Induction ready Cookware Guide

Induction Cooking Explained

The rules for induction cooking are entirely different from traditional electric or gas cooking. You require a specific kind of pans for induction cooking. So, how to check the compatibility of your cookware?

There is a specific process to help you buy the perfect pot and to understand the compatibility of your current pans and containers. And with this process, you can turn some of your non-compatible pots to work correctly on induction. First, let us understand the reason for the difference between induction and normal cooking processes.

The Induction Cookware Mechanism

Induction creates a magnetic field between the magnetic coils under the main cooking top and the cooking pot. The dynamism formed in that electromagnetic field starts heating the pan. Many people favor induction cooking because:

  • The process is faster than other options.
  • Energy-efficiency is comparatively better than gas or electric stoves.
  • It is safer because the cooking top remains cool.
  • It is more receptive to the change in temperature control.

To perform efficiently, induction cookware needs ferromagnetic properties like iron or need a layer of magnetic properties.

Cookware that is Ideal with Induction 

Finish cast iron, cast iron, and numerous kinds of tempered steel cookware are the most compatible cookware for induction cooking. There are individual exceptions, however. For example, All-Clad’s MC2line, crafted from aluminum and treated steel, does not work on induction stoves. Stainless steel creates the most perplexity since it can be crafted from many types of metals; a high nickel substance will obstruct the magnetic field.

Aluminum, glass cookware, or all-copper won’t work except if they have a coating on the base with magnetic properties. Numerous manufacturers have begun adding a magnetic layer to the bottom of these pots and containers; however, the traditional and old non-magnetic pots will not work. Copper and aluminum need much higher frequencies to create the necessary heat to cook the food.

The Most Effective Method to Identify Induction Compatible Cookware:

  • To identify if a pot or skillet is perfect with the induction stove, keep a magnet to the base.
  • If the magnet sticks to the bottom, the pot will surely work on induction cooktops.
  • If the magnet sticks to the pan lightly, you might not have great accomplishment with it on your induction oven.
  • If the pan does not pull the magnet, it doesn’t comprise the correct metals and won’t produce temperature.

Tip: Some brands have begun putting an “induction perfect” logo on the base of the cookware or the package. The logo frequently resembles a horizontal crisscross or a loop.

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