Granitestone Crisper Tray REVIEW | Exposed

What is Granitestone Crisper Tray?

Introducing the new Granite stone crisper tray which claims to be a fast and easy non-stick way to fry up your favorite food right in your oven. Now one can enjoy fried foods, without worrying about all that calorie intake with our famous Crisper Tray by Granitestone.

Granitestone Crisper Tray REVIEW

How does Granitestone Crisper Tray work?

The secret is the non-stick rack that keeps the food up and above the burning layers that way nothing goes to waste and evenly crispy food from all sides. This super handy appliance is built for superior fried cooking with 3 times the coat with the most durable non stick granite finish. But the non-stick rack is raised to keep all the food up and off the tray, which allows heated air to flow evenly all around the food, thus ensuring the perfect shaped delicacies to eat. Also since the internal tray is elevated most of the grease and fat slips right through – so no more soggy foods, just scrumptious and crispy tasting.

Granitestone’s Crisper Tray is oven rated up to 500 degrees, is 100% dishwater safe and PFOA Free. Now one can air reheat so the food is crispy to eat and make the perfect cookies without all the added preservatives or the grease and oil. Watch all the grease drip through so there’s less calories for you. This product’s superior design and construct makes it safe for metal utensils and it is multi-purpose from stove top to oven with a super tough 10 year warranty. With a 90 day money back guarantee it is priced at $19.99 only so avail the offer and order yours today! Granite Crisper Tray is available only at the official website

Granitestone Crisper Tray Price Comparison

Granitestone Crisper Tray REVIEW

Now that we have seen all the fancy claims Granitestone makes about its Crisper Tray, lets see what the actual user reviews have to say about it.

How does Granitestone Crisper Tray work?

We have analyzed scores of Granitestone Crisper Tray reviews and conclude that the Crisper Tray is an overrated tray that does not work as claimed.

Takes longer to cook

According to the review, Granitestone Crisper Tray fails to deliver on the cooking front – the very purpose of its creation. Many users have complained that it takes more than usual time to cook simple food like fries. The reviews attest the fact that Granitestone Crisper Tray cannot be an alternative to the baking pan.

Soggy Chicken

Those users who tried cooking chicken with the Granitestone Crisper Tray complain in their reviews that it takes forever to cook chicken with Granitestone Crisper Tray and the chicken comes out soggy, uncooked and bland.

Potatoes Dry Out

A user of Granitestone Crisper Tray mentions in his review that he tried roasting potatoes with the crisper tray. The potatoes came out more of dried than roasted, as promised in the TV ad. The food comes out bland and tasteless, complain the users of Granitestone Crisper Tray. Since the crisper tray does not allow you to add any oil (as it drips out), you cannot “correct” the flavor and taste of the food being cooked.

Crisper Tray for Fries

Reviews mention that the Crisper Tray works for making french fires but it takes longer to fry them. Also the center of the fries is raw and only the fries on the edge become crispy.

Too Shallow and Small

The Crisper Tray comes only in one size and it is too shallow. The tray holds only two slices at a time, that is why they don’t mention the dimensions of the tray.

How is it for Pizza?

One reviewer mentions that he tried the Crisper Tray to reheat the pizza and the crust was still soggy. “I was back to cookie sheet for reheating pizzas. The food cooked in Crisper Tray does not get as crispy as they claim in the infomercial.”

Takes Longer to Cook

“It takes longer than the traditional air bake pans” says one user. Whether you cook bacons, fries, veggies or chicken it takes a while to cook. That is why many people end up getting under-cooked food with the Crisper Tray.

Good for Small Family

Given the size of the Crisper Tray it is suited for a small family of three or less. It does not feel very sturdy and the bottom of the pan is difficult to clean.

Our Verdict

Granite Crisper Tray is definitely a more healthier method of cooking food but as per the reviews there is nothing exciting about the crisper tray. Granitestone is not the only crisper tray out there and the supposed granite finish does not offer any practical advantage, it is more of a marketing ploy.

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