Do Copper Pans scratch?

Do Copper Pans Scratch?
Copper Pans have weak coatings that do peel off due to use of metallic utensils. There is no exception.

What is the coating on the Copper Pans?

The copper pans can have a non-stick ceramic, stainless steel or tin coating.

Is the coating scratch-proof?

The copper pans are claimed to be scratch-proof. But that does not mean that the cookware will not scratch ever. If not handled properly, your copper pans are likely to scratch.

What are the chances of scratching?

As per the reviews of the users, the copper pans are likely to scratch, and there coating can peel off easily if they are not handled properly.

What can cause the surface to scratch?

Improper handling and harsh cleaning might scratch the non-stick coating of the copper pans. Using abrasive cleaners and scrubbers will scratch the surface of the cookware. Besides, using metal objects can also scratch the non-stick lining of the pan.

What are the hazards associated with scratching?

In case the coating of the copper pan has scratched or is peeling off, it is advised that you refrain from using it for cooking. It is because when the coating on the surface breaks, the food will come in direct contact with copper which will react with the food. Ingesting too much copper is not good for your health.

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