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What is Copper Chopper?

Chopping onions is an almost impossible task with a dull, blunt knife but now there is a new easy way to chop onions with the as seen on tv Copper Chopper. It is a chopping device that makes chopping, slicing and dicing onions faster and easier than ever before! Copper Chopper features super strong copper titanium blades that equal using 24 miniature knives at once. The best part is that these blades are designed to stay razor-sharp for years.



Copper Chopper CLAIMS

Uses of the Copper Chopper
You can use the Copper Chopper to chop zucchini, peppers, carrots, tomatoes and so much more! It is also perfect to cut fruits to make the perfect fruit salad! Use the Copper Chopper to make the perfect stir fry, delicious salsa and mouth-watering chicken salad.

Consistent size and thickness – Copper Chopper chops fruits and vegetables into perfectly uniform sizes and thickness.

No mess – Copper Chopper features a serving container so you can chop right into the easy serve container so there’s never a mess.

Dishwasher safe and BPA free – Copper Chopper is extremely easy to clean because its dishwasher safe. It is also BPA free. So stop wasting time slicing and dicing, stop using dangerous sharp knives and no more crying over chopped onions!


Copper Chopper Reviews

Molly Stevens states in her review of the Copper Chopper – “The small blade broke the first time I used it to chop onions. The large blade does not fit into the slicer”.

Paula Williams who used the Copper Chopper says in her review of the Copper Chopper – “The piece that locks the blades in place broke. I also had a hard time getting the lid to snap on from the very beginning”.

Sharon Roberts complains in her Copper Chopper review – “ Cheaply made, I even managed to cut my thumb on it.

Another buyer Guadalupe Sparks says in her review of the Copper Chopper that it does not dice unless you’re able to cut things to the thickness you want before you put it in this machine. She also adds that it is useless for eggs.

In her Copper Chopper review Tracy Barker claims- “It’s only a dicer if you slice things to the desired thickness first. Otherwise it’s pretty much like a French fry cutter”.

Claudia Curtis who used the Copper Chopper is disappointed with the Copper Chopper and says in her review of it- “The design of this product is very poor.
– The blade area is too boxed up. You have to chop the vegetables into very small chunks which defeat the purpose of using a chopper.
– The top pusher part has uneven teeth which catch a lot of vegetable chunks.
– The cleaner brush provided has very soft bristles and doesn’t clean up effectively.
– Between chopping chunks and clean up this chopper is way more tedious than chopping the entire vegetable using a knife”.

Sophie Lawrence says she is not happy with the Copper Chopper and mentions in her review if it that the blade broke the very first time she used it. She further adds it is a safety hazard and can leave metal blades and pieces in you food.

Rosemary Harris says in her review of the Copper Chopper- “Blades are very flimsy. I had a hard time even cutting tomatoes and cilantro”.

Another user Flora Patton says her Copper Chopper review that the chopping screen is extremely sharp.

Allison Wheeler states in her review of the Copper Chopper- “Sometimes the top lid tends to get stuck with the bottom blade when few onion pieces gets jammed in the corners. A sturdier lock might help keep the top portion in place”.

Juanita Pope who purchased the Copper Chopper mentions in her Copper Chopper review- “Locks are a little difficult to work (engaging and disengaging is tough), pusher came loose a couple of times (1 or 2 out of 20 plus uses).

Sara Carroll complains in her Copper Chopper review that the plastic pusher got misaligned during cutting and left pieces in the bottom containers along with vegetables.

Diana Powers mentions in her Copper Chopper review that the Copper Chopper did not come completely clean when it was washed in the dishwasher after using it the first time. After the first wash, there were still pieces of onions stuck in the blades and the part that pushes the food through the blades.

Another user Hope Stewart who bought the Copper Chopper says in her review of it-“Whatever you are chopping, if it’s a little on the big side pushes forward and may unlock the cutting grate. I’ve had this happen three times already. So, just have to be careful, and cut a little smaller. I’m not sure this is a negative but you just have to be cautious, the blades are dangerously sharp”.

Lillie Cobb is disappointed with the Copper Chopper and mentions in her review of it that she is disappointed in the size. She is also disappointed that the container that receives the chopped onion does not have a measure on the side.

Vanessa Harmon complains in her Copper Chopper review that it only comes in 2 cutting dice sizes. Also the lid doesn’t close shut completely.

Crystal Hill complains in her review of the Copper Chopper that cleaning the top green plate that is used to push the fruit/vegetable through the blade is difficult because everything gets caught in there. She finds a normal kitchen fork works best. She further adds that a dishwasher will not clean well; onions will stay stuck in there through a dishwasher cycle. The little rubber feet came off in the dishwasher and the little plastic locking device to hold the blade in also came off in the dishwasher.


Copper Chopper Questions & Answers

Q. Does the Copper Chopper come with a dicer and a slicer blade or just one blade?
A. Two blades, but neither slices. It dices. One blade cuts to 1/2″ squares, the other cuts to 1/4″ squares.

Q. What vegetables can you use this for?
A. You can cut onions, potatoes, bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, with 2 different size blades.

Q. Where is the Copper Chopper manufactured?
A. Copper Chopper is manufactured in China.

Q. Can you mice herbs, like garlic, basil etc. with the Copper Chopper?
A. Copper Chopper could mince a peeled clove of garlic but not anything that is leafy or soft.

Q. I have arthritis. Can someone with arthritis give me their feedback about how hard is to use it for someone with this condition?
A. Copper Chopper is perfect for someone with arthritis.

Q. How do you insert the blades so that you don’t struggle as to whether or not it’ll fit?
A. Put the blades in the unit as there is only one way to insert them.

Q. Can the Copper Chopper chop almonds?
A. It may not because the metal might bend.

Q. Will the Copper Chopper make French fries?
A. No. The 2 cut choices are large chopped squares or smaller ones. It would work well for hash browns, but not fries.
Q. Will the Copper Chopper chop cilantro?
A. Copper Chopper may not be the best fit for thin leaves like cilantro. Apparently it had a difficult time cleanly chopping scallions.

Q. Can we also cut onion slices, like Julian style or does the Copper Chopper just chop?
A. Chopping onions is much easier. Fancy cuts for onions might be better done by hand.

Q. Will the Copper Chopper dice tomatoes?
A. Yes, but you have to cut them in two halves before dicing.

Q. How does the Copper Chopper work with apples?
A. Copper Chopper will chop them easily. Works well with bell peppers, zucchini, and potatoes. The sweet potatoes got stuck and had to work at pushing the piece out of the cutter.

Q. Are there any other dicing blades available as an accessory??
A. Not currently.

Q. My Vidalia chopper just broke and I am considering this for a replacement. Does it have a cleaning comb?
A. Yes it does.

Q. Can the Copper Chopper chop extremely hard food, e.g., frozen-solid meats, or animal food pellets that need to be chopped smaller, without much exertion?
A. Copper Chopper won’t work for very hard things.

Q. Can you successfully chop raw broccoli?
A. Yes, but the area is very small so chopping one floret at a time gets tiring.

Q. Do they have blades to cut smaller than the already provided 1/4″ square blade?
A. No.

Q. Does the Copper Chopper come with something to clean in between the slats?
A. Yes, a little brush that enables you to get in those little spots that the water pressure can’t wash away!

Q. How far does the top open? That is, what is the maximum height of the vegetable to be cut?
A. It may not be able to cut a thick carrot. It was too hard to be able to press down. The top opens all the way though.

Q. Is the slicer able to handle beets?
A. It works great with onions, peaches and celery.

Q. How large are the dices?
A. 1/4″ to 1/2″ square pieces

Q. What types of fruits and vegetables can the Copper Chopper cut?
A. None, it just broke.

Q. Will the Copper Chopper chop nuts?
A. Yes, it will.

Q. How many of the green plastic squares are there?
A. 2, 1 for fine chopping and other one is a little wider.

Q. Is the Copper Chopper good for turning bread into bread crumbs?
A. It would have to be hard bread and small pieces.

Q. Is it possible to dice green beans with this?
A. Yes

Q. Does it cut potatoes into squares?
A. Yes it does.

Q. What is the container made of? How strong is it?
A. Strong sturdy plastic

Q. Can you cut long thin green chillies into fine pieces using the Copper Chopper?
A. Yes, you can cut green chillies into fine pieces using the Copper Chopper.

Q. Can the Copper Chopper make garlic into paste or does it cut it into bigger pieces?
A. No, it cannot make garlic paste-like.

Q. Can the Copper Chopper cut cheese into cubes?
A. It should.

Q. Has anyone tried using the Copper Chopper to cube raw chicken? How did it work?
A. It will cut cooked chicken but not raw chicken.

Q. Will the Copper Chopper cut mushrooms?
A. Yes

Q. Can the Copper Chopper dice eggs for egg salad?
A. Yes.


What do I get?

  • 1 Copper Chopper
  • 1 Fine Dicing Blade

Price: $19.99 with $7.99 Shipping and Handling. Copper Chopper is available only at the Official website | Order your Copper Chopper today!

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