Is Red Copper Pan’s Ceramic Coating Safe?

What is Ceramic Coating in Red Copper Pans?

Terracotta or Ceramic basically refers to the hardening clay through a heating process. While referring to utensils that are coated with ceramics , basically hard anodized aluminium is what is being spoken about (that has been glazed with a ceramic sheet . Ceramic non-stick overlays are technically made from inanimate minerals, essentially silicon and oxygen.  Inanimate refers to lack of any carbon.

Is Red Copper Pan ceramic coated cookware or ceramic cookware?

Red Copper Pan is a pan coated with ceramic .There is a clear contrast while taking ceramic coated cookware and ceramic cookware into consideration. Ceramic coated cookware is a metallic cookware (commonly aluminium, occasionally stainless steel) that is overlaid with a layer or layers of ceramic non-stick coating.The clay formula is absolutely natural and Ceramic cookware, on the other hand is made purely with which assures it does not contain ANY metals, any chemicals, zero ptfe (teflon) and pfoa, and does not leach any heavy metals. No risk of any chipping off or peeling off in the food because of absence of any ‘coating’ other than a natural ceramic one.

How safe is Ceramic Coating in Red Copper Pan?

Based on what various ceramic manufacturers have said , even if one accidentally heats a ceramic coated pan above 450 C, no toxic fumes will be emitted , unlike a Teflon coated pan.  Neither will it break down.  Thus making it safe for humans, birds and pets.

What about lead or cadmium in the Ceramic coating?

In a few instances reports of some ceramic finishes that drain out lead or cadmium onto your food.  This is customarily correct of ceramic cookware from Latin American and Asian countries where rules may be a bit negligent. In the US there are stern FDA requirements (via a law known as Proposition 65) for ceramic products to be null of lead or cadmium.  All well known companies adhere to or should comply with these requirements.

To be a 100% sure, we got in touch with the German company Weilburger Coatings, the  creator of the Greblon® non-stick ceramic coatings (used in Ozeri, Healthy Legend Cookware ,Josef Strauss Cookware etc) to enquire about the safety of the coating. 

So basically , one can be pretty sure that Ceramic coated cookware which is sold in the US by well known companies is safe for use.

The key point here is that if you’re in the market to purchase a ceramic glazed non-stick pan or set, you want to be sure to choose well established brands that have zero issues declaring that they are absolutely toxin-free.

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