Gotham Steel Crisper Tray REVIEW

What is Gotham Steel Crisper Tray?

Gotham Steel Crisper Tray asserts to be a non-stick baking rack. Foils and baking sheets result in sticky and burned results respectively which Gotham Steel Crisper Tray claims to take care of, with its Ti-Cerama non-stick technology. This claim can be proved only after we analyze the Gotham Steel Crisper Tray reviews. It maintains combines non-stick ceramic with super strong titanium. It proclaims to prepare fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, potato chips, bacon, burgers, steaks, fish & chips, bruschetta and more with ease.

Gotham Crisper Review

One review by a Gotham Crisper customer states that the pan is not scratch-proof. In fact, its surface is vulnerable to scratches easily. The Gotham Crisper review also says that its nonstick capability is not commendable and would require soaking for a whole night similar to regular pans for easy cleanup. Otherwise, cleaning it is a chore.

Another customer was also disappointed with Gotham Crisper. Her review says that the pan didn’t really crisp the food and was stained right after the first use. The review further affirms that the pan is not really easy to clean.

A customer was shocked with the size of Gotham Crisper upon delivery. As per the Gotham Crisper review it was smaller than expected. Plus, it is good only for cooking frozen food on it. The review compares Gotham Crisper to other copper pans in the market and says it is nowhere near the quality it is priced for. The review also adds that food stuck on the supposedly nonstick surface of Gotham Crisper and is difficult to clean.

One customer mentioned in his Gotham Crisper review that it doesn’t work as it promised or was showed in the advertisement. The user further claims in the Gotham Crisper review that the pan is too small for holding bacon for the entire family. Plus, it did not brown it well or made it crispy. For the reviewer, Gotham Crisper was supposed to be the perfect pan to drain grease easily after cooking, but the pan is a greasy mess that is difficult to clean.

A user’s review about Gotham Crisper stated that it is similar to any other regular pan. It fails to roast vegetable without turning and doesn’t crisp any breaded item well. The Gotham Crisper review suggests that its surface should be lined with a non-stick spray for better results.

Another user who purchased Gotham Crisper had negative feelings about the pan. In her review she mentions that the pan is smaller than it appears on the website and commercials. The Gotham Crisper review further states that it can accommodate food for only one or two people and won’t serve an entire family. It fails to crisp the food and the copper seems more like paint than material.

A Gotham Crisper user complains in her review that it stained very early on and doesn’t clean well after washing. The user’s review says that Gotham Crisper’s finishing is poor and offers marginal results while cooking.

Another customer reveals in her Gotham Crisper review that the pan doesn’t clean easy and scrubbing it will result in flaking of the copper finish. In the review it is said that Gotham Crisper couldn’t stand 400 degrees of heat in the oven.

A user who tried to cook various things on Gotham Crisper was highly disappointed with it. As per the review, potatoes do brown well on the outside but the insides remain raw. The review also complains about Gotham Crisper when it comes to heating frozen food. Basically, it fails to evenly distribute the heat for a perfect meal.

Gotham Steel Crisper Questions and Answers

Q. Is Gotham Crisper safe to use?
A. The nonstick ceramic of this cookware is PTFE, PFOA, PFOS free for safe usage.

Q. Does it cook vegetables well?
A. Yes, it works great for zucchini, squash, eggplant, asparagus, and brussels.

Q. What are the dimensions of Gotham Crisper?
A. It is 13.1 x 10.1 x 3.4 inches.

Q. Will Gotham Crisper work as a broiler pan?
A. As per the manufacturer, it will work, but the temperature should not exceed 500 degrees.

Q. Does it have a grill mat?
A. No.

Q. Is Gotham Steel Crisper dishwasher safe?
A. Not sure, but since the surface is ceramic and nonstick it can be hand washed for quick clean up.

Q. What does Gotham Steel Crisper’s 360 degree heating mean? Does it mean even heating or does it mean that 360 degrees is the maximum temperature for use?
A. It means that Gotham Crisper offers even heating from all the sides for consistent cooking.

Q. Will spots or discoloration appear on the pan if something drips on it?
A. No, it should not. If something has dripped on Gotham Crisper, wipe it with a soft cloth.

Q. Does the pan’s bottom require lining with parchment or foil?
A. Gotham Steel Crisper is very easy to clean hence it is not necessary to line it up with a foil.

Gotham Steel Crisper CLAIMS

The elevated cooking rack of Gotham Steel Crisper Tray guarantees to cook food evenly across around all sides. The grease alleges to drip through the tray while cooking food like bacon. The comprehensive all round cooking with Gotham Steel Crisper Tray emphasizes to cook healthy with less or no oil. At this point of time there are no Gotham Steel Crisper Tray reviews to verify this claim.

The grill of the Gotham Steel Crisper Tray states to take up to 500° heat reflecting its high quality standards and durability. A great asset, it convinces to be safe for use with metal utensils and is dishwasher safe as well. Sounds too fanciful, Gotham Steel Crisper Tray reviews will expose it soon.

What do I get?
Buy the Gotham™ Steel Crisper Tray for just $19.99 , and we’ll send you a 2nd Gotham™ Steel Crisper Tray, just pay separate $6.95 fee!

7 Comments on "Gotham Steel Crisper Tray REVIEW"

  1. Nancy r Cornish | March 25, 2019 at 4:41 pm | Reply

    I’ve used it a few times and I like it so far. It has shown a few spots where grease dripped but the drip pan has been easy to clean. I’ve found that I have to cook things longer than the recommended time but they come out crispy and not soggy on the bottom. I’ve done frozen french fries, hamburgers and chicken tenders. Works better than a rack for me.

  2. The tray has spots on it that will not come off. This happened on the second time I used it. And it does not brown the food on all sides.

  3. Crisper tray is a total scam. Tried making french fries,they were far from crispy. Very disappointed consumer.

  4. Very hard to clean, copper is flaking off of the mesh and the mesh is almost impossible to clean. The pan part is so hard to clean it is not funny. I’ve had food stick to it and not even cook evenly or properly at all.

  5. oh I tried to cancel also but they kept teling me I couldn’t

  6. A total rip off was suppose to get one free didn”t cuz I upgraded but I don’t see what the upgrade was looks like the original item they also charged my account twice which cause me a financial burden. I don’t see where I got anything extra by upgrading the package oh wait I got charged more

  7. William Frostick | May 3, 2017 at 12:12 pm | Reply

    Total Crap. Too small. Ads are very misleading. Do not recommend ordering.
    Attempted to cancel…shipped anyway. Now have to pay return. May cost more than it’s worth….and they know that!

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