JML Copper Stone Pans REVIEW

What is JML Copper Stone Pan?

Copper Stone Pans are it is non-stick & hard wearing pans with a wood effect handle. Pans are a very big feature in your kitchen, as mostly they are on display, hanging from pan hooks or on shelves.

JML Copper Stone Pan Features

You want your pans to enhance the look of your kitchen, and nothing beats the look of Copper Stone Pans to stake your claim as someone who knows their cookware. You could buy expensive full-copper pans but then you lose out on the ceramic surface, non-stick, and durability of Copper Stone Pans.

Using cutting-edge non-stick technology, the Copper Stone Pans are created with unparalleled heat distribution with class leading levels of durability and scratch-resistance.


JML Copper Stone Pans Benefits

We know that cooking without the extra oil or fat makes meals healthier and cleaning up quicker. The Copper Stone Pans heat up faster, stay hotter for longer and cook more evenly, which gives you the perfect non-stick experience on any kind of hob. Plus, the super-hard-wearing construction formed from an extremely tough, scratch-resistant coating combined with a forged aluminium body and steel base, means these Copper Stone Pans are long lasting, and are ready to make your cooking easier. Even withstanding the direct heat of a blow torch – isn’t it amazing!

Best of all is the beautiful copper toning and finish, as well as a hand sculpted wood-styled Bakelite handle that gives Copper Stone Pans a professional, high-quality look that will amaze family, friends and any guests.

Copper Stone Pans is available in three sizes.

Copper Stone Pans give you the strength of stone, the unbeatable non-stick of ceramic and the beauty of copper for the perfect pan.


What do I get?

Buy Copper Stone Pan for $19.99 at | Order it today!

JML Copper Stone Pan Questions and Answers

Q. How long does the JML Copper Stone Pan last?

A. The JML Copper Stone Pan may last for a year or so max with daily use.

Q. Is the JML Copper Stone Pan oven safe?

A. Unfortunately the JML Copper Stone Pan can’t be used in the oven since its handle is made of Bakelite material.

Q. Where is the JML Copper Stone Pan made?

A. JML Copper Stone Pan is made in China.


A. All oils can be used without any problems. Use high smoke point oils for a longer lasting nonstick coating, so olive oil is okay as long as it’s not extra virgin.

Q. Is the nonstick material in the JML Copper Stone Pan ceramic or some kind of hard plastic?

A. It’s more like a very slick stone type material.

Q. How do you clean the JML Copper Stone Pan?

A. Once the JML Copper Stone Pan cools down, wash with mild soapy water and it comes out clean with no stains.

Q. Should I worry about the safety of the nonstick surface of the JML Copper Stone Pan?

A. There is a cautionary statement about fumes evident at very high heat that could harm the respiratory systems of birds. Don’t worry too much about a short duration at high heat as much as the potential for warping the pan if it is not allowed to cool down enough prior to immersing it in water. Some of the pans can be placed in an oven and tolerate temperatures to 500 degrees, so it is the safe treatment of any hot metal that is an issue.

Q. Can a good browning/sear be achieved and does it require seasoning?

A. The trick is to preheat the pan so the sizzle begins the second you add the food. These pans are heavy so it takes a few minutes of preheating but don’t rush it by pouring on too much heat. The heaviness of the pan means it’ll never warp and always sit flat on you cooking surface. It also means the heat is evenly distributed to all your food. No seasoning required. They are ready to go right out of the box and nothing ever seems to stick.


Q. What is the size of the bottom of the JML Copper Stone Pan?

A. JML Copper Stone Pan measures 6 1/2 inches.

Q. Can one use metal spatulas and spoons with the JML Copper Stone Pan?
A. You can but probably not the best thing to do if you want to keep the non-stick surface working properly. Using spatulas and spoons will scratch the JML Copper Stone Pan.

Q. Can the JML Copper Stone Pan be used with a gas range?
A. Yes the JML Copper Stone Pan can be used on a gas range top.

Q. Is the JML Copper Stone Pan free of all typical nonstick chemicals, including PTFE?
A. Yes

Q. Does the JML Copper Stone Pan come with a lid?

A. No, the JML Copper Stone Pan does not come with a lid.

Q. Does the JML Copper Stone Pan contain PTFE?

A. The nonstick coating does contain PTFE, but it’s very safe since it starts to be dangerous when exposed to very high heat levels of 400F+ which poses no threat at all for normal home users. PFOA which is the actual dangerous material is not in the coating so you can use it without any problems.

Copper Stone Pans Reviews

Krystal Walsh in her review of Copper Stone Pans says “My frying pan arrived and with excitement I decided to fry an egg on it, the TV advert made it look so much fun with the egg sliding all over the pan. It was nothing like the advert. I ended up with scrambled egg and disappointment on my toast. It gets 2 stars as the build quality is strong, just isn’t as described so am returning it. Also I used a fork to scramble my egg like in the advert, it got a scratch as soon as the fork touched the pan.”

Miriam Carter, a Copper Stone Pans user says she tried to fry an egg without oil but it stuck to the Copper Stone Pans. She feels it’s too early to tell if the Copper Stone Pans works.
Ramona Cobb mentions in her review of the Copper Stone Pans that the surface seems very easy to scratch and just one mistake of putting the Copper Stone pans in the dishwasher could be the end of its life.

Joanne James review of the Copper Stones pans explains that he cooked some bacon in the Copper Stone Pans then poured the grease out, put egg in pan to fry, the first side did good when he turned it over and cooked the outer side and went to remove it from the Copper Stones Pans it had stuck to pan. He doesn’t understand why all the non-stick pans he has ever used never did that at the beginning of using them only after a few months of use

Patti Tyler complains in her review of the Copper Stone Pans states that though it seems nice and has been easy to clean so far… Its been only 3 time she used the Copper Stone Pans though. AFTER she received the Copper Stone Pans, she got the instructions for use: No Olive Oil! What?! She feel the info would have been helpful if it were listed anywhere in the product description. They recommend using canola oil. She olive oil, various flavoured olive oils, grape seed oil, peanut oil, and butter. She is still primarily using my stainless steel pans. The Copper Stone Pans has been good for making grilled cheese. It is thick and seems sturdy. She’ll likely start using olive oil in the pan and just have to replace yet another pan in a couple years.

28 Comments on "JML Copper Stone Pans REVIEW"

  1. Had a JML Copper stone griddle pan for a couple of years now. Brilliant bit of kit. Tend to cook steaks and chops in it mostly. Does a lovely job.

    Best advice, cook stuff on a medium to low heat, and warm the pan before you put anything in to cook.

    Meat juices will ‘burn’ black if cooking on a high heat so that may explain some of the issues around that, just cook on a lower heat.

    With the griddle pan we just pop it in the sink once cool and soak it for a while with a drop of detergent, and it comes clean really easily.

  2. Margaret Holland | March 2, 2020 at 12:13 pm | Reply

    had mine for nearly 3 years and nothing sticks. have not tried the no oil egg as my partner likes his splashed with the oil.

  3. Just tried my shiny new frying pan which I had asked for for Christmas. The two eggs stuck so firmly to the bottom they had to be bullied off using a spatula. Clearly not very non-stick. I’ll give it a few more goes to see if I can make it work – if it still fails, back it goes. So far, very disappointed,

  4. My pan sticks everything very disappointed now poach eggs and use another frying pan for sausages bacon etc. Would not buy another copper stone pan and definitely tell anyone who’ll listen what rubbish product it is. The advertising drives me mad. 30.00 quid down the drain

  5. Yes the egg can stick, i found that if you let the egg slightly crisp on the bottom then give the pan a shake it comes free without a spatula.
    And as for sausages leaving black flaky stuff in the pan you do realise that a lot of sausages sold have plastic casings for skin not natural skin casings like some of the more expensive brands. It would stand to reason that plastic will burn in a pan!!

  6. thank you….
    I was going to buy one of these but now I will definitely not 🙂
    Another triumph of personal experience over the … “A S A” toothless dogs

  7. We have induction hob and noticed over time the pan base warped only had for 4 months. Took it back to Argos and they phoned Jml they swapped it as a good will gesture. why did it warp. Do these pans need seasoning?

  8. Andrew Davies | August 7, 2018 at 3:20 pm | Reply

    I bought a frying pan and at the beginning it was ok, but no different from a normal non stick frying pan, after approximately 2 months the surface of the pan has started to bubble up and it is ruined, i have never had a high heat on it so as far as i am consurned there is no explanation for it, what a waste of money, my advice to anyone that is even looking at ghese items is to spend a lot less and get a much cheaper non stick pan because it will last a xamb site longer than the one i bought,and getting hold of the manufacturer is impossible, if this message saves 1 person money then i will be a happy man

  9. I have purchased a set of three, and have used only the smallest pan. Having followed the manufacturer’s instructions I fried and egg which stuck to the pan.
    Surely this contravenes the trades description act? I bought these pans from Robert Dyas on the 7th April 2018 but have been unable to return to store owing to health issues. I will be telephoning the store tomorrow to discuss matters!

    • I don’t understand…. if you followed the instructions correctly there shouldn’t be any sticking. Mine works great.

  10. Wrong about the PTFE! Got to the amazon page for this pan and read the questions and answers… a jml rep answers this question and confirms the non-stick coating is made from PTFE!!! Maybe nothing wrong with that but please do your research.

  11. Utter rubbish my asda £5 pan is better ! Everything sticks !!

  12. The advert for this pan is a disgrace. Don,t try frying an egg as it stick,s like glue.I would not recommend this pan to my worst enemy.

  13. The advert for this pan is a disgrace. Don,t try frying an egg as it stick,s like glue. I would not recommend this pan to my worst enemy.

  14. I bought this 28cm frying pan, wished i’d read the reviews first. First thing i did was read the instuctions on how to cook and wash, the first time i used it i fryed an egg and guess what, yes it stuck to the pan not a very good start, soi i will be returning this pan back. Jlm are wronly advertising this product.

  15. Try for the first time as the advert looks amazing. Can I have the pan in the advert as my amazing pan is a lot of crap .

  16. no good on induction hob hob cuts out no contact

  17. Just used mine for the first time to fry an egg, what a mess!! Completely stuck to the pan!!
    This product is advertised incorrectly. Rubbish’n

  18. Ours is 2 weeks old and has been used a few times. Its been looked after as have all my wife’s kitchen equipment but the handle has cracked. Not happy !!!!! Will be chasing manufacturer / distributer ASAP.

  19. Maureen McLuckie | December 22, 2017 at 8:24 am | Reply

    I bought a frying pan 4 days ago, the first day after I bought it, I tried to fry an egg, it never slipped around like the advert, I had to carefully remove it with a plastic spatula, the day after the same thing happened. I then tried 3 sausages, these seemed to have ruined the pan, they stuck to the bottom of the pan and when I tried to turn them they were thick black on one side, the other side did the same although I kept moving them around, again with a plastic spatula, not only did the sausages end up with a thick black coating, and ended up in the bin, so did the pan. I am now unable to get the burnt off black stuff off the pan, I soaked it first with warm water and then later with some bicarbonate soda which also hasn’t worked. A total waste of money, I will be returning it.

  20. Michelle Hanman | November 28, 2017 at 9:27 am | Reply

    I have had this pan for about 4 months. It was great for first few times but then everything stuck and I can’t clean it no matter what. I used the recommended bicarbonate soda and still doesn’t come clean. When k messaged to say it looked flaking was told to do this a d still nothing. What a waste of money

  21. Just used mine for the first snd the eggs have stuck even with oil disappointing

  22. Just used mine for the first snd the eggs have stuck even with oil di disappointing

  23. I have accidentally left mine on a hot ring twice now without damaging it. Using it with no oil at all is best for foods that contain fat or oil of their own – it’s like using a griddle. I use spray oil for things like eggs though you can do fried eggs and ommlettes without any oil at all but the texture and taste is different. I don’t regard the one year expectancy as a problem – even expensive PTFE pans have lost their quality after a year and much sooner if, like I have, you accidentally leave them on a hot ring from time to time.

  24. Why no answer

  25. Jml copper stone pan , leaving black flakey substance on sausages and bacon, what is wrong, please, and can I cut this problem, very disappointed.

  26. only lasts a year? definitely not worth (just like ceramics – wonderful at first then stick like crazy!)

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