Gotham Steel Better Boiler REVIEW

About Gotham Steel Better Boiler

It is the new ingenious pot which is claimed to never have boils over ever. The secret is the expanded rim, that instantly cools any liquid before it reaches the edge. The old steel pot makes the huge mess by all the boiling over and splattering of the food cooked in the pot whereas in the Gotham Steel Better Boiler it completely stays inside keeping off your cook pot and even the stove.

Gotham Steel Better Boiler is made of ti-cerama material with ultra strong titanium that even metal utensils wont scratch and super slick ceramic that never sticks. It is dishwasher safe. You can get Gotham Steel Better Boiler for $29.99 and also get straining lid, fry basket completely free or also you can add $7.99 and get bonus 9.5 inch shallow square pan plus free shipping.

Gotham Steel Better Boiler

Gotham Steel Better Boiler Question & Answers

Q: Can Gotham Steel Better Boiler be used as regular cooking pots?
A: Use it to steam veggies or boil eggs. It isn’t a non-stick pot.

Q: Is the bottom highly polished stainless steel and perfectly smooth with no markings on the bottom?
A: Yes, it is very smooth.

Q: What is capacity of top pot of Gotham Steel Better Boiler?
A: Description says 2.5 qts. The pots are the same size, but the top is indented at the bottom to fit the other.

Q: Will this stainless steel work on an induction range?
A: Gotham Steel Better Boiler works on an induction stove

Q: Where is Gotham Steel Better Boiler made?
A: China

Q: Would this work for candle wax?
A: Yes, it would as it is designed for making candy (Reese cups).

Q: Are Gotham Steel Better Boiler magnetic?
A: No, these are not magnetic.

Q: What is the diameter of the pan?
A: 7.5″

Gotham Steel Better Boiler Reviews

It did not meet the expectations of the customers and thus they were disappointed the way product turned out to be. One of the customer had to say – “ The gauge of this metal is so thin I worry about its loosing its shape and not fitting together properly in the future.” Another said – “Gotham Steel Better Boiler is too thin and does not hold its temperature or shape when hot, price is ok for 2 separate sauce pans but not for use as a double boiler since water spill all over everywhere.” Also, if you are cooking in the Gotham Steel Better Boiler as individual pots, be ready to stand over your food and stir constantly to keep the bottom from scorching considering how thin the material of the pot is.

Gotham Steel Better Boiler has raised center of pot-not completely flat, do not recommended this for use on their glass-top induction wave cooktop. Other issues with Gotham Steel Better Boiler is that the curves on the inside of the pot makes it difficult to stir melting cheese. One of the user of Gotham Steel Better Boiler said the pot is showing rust spots and also it discolored after few uses thus proving that it is made of cheap material.

What do I get?

Gotham Steel Better Boiler for $29.99 USD + Free Shipping at

2 Comments on "Gotham Steel Better Boiler REVIEW"

  1. Reading the F.A.Q. I see this [sic]”Q: Would this work for candle wax?
    A: Yes, it would as it is designed for making candy (Reese cups)” Does Gotham Steel actually read the Q (Question) part and was it by candle light ? Because Candle wax is a petroleum product (ok there is Soy and Bees wax as well ) and while it’s sometimes used in the making of Candy like chocolate and certain coatings the answer is so far removed the question that it makes people wonder if you actually care or if your just in this to make a fast buck but I’ll wait for your illuminating answer…

  2. Thank you Gotham Steel for trying to invent a problem and not a solution, maybe they can answer the simple question, Who stands to benefit from this product and why? because if your cooking you should be attentive and issues like a boil over are very infrequent but promoting unattended cooking doesn’t lead to a cleaner stove top it leads house fires and loss of lives..

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