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What is Granitestone Pan?

Granitestone Pan

The Granitestone Pan is an industrial grade, non-stick cooking pan. It passes through several tests in extreme conditions. It is a dishwasher safe, 500 degrees oven rated pan which is coated thrice with durable granite stone. This coating is primarily responsible for its superior cooking factor and non-sticky cooking. The durable granite stone enables oil-free cooking wherein you don’t have to use excessive oil or butter at all to avoid sticking to the base. Apart from these, it has been pressed from the solid aluminum disc for even heat conduction. The Granitestone pan is also PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic) free, which accounts for healthy cooking.

How does it work?

With increasing consciousness towards fitness and healthy lifestyle, oil and butter get deemed as an enemy. To avoid unhealthy eating, people nowadays are rigorously switching to oil-free or less oil intake. This practice would only be possible if you switch to utensils which allow you to cook with less oil. The non-sticky pans make it possible and provide you with a healthy lifestyle.

The solid aluminum disc with triple coating makes this pan metal utensil safe so that you need not to think twice before using fork or metal spatula on it. Washing would be easy and hygienic too.

How to use Granitestone Pan?

The Granitestone pan can get used for cooking a wide range of items which otherwise requires too much oil. Cooking vegetables, pancakes, egg omelets in this pan would mean you would hardly use any oil in cooking and keep up with your healthy lifestyle.

Let us now look into the other side of facts:

The Name “Granitestone” (Name Analysis)

Granitestone Pan

The name of the product very aptly keeps the customers focused on the purpose it is made to serve. Instead of opting for a name which would not exactly reveal the quality of the product, the name chosen defines what it is (at least what it is supposed to be). Hence it can be said that the name of the product is as apt as it could be.

Claim Analysis

Granitestone Pan

Now let us look to what extent does the product actually stands by its claims:

“Use no Oil or Butter.”

It is probably the most misleading factor which has been advertised by teleshopping channels in the past few years to guide the customers towards Teflon coated pans. It claims that cooking in these dishes would be oil or butter free, however when tried, it does stick to the base!

“Made for Superior Cooking”

The tagline of the product states that it is “made for superior cooking” however as the dish doesn’t support oil-free cooking, it is indeed nothing superior.

“Metal Utensil Safe”

The Granitestone pan is claimed to be unaffected by the use of metal utensils especially forks and another metal spatulas. However, after a few repetitive uses of metal spatulas, the Teflon base starts getting affected and hence the claim is proven to be false.

“Dishwasher Safe”

Since the base absorbs oil used while cooking, washing the Granitestone pan becomes difficult. It has to be rubbed multiple times to be free from the last cooking experience, and this affects the Teflon coating. The product is said to be PFOA free, but the quality standards do not support the claims entirely.

“Withstands the Worst Abuse”

As already mentioned, the product quality gets affected while regular cooking and dishwashing hence, the customers may understand that this claim made by the product website that the Granitestone pan withstands worst abuse can be said to be untrue.

Price Analysis

The Granitestone Pan comes for $19.99 which is not something exceptional to get at this price. Most pans advertised on television and available in the market comes at a similar price range. If the customer is made to pay almost $20, then they shall be provided with an actual superior quality product. However, in the case of Granitestone pan, the product does not stand by its price range.

Offer Analysis

Granitestone Pan

The product website promises free delivery of the product at $19.99 with a free egg pan. There are additional service tax and shipping surcharge included in the orders from some areas. The product will get shipped within three to eight weeks from the time the order is received, and payment. The product price of $19.99 with an egg pan is a luring offer provided the quality of the product is not compromised.

Product Review

As discussed under several heads, you can deduce that the product is an average quality Teflon based pan. Although it attempts to equip some of the latest technology based development by the triple coating of Granitestone and to have solid aluminum disc for heat conduction, the product does not fulfill what it promises to the customers.

Our Verdict

Since the customers have faith in tried and tested product reviews, it can be said that the product is not recommended primarily because of its quality standards. One may invest in the Granitestone pan if you are someone who tends to change/replace utensils at short intervals. For the ones, who wish to have a durable product, this pan may disappoint you.

The product got tested as a trial to make effortlessly swirling egg as the advertisement and promotion video demonstrates with no oil. But when tried practically, the experiment proved to be a fail. The egg started sticking on the surface, and the cooking was everything but effortless. It shows the incapability of the product in maintaining its claims. Although other Teflon coated pans in the market have a positive review, this one gives nothing superior.

The basic idea behind having a nonstick pan is to have non-greasy and oil free food, but if the product doesn’t stick to this basic requirement, the product can indeed be said to be not worth your money and attention.

The product has an average rating and an average review from our end. You may give it a try but keeping the factors discussed here in your mind.

NOTE: Reviews on Product site are not included due to the unavailability of any reviews on the website of the product.

4 Comments on "Granitestone Pan Product Review"

  1. I was just about to order this pan but after reading these reviews I think I’ll stick with the one I purchased at WalMart a couple of years ago. It looks a bit worn but it still works well. Nothing sticks to it and it is not peeling. Pays to do your homework!

  2. Mrs England | May 4, 2020 at 1:55 am | Reply

    I came to this site to see what “Granitestone” is, whether it was really TEFLON or not – and got my answer. The name is a gimmick, it’s still Teflon which is a carcinogenic material once it starts falling off or scraped off (meaning if you ingest Teflon it can cause cancer). As one individual posted above, the ceramic pans are fabulous and have no worry about Teflon. Thanks for the great review, very thorough and we will NOT be buying this product!

  3. We have a $5 ceramic pan we bought at Walmart, and after almost a year, it still releases everything from the pan, no sticking. But you have to use butter or oil to do that. we always wash it with a sponge, not the scratchy side and it still works great. Have been through many Teflon and ceramic pans that were not nearly this good. Never use metal utensils in these pans, it will ruin the coating and they are then garbage

  4. I have tried a few generations of the *_Rock family and while it does work well for the first 3 months or so if you baby it, it doesn’t work any better than a T-Fal after 3 months of daily use, no matter how much you baby it. If you need a zero-oil pan, this is the best one there is, but you’ll need to buy a minimum of 4 of them per year if you’re cooking with them daily.

    Better products: Blue Diamond, Red Copper, Gotham Steel Copper Ceramic Titanium.

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