Emeril Forever Pans Review | ForeverPans.com Review

How do Emeril Forever Pans work?

Emeril Lagasse claims that the Forever Pans can sear like Stainless Steel, caramelize like cast-iron and are non-stick “forever”.


Emeril Forever Pans Review | ForeverPans.com Review


The non-stick coating of the ordinary pans don’t last forever because these ordinary pans have just one layer of non-stick coating which quickly wears away with the every day use.



Tests Performed on the Forever Pans

Emeril Lagasse guarantees that the Forever Pan’s will remain non-stick forever. To demonstrate the non-stick feature of the Forever Pans, he pours an entire jar of tomato sauce in the Forever Pan, burn the sauce with a blow-torch and amazingly the burnt sauce comes off the cooking surface with ease – nothing sticks to the pan. Another demo shows egg sliding in the Forever Pan even after “sanding” the pan with a grinder. As per another test performed on the Forever Pans, they remain non-stick even after subjecting it to 80000 cycles of abrasions! where as an ordinary pan can withstand just 8000 abrasion cycles before the non-stick layer begins to come off. Mind you, these tests are performed by the manufacturer and not by any independent agency.

Goes in the Oven

The manufacturer claims that the Forever Pans are built to withstand high temperature heat and can go from stovetop to oven. The official review claims that you can even use metal tools on the Forever Pans.

Anodized Pans

The Forever Pans claim to have double anodized layers that make the Forever Pans harder than steel. Aluminum is at the core of the Forever Pans, which improved heat conductivity for even cooking. The aluminum is anodized inside and outside, this double layer process makes the pan stronger than steel, the official review claims.

Cooking Surface

The super-thick base layer is infused with millions of ceramic particles the second layer is a hybrid of ceramic and non-stick [TEFLON], the top layer is infused with silver to repel bacteria. The coating claims to be free of PFOA. The Forever Pan has a stainless steel induction plate at the bottom which makes it “stovetop-friendly”.



The ergonomic double riveted handle is cool to the touch. The Forever Pans are dishwasher safe. Use the Forever Pan to sear, simmer, broil, braise, roast, steam, crisp, fry and bake – it does it all. Emeril Lagasse claims that the Forever Pan will not scratch, crack, warp, chip or dent.


What do I get?

  • 11-Inch High-Side Forever Fry Pan with 11-inch Tempered Glass Lid
  • 10-Inch Forever Fry Pan with 10-inch Tempered Glass Lid
  • 5.5 Quart Stock Pot with Saucepan Tempered Glass Lid
  • 1.5 Saucepan Pan
  • Stainless Mesh Crisper Basket
  • Emeril’s Professional Chef Knife
  • Grill Plate Insert
  • Emeril’s Favorite Recipes
Price: $199.96 + $14.99 P&H. The Emeril Forever Pans are available only at the official website ForeverPans.com.


Forever Pans Review

They Do Scratch

The biggest lie about the Emeril Forever Pans is that “they do not scratch”. We have tons of reports that the Forever Pans do scratch. There are no cookware on the face of earth that don’t scratch and warp if not used correctly and Forever Pans are no exceptions. So don’t believe and fall for any of the the claims made by the manufacturer. One user reported that the pans get scratched even by plastic utensils while cooking eggs, let alone metal. The surface of these Forever pans also scratch when you try to stack them together.



Is it Worth the Price?

Many users complain that the pans are certainly not worth the price.

Cleaning the Surface is Easy

One of the good about Forever Pans is that they are easy to clean from the inside, though product experts recommend not to put the Emeril Forever Pans in the dishwasher. It is recommended to clean the pans with soap water and sponge.

Exterior Cleaning is a Hassle

Cleaning the exterior of the Emeril Forever Pans is a chore, the rivets where the handle connects to the pans are not coated and the food sticks to the rivets making them difficult to clean. The lid of the pans is also difficult to clean.

Works Fairly Well

If you disregard the false claims made by the ForeverPans.com website regarding the scratch-proof cooking surface, the Forever pans work fairly well. The Emeril Forever Pans do stand up to their non-stick claims. Food cooks evenly and can be used for various cooking methods.

Took Up Too Much Space

The Emeril forever Pans take up too much space and they cannot be stacked up together. So they need to to be stored in the cabinet.



Begins to Chip Over Time

A few users have reported that the Emeril Forever Pans chip on the pot where they cracked the egg.

Handle and Lids Get Hot

Another major complaint about the Emeril Forever Pans is – “Hot Handles and Lids”. The handles of the pans get really hot and are not safe to touch.

Bottom Stains

The bottom of the Emeril Forever Pans stains, as per one complaint. The reviewer used the Forever Pans on glass-top electric stove and found that the bottom has stained. One user mentions in her review that outside of the Forever Pans gets stained easily. The user was cooking pasta in the Forever sauce pan and the pasta boiled over the pan, this stained the outside of the pan and now the stain does not want to go.

The lids are Wobbly

There are a few complaints that mention that the lids of the Emeril Forever Pans are wobbly [though not all users complain about this issue].

Do they Warp?

The pans are not heavy and are relatively thin, so the chances of the pans warping are quite high. There are a few complaints about the pan rocking on the flat cooktop, creating hotspots on the surface.

They Remain Non-Stick for a Year

Based on the reviews of similar anodized cookware, the ForeverPans.com pans would begin to lose their non-stick property after about an year or so.



Our Verdict

Emeril Forever Pans are nothing special, there are like any other Hard Anodized Cookware pans and have the same pros and cons. They are nothing special and of-course the TV ad is way too exaggerated. As one of the user mentioned in the review, all the pans scratch and lose their non-stick property over time. Based on the reviews and after the comparing with other similar hard anodized cookware we would recommend the Cuisinart 14 Piece Chef’s Classic Non-Stick Hard Anodized Cookware Set over the Emeril Forever Pans.

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