Copper Chef Wonder Cooker REVIEW

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About Copper Chef Wonder Cooker

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker is a 14-in-1 multi-cooker set that claims to feature 14 functions: a roasting pan, Dutch oven, stock pot, air crisper, double roaster, grill pan, baking dish and more! It alleges to replace every pot and pan in your kitchen!

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker CLAIMS

It promises to work in the oven, on all stovetops, and even the grill. This claim can be confirmed once the Copper Chef Wonder Cooker is reviewed.

Its innovative cerami-tech non-stick surface promises food will not stick to the pan. Such claims can be proved only after we analyse the Copper Chef Wonder Cooker reviews. Made of thick cast aluminium, the Copper Chef Wonder Cooker proclaims to be both durable and lightweight!

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker asserts that its stainless steel induction plate on both the lid and the pan ensures it heats evenly and quickly with no hotspots so you can seer meat in a flash. Does it sound too good to be true? Copper Chef Wonder Cooker reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker REVIEW

Like many other non stick pans Copper Chef Wonder Cooker too disappointed its customers by advertising it falsely. Copper Chef Wonder Cooker is said to be cheaply made, especially the bottom is too soft and thus very flimsy. One of the customer who purchased Copper Chef Wonder Cooker said – “ Low quality materials, and thinly made. Super thin roaster. Made me feel as if I could dent it just using or cleaning it.” Another who commented on the quality of Copper Chef Wonder Cooker said – “ Really cheaply made and I would have returned it but I used it the day it was delivered. You can literally drop it on a carpet and dent it.”

In addition, the Copper Chef Wonder cooker is not actually made of copper as claimed by one of the user, it is just copper coating and begins to peel after moderate use within days. Also, like most non-stick pans Copper Chef Wonder Cooker too begin to stick in a few months, even with the best of care. Thus Copper Chef Wonder Cooker is very poor quality. Everything sticks in it. Scratches very easily. There are pinholes that opened in the finish. Discolors and copper comes off easily.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Questions and Answers

Q:Can you use mental spoons?
A: No, this will easily scratch the surface and the copper coating will begin to peel.

Q: Where is Copper Chef Wonder Cooker product made ?
A: China

Q: Do the metal handles get hot?
A: Yes and becomes difficult to lift them.

Q: How deep is each roaster?
A: It is 4″ deep.

Q: Can you use an electric mixer in this roasting pan?
A: No only soft utensils if Copper Chef Wonder Cooker scratches you will have sticking problems.

Q: Do you recommend Copper Chef Wonder Cooker?
A: No.

Aluminum Cookware Pros and Cons

Excellent thermal conductivity

Like copper, raw Aluminum is highly reactive to alkaline or acidic foods.
It’s also very soft and tends to warp in high heat and scratch easily, which leads to health concerns with long term use.

A better option?
Anodized Aluminum has been treated by an electro-chemical process that hardens it, thus solving most of the problems with raw Aluminum. It’s more expensive than raw Aluminum, but also a far superior cookware material. While anodized Aluminum does take longer to heat up than other materials, it’s an excellent heat conductor (superior to stainless steel), scratch-resistant, and lightweight
yet very strong.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Verdict

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker is not worth the buy if we go by the reviews the customers have given. The product is nothing like advertised and thus the disappointment.

If you are impressed with Copper Chef Wonder Cooker and have decided to go for it than we would recommend you to rethink your choice and look for other options available of similar kind. If you are still confused as per our research we suggest you to go for Mr. Rudolf 18/10 Stainless Steel 15-inch Oval Roaster with Rack and Lid. You can find it on for $79.99. It has received 4.3 star ratings with 34 customer reviews with the majority of them being the positive ones. Mr. Rudolf 18/10 Stainless Steel 15-inch Oval Roaster with Rack and Lid is dishwasher safe and oven safe, in addition PFOA free which gives enough reason for a definite buy.

What do I get?

  • 1 Deep Roaster
  • 1 Shallow Roaster
  • 2 Deep Fry Baskets
  • 1 Tempered Glass Lid
  • 1 Copper Crisper Basket
  • 1 Recipe Booklet

Price: $75 + Free Shipping. Official website:

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  1. Hello,

    Our company specializes in online distribution on Amazon. I am reaching out because we believe your brand has awesome potential and we’d love to become your partner.

    Are you accepting new wholesale applications for Amazon?

    Warm Regards,

  2. pan wont come clean. how do you clean it ? I`m going to through it away. is it warranted ?

  3. I purchased the Wonder Cooker from infomercial which arrived this past week – I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but it seems pretty nice. I did have to call customer service because I expected the Air Fryer to come with the purchase. After being on hold for 15 or so minutes, someone did answer (India?) and said it would arrive 10/3. My main comment, however, is that the infomercial is misleading. It states it has 14 functions; but never states to get those 14 functions, there is another piece to purchase for $59.99 – the Induction Cooktop. Since I have a slow cooker and have never used an electric fryer, I am good – I just feel it should be mentioned in the presentation because it is easy not to notice it is an optional purchase.

  4. Marlene Alberty | September 21, 2018 at 2:23 am | Reply

    I haven’t purchase the Wonder Cooker yet. But I have been looking for an aluminum dutch oven for a long time. I had one in the 80’s that I used to cook a whole chicken in and it always turned out incredible.
    I’m probably going to order just because it is Aluminium and will come back and leave another review. I’m going to order from Amazon because I’ve always had so much success there. Aluminum is also great for cooking steak. I’ve found no matter what the cookware is care needs to be taken when using. The only type of cookware that is really strong is stainless steel. Unfortunately when cooking chicken or steak stainless steel doesn’t produce the same taste and not wise to put on high heat. Plus, I’ve found to be more like adding too much water taste even when not doing so.

  5. Eric, you really need to read the reviews on your products , from trying to order, or getting your products at home. It appear so much from your shows, that you care about the products you show! To help people with cooking facility on a new inventions.
    I have read your reviews, and after my experience, not able to get through your center to order a product, I now believe that you have a bad manager, or you don’t need to continue advertise, if people cannot buy your products. Maybe you have made enough money, you just don’t’ care. So give yourself a vacation and stop your TV shows.

  6. I am so sorry for Eric Theiss. Spending so much money to advertise your products, which seem to be good, but a customer never can get through the phone to place an order. Eric, you need another manager! to take care of your advertisement and business, You are either naive, stupid or you make so much money you don’t give a fig about people what watch your show. Listen, I see you on TV a lot, You seen to work very hard, someone beside you are making $$$$$$ off you.
    This last attempt to purchase a product from your company has left very disappointed, I will never look at your TV advertisement or purchase one of your product.

  7. I Called 4 times, no answers, on July 1, after seeing your advertisement on TV.
    If you are going to spend so much $$$$$ to advertise on TV, and no one is able to answer the telephone to take your order, you are definitely a looser!!
    Sorry, I could not buy your product!

  8. Your TV ad for Copper Chef WonderCooker is a scam. I ordered in February, called several times (got someone who could not speak good english so was difficult to understand) other than sorry it is on back order. I so believed in your product and this has left a nasty feeling. Was this a scam? Why do you advertise, can’t get them and have to cancel it?

    What is going on Copper Chef???? You are putting everything Eric Theiss said in the toilet!~

    • “What is going on Copper Chef???? You are putting everything Eric Theiss said in the toilet!~” It’s past that, and no longer just swirling in the bowl, I think it’s already made it to the ocean long ago…

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