instruction stated and nothing sticks. Melted candy, cheese and caramel does not stick. I use them every day.

    • Do you know if you have to season the Gotham Steel cookware as well? I bought them thinking I was getting Copper Chef…

      • Deborah – don’t be worried, they are all essentially the same product. You don’t have to season the Gotham Steel cookware. Most importantly, you’re never supposed to use any cooking oil, spray or butter on the Gotham Steel pans. If you do, it apparently ruins the non-stick copper top on the pan.

        • Not so fast l have had my pans for 6 mo. Never had a sticking problem cooked omelette pan fried chicken pork chops all using small amounts of butter or oil No problems At All good product pan fried left over baked ham came out perfect u are either not a experienced cook or using pans incorrect ly the addition of fat to the pan Doed Not harm it only improves taste and quality of what u are cooking

  14. Just recently purchased the Copper Chef large cookie sheet and I have to tell you, its been used several times for things like pizza rolls and chicken wings and its been such an easy clean up. I can literally wipe the mess off with a paper towel it comes off so easily. It has convinced me to replace all my pots and pans.

  15. I purchased a 10-pc set of Gotham Steel cookware, along with an additional 11.5″ fry pan. I’d originally intended to use the 10-pc.set only for looks, to hang from my kitchen pot hanger, and use the separate fry pan daily. Much to my surprise, the fry pan works flawlessly. After a couple dozen uses, nothing I’ve prepared has stuck to it. It cooks evenly, and cleans up beautifully with a wet sponge or water rinse.
    It seems that people who complain about copper cookware aren’t using basic common sense, as using metal utensils with any non-stick product always causes damage to the cookware. As for its expense, the cost of this cookware has drastically decreased since it was first introduced. I paid $69.95 for the 10-pc. set and $14.95 for the 11.5″ fry pan. Considering its affordable, I’ve found Gotham Steel to be a good buy.

  16. Tried both Copper Chef and Gotham Steel cookware. Only one word can describe these overhyped and expensive products.

    They SUCK! Don’t waste your money. But stainless steel.

  17. I am 72 years old and have had experience with “non stick” pans almost from their inception. Every “new” innovation turns out the same way. I have not seen a non stick pan that doesn’t require a tint bit of oil or butter. Being very skeptical of these new “copper” pan which have no copper in them would make me think they will be just like any other non stick pan. Plus, if you want to make a steak with with natural juices you can’t beat a stainless steel pan.

    • I cook my steaks on a frijtas pan. No stick and they come to the table hot and stays hot. The pan leaves grill marks. A 1″ steak cooks in about 6 minutes at a surface temperature of around 350° F.

    • George, if you want a better pan to cook steak in you should try cast iron to sear it and then toss it in the oven, they come you medium-rare, rest them for a few minutes and you’ll stop using stainless steel, not that I have anything against stainless steel it just doesn’t have the searing power cast iron has when you cooking 1 inch plus think T-bones… But you are spot on about these new non-stick gimmicks they are all pretty much junk..

  18. The Gotham Copper skillet worked very well for three months. At that time I made the mistake of using a metal utensil. The utensil was not really thin and very flat. A mistake. Replacing it with another has been fine, though they will wear out within about a year. However, it still performs better than either of two, big-name, $250-$300 (set prices) of non-stick pots, pans and skillets my wife had previously purchased.

  19. I ordered Copper chef double set but after reading comments I don’t want them. Will it cost me to return them.

    • Sevella Joubert | January 2, 2018 at 12:48 pm | Reply

      I just bought a set. I preheated it on medium heat and seasoned it with olive oil. I fried eggs and they were great. So far very happy with the set. I seen those reviews where they stick. I think it is important to heat them on medium heat. I did not start cooking in a cold pan.

  20. Diane Greaves | June 15, 2017 at 9:53 pm | Reply

    I absolutely love my pans. And I have had the best. I bought the 11″ on qvc ,The Gotham, and a couple others that are Red Copper at Bed Bath and Beyond. Won’t be without them.

  21. gothaqm steel is pure junk scratched and food sticking after only 3 weeks

  22. I would like to know if the Gotham Steel grill can be used on an electric stove.
    I am thinking of purchasing one but my stove is electric

    • I got one from a local store that was gotham steel brand. It worked on my glasstop stove, however, it slid around very easily because of the flat, glass surface.. It would work fine for an electric coil stove. Also I tried an egg on the griddle side, and it stuck really bad and broke the yolk and all… I am not too sure if I am going to keep it.

    • The Gotham pan is Awesome have used it on gas and electric stove and even over a open fire have had the for about a year know and that’s all I use have never had any problems with mine like what is see others say

  23. I bought two Copper-type pans and they are not worth anything. Nearly everything sticks to them. I tried to season them several times and it did not help.

  24. I have the Red Copper and the Copper Chef. I like the red copper better, for one reason the handle is not as big and long. Both pans outside is hard to keep clean, food thick. I feel that red copper inside is better protected and having the shorter handle it is much easier to handle.

  25. Hi,
    I’ve read a lot of the reviews and I’m beginning to think the best way to buy any cookware is to see in person first and yo buy it from a reputable store. Buying these info commercial products are leading faulse product perseption. Products that sound to good to be true are most likely aren’t true. Also expect customer service to be none existing. Your better off calling your credit card company and disputing the charge than trying to talk to there customer service. Bottom line it’s a gamble and it’s not worth the heartburn and headache that you will experience!

  26. have a 9.5 copper fry pan love it you have to make sure you season before use just received the 12.5 gotham as a gift but no instructions on seasoning pan before use which is maybe why so many people have sticking problems

  27. Margaret R Wise | November 28, 2016 at 7:02 pm | Reply

    My son bought me the five piece set of copper chef pan. I love it. Nothing I have cooked sticks and when something ran over one time, the cleanup even on the outside was great no problems. The skillet that Kathy Mitchell advertises I am not happy with at all . It looks like there’s a spot or two on the bottom of the pan that has already came off plus the bottom of the pan is very hard to clean . Matter of fact, it doesn’t ever come totally clean. The copper chef has a bottom that prevents no hotspots and cleans great.

  28. mine is starting to stick and several scratches from mixing items In the dish.. how do we stop people from buying these bad cookware? maybe sending photo and report to BBB..

  29. mine is starting to stick and several scratches from mixing items In the dish.. how do we stop people from buying these bad cookware? maybe sending photo and report to BBB..

  30. First of all, I would like to say that anyone who thought that these pans would really be copper, have not ever priced copper pans. Before buying these pans I never expected them to be copper. I have been very happy with my two Copper Chef pans. I have not had any problems with anything sticking. Sometimes I do add oil or butter depending on what I am cooking, but not all of the time, and not as much as I would have using a different pan. There have been a few stains show up on the bottom of the pans, but so far no problems with the cooking surfaces. Because of my good experience with them, I was interested in getting other sizes, but so far none have been offered. That led me to this site for comparing Copper Chef to Gotham Steel. So far, nothing I have read has led me to order any of the Gotham steel items. I will continue to wait for Copper Chef to develop other cookware, or keep looking for something else.

    • gotham steel is junk , already sticking after two weeks

    • Well good for you Angela

    • So do you own a Gotham Steel pan? I have some of each and I find them identical and work great. This is like a Ford vs Chev forum …. whatever you have is the best and the rest is crap! A total waste of time and bandwidth. If either one sticks …..YOU DON”T KNOW HOW TO COOK! You can’t fry an egg at 500 degrees in anything and expect it not to stick!

      • Exactly! I was saying the same thing. I have Gotham Steel and always cook on medium heat for everything. Never one problem. I have ruined previous non-stick pans by cooking over med-high to high heat.

    • I don’t have either of these copper pans, but I never thought that they were actually made of copper, I thought it was just referring to the color of the pan was copper. Why anyone else would think otherwise I don’t know

  31. Is the Gotham pan made with aluminum?

  32. I bought 1 Gotham pan to give it a try, I teally never beleived any if the as seen on tv commercials but saw it at Walmart so I bought it, this is what I have to say, No idea why people are saying that dont work, this pans really works, I havent found anything to stick in the pan, works as seen on tv, now I am buying the whole set

    • I bought my Gotham pan at Walmart and love cooking with it no mess at all

    • Henry Perez, your right nothing will stick to these pans, they are so non-stick even the coating peels off.. To bad they don’t show that happening on the infomercial, but hey that’s what keeps video editors employed..

  33. I bought the Copper Chef and love it. First use was a roast with potato’s and veggies and all and nothing stuck. Then decided to try the Gotham fry pan and could have gotten same results with a cheap aluminum. The Copper Chef Is heavy and wipes out clean after use. The Gotham I had to soak to get clean after drying two eggs. I say yes to Copper Chef and NO to Gotham.

  34. DO NOT BUY this product, cannot be used on a glass top stove, will warp after only a few uses and looses it’s non-stick feature. You will scrape eggs off the surface after a few uses. Customer service is very bad and they will NOT honour their own refund policy. You will NEVER get your money back, trust me on this one.

  35. When fdo I get the pans

  36. I order the pans on 8-14=2016 the price with S&H was $64.95, I am still waiting for the product. I gave all billing info
    Please Advise, or do I seek another source or product . I have purchased other Gotham pans and am very Happy with the Pans but not to happy
    with your Shipment policy..I have told others about the product, and how good it cooks….

  37. I purchased the Gotham 9 1/2-inch skillet and was so pleased I purchased the Copper Chef square and 9 l/2
    in pans, not knowing they were different brands. The Gotham is much better quality so am returning the Copper Chef.

    • Thanks! You just answered my question. 🙂 I have the Copper Chef and it’s so cheaply made. I was wondering if the Gotham was as sturdy as it looks.

  38. Just opened my pan. It has several tarnish marking in the middle of the pan! Please send me a new pan. ANNND, it looks as though the pan has been used before. There is a circular marking in the re middle of the pan.

  39. Benito Ponce de Leon | June 26, 2016 at 1:21 am | Reply

    I sent this afternoon my order to buy this 30 day trial – $ 1.- with free shipping included and an agreement of 3 equal monthly payments of $ 24.99 but after posted the corresponding payments using my card, not receive any answer or official receipt by means of Copper Chef. Could you please check this information and proceed to send my transaction copy or my receipt….??? IT’S VERY IMPORTANT SO PROCEED TO SEND MY PAPERS…..

  40. Good Comparison

    • Red Copper quotes “Red Copper Square Pan, crafted from smooth, non-stick ceramic and super strong copper.” Yet, I am to believe that none of the so called “copper” cookware in the recent ads contain any copper, just the copper colored coating.
      What is needed is a reviewer to purchase all the different products and test them, like consumers reports, rather than just grab the website’s info about their product and post that as the truth.

  41. i saw both of this pans at walgreens $19.99 i think plus tax….is saves you the s&h and time because you dont have to wait for it to arrive….but many ppl are having a hard time bcuz……you have to season the pan FIRST..and then start using it!..duh!

    • the only pan I knew had to be seasoned, were cast iron skillets, and stainless steel woks. And then, they specifically state that with the product. If you want to be helpful, explain how to season them.

  42. now you know why they dont sell them in stores. as they dont want you to bring the junk back and want your money back. when you cant buy it in any store dont buy it for that reason. you want to sell them but not in stores why try to sell them at all dont you want to make money? the joke will be on you if you buy this junk shown on tv that you cant buy anywhere else.

    • go to the “as seen on tv” or the showcase stores in your town for these items. If dissatisfied, return for refund or credit. No shipping hassles.

      • Every item pertaining to Copper Chef and Gotham Steel can be bought at Bed Bath and Beyond for a much lower price then advertised on TV. I both the bigger pot of Copper Chief and paid $75 dollars on line and Best Buy had same pot for $59. It pays not to buy products on line as your paying shipping to receive it. So before I buy anything on line I go to Bed Bath and Beyond and check out their prices. Just a bit of infor to pass on!

  43. Joyce E Jones | June 14, 2016 at 5:30 pm | Reply

    I was going to send for the CopperChef square pan that I viewed the other night on TV. But after reading some of many reviews all saying basically that the claims are false —pans are light-aluminum, not any copper, but colored copper; also that food does not slide off easily, as advertised, but sticks & is a mess. I have changed my mind, and will look around in person to shop. (also no free shipping to Canada).

  44. STEPHEN F KOTCH JR | June 12, 2016 at 8:15 pm | Reply

    I have Never had success with the Cooking Junk sold on TV…

    The promoters All lie without exception !

    My 1st & worst started with CON MAN POPIELE OVER TWO DECADES AGO !

  45. Bought the 9 1/2 pan as a trial could never do has h brown potatoes without sticking until now. It seems true things don’t brown as much but less than a quarter teaspoon of butter and they brown great. Cheaper weight pan but I now use this only. Food has to be near done to release like eggs but once it gets to that stage it slides. I like sunny side up and no problem. Poorly trained phone staff. But I bought the 10 piece set. Tried to order the chef pan and steamed on their web page but neither customer service nor the company direct number knew anything about it. For the cost I am satisfied. Cook a lot and clean up is easy. Important preheat very small dab of butter and medium heat and it’s great

  46. David Beavers | June 5, 2016 at 4:48 pm | Reply

    It’s a big lie !!! They do stick.

    • I bought two Gotham Steel pans one for me and one for Mother. We both have been trying to find something that would stick and have not yet. Fry over lite eggs, perfect, hash browns nothing in pan but hash browns, brown and no stick. Mom has tried so much I gave up. She loves it and so do I.

  47. I bought the Copper Chef pans a few weeks ago and am using them for everything with no oil! Even popcorn! I am very happy with the pans and so far are putting my expensive All Clad set to shame!

  48. Donna Fosback | May 22, 2016 at 3:24 am | Reply

    I saw the infomercial for Gotham and was highly interested because metal utensils can be used with them. The feedback from most of the people here and elsewhere is not exactly glowing and the customer service sounds terrible. Think I’ll wait until something better comes along. It’s best to check all those infomercials out thoroughly, they just can’t be trusted.

  49. Richard Benz | May 21, 2016 at 3:43 pm | Reply

    We cook a lot and have many high end pans and a few different wells seasoned black skillets. I thought I would try the “breakthrough” nonstick copper pans. BOGUS!!!!!!!! I would put my 79 year old black skillet up against the copper pan for non stick any day. The black skillet would win hands down. Save your money and prevent the let down. By all means Pass on this one!!!!!~!

  50. I love my Copperchef set . I even took it on vacation when I recently rented a house. I have made pie, brownies, eggs,chicken, fish, meat loaf and many other items. It is very easy to clean. I like it so much my husband wants one! He doesn’t even cook!. AnnA

  51. Sloan Taylor | May 14, 2016 at 1:14 pm | Reply

    I was going to purchase a set of the red copper pans for my mother but after reading the mixed reviews of decided to spend my money in other places. I really wish somebody would have been something that we could trust and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg not that I’m cheap I just want to make sure I get my money’s worth

  52. Gotham pans do work just fine on infrared stoves, very satisfied. Stopped the phone calls the first time by saying don’t ever call back or I’ll report you to the attorney general’s office. No calls ever came again. And no, this is my first comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Gotham pans do work just fine on infrared stoves, very satisfied. Stopped the phone calls the first time by saying don’t ever call back or I’ll report you to the attorney general’s office. No calls ever came again.

  54. Gotham Steel…. Their advertising is a lie!!!! My pan started to scratch worse than my teflon pan. Everything sticks to it. Wait 90 days and everything scratches and sticks after 90 days… I called Gotham Steel and they agreed with me that it is false advertising, however, it is after 90 days and they can not do anything about it… DO NOT BUY!!! It is false advertising…

  55. Sharonda white | March 27, 2016 at 1:14 pm | Reply

    After reading all the reviews I have decided not to buy either. I will keep going to the restaurant store down the street and keep buying my pots and pans from them.

  56. I purchased the Gotham Steel 9.5″ pan at a local store and I am extremely happy with it. I started by seasoning it with oil (and heat) prior to my first cooking – then gave it a good cleaning. The pan has worked perfectly for eggs, cheese (yes, I fried cheese in it), meats, sauces, and more.

    I have tried many low-end (the under $30 type fry pans) as well as several high end (over $75 pans) and find the Gotham Steel pan is very good (not the same quality of the expensive ones, but the non-stick works). My workhorse pan is still my cast iron skillet, but Gotham Steel is no my go-to pan for quick or sticky stuff.

  57. Miguel Javier Jr | March 19, 2016 at 7:03 pm | Reply

    After reading the pros and cons, I am not totally satisfied with either pan. Copper vs. Gotham pans. Can you tell me which one is better?

    • I bought the Copper Chef set a few weeks ago and love them. My other pans have gone to the basement. So far so good. My only complaint, I wish they had more sizes to buy.

  58. I see no warranties

  59. On tv I see Gotham pans but don’t say if they will work on infrared stove tops

    • I was interested in the comment from Sid
      ” I started by seasoning it with oil (and heat) prior to my first cooking ”
      Why don.t the instructions suggest this ?
      I was also not impressed with the non stick claims. Wound the seasoning have helped ?

    • I was interested in the comment from Sid
      ” I started by seasoning it with oil (and heat) prior to my first cooking ”
      Why don’t the instructions suggest this ?
      I was also not impressed with the non stick claims. Would the seasoning have helped ?

      • The instructions that are packed with the Copper Chef pans expressly state to season the pan. If done right, it works.

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