Copper Chef XL REVIEW

What is Copper Chef XL?

Copper Chef XL is an extra-large 11″ square casserole pan with 60% more capacity making it easy to cook larger dishes for a big group. So the next time you want to call your family and friends over, Copper Chef XL will do the job for you.

Copper Chef XL Questions & Answers

Q. How many watts does the Copper Chef XL stove top touch?
A. Maximum 495 degrees on the induction plate.

Q. Does Copper Chef XL indicate when it reaches the temperature selected?
A. No.

Q. Does Copper Chef XL have a long handle? It’s not visible in the pic.
A. No. The Copper Chef XL comes with two short handles designed as loop handles on each side.

Q. Can I know the lowest temperature that can be set on Copper Chef XL?
A. 100 degrees.

Q. Can the 9.5″ Copper Chef XL pot be used on the induction cooktop of this set?
A. Yes.

Q. Does the Copper Chef XL package come with a cookbook too?
A. Yes, it does.

Q. Should I use a spray to clean this pan after cooking recipes like omelette in it?
A. No, please don’t use any spray to clean the pan.

Q. What offer add-ons can I avail of on purchase of Copper Chef XL?
A. You’ll receive the following items as per the offer: pan, induction cooktop, steamer tray, lid, fry basket and a cookbook.

Q. If a customer complains about food or ingredients sticking to the surface Copper Chef XL within a week, what does the Company do?
A. No such complaint has ever been made, so their line of action in case of such complaints is yet to be seen.

Q. The images and description seem to indicate different colors for Copper Chef XL induction cooktop. What color will I actually get?
A. You can choose from both- black or copper for your induction.

Q. Does this induction run on electricity or batteries?

A. The induction cook top uses electricity; you get to set the temperature and time and also carry out other functions accordingly.

Q. Can I use the Copper Chef XL pan on a regular stove and in a regular oven?
A. Yes, Copper Chef XL pan can be used on gas as well as an electric or smooth top stove. It can also be used in an electric oven. All Copper Chef XL pans can be used on the induction cook top provided with the 11″ pan. Please note that other brands of copper pans will not work with this induction unit.

Q. How do I clean these pans so there’s no sticking and mess on them?
A. You just wash the pan with regular soap and water.

Q. How many watts is the Copper Chef XL induction burner?
A. As per the box, it is 1300 W.

Q. Is the Copper Chef XL induction cooktop a 220 volts appliance?
A. No, it’s 120 volts.

Q. What is the depth of Copper Chef XL?
A. The depth of Copper Chef XL is 9.5 inches.

Q. Are steamer stackers provided with the Copper Chef XL set?
A. One steamer tray is provided with the set.

Q. Do I need to season Copper Chef XL pan? Is using butters or oil safe for the pan’s surface?
A. It would be fine to season the pan’s surface. Using genuine, quality butter and oil would be ideal for it.

Q. Does the company replace the Copper Chef XL pan if it’s scratched?
A. The manufacturers have stated that it’s scratch-free, so they may respond accordingly.

Copper Chef XL REVIEW

Stacy Powers in her Copper Chef XL review has complained that that though its manufacturers guarantee it won’t develop scratches if metal is used in it, fact is that it will. She says she used light tongs while flipping pork chops in it but a couple of scratches came up. She contacted the Copper Chef XL customer care, but they told her she shouldn’t have used it. She says its ad which shows people using a mixer in the pan is all hogwash.

Debra Bennett states in her Copper Chef XL review that when she tried cooking egg in the pan, it stuck. It got all messy and she had to clean it with her cooking spray. She’s very disappointed with Copper Chef XL. When she asked them for a replacement of the set, they refused, which she found unacceptable.

Raul Tran in his Copper Chef XL review, however, has a different take. He says he prepares a whole lot of recipes in the Copper Chef XL set without any hassles. According to him, apart from being handy, lightweight and elegant in looks, Copper Chef XL is also versatile and makes for great serving ware. He’s especially impressed with the induction cook top of Copper Chef XL for the way it heats up and cooks with a flair. He recommends spreading a thin coat of high heat oil in the Copper Chef XL pan before using it to keep scratches at bay. He says Copper Chef XL is also spacious, easy to clean and efficient.

Copper Chef XL CLAIMS

Copper Chef XL is PTFE & PFOA FREE, features riveted easy comfort handles, is dishwasher safe and heat-proof up to 850°. Copper Chef XL features a unique square design that gives you that more room to cook more food. With the Copper Chef XL cooking 3 racks of ribs and even a 12 lb. turkey is quick and easily.

Cerami-Tech Nonstick Technology – Copper Chef XL is designed with Cerami-Tech Nonstick Technology so you can cook without oils and butter. Nothing sticks to the pan.

Stainless Steel Induction Plate
The Stainless Steel Induction plate heats the pan quickly and evenly with no hot spots so your meals cook fast.

5 Layer Design – Copper Chef XL’s heavy duty construction tackles multiple cooking tasks.

6-in-1 Pan – This 6-in-1 Pan replaces your stock pot, rice cooker, frying pan, roasting pan, wok and baking dish.
With the Copper Chef XL you can sauté, simmer, slow-cook, boil, fry and sear – all with just one incredible pan!

What do I get?
Copper Chef is priced at three payments of $24.99.

    • 1 9″ square Copper Chef pan
    • 1 Tempered glass lid
    • 1 Steam & roast rack
    1 Fry basket

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  1. Love my Copper Chef XL set. does everything that the ad claims it does, however, I do have a question. While steaming shrimp, I’ve had a problem with some of the shrimp falling off the side of the steam tray into the boiling water. Why is the steam tray so small and do they make a tray that fits the inner diameter of the pan better and close up ther gap? If not, any suggestions?

  2. can the Copper Chef XL be used as a slow cooker?

  3. linda Rosado Mendez | May 24, 2017 at 2:11 am | Reply

    Best Pan Ever I love it get job on all cooking

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