CopperWell Pan REVIEW

About CopperWell Pan – CopperWell Pan asserts to be a cooking pan made that provides evenly-cooked food that won’t burn to stick to the surface.

CopperWell Pan Claims

The copper construction of CopperWell Pan asserts to give higher conductivity and even heat distribution that also makes it nonstick and durable.

CopperWell Benefits – If your pan burns food and you need to scrape it off or if it breaks, chips, and scratches easily then CopperWell Pan promises to be the pan for you. It alleges to have great heat conductivity and even distribution to give great cooking results and make food stay hotter for longer. More about this will be known with user reviews. CopperWell Pan alleges that it is scratch and damage resistant so you can use a metal blender on it, flambé, or use it in the oven since it withstands 250°C heat. Is CopperWell Pan that sturdy? Let’s wait for user reviews to know.

Nonstick and Easy to Clean – CopperWell Pan declares to have nonstick surface so you can cook without using grease or butter. The dishwasher-friendly cleans with just a wipe. CopperWell Pan assures to be compatible with any cooking surface. Tell us with your reviews if you found CopperWell Pan this good.

7 Comments on "CopperWell Pan REVIEW"

  1. Bought a Copperwell frypan and it works extremely well, nothing sticks to it, not eggs nor bacon. So far I highly recommend it. Now I shall just wait to see how long it lasts before the coating fades and things start to stick.

  2. Frank A Gilling | February 9, 2018 at 2:08 am | Reply

    I have the same problem as Terry. Fried eggs stick to the pan. I use hot water and a soft dishclothe to remove the residue. I notice so far Copperwell have not replied to terry and I am beginning to wonder if my pan also belongs in the rubbish bin.

  3. Are the Copperwell 28cm Copper Infused Non-Stick Frypans a NO oil needed frypan

  4. I recently bought 11 Copperwell pans for my school. To test their general effectiveness and ease of cooking and cleaning I promptly cooked a fried egg and 7 pancakes, all with great results. In fact, it outperformed my current fry pan which cost about four times as much. Cleaning was a breeze. And no, I do not work for the company. I just needed reassurance that students could confidently work with the product and replicate recipes with commendable results, to boost their confidence in the kitchen.

  5. I bought a Copperwell frypan from Big W also but mine works fine. Cooked 3 eggs on it today abd it oerforjed exactly as advertised and cleaned up easily also. So the guy saying he got a bad one needs to sinply take it back and exchange it.

  6. Conrad Vracknos | August 17, 2017 at 1:05 am | Reply

    Terry’s comments of june 8 -2017
    Is this true

  7. I bought a copperwell pan at Big W, and it is the biggest piece of junk that I have, it really needs to be in the rubbish bin as you cannot cook fried eggs without it sticking let alone bacon, it hard to clean you have to soak for a short period please don’t buy as where do you contact these people ? and yes I followed instructions

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