Gotham Steel Stackmaster Review

Gotham Steel Stackmaster Set Review
Gotham Steel Stackmaster Set Review

How does Gotham Steel Stackmaster work?

Are your cupboards jam packed and clustered out of control? Digging for the right utensil or pan sometimes takes longer than usual and worse, sometimes they get scratched! It’s like as soon as you open the cabinet a disaster is waiting to happen. It’s time to take control of your drawers! Introducing Gotham Steel Stackmaster cookware. A brand new non-stick cookware set that stacks by itself and never gets scratched. It’s the cookware you can stack to get your space back! Finally it’s possible to have an organized kitchen with every pan and lid all at your finger tips.

Gotham Steel Stackmaster Review

The entire set stacks together saving space and the trouble of having another beautiful utensil get a scratch and they save up to 40% of the previously used space in the cabinets. Stackmaster features a triple layer titanium coating for extreme durability which makes it last 10 times longer than other cookware. Now you can seamlessly use metal tools right in the pans without scratching. It features a super cast non-stick surface so no oil or butter is necessary. It stacks easily with textured surface for even radiant heat and it is also oven safe up to 500 degrees and dishwasher safe.

This product is completely PFOA free. Time to take the cabinets from disaster to a delight because now your sauces and food will slide right out of the pans no matter how sticky they are and it works great with seafood too! Now make your favorite oven pot roast, sauteed vegetables or even deep fried crispy chicken this cookware set has the power to do it all. Delicious gourmet meals now made easy with the brand new cook-master. Time to throw away those old and scratched pans that clutter your cabinets and go to stove-top to oven and directly to dishwasher without a worry.

Not Non-Stick

The most common complain about the Gotham Steel Stackmaster pans is that they are not non-stick. Many users have reported in their reviews that it takes more than 15 minutes to cook an egg and the eggs do stick to the pan. So the eggs sliding off the Gotham Steel Stackmaster pan effortlessly as shown in the TV ad is just a marketing ploy.

Damaged Pans

Many users complain in their Gotham Steel Stackmaster reviews that they have received damaged pans. The pans were dented out of the shape and the lids would not fit. Dented pans would not stack inside each other – complains one reviewer. Some reviews also mention that they received Gotham Stackmaster pans with scratches on the surface. The bottom pans were the most scratched. Also the pans do not stack accurately.

Poor Quality of Stackmaster

Gotham Steel Stackmaster reviews shed light on the poor quality of the pans. They bent and scratch even with moderate use. Gotham Steel Stackmaster  complaints mention that the handle has sharp edges which can easily cut your fingers. Also the induction plate at the bottom of the Gotham Steel Stackmaster pots and pans is small and renders it useless on Samsung induction range. As per the reviews the Gotham Steel Stackmaster pans begin to peel off and cooking surface gets scratched easily. Those who have used the Gotham Steel Stackmaster recommend not to put the Gotham Steel Stackmaster pans in the dishwasher.

Paid Reviews

The biggest issue with the Gotham Steel Stackmaster is that the manufacturer has successfully garnered more than 180 reviews out of which 70% of the reviews are 5-star paid reviews. Many users who bought the Gotham Steel Stackmaster set complained that they got lured in by all the 5-star reviews on Amazon. There is absolutely nothing “5-star” about the Gotham Steel Stackmaster. Reviewers warn potential buyers to be aware of the paid reviews and not to get sucked in. The 1 and 2 star reviews reveal the true nature of the Gotham Steel Stackmaster pans, users say. One reviewer explains how the manufacturer of the Gotham Steel Stackmaster has suppressed the original negative reviews with a flood of glaring positive ones.

Gotham Steel is not a Reputed Brand

One reviewer cautions buyers, he says in his review, “Gotham Steel the manufacturer of “Stackmaster” stackable pots and pans, is not a reputed brand. It is not known for manufacturing quality kitchen products like other reputed brands. So before investing $200 in these stackable pans from a shoddy “as seen on tv” company, you should explore if there are other branded and more reliable company. 

Our Verdict on Gotham Steel Stackmaster

Based on the reviews we have received we can safely conclude that Gotham Steel Stackmaster is not at all worth $200. The manufacturer has manipulated the Amazon rating by publishing paid positive reviews and hence the Gotham Steel Stackmaster has 4.4 star ratings out of 5. 

The question you should ask is, “Is Gotham Steel Stackmaster the only stackable pots and pans out there?” the answer is no. There are more tried and tested stackable pans out there in the market, though they are not advertised on the TV like the Gotham Steel Stackmaster. T-fal, Calphalon, Rachael Ray and Farberware are reliable alternative to the gimmicky Gotham Steel Stackmaster.

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