Does Blue Diamond Pan have real diamonds?

What are the diamonds in the Blue Diamond Pan?

Blue Diamond Pan
The depiction of diamonds around Blue Diamond Pan is misleading, the presentation has a malicious intention of luring people into thinking that the pan has “real” diamonds.

The Blue diamond Pans are said to have diamond infused ceramic coating which makes them stronger than the other pans. But if you have been wondering whether these pans contain real diamonds, then you must know that the diamonds used are nothing but quartz crystals.

Are they real diamonds?

No, the blue diamond pans do not contain real diamonds. These use quartz crystals that are available in abundance on earth.

So whats the story behind the “diamonds”?

The diamonds used in the Blue Diamond Pan could be “quartz”. There are tons of cookware and pans out there in the market that are made from stone quartz. So it is quiet possible that the Blue Diamond Pan uses the same food-grade quartz coated surface under the pretext of “Diamond”.

2 Comments on "Does Blue Diamond Pan have real diamonds?"

  1. Well, they also claim to be “everyone’s favorite frying pan”. Between these two claims, I think we can safely say that they’re a bunch of amoral sociopaths who are willing to defraud their own customers.

  2. So when the company says they put 200,000 diamond crystals in each product, their lying….ok

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