Red Copper Brownie Bonanza

What is Red Copper Brownie Bonanza?

It is an exceptional non-stick ceramic pan in which one can make perfect brownies.



No More Sticking and Messiness

If you love brownies, Red Copper Brownie Bonanza could be the ultimate brownie pan you’ll love to use over and over again. The sturdy and durable brownie pan features top-grade non-stick coating. The makers of this brownie pan claim that it is made from PFOA-free material which guarantees that brownies are wholesome, delicious and don’t stick to the pan’s surface at all.


Easy to Use
Red Copper Brownie Bonanza is presented as the easiest to use brownie pan that surpasses other brands in several respects. According to its makers, it has touch grade copper infused ceramic which is scratch resistant and has top-quality non-stick coating. As a result, batter poured into it spreads better which ensures it bakes well no matter what you prepare.


Bakes other Goodies too
Besides brownies, Red Copper Brownie Bonanza can be used to make pizza bites, apple pie dump cake, biscuit sliders and more since it measures a standard 13″ by 9″. It also comes with a range of accessories like a lifting tray, brownie divider and brownie stand. The attachments make it easy for you to come up with more preparations, such as the brownie grid that makes 18 perfectly shaped brownies and its divider tray further cuts brownies in perfect shape. In addition to that, Red Copper Brownie Bonanza is also easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.


Red Copper Brownie Bonanza Q & A

Q. Are instruction manual and recipe book given with Red Copper Brownie Bonanza?
A. Yes.

Q. Should I grease the Red Copper Brownie Bonanza pan before pouring batter into it?
A. No, Red Copper Brownie Bonanza assumes properties of a non-stick pan after you use it for the first time. You don’t have to grease it after that.

Q. Should I buy Red Copper Brownie Bonanza through television ads?
Their offers are far more attractive…
A. It’s likely that they are selling some other product and are fleecing the viewers. We’d advise you to ignore them.

Q. Is deluxe Red Copper Brownie Bonanza worth buying?
A. Yes, its quality and performance are good, so you may go ahead.


Red Copper Brownie Bonanza review

Cynthia Allen, who used Red Copper Brownie Bonanza, says in the review she’s given for it that that it didn’t work at all as the brownies leaked between base and outer pan when she used it for the first time. They also got stuck to the base and it was almost impossible to remove them from there. Pamela White has written in her Red Copper Brownie Bonanza review that she finds it good for rice and Krispie treats with butter but not for making brownies. She’s also not happy with the pan and has decided to discard it.

Evelyn Hill, another dissatisfied customer of Red Copper Brownie Bonanza says in her review of it that the brownies stick to the pan and it becomes impossible to separate them She suggests spreading the batter evenly throughout pan manually so there is no variation in the thickness of the cooked brownies. She also finds that the Red Copper Brownie Bonanza cannot be cleaned easily.

Marie Hall has jokingly remarked in her Red Copper Brownie Bonanza review that the brownies love the pan far too much to separate from it after they’re ready. She says cleaning the pan after making brownies is a task and wonders which cheap quality materials have been used in its creation. Sarah Price, one more customer, claims that this pan is of substandard quality, thin and bends easily. Her pan got out of shape after first use and the brownies have only been sticking to the pan now.


What do I get?
Red Copper Brownie Bonanza for just $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling.includes the custom stand and a recipe book

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  1. I didn’t like the pan, its sticks and is a chore to clean..cheaply made bends the rack for cutting brownies..not very happy..throwing it away also…very sad I was so looking for it when it came out..disappointed for sure

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