Red Copper Better Pasta Pot

What is Red Copper Better Pasta Pot?

It is an innovative pasta cooking pot which has unique features like holes of different sizes around its rim, tempered glass lid and more that make cooking pasta easy and quick.As the name suggests, Red Copper Better Pasta Pot could be just what you need to transform the way you make pasta and other delicacies too.



Red Copper Better Pasta Pot CLAIMS

The New Way to Make Pasta
This pasta pot comes equipped with large holes on one side (for draining potatoes, ravioli, etc.) and small holes on the other (for foodstuffs like spaghetti and vegetables) through which excessive water can be drained straightaway. It also has a tempered glass lid that also functions as a strainer that expedite the process of making pasta.


Versatile, Safe and Smart
Red Copper Better Pasta Pot has copper infused surface which, as a blend of ceramic, offer you anti-scratch and non-stick surface facility. Further, it comes with stay cool handles that need to be simply lifted and locked, which its makers guarantee, make the process simple and also safe. It also has non-stick surface, which makes it dishwasher safe and also easy to manage. In addition to that, this pasta pot is PFOA and PTFE free.


What do I get?
Buy Red Copper Better Pasta Pot just for$29.99

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  1. I’m so disappointed after buying to find out the pasta pot says Not dishwasher safe? Does anyone put theirs in the dishwasher anyway? If so did it harm it?

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