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About Pan Duo Pans

Pan Duo claims to be a half round and half square pizza pan that gives you the delicious taste and crust of a round and square pizza all in one unique pan. The Pan Duo pan declares to be equivalent to about a 14 inch diameter standard round pan. It promises to make 5 slices of a round type pizza and 6 slices of a square type pizza.



Pan Duo Pans CLAIMS

Pan Duo Pans alleges to be made from a professional heavy gauge hard-anodized aluminium. These pans are coated with an Ultra Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Copper Coating making them both lightweight and durable. This claim of the Pan Duo Pans will be attested only once users review the Pan Duo Pans.

Perfect slices every time – Pan Duo Pans maintains to have Easy-Cut cutting guides that let you cut perfect slices and portions every time directly on the pan without the need of a cutting board. At this point of time there are no Pan Duo Pans reviews to verify this claim.

Stackable – Pan Duo Pans promises to be stackable allowing you to safely store your pans and take up minimum storage space. This claim can be proved only after we analyze the Pan Duo Pans reviews.


Pan Duo Reviews

Juanita Mendez, a Pan Duo reviewer discloses that its dishwasher safe property applies only to the top rack. The problem occurs when it becomes too greasy that makes it difficult to clean. She claims that he non-stock basket is too small in comparison with the advertised photograph that holds a mound of fries. She suspects in her Pan Duo review that it might be not useful for an entire family as promised. The shocking thing she found was a notice that mandatory binds arbitration and an exclusion from a class action suit. She suggests other users go for something else instead and save their money.

Another review of Pan Duo by Dough Young exposes that the copper coating on the plate is not of high-quality and it turned black in few uses. Also, using the pan on a gas grill stained it so badly that the spots are not coming off at all even after multiple, rigorous washing cycles.

As per Dexter Weber, the pan isn’t as good as it is advertised at all. In fact, it seems that they advertised pre-cooked food to look good in it. His review warns other users that Pan Duo comes with an Arbitration Agreement that makes it even more doubtful in terms of quality and performance.

Guy Warren, a Pan Duo customer asserts in his review that he has mixed feelings for the pan since it worked great for making pizza. But he found that other items such as French fries took a long time to cook, the chicken came out dry, and the veggies didn’t turn up as expected. So he has mixed feelings about the pan.

On the contrary, Clinton Lawson complains in his review that pizza gets stuck on Pan Duo and nothing else worked as advertised. According to him, the pan might not be made of the high-quality material it promises to be and isn’t worth the money.

Another reviewer, Mable Nelson, writes that Pan Duo is by far the worst pan she has ever cooked with. She found that even after using cooking spray, oil, and butter things start to stick to its surface. Also, the food took almost twice the time to cook. Instead, she advises others to go for a better quality pan that is value for money.

Donna Dunn too complains similarly in her review that Pan Duo has to be immediately hand-washed since food sticks on it and doesn’t come off as advertised.

Clint Mendez, a Pan Duo customer, reveals in his review that the pan has cheap quality aluminum material with a copper color that is thin, raw, and unfinished. He further asserts that the metal handle is of low quality too and is comparable to cheap pans that are found at half the cost at a supermarket or departmental store.

Rickey Carter, a Pan Duo customer, complains in his review that the pan gets sticky after few uses and even warped after a couple of months. He claims that its surface scratches easily and asks other users to stay away from it.


Pan Duo Questions and Answers

Q. Where is Pan Duo manufactured?
A. It is made in China.

Q. Can metal spatula or utensils be used with it?
A. No, it is recommended to use silicone utensils.

Q. Is the pan capable of retaining its non-stick abilities for a long time?
A. No.

Q. Is the surface of this pan scratch resistant?
A. Yes, but it is not scratch proof.

Q. Will this pan warp easily?
A. There have been reviews and complains that it does after a couple of months.

Q. What is the best way to clean the pan?
A. It can be placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher. If there is something stuck on its surface then it is suggested to soak it and clean with mild soap and water.

Q. Does Pan Duo’s coating scratch or chip easily?
A. Yes.


What do I get?
1 X Pan Duo Ultra Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Copper Coating & Easy-Cut Guiding Guides (Equal to 14” Diameter Pan by 1.5” Deep) for $24.95 at the Official website | Order the Pan Duo Pans today!


Pan Duo Copper Pizza Pans VERDICT

There are tons of pizza pans available in the market with different type of coatings, shapes and sizes. What makes Pan Duo Copper Pizza Pans different from other is its unique round square shape and cutting guides on pans for easy cut.

It is available only on the official site Pan Duo Pans for $24.95. The reviews of this product revealed that it does not work as advertised and the results have disappointed the buyers of this product. When it comes to purchasing cookwares it completely depends on the requirement of the buyer what he/she is looking for. Similar product having same coatings, size is the Gotham Steel Ti-Cerama Nonstick 14-Inch Copper Pizza Pan on for search keyword ‘copper coating pizza pan’ if you are looking for copper coating once. As of now there are no reviews or ratings for this product. Another brand you can look for is the copper chef Copper Chef Perfect Pizza and Crisper Pan 15″ having 4.4 star ratings.

We would suggest you not to go for Pan Duo Copper Pizza Pans and instead look for other products considering your requirement as all the cookware behave more or less the same and also you will get better pans for less price. Do remember to look for reviews with 1,2,3 star ratings before finalizing any product.

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  1. Dimitrije, Owner of “pan duo pizza pans” company, at least cue the crickets..

  2. I am the owner of pan duo pizza pans. The commerical you see on my website is done with a prototype pan. This whole product is under beta testing and hasn’t even been manufactured yet. Since it hasn’t been manufactured yet zero pans have been sold to the public. You need to take down these false reviews immediately. Otherwise, further legal actions will pursue.

    • Dimitrije, I don’t think you understand how the internet and this website works, you might want to sit down in the lawyers office, and don’t be surprised when your own lawyer laughs at you and then send you a huge bill for wasting there time, the owners of this website are not writing the reviews, so good luck pursuing legal action, the correct response should be to offer up a few free samples, get the feedback, both negative and positive feedback it has a huge value and can improve your products, but to just come in and threaten legal actions tells the whole world it will be another junk product, because every one seriously in business wouldn’t do that they would follow the legal process and send out the correct legal demands.. And just out of curiosity why can’t you just make a quality product like a Lodge P14P3 pizza pan, and save your self the hassle of having to go on every review site and threaten them ? Really the few one star reviews out of thousands of 5 star reviews aren’t an issue, you should look at the long game and make money long term instead of trying to make a quick buck and then go bankrupt, short term realized profits never pay off long term… Also will that pan work in 550 F and higher temperature oven which is the temperate range you cook a quality pizza in ?

    • Dimitrije, it’s been almost two months, how’s it going did your lawyer roll around on the floor laughing at you yet ? And I don’t see you offering up free samples yet for reviews and improvements…

      • Dimitrije, Owner of “pan duo pizza pans” company, why would anyone believe anything you say, when you make a promise on a public website stating [sic] “You need to take down these false reviews immediately. Otherwise, further legal actions will pursue.” And you haven’t done anything to get them removed, are your customers going to have the same issue with the pan when it comes to getting there food removed from it, does threatening the burned on food with legal action make it easier to remove ? Or are your customers going to get the same threatening behavior from you when they have an issue with your product , really it’s pretty sad you have to include an “Arbitration Agreement ” when you buy a pan but then again greed knows of no limits, but the solution to this issue is simple customers will just not buy your products, and just spend there money on another pan, really it doesn’t matter what pan you use to cook pizza on, be it stone, plain aluminium, cast iron, or even enameled steel they are all non stick if you know how to cook pizza on them, simply using corn meal on the pan solves all the problems as does pre-heating the pan to about 500 deg F or hotter, and odds are good those are temperatures at which more then likely will cause your coatings to breakdown and potentially release toxic by products, but if you would like to prove me wrong, please post a link to the MSDS to prove it and not one that claims trade secret for all the products used…

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