Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

What is it? Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

Copper Crisper
It is a crisping tray which helps you prepare crunchy, oil-free fried foods when placed in the oven.

Gotham Steel Crisper
Devised like an oil-less fryer, Gotham Steel Crisper is a compact and energy-efficient appliance (in essence like a baking rack) that performs several cooking functions including grilling and baking.

How does it Work? Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

Copper Crisper
It works with the help of two prime components, viz. elevated crisping tray and ceramic cookie sheet, wherein the elevated crisping tray, made of non-stick mesh, pushes heat to circulate evenly. Simultaneously, the ceramic non-stick cookie sheet traps crumbs, grease or drippings from the mesh basket situated above the unit. It keeps the oven clean, non-messy and safe, while the elevated crisping tray cooks all sides of food uniformly and crisply, lending recipes a great taste.

Gotham Steel Crisper
It helps you bake, grill and perform many other functions by working as a baking rack kept in the oven with food inside. One of the highlights of Gotham Steel Crisper is that it distributes heat evenly from all sides. It makes food taste crispy and evenly baked as it gets heat around the food to circulate evenly. In that sense, it goes a step further than the other oven trays where the food simply remains on a surface with little air circulating around it. Gotham Steel Crisper instead cooks on all sides and minimises use of oil, which keeps food healthy.

What does it do? Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

Copper Crisper
It cooks food by creating seamless ventilation around it so that it is cooked evenly from all sides and turns out crispy. Copper Crisper does away with use of oil so that food is healthy and tastes delicious at the same time. It also ensures that only small mesh wires are there between the oven and the food, which allow ingredients placed in it to be cooked evenly all over, at the bottom as well as the top in inside. The elevation feature of Copper Crisper plays an important role in facilitating the same so that what you cook feels crispy and tastes the same (without use of oil) as they would if prepared in in fryer.

Gotham Steel Crisper
It is launches as a cooking appliance that is a pro at baking, grilling and other cooking tasks and does it by working as a baking rack with food inside kept in the oven. Gotham Steel Crisper made from top quality Ti-Cerama material, which combines non-stick ceramic and titanium. It has a uniquely constructed Crisper Tray, which lets food slide smoothly while cooking so that it doesn’t stick to its surface. It is safe to use with metal utensils, so you can cook the way you want and get great results without any risk. The Gotham Steel Crisper Tray is flame-proof for up to 500 degrees, so it can also be used on outdoor grills.

Features: Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

Copper Crisper
Elevated mesh crisping tray for even circulation of heat
Allows for oil-free and healthy cooking
Cooks at all sides uniformly and in one go
Two handles for safe handling
Healthy cooking- eliminates need for butter or oil
Heat resistance up to 550° F
Dishwasher-safe mesh crisping tray
Easy to clean
Copper Crisper traps grease and drippings with included cookie sheet

Gotham Steel Crisper
Combines benefits of non-stick ceramic with titanium
Healthy cooking alternative- requires no oil or butter
Safe for use with metal utensils
Flame-proof up to 500 degrees
Dishwasher safe parts
Can be used indoors as well as outdoors on grill
Two handles for safe handling
Elevated tray for even heat distribution
Elevated Mesh Basket
Recommended by celebrity chef Daniel Green
Made of patented Ticerama
Comprises two removable parts- a bottom tray and a mesh basket for different functions
Uses patented Ticerama coating
Can grill and start ‘BBQing’ directly when placed on the grill
Does away with the task of flipping food while cooking

Material: Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

Copper Crisper
Its Cookie Sheet is made of aluminum and the Mesh Crisping Tray has a wire mesh made of stainless steel. Both are coated with copper-colored Chef-Grade Non-Stick coating.

Gotham Steel Crisper
It is made of aluminum

Surface: Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

Copper Crisper
The surface of Copper Crisper is coated with Premium Non-Stick coating, which seemingly doesn’t oxidize or tarnish. It doesn’t require frequent polishing either, unlike traditional copper pans.

Gotham Steel Crisper
It is made from manufacturers’ patented coating of titanium and ceramic. They explain that these two natural materials make it a perfect non-stick cookware that is exceptionally sturdy In addition to that, Gotham Steel Crisper is also PTFE/ PFOA/PFOS free.

Handle: Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

Copper Crisper
Provided with two handles for easy and safe removal while cooking to prevent burns

Gotham Steel Crisper
Comes with two handles for easy and safe handling so there are no untoward accidnets like burns

Cleaning: Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

Copper Crisper
It can be cleaned by washing by hands under water with a mild soap or cleanser, or a soft, non-metallic scrubber, sponge or bristle brush. It is dishwasher safe too.

Gotham Steel Crisper
It is easy to clean. All the components of Gotham Steel Crisper are sturdy and dishwasher safe too.

Heat Resistance: Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

Copper Crisper
Up to 550° F

Gotham Steel Crisper
Up to 500 degrees

Reviews: Copper Crisper vs Gotham Steel Crisper

Copper Crisper

A majority of customers who purchased Copper Crisper are overall not satisfied with its quality and function. One customer who discarded an old appliance and replaced it with Copper Crisper says she’s completely let down with it. She was aghast to find there were no instructions and no recipes provided with it, so hasn’t even started using it. She wonders if any good company would sell their products without supplying basic things like them. She feels completely at sea whenever she tries using Copper Crisper as it doesn’t carry any information on temperature required for cooking, duration for different types of recipes and procedure. She has no idea about how to use the crisper, which she tried to find online along with other details, but couldn’t
Copper Crisper, according to another user, failed miserably when she tried slicing potatoes with it for French Fries. She says she baked them with temperature set on 425, but even after 45 minutes they were not ready. Some parts actually turned black and the remaining were left undercooked.

Another customer is unhappy with the ‘easy cleaning’ guarantee that Copper Crisper gives. She says that it cannot be cleaned the way any non-stick pan should be, and all she gets at the end is mess. It doesn’t appear clean even after cooking simple foods. Copper Crisper couldn’t even cook fried chicken and French fries. In fact, she kept chicken in it for nearly two hours, but it didn’t turn brown even at the top nor crispy. It stuck to the basket instead and little pieces were left behind. Cleaning it was also a hassle as she had to use a soft brush and water to soften it, wait for some time and then wash. As for the fries, she kept them in the oven for over 30 minutes and though they were baked, there was no crispiness. She says she’s exasperated and is planning to remove the appliance.

One more person who bought Copper Crisper has complained that even though it’s mentioned clearly that it can be cleaned in the dishwasher, the box in which it arrived says it has to be cleaned by hand. She\s also disappointed by absence of instructions as it is making things very inconvenient.

Copper Crisper advertisements are completely hollow and false, according to the feedback of one livid customer. She said when she kept some sliced zucchini in it at 360 degrees for 30 minutes, most of them weren’t crispy. She tried it a couple of times, but it didn’t work. She say she’s regretting buying Copper Crisper, so she wants to return it right away.

Gotham Steel Crisper

Customers who purchased Gotham Steel Crisper have shared their feedback and experience about using it. One customer has written in that the copper coating on its basket isn’t any good as it turned black. She doesn’t find other aspects of the crisper usable either. She says it has to be scrubbed for cleaning, just like a frying pan and shouldn’t be called a non-stick implement.

Another user has said that Gotham Steel Crisper is good for fries and side dishes, but can’t make pizza. And it’s too small to cook for many people. He says that the that Gotham Steel Crisper is an average tool.

Gotham Steel Crisper, as per the feedback of another reviewer, cooked bacon well but it doesn’t justify the tall claims made by its advertisements. It makes the oven messy and isn’t better than a normal rack or tray. And it isn’t dishwasher safe entirely. She says when she tries washing it in the top rack of the dishwasher, she can’t keep anything else in it. And it’s a hassle to clean it when it becomes greasy. Also, its rack is also too small so you can’t cook for the entire family or a large gathering with it in one go. She’s also complained that whatever is shown in the images of the Gotham Steel Crisper is fake; you just can’t use it as easily as it is projected in its commercials.

One customer has pointed out that the mandatory binding arbitration policy that Gotham Steel Crisper comes with, which he says, makes purchasing it a risky deal indeed.

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