Copper Eggs REVIEW

What are Copper Eggs?

It is an innovative egg-shaped cooker to make eggs in without having to peel off their shells. Copper Eggs could be the ultimate solution in which you can cook eggs to perfection easily and in a jiffy. It consists of a caddy in which you place eggs in the pods after cracking them open and then keep the caddy in boiling water for about 15 minutes to get flawless hard-boiled eggs. Copper Eggs comes across as a smart acquisition and a handy container in which a dozen eggs can be made at a time.

Top Quality Material, Experience and Everything
The creators of Copper Eggs state that as the name suggests, it is made of copper and components including non-stick material of best quality. It is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and ensures removing egg deposits is a convenient and scratch-free procedure.

Copper Eggs Questions and Answers

Q: Is it ok to use Copper Eggs with induction cook tops?
A: No, it doesn’t work with induction stove.

Q: Can I use it in the oven?
A: No, it cannot be used in the oven.

Q. Can I cook just two eggs in Copper Eggs?
A: Yes, it can cook one egg too.

Q: How long should I cook poached eggs in Copper Eggs?
A: Ideally for five minutes on very low simmer.

Q: Does it have Teflon coating?
A: Yes, since it is a non-stick cookware, of which Teflon is a compulsory feature.

Q: Is Copper Eggs made from 100% copper?
A: No, it isn’t. It only has a copper coating (that comes undone gradually).

Q: Should I do any sort of seasoning before cooking in it?
A: You could carry out a mild seasoning procedure if you want prior to cooking in it.

Q. Can I know the size of its cups?
A: It’s approximately 2 and 1/2 ” diagonally and 1 1/4″ deep.

Q: Are customers who use Copper Eggs happy and do they generally recommend it?
A: Honestly, no. You’d better check out other options too.

Q: Can Copper Eggs make eggs Benedict?
A: Though it can be used to make eggs Benedict, you’re likely to do it better manually at home the traditional way.

Q: Can you elaborate on the procedure for poaching eggs in Copper Eggs?
A: Pour about half inch of water in pan, spray each cup with Pam, break eggs into small bowl first and then place them into little cups provided. Keep the entire thing on top of the pan with lid covering it and let it cook. You may check regularly how the eggs are turning out, and when you are satisfied with the extent of cooking, take the unit out carefully and keep it on a flat surface. The egg cups will be standing up straight. Just run a knife around the eggs and take them out.

Q: How do I get the eggs out of the Copper Eggs unit?
A: Pick the egg cup out of the pan, turn upside down over a dish so it slides out. Run a knife around the edge of the cups so they come out without getting stuck to the surface. If you grease the surface of the cups with a little butter or oil spray in the cups before cooking eggs will slide out perfectly.

Q: Can I use this pan Copper Eggs on ceramic glass cook-tops?
A: No, you can’t.

Q: Does Copper Eggs have a transparent glass top?
A: Yes, it has a transparent glass top.

Q: What are its cups made from?
A: They’re made from copper, ceramic with copper coating and thin steel.

Copper Eggs Review

Kerry Houston has stated in her Copper Eggs reviews that it is a nice idea but not so good in quality. She says its handle gets too hot and the tray to set the egg cups in gets warped and cannot be adjusted during second use. Overall, the product is not really a perfect tool for daily use.

Emma Henry tried making poached eggs with Copper Eggs but she says she sensed a foul chemical taste in the eggs after that. One of the cups has even started leaving some residue behind, which spoils the egg in it. And after continuous use the cups have started losing their shapes.

Toni Hale, another dissatisfied customer, has written in her Copper Eggs review that she just doesn’t like eating eggs made in it. Sometimes she feels she is eating just a half boiled egg though while at other times, the thick walls of egg white around the yoke remain intact, which she does not like. Sometimes the eggs leave an unpleasant smell in Copper Eggs which makes the eggs uneatable.

Marlene Morgan does not like Copper Eggs as she says it does not poach eggs the way they are. The cups, she feels, function more like a boiler as hot water cups surrounding the eggs tend to make the handle hot and she cannot touch it with bare hands.

John Brooks says in his Copper Eggs review that its cups are tiny and difficult to get out when they are hot. The non-stick surface is sticky and the hot cup is very difficult to lift out. Also, he says that sometimes the eggs do not stay on the toast, and the cups also look too small.

Cecilia Rhodes finds the cups of Copper Eggs too sticky when hot. She is surprised why it is called non-stick. She says its handles get hot soon, which make it difficult to touch it with bare hands.

Copper Eggs Verdict

Copper Eggs is a sleek egg-shaped cookware in which eggs can be hard boiled and cooked perfectly without having to peel off their shells. Its makers project it as the perfect tool to own for poaching eggs too. As for people who’ve used it, some think it’s not a bad product while others find its capacity rather small and price on the higher side. It has not touched four stars out of five while there are other similar products that have better ratings. Some features of this product also don’t function the way you are assured it is

Copper Eggs Alternative Product
ExcelSteel 4 Cup Stainless Steel Tri-Ply, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Egg Poacher and 7″ Fry Pan for instance, is a prominent egg maker made of durable triply copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. It is also designed to ensure optimal heat distribution. It has a bigger capacity as compared to Copper Eggs. However, it’s far costlier ($69.95 while Copper Eggs is priced at $19.99 only and yet offers four compartments while the former has six compartments.
It is available on a number of shopping sites for you to pick it from.

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2 Comments on "Copper Eggs REVIEW"

  1. Andrew Raimondi | March 10, 2020 at 2:24 pm | Reply

    Tried this product and was disappointed as eggs did not slide out and was stuck to the sides. It was not an easy clean up. Just so you know, I followed the instructions to the letter. I would not recommend this product.

  2. Which came first the egg in a shell or copper eggs, really removing eggs from the shell aren’t that hard, even farm fresh eggs, you simply hard boil the egg ( or soft if you prefer ) then smack the egg on the counter and remove the shell, and if you need to cook a few dozen simply use a pressure cooker when they are done pull the weight and whack and peel, really it’s that simple.. But thank you copper egg for trying to re-invent a problem to which a solution has been around for since the day many many years ago when a egg was first boiled….

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