Is Granite Rock Pan safe?

What material is used in Granite Rock Pan?

Granite Rock Pan
Granite Rock Pan

Granite rock pan is made of triple food-grade granite layers and has a non-stick mineral coated surface. The inner layer of the pan comprises of high grade pressed aluminium.

Is the material used in Granite Rock Pan potentially hazardous?

The granite mineral used for making Granite Rock Pan is inert (up to a certain temperature) which means it will not react with your food. However, if the non-stick coating of the pan chips off, then the situation changes drastically. It is then advised advised that you must not use it for cooking.

What’s so special about Granite?

The Granite Rock Pan has a granite coating which is relatively safer than the ceramic coating.

What are the safety issues concerning Granite Rock Pan?

There are numerous types of frying pans available in the market, but not all are safe for cooking? Here are some of the safety issues that you must consider while cooking in Granite Rock Pan:

  • See that Granite Rock Pan does not leach chemicals or heavy metals in food while cooking.
  • In case of Granite Rock Pan, avoid using metal utensils as they may cause the non-stick layer to chip off.
  • Also, Granite rock non-stick pan should not be subjected to high heat as it may cause their coating to release toxic fumes.
  • In case the Granite Rock Pan’s non-stick coating is peeling, then discard it.
  • Don’t use steel wool to clean the pan as it will damage its non-stick layer.

What are the health hazards associated with Granite Rock Pan?

  • Granite Rock Non-stick pans usually do not react with food but when overheated the layer may decompose and release toxic fumes that may cause flu-like symptoms and in severe cases may result in lung damage.

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