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About Red Copper Big Time Pan

Red Copper Big Time Pan proclaims to be a square-shaped copper-infused ceramic pan that provides 50% more cooking space to make quick meals for the entire family. The square size of Red Copper Big Time Pan states to be adequate to cook up to 9 burgers, 20 chicken tenders, and much more at one go. It asserts to be designed for searing, frying, roasting, and baking.

Red Copper Big Time Pan CLAIMS

Smart Design
The square shaped, large size copper-infused ceramic pan alleges to have high sides that help in preventing messy splatters and spills. More shall be revealed once users review it. It assures to be perfect for use over any stovetop – gas, glass, electric, induction and is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. How well does it fare for cooking on these various mediums will be proved once users review it.

Red Copper Big Time Pan Features
This pan convinces to cook food evenly with the help of its ceramic surface. It states to have a helper handle as well for safely removing the meal and serving. The pan emphasizes to be scratch-resistant and non-stick for oil-free cooking and easy cleaning. Send us your Red Copper Big Time Pan reviews if you think it is worth purchasing.

Red Copper Big Time Pan Review

A customer, Myra Martin, asserts in her Red Copper Big Time Pan review that the pan isn’t non-stick as food sticks on its surface even after adding oil. She finds the pan so hard to clean that sometimes she has to use an SOS metal scrub just to clean stuck-on eggs.

Another Red Copper Big Time Pan review by Jan Cruz reveals similar findings that the pan isn’t non-sticky and burned the food. She also states that the copper color on the exterior starts to flake easily and suspects whether it is a genuine quality pan.

Apart from the non-stick disappointment, Mathew Powell’s Red Copper Big Time Pan review states that the overall construction of the pan is poor. Upon heating, the pan bowed up in the center and the sides remained uncooked.

Rosemary Boone, a Red Copper Big Time Pan reviewer, discloses that it is just another metal pan that doesn’t exhibit any non-stick ability. Her pan also warped while using a gas burner. Her review further adds that Red Copper Big Time Pan is so terrible at cooking that stuck-on food requires tough cleaning. As a result, its surface scratches badly, rendering it useless.

One customer, Clayton Harrison regrets purchasing Red Copper Big Time Pan. In his review, he says that the copper coating is actually a color and flakes off very quickly. The metal pan itself burns easily and fails to clean properly since everything sticks on it.

As per Marian Pope’s review, Red Copper Big Time Pan has a decent finish but is similar to other cheap pans available in the market. She warns that the pan is higher in the middle causing uneven cooking since the fluids slide off on the sides. She suggests users go for something better and not waste their money on it.

Red Copper Big Time Pan Questions and Answers

Q. Does food stick on Red Copper Big Time Pan?
A. Yes, it is not as non-stick as it claims in the advertisement.

Q. Does it have real copper?
A. No, it has some type of copper coating sprayed onto the metallic base. It might not be as scratch-resistant and non-stick as it promises to be.

Q. Are the handles on Red Copper Big Time Pan removable?
A. No.

Q. Does it fit in a standard size broiler?
A. Yes.

Q. Will the metal handle of Red Copper Big Time Pan get hot during use?
A. The inner part of the handle gets a bit hot but the outer section meant for lifting and handling only gets a little warm during use.

Q. Does Red Copper Big Time Pan warp at high temperatures?
A. No, but it can be difficult to clean as food sticks on its surface.

What do I get?

  • 2 Red Copper Big Time Pans
  • 1 Cathy Mitchell’s recipe guide

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  1. I wonder if people are plunging their pans in water when still hot? This would cause any metal pan to warp. I have a small Red Copper pan I use every morning for eggs. Early on I learned to use the smallest burner and the lowest gas setting. I add a tiny bit of water and cover the pan. The eggs cook nicely and slip out eagerly…yes I wipe the pan first with a dab of oil.

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