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About Perfect Grip by Cerapan

Perfect Grip by Cerapan states to be a titanium- infused ceramic cooking pan that is induction-ready and has a perfect grip. Perfect Grip by Cerapan declares to give more balance and control while cooking so that there are no accidental spills, drips, or mess. With its Ultracoat surface of ceramic infused with titanium it convinces to outlive all the other pans. The cooking pan promises to be easy to clean since no food would ever stick on it, even if burnt.


How does Perfect Grip by Cerapan work?

Most cooking pans go off balance when you cook leading to spillages and sooner than later their cooking surface coating scrapes off. But Perfect Grip by Cerapan asserts that its patent pending handle is specially engineered to give you balance. It assures to enable the use of your thumb for better control so that you cook more efficiently. Perfect Grip by Cerapan has ceramic infused with titanium and the ultracoat surface makes sure it is safe from scratches and scraping and outlives all the other pans whether made of cast iron, steel or green pans.

A revolutionary cooking pan

The manufacturers of Perfect Grip by Cerapan claim that they have given a complete overhaul to the cooking pan and created a perfect pan with a perfect coating and grip. Traditional cooking pans have so much weight in the pan that it goes off balance when you are cook on it leading to accidental spills that can be dangerous. But Perfect Grip by Cerapan proclaims to have a patented and specially engineered perfect grip handle that lets you use your thumb for perfect balance. This one simple adjustment of Perfect Grip by Cerapan asserts to give more controlled and better-balanced cooking experience. Whether made of cast iron, steel, aluminum or any other material, the surface of regular cooking pans peel, scrape or emit harmful PFOA and PTFE. However, Perfect Grip by Cerapan states that it added the highest strength to density ratio in any metallic element titanium to its cooking surface.


Outlives all the other pans – The nonstick benefit of Perfect Grip by Cerapan allegedly makes the surface last more than five times the span of green pans. The abrasion-resistance of Perfect Grip by Cerapan is emphasized to be 10 times more than Calphalon and 20 times more than T-Fal. Perfect Grip by Cerapan guarantees that absolutely nothing would stick on the surface even if you accidentally burn cheese on it. Perfect Grip by Cerapan also proclaims that it is so durable that you can whip or use a fork on the surface without causing any abrasion or scraping. Perfect Grip by Cerapan claims to have such strong coating on the surface that even if you hit the pan with a hammer it would be undamaged. Because no food would stick to the surface of this revolutionary cooking pan, it alleges that cleaning it is a breeze unlike other pans. Perfect Grip by Cerapan claims to come in a choice of black and red color.


What do I get?

  • 1 8.5” Titanium Infused Ceramic Pan
  • 1 Cook & Look Lid & Perfect Titanium Coated Knife

Price: $19.99 + $9.95 S/h | Official website:

11 Comments on "Perfect Grip by Cerapan"

  1. I bought this pan about a year ago at Walmart. It is the best skillet I have ever owned. My family uses this skillet every day. If you have an electric stove do not use the skillet on high, way too much heat. Does very well on medium or less.

  2. Very disappointed the CeraPan handle gets loose and doesn’t have any grip and comes out very easily .. what a flop

  3. This is the best fry pan I have EVER OWNED! Just love it!

  4. Very disappointed in the pan. Foods is sticking to the pan. Would not recommended it.

  5. Are the Cera Pans safe to use on glass cooktops?

  6. Dissapointed in the pan. Handle is loose after only a few uses and I cannot tighten it. It is scratched and things are starting to stick. Buy the cooper chef.

  7. I purchased at Walmart for 17.97 I believe. (On sale) I was looking for a nonstick pan without PTFE and PFOE that came with a lid for less than 30 dollars. This fit what I was looking for albiet a little smaller than what I would have preferred. I can’t comment on its performance as I haven’t used it yet but I’m sure it will be more than adequate and stand up fine. I already use silicone utensils so damage will not be an issue.

  8. Thank you for your comments – you save me from making the same move. I think this website is for the same company.

  9. Jennifer Inman | February 19, 2016 at 5:48 am | Reply

    This does not seem like a review, it all says “they claim” “allegedly” I needed to see if the claims are legit. I can find no consumer reviews on the internet which is very odd. All I know is my interaction with this company has been AWFUL. I ordered not knowing what the full price would have been. It was late at night, I should have figured the math better but wasn’t sure about the handling shipping etc. They don’t let you see the receipt or total before charging your card, and once it’s done its IMPOSSIBLE to cancel. I have sent multiple emails starting within minutes, to hours to days of the purchase to cancel. I reported to my bank so waiting on that, and they still shipped my pan 4 dayd after I purchased and started to send multiple emails leave messages on their other numbers and trying to reach them multiple times. So I do not feel comfortable at all with this purchase or this company now. If you have a good product why do you have to play these games.

    • Jennifer, i TOTALLY agree with you – this is NOT a “review” – at least, not in my opinion. All they did was regurgitate the company’s claims. Reading this “review” is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!!!

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