Granite Rock Pan vs Gotham Steel Pan

Here is a comparison between the Granite Rock Pan and Gotham Steel Pan. This comparison is based on the “reviews” and not what the manufacturer claims about them. In this comparison I am not going to about the product’s features because most of the features based on false claims. To know more about Granite Rock Pan and Gotham Steel Pan features, please visit their websites and


Compare Material: Granite Rock Pan vs Gotham Steel Pan

Granite Rock Pan

Granite Rock Pan

Granite Rock Pan claims to be coated with avocado oil infused ceramic and features pressed aluminum.

Gotham Steel Pan

Gotham Steel Pan

Gotham Steel Pan features ceramic outer coating with titanium as inside material.

Compare Outer Coating: Granite Rock Pan vs Gotham Steel Pan

Granite Rock Pan – Food grade granite coating finish.

Gotham Steel Pan – Ceramic reinforced with titanium.


Does food stick to it?
Granite Rock Pan – YES, whatever the manufacturer may claim but the reviews confirm the fact that EGGS stick to the pan. Sticking eggs have been the most common complaint of the Granite Rock Pan. Applying a bit of palm oil to the pan makes it non-stick.

Granite Rock Pan with stuck egg

Granite Rock Pan is nothing different from all the other as seen on tv pans. It is relatively new in the market and yet has 31% one star rating and 38% negative reviews.

Gotham Steel Pan – Out of the 5000 Gotham Steel Pan reviews this pan has on Amazon, 30% of the reviews (1500 reviews) complain that if not seasoned, the food sticks to the pan from the day one. This is by far the biggest complain people have about the Gotham Steel Pan.

Gotham Steel Pan with stuck egg


There are over 1500 reviews that confirm that the Gotham Steel Pan is not truly “non-stick”

What is the surface of the pan like?

Granite Rock Pan – The surface of the Granite Rock Pan is not smooth and is rough; this could be the reason why food sticks to Granite rock pan.

Granite Rock Pan

The Granite Rock Pan claims to have 3 layers of granite above the stainless-steel-titanium interior. Compared with the Gotham Steel Pan, the Granite Rock Pan has a better cooking surface.

Gotham Steel Pan – The surface of the pan is smooth and has a copper finish. Though not real copper, only copper finish.

Gotham Steel Pan

The Gotham Steel Pan surface is titanium infused ceramic “finish”. The scamsters don’t reveal the thickness of the outer layer.

Compare Handle: Granite Rock Pan vs Gotham Steel

Granite Rock Pan – The metal handle gets hot and is difficult to handle. Many reviews mention this issue and people wonder why the handle does not have a rubber coating.

Granite Rock Pan Handle

Granite Rock Pan features and difficult to handle metal handle.

Gotham Steel Pan – It too has a steel handle and that is the only steel part in the pan.

Gotham Steel Pan Handle

The steel handle of the Gotham Steel Pan gets very hot.

Does it warp?
Granite Rock Pan – So far there have been no complaints of the Granite pan warping.

Gotham Steel Pan – There have been numerous complains of the Gotham Steel Pan warping.

Does it chip and peel off?

Granite Rock Pan – Yes, there are reviews and complains from the users saying the pan begins to peel off with just a few uses.

Gotham Steel Pan – Yes the reviews confirm that the thin outer coating of the pan begins to peel off even after moderate use.

Does it need to be seasoned?

Granite Rock Pan – Yes reviews conform that it needs to be seasoned with some palm oil or food will stick to it.

Gotham Steel Pan – Many reviewers complained that because the food was sticking to the pan right from the day one, they had to use a little bit of oil to season the pan.

Does it work on Induction?

Granite Rock Pan and Gotham Steel Pan – NO, it is not induction ready.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Granite Rock Pan and Gotham Steel Pan – Yes they are dishwasher safe.

Does it have Teflon?

Granite Rock Pan and Gotham Steel Pan – the manufacturer claims it to be PFOA (Teflon) free.

Where is it made?

Granite Rock Pan and Gotham Steel Pan – China

Is it metal utensil safe?

Granite Rock Pan – The manufacturer claims it to be metal utensil safe but reviews reveal that the pan’s coating begins to peel if metal utensil are used on it.

Gotham Steel Pan – Nope don’t use metal utensils on this pan that will make this already flimsy pan’s coating to peel off.

Our Verdict

Neither Granite Rock Pan nor Gotham Steel Pan stand up to the hefty claims they make. These pans claim to be non-stick but reviews reveal that everything sticks to them. Out of the 60 Granite Rock Pan reviews 30 reviews are complains about egg getting stuck to the pan. The reviews of Gotham Steel Pan are nothing different. Out of the 5000 reviews Gotham Steel Pan has, 1700 reviews are 1-star ratings.

What these telemarketers do is they copy a branded product (in this case the non-stick pans) and introduce a “cheap” and “flimsy” version of that product and associate brand names with these cheap “as seen on tv” items, in this case the “Granite” and “Stainless Steel Pan”. They are cheap by price too and people thinking them to be better alternative to the expensive pans get lured into buying them and get scammed.

Her are the disadvantages of both Granite Rock and Gotham Steel Pan

  • Not truly Non-Stick.
  • The outer coating begins to peel off after moderate use.
  • They are not induction compatible.
  • The Gotham Steel pan warps.
  • Difficult to clean
  • Neither Granite Rock not Gotham Steel Pan is truly scratch-resistant.

Shoudl you buy the Granite Rock Pan or the Gotham Steel Pan?
We do not recommend buying the Granite Rock and Gotham Steel Pan. Here are a few alternatives that are tried and tested.

Alternatives to Granite Rock Pan

  • MICHELANGELO Granite Non-Stick Fry Pan Set
  • The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri
  • WaxonWare Non Stick Frying Pan
  • Vesuvio Ceramic Coated Nonstick Frying Pan
  • Carote Frying Pan
  • Granite Wok Pan
  • SAFLON Granite Frying Pan

Alternatives to Gotham Steel Pan

  • MICHELANGELO Ceramic Fry Pan with Ultra Nonstick Titanium Coating
  • Cuisinart 722-36H Chef’s Classic Stainless 14-Inch Open Skillet
  • T-fal C51705 ProGrade Titanium Nonstick Fry Pan
  • Cuisinart 722-911NS Chef’s Classic Stainless Nonstick Skillet
  • Saflon Titanium Nonstick 11-Inch Fry Pan

5 Comments on "Granite Rock Pan vs Gotham Steel Pan"

  1. Sadly ALL non stick cookware regardless of claims will not tolerate high heat, metal utensiles, fats and oils, or harsh chemicals.
    They ALL can release dangerous fumes and chemical compounds into the air and food.
    Stainless and un coated cast iron are the only two that will last and won’t contaminate your food

  2. My husband bought me a Gotham pan for the Christmas of 2017. I don’t cook on high don’t use butter and I don’t use metal utensils. The pan was great for 2 months now everything sticks and scratches from I don’t know what.

  3. I have had the Gotham set for a few months now. From the time I first used it, everything sticks to it. I’ve learned to use a little bit of butter or olive oil to keep my food from sticking. I’d say I have had the pans for about 6 months now. Around month 4 I noticed that the pans do not sit flat on the cook top when the heat is on. So yes, the Gotham Steel pans do warp. The handles also get hot, even the lids on the large and small pans get to hot to touch without a mitt. I have not noticed any flaking, but I do not use metal utensils on the pans or pots. Hope this helps.

  4. I bought a GRANITEROCK pan and how not problems with it so far. When I got it I felt a light sticky coating on it. I lightly washed it in hot water with a soapy pad and it came clean. just a little butter helps the food from not sticking on it. I did the egg test without any butter or oil and it did not slide right off the pan like the commercial shows. I used a spatula to help break the egg from the pan and it separated with nothing sticking. I then let it slide off the pan into my dish.

  5. I have never had any problems w/ my gotham pan. I absolutely LOVE it.
    Nothing sticks to it. I even brown cheeses in it & it doesn’t stick.
    If you use cooking spray on it then it will stick. I use butter when sauteing veggies.

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