Country Cookware Griddle Pan

About Country Cookware Griddle Pan
It is an exceptional griddle pan with exceptional features and attributes that transforms foods like home-cooked meat and vegetables into restaurant style cuisine.


Country Cookware Griddle Pan Claims

BBQ style cooking right at home – Country Cookware Griddle Pan promises to make the way you cook easy, enriching and truly slick. It could be the perfect way to elevate the way you cook and also discover exciting new facts with regards to preparing restaurant quality food.

The secret… – The makers of Country Cookware Griddle Pan state that its top cooking secret is heat, which helps it broil and sear tender meats, vegetables and more accurately within seconds. It can also endure the highest level of heat repeatedly and can keep foods’ surface touching the cooking pan and getting burnt.

Intelligent construction – Country Cookware Griddle Pan comes with thoughtfully incorporated pouring spouts to remove fats, oils and marinades for healthy cooking. It is provided with non-stick lining and cast-iron construction, which enables it to sear foods perfectly on a hot surface, keep skin on fish, chicken, etc. crispy and make charred, griddled vegetables much better. Also, it has been made with the finest cast iron which is exceptionally durable (moulded at 1300°C) and has deluxe enamel coating for unparalleled non-stick cooking and ease of cleaning.


What do I get?
Buy the Country Cookware Griddle Pan for £39.99

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