Does Granite Rock Pan have Teflon in it?

What is the coating in the Granite Rock Pan?

Granite cookware technically is a type of cookware containing a special Teflon coating along with a versatile pattern design which is added on the top part of the item. So Granite Rock Pan has a TEFLON coating.

Of-course it goes without saying that the safety scale of these is as reliable as most of the other non-stick cookware that one could find in any everyday kitchen.

More examples of similar cookware with a non-sticky coating would have a feature including the PTFE and PFOA-free (For example: Granite), however the safety totally depends on the non-stick teflon coating being absolutely intact. The coating isn’t very durable in-fact it is delicate and easily chips out. It is suggested that once this happens, post the chipping phase all the parts of the cookware should be put away from use to avoid any inconvenience.

Granite Rock Pan
Granite Rock Pan

What is Teflon?

Teflon is a non-stick coating commonly used in cookware that ensures food does not stick to the cooking utensil. It is the common name for a compound polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which combines the atoms of fluorine and carbon. As fluorine forms a strong bond with carbon atoms, it prevents the chain from breaking resulting in a durable material Teflon that has a slippery surface and is inert to most of the chemicals. Thus, it is safe for cooking.

Why is Teflon harmful?

Teflon is widely used in cookware for its non-stick and non-reactive properties which makes cooking easy and safe. But there were concerns related to the use of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) during the manufacturing of Teflon which could cause health conditions like kidney or liver diseases. As such manufacturers have discontinued using PFOA. Most of the Teflon cookware available today is free of PFOA.

The PFOA free Teflon is safe to be used. However, the highly stable PTFE compound does break at high temperatures releasing toxic fumes which when inhaled may cause polymer fume fever or Teflon-flu. Exposure to these harmful fumes may lead to flu-like symptoms which resolve in some time. However severe conditions may also lead to lung damage.

The connection between Teflon and cookware

Teflon is a registered brand name of a company Chemours. It constituted a wide range of products including cookware that was non-stick, durable and easy to clean. With time the non-stick coating of Teflon became so popular that it became synonymous to non-stick cookware. However, one must note that every cookware that is said to be non-stick may not have a Teflon coating.

Does Granite Rock Pan have Teflon in it?

Yes, the Granite Rock Pan has a PTFE non-stick coating which is nothing but Teflon.

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  1. tanis carter | March 5, 2020 at 5:07 pm | Reply

    teflon is not safe. cooking at high temperatures. is considered 350 degrees. anyone who uses this product is putting their health at risk

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