Granitestone Family Pan Review | Review

How does Granitestone Family Pan Work?

Family Pan is a 14″ extra-large “All in One” Pan from from the makers of Granitestone range of cookware. When cooking meals for the family, you need more than one pan and that too of various sizes. And it can be a lot hassle to manage cooking on multiple pans and then you have to clean them too, that is what the manufacturer [EMSON INC] of Granitestone Family Pan claim. EMSON INC introduces the Granitestone Family Pan that supposedly is extra-large, durable and non-stick. According to the official review, the benefit of the Granitestone Family Pan is that you can cook the entire meal in one pan and at once! And that too without oil or butter. Why is it called the “Family Pan“? Because the new Granitestone Family Pan is 14” in diameter. The Granitestone Family Pan is PFOA-free and Dishwasher safe.


Granitestone Family Pan Review | Review



What can you cook with the Granitestone Family Pan?

  • Cook a dozen of Eggs with Bacon, Cheese & Tomato for Breakfast
  • Spaghetti & Meatball Feast for the Entire Family with any sticky goo
  • Family Sized Bacon-Mac-N-Cheese
  • Bake Candies for the Entire Family
  • Deep Enough to Fry Platter of Chicken Wings & Slider Burgers
  • Sear Perfect Fillet for the Family Party
  • The Granitestone Family Pan is oven-rated to 550 Degrees
  • Bake Extra Large Pizza or Apple Berry Crumble for the whole Family


What makes Granitestone Family Pan Special?

According to the official Granitestone Family Pan review, the Family Pan is pressed from a single Aluminum disc for balanced heat conduction. The Granitestone Family Pan is supposedly then coated with a triple layer of granite stone finish. The promoter of Granitestone Family Pan also claims that the pan is metal utensil safe and won’t scratch from using sharp utensils on the surface. The Granitestone Family Pan features a helper handle to serve the food.



Granitestone Family Pan Price

What do you get?
  • Granitestone Family Pan
  • Free 6 PC Knife Set
PriceGranitestone Family Pan Set is priced at $39.95. Granitestone Family Pan is available at the official website Granitestone Family Pan is backed by 90-Day Money Back Guarantee & comes with a 10-Year Warranty.


Benefits of Granitestone Family Pan Over Other Pans

  • Our product experts acknowledge that Granitestone Family Pan require less oil or butter compared to other cooking pans.
  • Granite is considered healthy and non-toxic to cook food on.
  • Granitestone is great for medium and low heat cooking.
  • Thick and wide bottom of the Granitestone cookware is known to distribute heat evenly.
  • Comparatively Granitestone cookware is lightweight, durable & does not rust.

    Granitestone Family Pan Review – Is there anything great in the Granitestone Family Pan?

    When we analyzed the reviews of the Granitestone Family Pan we found that it has more disadvantages than advantages.



    Bulges at the Center

    The biggest complaint being the Granitestone Family Pan bulges in the center when it heats up. The bulged part of the Granitestone Family Pan is not non-stick and the food sticks really bad on this part.


    The Surface Scratches

    The promoter of Granitestone Family Pan claims that you can use metal utensils on the pan, but this claim turns out to be a lie. User reviews reveal that the surface of the Family Pan gets scratched even by wooden and plastic tools let alone metal. One the surface is scratched, the food sticks even more.


    Low Quality Thin Pan

    The second set of complaints is dominated by the poor quality of the pan and thin surface. Granitestone Family Pan user reviews mention that the pan is poorly made and is quite thin compared to the diameter. “It seems like you can bend it with your hands”, one reviewer says.


    Begins to Warp in 6 Months

    There are a sizable quantity of reviews that reveal that the Granitestone Family Pan begins to warp after 5 to 6 months of hot and ¬†heavy cooking use and is not suited for saut√©ing. “Once warped, the Granitestone Family Pan is no more reliable and does not conduct heat evenly” – a Family Pan user mentions in her review. The Granitestone Family Pan warps only when it is heated and returns to its normal form once cooled. This causes the oil to pool at the edges of the Family Pan and the cooking is inconsistent. The food at the center of the pan tends to burn due to the lack of oil. Once warped, the Granitestone Family Pan is almost useless for making eggs.



    Not suited for High Heat

    The Granitestone Family Pan is not suited for high heat cooking as heat causes the Family Pan to warp. Cooking on low heat means the heat takes time to reach the out area of the pan, this results in inconsistent cooking.


    Does Not Stay Flat

    There are Granitestone Family Pan reviews that reveal that the pan does not stay flat on the stove eye, the Family Pan has a raised mound in the middle when heated. The bulge in the middle of the pan causes the pancakes to cling to the edge of the pan, the pancakes don’t come out round from the Granitestone Family Pan, user reviews suggest. This issue is with a few pans, not all. Not very well suited for frying bacon.


    Not Very Non-Stick

    The other disillusioning revelation is that the Granitestone Family Pan is not as non-stick as they make it look like in the official ad. Eggs stick to the surface of the Family Pan and burn on the bottom. You still have to spray oil on the Granitestone Family Pan so that the food does not stick. The claim that the Granitestone Family Pan is non-stick without oil is a lie. The potatoes cooked without oil do not taste great, reviews say.



    Food Does not Slide Out Like Magic

    Many Granitestone Family Pan buyers feel misled by the tv advertisement. The food does not slide out like magic as shown in the commercial. One user shares her Granitestone Family Pan experience in her review, she cooked eggs on low heat without the oil and the eggs stuck to the pan. The second time she cooked the egg on medium heat with a little bit of butter and the eggs did not stick to the pan.


    Nothing Special

    When we asked Granitestone Family Pan users if the pan really lives up to the claims, their answer was NO. Reviewers say the features of the Granitestone Family Pan are too exaggerated, it does not do anything that a regular Teflon coated pan cannot do. The handle is not heat resistant, which makes it difficult to handle.


    Heats Up Fast

    Good for making grilled cheese, scrambled eggs etc. But heat distribution is not as claimed and scorches chicken gravy, users mention in their reviews.



    Easy to Clean Except for the Rivets

    One of the advantages of the Granitestone Family Pan is that it is easy to clean, this fact is attested by most reviews. But user reviews suggest not to put the Family Pan in the dishwasher as this may damage the non-stick coating. Just wipe the surface of the Granitestone Family Pan with a clean cloth. One Granitestone Family Pan user reveals in his review that the trick is to let the pan cool down and sticky food comes loose and dislodges from the pan. The Granitestone Family Pan has only one issue with the cleaning, stuff sticks to the handle rivets and the gunk is quite a hassle to get rid of.


    Great for Browning

    The Granitestone Family Pan also has some positives – as one review points out the big pan is great for browning. Good for stir frying without crowding the pan.


    Inconvenient Handle

    The handle is all metal and very narrow compared to the size of the Granitestone Family Pan. “The handle is too narrow for the pan and makes it hard to have a good grip”, one review says. The review further notes that the handle being all metal gets very hot.



    Lightweight Cooking Pan

    Another positive of the Granitestone Family Pan is that it is lightweight and easy to use. The pan is good if you are cooking on low and medium heat. The handle does not get hot which makes it convenient to use the Granitestone Family Pan.


    Does not Come with a Lid

    Another drawback of the Granitestone Family Pan is that it does not come with a lid. The lack of a lid means a lot of mess to clean when you are cooking a large quantity of food. One reviewer mentions that she cannot cook bacon because there is no lid to put on. She mentions in her review that it is totally illogical to have a big frying pan without a lid.



    14″ is an Overkill

    Some users find the 14″ Granitestone Family Pan to be an overkill as it does not fit in most sinks. There are quite a few reviews that say that the pan is too big for their kitchens. The helper handle scratches the sink and many users don’t find much use of the helper handle.


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