Gotham Steel Square Pan

What is it

– The TV ad states that it is a new-age deep pan constructed with titanium for durability and ceramic for nonstick feature.


The most durable and nonstick pan

Gotham Steel Square Pan assures that unlike traditional pans it doesn’t burn or stick food or scratch, chip, or damage with the combination of ceramic and titanium construction. The ti-ceramic coating of Gotham Steel Square Pan asserts to distribute heat evenly and slide even the gooiest food right off. Gotham Steel Square Pan declares to be so tough that you can use a metal blender right on it and it won’t scratch. We haven’t read user reviews to verify these claims yet.


Microwave safe
Gotham Steel Square Pan alleges to be microwave safe up to 500˚C so you can bake and serve right out of it and flip food out perfectly with no sticky mess. Gotham Steel Square Pan proclaims to be flame proof so you can make flambé recipes on it. Is Gotham Steel Square Pan so good? Let’s wait for user reviews. Gotham Steel Square Pan declares that it works on gas, electric, and induction cook tops and has extra large capacity to hold four chickens and vegetables easily. Send us your Gotham Steel Square Pan reviews.


What do I get?
Buy Gotham Steel Square Pan just for only $19.99 + $6.95 s/h And just pay separate $4.95 processing and handling for 2nd Gotham Steel Square Pan.


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  1. I have a red copper frying pan and if I spray some cooking spray on it food (including eggs) slide right off…..I would be lost without my frying pan….I give it a thumbs up….

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