Gotham Low Fat Grill REVIEW

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What is Gotham Low Fat Grill?

It claims to be a non-stick, scratch resistant indoor ceramic grill that cuts down grilling time and drains away the fat for cooking delicious grilled recipes in no time.

What does Gotham Low Fat Grill claim to do?

Low-fat Indoor Grill
Gotham Low Fat Grill promises to be the perfect indoor grill that makes healthy low-fat food quickly and easily. It states that the use of a non-stick ceramic base allows users to apply lesser oil and grease for cooking. Additionally, Gotham Low Fat Grill asserts to have a Grease Trap that catches all the grease to reduce the calories. It does sound fantastic on paper; user reviews will expose the truth.

Innovative Design
This indoor grill maintains to come with a no-flip technology that helps in cooking twice as fast as other grills. However, there are no Gotham Low Fat Grill reviews available yet to prove its claims. The use of dual-sided heating element and a non-stick Ti-Cerama coating allegedly makes it scratch resistance and cleaning it after use is also a breeze. Plus, it assures to have a large enough size to accommodate four burger patties at once. How well does Gotham Low Fat Grill really work? Send us your reviews.

3 Comments on "Gotham Low Fat Grill REVIEW"

  1. I have 2 of these pans and ready to throw both away. Try frying eggs in them, they
    stick and just make a mess. I have had mine less than 6 months and they both are chipped, chipped enough I wonder if they are safe to use.
    Not a fan and I think they are a rip off. DO NOT BUY.

  2. William Caloia | August 31, 2018 at 12:34 pm | Reply

    It is junk. The “copper ” appears to be nothing more than a thin coat of coloring. The steel underneath is a very cheap grade which leads to hot spots and June en heating. The “non-stick” surface is good for about 30 days before food sticks and has to be scrubbed off. This erodes the surface leaving scratches and wear spots. You will probably toss it in the trash within 45 days.

  3. It’s looks like it’s biting off of the George Foreman grill, what you can’t think of your own ideas

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