NutriCast REVIEW

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What is NutriCast?

NutriCast is an ultra lightweight non-stick pan that alleges to cook, fry and bake food without any oil or butter making it the perfect pan to cook healthier meals!

How does NutriCast work?

NutriCast emphasizes it is pressed from a solid aluminium disc for even heat conduction. It is then coated with a durable NutriCast finish 3 times making it extremely tough and durable. At this point of time there are no NutriCast reviews to verify this claim.

NutriCast maintains to deliver cast iron cooking that you have never tasted before. We will have to wait for NutriCast reviews to verify this claim.

3X lighter than ordinary cast iron pans, NutriCast asserts to be the only pan you will want to use in your kitchen. It proclaims it is oven rated up to 500 degrees making baking an easy task. NutriCast states it can be used to bake bread, baked beans, crispy chicken, and so much more! NutriCast reviews will verify whether this claim is actually true. 

It further alleges it is metal utensil safe, PFOA free and dishwasher safe! This claim can be proved only after we look and analyze NutriCast reviews. 

It guarantees to be the best pan you will ever use for cooking, frying and baking! Let us wait for NutriCast reviews to find out whether the pan is worth purchasing or not?

Nutricast Pan REVIEW

NutriCast is portrayed as an alternative to “heavy” cast-iron pans and skillets. But does it really stand up to the claims it makes.  The pan claims to feature 3 layers of unknown “Nutricast” finish but do not reveal the material. Probably because the viewers will realize that there is nothing special about the Nutricast Pan. Also do not get carried by the Nutricast video showing the brutal abuse that it can withstand. Noe kitchen pan can endure that kind of treatment.

How durable is it?

NutriCast is not very durable, it is made from thin aluminium sheet and warps easily when used on smooth top cook-top or range. It works great for a few months with moderate use. The NutriCast pan is made from thin metal that easily bends and warps. It is not strong like the ceramic pans.

Does NutriCast need Seasoning?

Yes, like all aluminium pans – NutriCast too needs to be seasoned. After cleaning with lukewarm running water, let the pan dry thoroughly. Then you should spread a thin layer of shortening or avocado oil over the NutriCast pan.

Dies the NutriCast warp?

Yes, when cooked at very high temperatures the NutriCast pan begins to warp. It does not sit flat on the stove and wobbles. And because it wobbles, cooking with NutriCast pan is annoying.

Does it flake?

Yes, the NutriCast pan begins to flake after moderate use. And then everything begins to stick to the pan. Be careful while using the spatula on the pan. Make sure that the metal utensils do not touch the surface of the NutriCast pan. The NutriCast pan also begins to lose the outer coating at the bottom of the pan.

Does egg stick to the NutriCast Pan?

To make it truly non-stick you need to put some oil or butter on the pan before making the egg. Or else it would stick.


Do not put the Nutricast Pan in the Dishwasher. Instead use use a scrubber to clean the pan in lukewarm running water.

Price and Availability 

NutriCast Pan is priced at $27 and is available only at the official website:

Do you recommend the Nutricast?

Nope we do not recommend the Nutricast Pan. It is not an unique product that is not available elsewhere. There are tons of tried and tested cast iron pans out there on, buy one of those. One such pan is Alpha MF-32, Textured Ceramic Marble Coated Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Frying Pan from Korea 12.6-Inch.

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