Granite Rock Pan vs. Blue Diamond Pan

Cooking pan is a need of every kitchen and elated are those who opt for more than the basic versions like the ones with a granite or diamond finish. In this article, we compare two of the best-selling pans namely the Granite Rock Pan and the Blue Diamond Pan. Here, we focus on the advantages and disadvantages of both the pans and compare them on all aspects to help you, the end consumer pick one that suits your needs the best. You can find images as well as crucial technical information of these products on the official websites as well.

Granite Rock Pan vs. Blue Diamond Pan: Comparison

Compare Material:

Granite Rock Pan vs. Blue Diamond Pan

Granite Rock Pan:The Granite Rock pan is an aluminum pan which has been coated with granite rock finish thrice and is rated as super non-stick by the company.

Granite Rock Pan

Blue Diamond Pan:The Blue Diamond Pan features a diamond infused ceramic coating which is non-stick as well.

Blue Diamond Pan

Compare Size: Granite Rock Pan vs. Blue Diamond Pan

Granite Rock Pan:This pan is available in a 12-inch size.

Blue Diamond Pan:This pan is also available in a 12-inch size only.

Compare Outer Coating: Granite Rock Pan vs. Blue Diamond Pan

Granite Rock Pan:It is finished in granite rock on top of the aluminum coat.

Blue Diamond Pan:It is finished in the shiny diamond finish on top of the ceramic coating.

Compare Bottom: Granite Rock Pan vs. Blue Diamond Pan

Granite Rock Pan:The Granite Rock Pan is available with an aluminum bottom which can transfer the heat rapidly from the stove to the food.

Blue Diamond Pan:The Blue Diamond Pan features a solid forged base to ensure that there is no warp or wobble.

Stove Top Usability:

Granite Rock Pan:It can be used on any of your standard stovetops and can stand high temperatures.

Blue Diamond Pan:This pan can also be used on a variety of stoves and withstands extreme conditions because of its diamond coating.

Compare Non-stickiness: Granite Rock Pan vs. Blue Diamond Pan

Granite Rock Pan:The three-time coating of the pan with durable granite rock finish ensure a complete non-stick experience. The pan does have its cons though. Such as when used without oil or any other lubricant, it can cause permanent damage to the non-stick properties to the pan. Thus, it is suggested to use this pan only when you use oils or any other cooking liquids.

Blue Diamond Pan:This pan also fulfills its non-stick claim but considering it as a lifetime coating might be taking it a little too extreme. The non-stick properties of the pan last for a long time, but they do tend to wear out as well. After a certain period of usage, you will need to grease it from time to time. Even after this disadvantage, it is still one of the best non-stick pan options out there.

Does it warp?

Granite Rock Pan:The granite rock pan claims of no warping but this claim might not be entirely accurate. This pan does show signs of warping when used under extreme settings for longer duration. Thus, it is recommended to use this pan with this consideration in mind to avoid damage to the pan.

Blue Diamond Pan:The three-layer diamond infused ceramic coating makes the Blue Diamond Pan tougher than most of the options out there. This pan also features a forged base which prevents it from warping, and there have been no complaints of warping shown by the pan so far either. All of this is considering the use of the pan on low to medium flame settings.

Does it peel off?

Granite Rock Pan:The Granite Rock Pan with its durable granite rock finish promises a no-peel experience, and this claim is lived upto by it. The natural mineral coating also provides an extra layer of assurance to ensure absolutely no peel.

Blue Diamond Pan:General review of the pans show that the coating may feel off after a certain period of usage. A rough use and cleaning may accelerate this as well. Thus, it is sensible to use the pan with some extra care.

Does it need to be seasoned? Granite Rock Pan vs. Blue Diamond Pan

Granite Rock Pan:Seasoning on the Granite Rock Pan is a big no-no. It may cause permanent damage to the top layers of the pan thus reducing the non-sticky character. So, to ensure the maximum life and its non-stick coating, it must not be used for seasoning.

Blue Diamond Pan:General reviews of the pan indicate the need of seasoning after certain use to ensure a prolonged life.

Verdict: Granite Rock Pan vs. Blue Diamond Pan

The pans offered by both, Granite Rock and Blue Diamond are of outstanding quality. Even though they have their pros and cons, both of them have good durability which is one of the main characteristics of a good pan. The multiple layers of coating in both the products provide them with durability. These coatings of Granite Rock finish, as well as Diamond finish on both the pans, also lead to an excellent non-stick experience. These properties of the pans put them right at the top of the segment making them one of the top contenders in the 12-inch section. Despite all these qualities, they both have their drawbacks too. A choice hence must be made by considering the advantages and disadvantages of both. The final verdict depends on the type of use you are looking for in a pan. If extreme durability and good life are what you are after the Blue Diamond Pan is the one you should go with. Whereas if you are looking for excellent non-stick properties, the Granite Rock Pan is the pick for you.

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