Red Copper Pan REVIEW

What is Red Copper Pan?

As shown in the infomercial Red Copper Pan is a non-stick ceramic copper cookware that claims to combine the power of non-stick ceramic and copper to deliver incredible results. Since it is made of ultra-tough copper, it claims to have copper infused durability which will last for a really long time. The makers also declare that the Red Copper Pan is PFOA and PTFE free which means that it is bereft of harmful chemicals and toxins and hence completely safe for the family. These are of course very lofty claims which we cannot comment as of now since we have not come across any Red Copper Pan reviews that would verify them.

Red Copper Pan Claims

We all love to cook but it’s the aftermath that we dread the most. Though there are a myriad of cooking gadgets and appliances, nothing brings as much joy as the good old fashioned pan. But given the wide variety of non-stick pans in the market, all vying for our attention, how does one select the best one. Apparently Red Copper Pan claims to become your most favourite possession in terms of cooking pans. Of course this claim of the Red Copper Pan can only be attested once users review the Red Copper Pan. So what makes this Non-Stick Ceramic Copper pan so unique and efficient compared to the rest of the competition? First and foremost, it is made of ultra-tough copper that comes with the promise of copper infused durability. Then there is the part of the Red Copper Pan being a combination of non-stick ceramic and copper that delivers incredible results. So if you are tired of seeing your food sticking to your old pans, scraping, scrubbing them, then the Red Copper Pan might be a viable solution as claimed by the makers.

The Red Copper Pan is guaranteed to defy scratches and is the most durable pan you’ll ever use. Now these claims are way too far-fetched and it can be confirmed only after the Red Copper Pan is thoroughly reviewed.

The Red Copper Pan is lightweight yet super strong. The non-stick ceramic maintains that everything will slide off the pan effortlessly. Even sugar can be caramelized without sticking to the surface. That’s not all, the makers of Red Copper Pan declare that it won’t ever scratch, peel or chip into your food. Plus, being PFOA and PTFE, the Red Copper Pan claims to be completely safe for the entire family. Seems too good to be true right? We couldn’t agree more. Hence the best option is to wait for the Red Copper Pan reviews to reveal the truth. This 10″ Red Copper Pan can be used for anything – flambe desserts, broil flaky fish, bake chicken Parmesan or even whip eggs without a mixing bowl. Moreover it’s even oven safe up to 500ºF as well as dishwasher safe. What’s more, with the Red Copper Pan the health conscious can enjoy meals cooked without oil and butter.

Red Copper Pan Advantages And Disadvantages

This 10 inch pan endorsed by renowned author Cathy Mitchell brings the best of pure, strong copper and non-stick ceramic surface, and lets you cook at 500 degrees. From caramelizing sugar to making flambé desserts and mixing eggs directly in the pan, you can do it all with the Red Copper Pan. The non-stick surface is claimed to be scratch resistant and PFOA, PTFE free.

Advantages of Red Copper Pan

Copper is a unique type of cooking surface, which definitely has its advantages. Some of them are mentioned below:
• For starters, it conducts heat brilliantly and that means the food in the pan is cooked in less time. It also ensures that heat is distributed evenly through the surface and food is cooked perfectly.
• You will also be pleased to find that copper as a surface is quite easy to clean.
• If you want to make a handsome addition to your kitchen then copper cookware makes a lot of sense because it’s stunning to look at.

Disadvantages of Red Copper Pan

• Of course, the biggest issue that people tend to have with copper cookware is its price. It is usually more expensive that your regular cookware and that’s something you have to bear in mind.
• It can be reactive to alkaline and acidic foods, which can take metallic taste when cooked in a copper pot. Light colored foods, including eggs often develop grey streaks, which happens when they have picked up copper compounds. It means you are likely to ingest copper too. It can be a problem if you do that every day.
• Copper cookware is not really dishwasher safe. It also requires regular polishing and maintenance, which can be a hassle.

These are just some of the factors that have to be considered when buying and using copper cookware like Red Copper Pan.

Red Copper Pan REVIEWS

The product is nothing like advertised. It did not measure 10″, the ad was misleading. I was expecting a larger cooking surface was stated in the review by Konnie Kern. The most common problem related to the cookwares which promise non stick surface but fails to deliver that is food sticks and will leave burn marks on pan. This is the biggest drawback of non-stick cookwares because of which the customers are left disappointed incurring loss of money and time.

Chris Hetzel a verified buyer stated a very strong review saying that the pan is not the genuine red copper from the infomercials. Though there was no supporting statement proving the genuineness of his review but it does create a stir among the buyers to trust or not to trust on the brand for buying this product.

Foods can take metallic taste when cooked in a copper pot. Also, it requires regular polishing and maintenance, which can be a hassle.

What do I get?

You will get Two 10 inch Red Copper Fry pan and 8″ Forever Sharp Copper Knife for $19.99 plus $17.98 S&H.Official website

Compare Red Copper Pan with Copper Chef here.

130 Comments on "Red Copper Pan REVIEW"

  1. Harriette bandremer | January 6, 2020 at 6:54 pm | Reply

    My big 4 qt pot is starting to lose the red copper not a Happy camper

  2. All these red copper things are junk for what you pay. Bottoms become so severely rounded they wont cook on a glass top range!!!!! No customer satisfaction!!!! Cost you 0 dollars per items to return plus you pay postage just for the tiem to be replaced withmore junk!!!

  3. Just bought asset of Red Copper cookware today. Seasoned and used to boil brussel sprouts. Burned my hand removing the lid. Who in their right mind would put a metal handle on a lid? I was assured buy the sales person that the handles didn’t get hot unless using them in the oven! (duh)

    Not overly impressed.

  4. I loved my red copper to start but after 6 months of was useless!! I never put it in the dishwasher, I did everything they said to care for it! Now it’s garbage! Everythung, and I mean everything sticks really bad, even with oil! Their lifetime guarantee, what a joke! You have to pay to send them the pan with confirmation and pay an additional $9.99!!! Complete rip off!!

  5. These pans make me sick to my stomach and have had blood work done an my liver enzymes are elevated since I started using these pans. Out the door, never to use again.

  6. My girlfriend brought over a small red copper pan, it said it was dish washer safe so I put it in the dish washer, what she didn’t tell me is the stupid things need to be seasoned after the dish washer. They do not explain that on the commercial, had they did I woyld never use or buy one.
    I tried making a couple eggs in it and it was a disaster, they stuck like a regular pan. I got one of my older pans, sprayed a little cooking spray in it and had great eggs.
    I will NEVER use or buy red copper pans

  7. Absolutely right have had our pans now for over a year and still non stick not scratched!! Will keep them

  8. I have owned a Red Copper Pan for a few months and have had things stick and burn many times. The claims are not true!!

  9. I bought the Red Copper square pan about 3 months ago. I did season it as per instructions. For the first dozen or so uses the surface was so slick it was actually hard to get what I was frying onto the spatula so it could be flipped, and cleaning involved only a paper towel to wipe out the grease! Then it started to stick a bit (should I have seasoned it again after a only a few uses?). After about a month and a half I began having to scrub the pan with a soft-after-several-uses “Scotch Brite” pad! At 3 months I’ve decided to return to my cast iron pan! This “Red Copper” pan was a waste of money! My cast iron pan may be ugly and heavy, but after 15+ years of use it is well seasoned, food rarely sticks to it, and cleaning involves mostly just wiping it out with few paper towels – the outside (rougher surface) is much harder to clean than the inside!
    One more issue I found with the Red Copper square pan is; when the stainless steel “induction” plate was pressed onto the bottom it raised the inside center of the pan – which caused a high spot that causes food and cooking oil to slide to the edges of the pan! Food sliding stopped after the pan began to stick, but the oil still flows away from the food – which seems to aid the food sticking! I’d utilize the “Lifetime Replacement Guarantee” but, frankly, I don’t want a replacement which won’t be any better then the original!

  10. Francis F. Rosenberger Jr | December 26, 2017 at 4:48 pm | Reply

    I have had the Red Copper Ceramic Pan for over a year. When bought I immediately Seasoned Pan per instuctions. The next day cooked a steak & eggs in it, not using oil, & it worked as advertised. Cleaned with a paper towel. Put away & have used almost every day since with no sticking & a simple wipe clean. 6 months after primary seasoning pan, I seasoned again (as per instructions). Best pan, even over Cadt Iron which I love, I & my wife have ever used.

  11. Anyone’s red copper pans start peeling plastic like layer the first time they use it after seasoning it?

  12. Rudolf Scharte | December 5, 2017 at 8:12 pm | Reply

    I was given a knock-off version that did not work, so then I got the genuine Red Copper pan as advertised on TV. It also failed. Cooked a piece of round steak in it. The juices excreted from the meat stuck to the pan. Would not wipe out or scrape off with plastic spatula. Yes as some reviews mention one can simmer with a little water and then it cleans right. Sure, so does my old faithful iron and it does not make claims of being non-stick. Rudy

    • I had the exact same issue. After seasoning it as instructed, tried cooking eggs in it. More egg was stuck to the pan after cooking than I ended up with on my plate. Tried to clean it and it was stuck worse than when I used a cast iron skillet. Won’t be buying this junk again.

  13. I got my daughter and son in law the skillets and the big square pan and they both said they’re the worst pans they’ve ever had. I’m so disappointed that I gave them a Christmas gift that was falsely advertised.

  14. I won a set @ work.. I was so happy.. I even waited till we moved to our new home before I used them.. I followed the instructions to the T. At first they where a dream come true, slowly my skillets began to stick and scratch.. now I have been more careful with my sauce pans and my newer jelly roll pan and baking dish… I will take some of the blame I did use a metal spatula on the pans.. Yes I knew better and did anyways… Plus my son young wife puts then to the test.. So to say I am on the fence.. they are awesome when they are new and shinny but without extra care for them time is an enemy to them..

  15. patricia belcher | November 1, 2017 at 4:57 pm | Reply

    I just got a copper red frying pan, I don’t know if I should use it or not. Have a glass top stove, and some reviews say it will ruin it. My pan said read manual, I didn’t get one. I sure don’t want my stove ruined. Please help!!

    • I would not use them on a glass top… you should check with the company that made the stove to see what is safe to use on it.. you just cant use anything on those types of stoves… (personally I love gas..)

    • Just this morning, frying bacon and eggs for Christmas breakfast, heard a load pop. Thought it had something to do with the pan. Cracked my glass topped stove a large long crack. Stove still works, but top is ruined. Will have to get a new one.

    • I’ve used mine on a glass top. Works fine. You want to make sure its an electric glass top and not an induction stove though.

    • Same problem will not work on glass top stove. Red pain sticks to stove. Nothing said about it in advertising or on front label. Called help line they were not very helpful, reading from script to answer question. Will not purchase any more.

    • I too have a glass top stove.. but the pans keep warping. I’ve been disappointed. I keep replacing and they keep warping.

    • Mary Jo Strong | May 9, 2018 at 4:46 pm | Reply

      I had my pan for about 2 weeks. (I never used higher than med-high temp.) As I was washing it I noticed that it looked like red paint was “scratched” off of the bottom. Sure enough, there it was on my flat stove top. Luckily it washed right off. What’s the deal with that? I’ll be bringing the pan back for a replacement. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

    • I got no manual either. Same here – should i use it on my glass top stove? Questioning this

  16. I have had and used my Red Cooper pans for over a year now. Both the pans have become increasingly hard to clean.
    I also have the Copper Chef sets which have been used just as often and they still perform like they did when I first got them . I would spend the extra money and go with Copper Chef for nonstick reliability.

    • I have the same problem with my frying pan but they say they will replace it on a lifetime warranty no questions asked.

  17. Terrible! …False Advertising …Total Junk!
    I made the mistake to purchase two 10″ pans. Everything sticks! Ruins everything; fish, eggs, bacon, grilled sandwiches, etc. Pans are a useless and a waste of money. Even the “always stays sharp” knife went dull quickly! The warranty is also phony; you have to pay for shipping plus $9.95, almost the cost of a new pan, which would be a very stupid decision!

    • Did you season the pan????

      • I seasoned the pan as the directions explained. The 1st time i cooked on it i was extremely pleased. The food slid right out there. But ever since everything sticks. I’ve seasoned several times with no success and cooking with oil everything still sticks. But it usually cleans up ok if i let it soak. I also have to use the scrubber side of the sponge to loosen the food. Very unhappy with the product!!!!!!

      • I seasoned mine and still stuck. First time I used it, it cleaned up all right after sticking like glue during cooking. Then the next time I used it, it didn’t clean up very easily. Noticed it was sticking even more. Total waste of money.

  18. Vanessa Arrington | July 21, 2017 at 8:17 pm | Reply

    I bought my copper pan at a local grocery store. I could not wait to get home to use it…. Big mistake!! Huge mistake!! Everything sticks in this pan. It’s a big joke and false advertising!!!

  19. What is wrong with you people making this into who you voted for? Can’t we get the politics out of cooking, how boring.
    I like my red copper pan. Yes, it sticks a little, but I put a touch of water in it while it s cooking meat. Also when I am finished I put 1/8 cup of water in it while it is still warm and the stick doesn’t stick.

    • Melodie Janin | March 29, 2018 at 12:22 pm | Reply

      Frankly there’s nothing wrong with me! I bought the first one that was a knock off and it worked beautifully for the first 4 months that I had it and then it started sticking so I went back to the store and bought a national brand with the crazy ladies picture on the front! This one started sticking in less than a month!!!!

      This time I season the pan before I used it es I and it starts ticking sooner than the knockoff and I now resoning again just to be sure. And frankly my iron skillet sticks less than this pan and when it sticks boy does it stick! I cooked scrambled eggs in it yesterday right after I seasoned it and I even added butter. it stuck so badly I had to let it soak for 3 hours before I could get out scrambled eggs ridiculous!


  20. The pan does clean up very well. Tonight bacon was
    fried in the pan and the black residue does not clean up easily. This is not the first time this has happened but it will be the last. We are throwing the pan out.

  21. Since there are so many negative comments on this site, I must wonder if something is going on here. I LOVE my Red Copper Pan. Be sure to NOT purchase the knock off pan….it does not work! You want the one with Cathy Mitchell’s picture on the skillet. Great invention!!!

    • Margaret Lake | June 25, 2017 at 5:40 pm | Reply

      I agree Linda. I have had mine for almost a year and it is still as nice from the day I received. I bake cakes in it and the flip out easily. Chicken, pork chops, spaghetti sauce from scratch and I am puzzled why the other buyers never checked it all out before ordering. I ordered a set today for a wedding gift. They will be happy. Peggy

    • The one I bought has her picture on it. I followed the directions carefully on seasoning it. It still stuck like glue. I’ve used cast iron skillets that didn’t stick that well. I’m guessing that it is just poor manufacturing. Some work well and others get unlucky, like me.

  22. Joan Ringer | May 13, 2017 at 2:45 pm | Reply

    Not worth the price. Untrue advertising. STICKS! It does clean up easily, in other words the “sticky” cleans up easily.

  23. Sorry but the one we got is Junk!
    The bottom is so bowed it doesn’t sit flat on the stove.
    Doesn’t perform as advertised, Sticks badly.
    Not happy at all
    Don’t recommend

    • I feel the same. Way too much sticking. I have to scrape the pan with water and detergent to get the stuck on egg off. Bacon leaves black burn marks all over the Pam and have to be manually scraped off. Nothing slides off this pan after maybe three uses. Invest in a good Teflon pan if you really want true non-stick qualities.

  24. this pan worked a couple of times then it started sticking, re seasoned it same thing again waste of money for a fraud.

  25. Like everyone else, my pan worked for about 2 weeks. Now everything stick. The only thing it’s good for is beating my Husband. HaHaHa

  26. My husband bought me the red copper pan it worked for about two weeks now everything sticks my eggs break nothing cooks well HORRIBLE product do not but.. We followed the instructions to the teeth so dissapointed.

  27. Frances Leeper | March 11, 2017 at 11:37 pm | Reply

    I have purchased the 9.5 square red copper pan, I have had to take it back 4 times. The paint on the bottom keeps sxratching. I have a glass top stove so I know that it is not the grates of my burners scratching it. I put cardboard between them to keep them from getting scratched when in the cupboards (although they are supposed to be very sturdy) they still scratch. I called the company and they say I have to pay to send it back to them then pay for them to ship me a new pan! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE PANS!

  28. I have been using the CPs for a few weeks and I’m very disappointed. Food sticks terribly. Would not recommend.

  29. My pan sticks. No matter what I cook in it. I’m very disappointed. You can have it.

  30. We bought a 10″ red copper pan in January of 2017. I followed all the direction. We coated the pan with vegetable oil and put it in the oven. It was great for a month now everything sticks in the pan. We can not even cook scrambled eggs in it. They stick so bad the pan has to soak then we have to scrub it. We also found the copper is chipping off. We never put the pan in the dishwasher. We simply clean it by wiping it out with a wet cloth until everything started sticking. I called red copper and made a complaint, they told me in order to take care of it I need to send them a check for $8.00. Now a pan that cost $19.99 will cost me $27.00 and they will send me back the exact kind of pan. I do not want it because if one pan does this they all will do it. I would never recommend this product to ANYONE!!!! They false advertise it is non stick and scratch and chip resistant.

  31. This pan ruined my glass cook top the very first time I used it leaving a gray discolored area where the pan sat. When I called the company they told me it was not suppose to be used on glass cook tops. In the meantime, my stove looks like crap and I told them the infomercials show them cooking on glass cook tops and I was told they have special pans for glass cook tops. You cannot win with these people. DO NOT BUY!!!!

  32. This pan Warped on moderate heat and was no longer “non stick”. We returned it to Bed Bath & Beyond where we purchased it and purchased some awesome Calphalon pans that were only a little bit more $$ and have held up beautifully.

  33. I have used the Red Copper Pan for a week. I have noticed an aftertaste and a strange odor when cooking with it. Maybe I haven’t seasoned it correctly. I coated it with a thin layer of olive oil, let it smoke on the stove then cool.

  34. My wife purchased a Red Copper Pan. Did the seasoning process and the pan worked for the first couple of uses. Now the pan is nearly impossible to clean. Items stick to the surface and cannot be removed even after soaking and using a nonabrasive sponge. Called provider for warranty since the comes with a life time warranty. I can get a replacement if I send the POS pan back with a check to cover shipment of a replacement POS. avoid these people at all costs.


    we purchased 2 pans, followed the instructions and within 2 months both pans are worthless. Food sticks and difficult to clean without soaking. We threw them away and returned to our Calphalon.

  36. Virginia Alvarado | January 21, 2017 at 6:38 pm | Reply

    I received one for Christmas, I seasoned as directed but it has a spot that sticks! I fried eggs just today and of course one of the eggs stuck to the pan.
    Feeling dissapointed!

  37. I’ve had my first RC pan almost a year (got it at Walmart, 9″ no lid)
    I seasoned it as directed, have always used silicone spatulas and spoons. It has never had food stick to it, never had any ‘pink’ come off as others have encountered and has never scratched (but I’ve never used metal in the pan either…)
    I liked it so much I bought the Copper Chef cookware (love it too + they have a lid) and I also bought the large Red Copper skillet when I saw it a few months ago (again, bought at Walmart)
    I haven’t had any problems whatsoever.
    I do have one issue with the paragraph in the review which spoke of copper and acidity- That may be with a true copper pan but I don’t believe Red Copper, Copper Chef or Gotham cookware is true copper (as are the bottoms of my Revere Ware) because they do not tarnish.

  38. I have been using these pans for more than a month.. I like them .. but I also like Trump I have not experienced any thing negative. or anything mentioned above.. I do not have a glass topped stove, just an old electric stove.. I have heard to many problems with the Glass top stoves and the special cleaning. My brother has one after using it.. pretty sure I do not want one.. Back to the pans.. I love mine no complaints what-so-ever with it..

  39. Does anyone know if the heat setting on these pans is what is making the difference in the performance of the cookware? Some non-stick cookware tell you to never use more than medium to medium-high heat. Just was wondering if the temperature used affected the non-stick performance.

  40. This piece of junk worked pretty good the first time my wife used it. After that everything sticks. Our son gave two of them to my wife to ease her cooking burden. Sad that a Xmas present was such a piece of useless @#**@&&#(( junk.

    • Marjorie Reilly | January 10, 2017 at 7:37 pm | Reply

      I agree—after a few uses on the stove and in the oven and after good pre-seasoning, food sticks to bottom and I see scratch marks. My pan was a gift as well, so I cannot return it. However, I will stay away from purchasing anymore pans of this nature—-which have too many cons after reading reviews.

  41. I bought one about 4 months ago and found the skillet to be great – BUT – it has scratched my glass cooktop – as others have claimed. I’m wondering if the company will reimburse us for having to replace the glass? Maybe if others with same problem will all contact the consumer protection agency – and file a claim – at least they would have a count of how many consumers had this happen.

  42. For approx. 2 weeks, these 10″ & 12″ pots were a pleasure to cook in and clean. THEN, almost everything, except maybe a well-oiled pancake, was sticking more than my teflon pots i believe!! I was not baking marshmellows or cheese on these pots like the commercials…i used mainly for tomato sauces and reheating those same dishes and the STICKING WAS EXCESSIVE AND DISTURBING. I kept my receipts as a skeptic and will be returning to BBB to either make them honor their LIFETIME WARRANTY and give me a new one or simply cut my losses and go back to teflon. I CAN’T BELIEVE THE CONSUMERS’ PROTECTION DEPARTMENT HASN’T CLAMPED DOWN ON THIS FRAUD

  43. This is one of those: “If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is” type things. Of course they’re not going to show it malfunctioning on television. It’s important to understand that this is a easy money-making venture, that’s been used for just about every *amazing*, *life changing* product that NEVER works the way it should, in REAL life. That to me is scamming! They lie for the sake of scamming money . . . remind you of somebody who’s name rhymes with “rump”?

  44. Completely ruined my stove top. My so had the same problem in his apartment and had to pay to get the stove top replaced.

  45. The red cooper pan causes cancer how can you sell this when people are dying everyday from cancer. I guess it all about money once again.

    • Stephanie J. Samuels, M.D. | November 25, 2016 at 9:46 pm | Reply

      On what evidence – ie. scientific, are you making this statement? If this particular product or some or all ceramic cookware are indeed carcinogenic then this needs to be made known. Copper itself is not carcinogenic nor is titanium. Kindly cite source(s) for your claims.

  46. When I seasoned the pan and wiped the oil with a white paper towel, it turned the paper towel red. Has anyone else had this happen? I would like to know what the red stuff is…’s not the finish on the inside of the pan, just a red colored residue. Same thing happened when wiping the pan out AFTER seasoning when pan was completely cool. Any ideas on this?

    • I had this happen also. I called & they are sending me a replacement. I did NOT feel comfortable having this “whatever” in my food.

    • Barbara Phillips | November 15, 2016 at 6:51 pm | Reply

      I am having the same experience with the pink coming off, needless to say, I am very concerned about the safety of this product. Not sure I will use it at all.

      • I also had the same experience with red on my paper towels after seasoning. Not comfortable with this at all. I think I am going to cut my loss and stay with my trusted but very heavy cast iron.

    • When I first seasoned the pan i used an extra virgin olive oil. I used before on another red copper pan and it worked perfect. So, i wanted to follow the same steps on the newest red copper. After seasoning the new pan I read online that olive oil should not be used but others could including coconut. So I re-seasoned with coconut oil and this is when I noticed the red like dye on the paper towels. IDK

  47. Good grief!! I came to this site to read reviews and all I read is arguing, cursing, just a bunch of angry folks and some DOESNT EVEN HAVE A REVIEW!! Lol!! Just crazy! They should have a moderator reading all these posts, bc had I of known all this I’d of never came to this site ridiculous!!! And no I don’t have a review but I’m sure not going to make myself look like a full blown idiot by commenting back to something someone posted! So what if they posted something you don’t agree with, they have THAT RIGHT! Some people really need to grow up!!

    • Seems you’re the only one here flustered, huffing & puffing Judge Judy. Make yourself a nice warm cup of herbal tea before you blow a fuse.

  48. to keep things from sticking use medium heat only

    • That’s what I wanted to know what did I do to make my pan stick. I got no directions. My pan sticks like crazy It worked when I first got it but not now. I just do not know what I did wrong

  49. I’ve used the Red Copper pan and have been very pleased! I made grilled cheese on an open grill because our power had gone out during hurricane Matthew. Cheese dripped in the pan, I cleaned it with a paper towel and it came off easily. Some of these reviews are ridiculous and have NOTHING to do with the PAN!

    • are you reviewing after only one week of use? beware after about 2 weeks…

    • Why do you say some of the reviews have nothing to do with the pan? The people state they followed the directions in seasoning the pan and it still stuck. So did mine. The first time I used it after seasoning it, food stuck like glue. The second time I had food stuck so that it was hard to even wash it out. So you got lucky and got one that worked. Perhaps you are wrong and the quality is not that good. Some work and some don’t. But don’t say people’s reviews are ridiculous just because your pan worked and theirs didn’t.

  50. I Just received mind, but the advertisment said that it was scratchproof but after you buy and read the Guide is when you find out that it is not scratchproof but just the opposite. not only is it not scratchproof but you have to season it repeatedly. They advertise on thing and sell you something else. I will be sending mine back. I called to ask if this pan was good for induction cooking and was told yes, but now I think it is wrong……bad deal!!!!

  51. Bernice Conley | October 8, 2016 at 8:57 pm | Reply

    I was concerned about the outside of the pan as it seemed to have little areas like maybe something burnt on the sides. I went to scrub it with a Brillo pad and scrubed the red paint off. Didn’t feel I was that heavy handed at age 70 yet the paint did scrub off. A concern for me as I like my pans to look clean

  52. Captain obvious | October 8, 2016 at 12:02 am | Reply

    I just wanna know how to make a cheese steak in the pan like they show in the commercial and get the CHEESE ON TOP. A serious selling point flaw right there

  53. Well, after fishing through insults and finding a few actual reviews, I think for cash I will stick with my good old Wagner cast iron skillets and the couple big lodges I have. These seem to be a rip off!

  54. My dog ate the instructions, how do I season the pan before use.?

    • wipe it down with vegetable oil and put it in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes

    • Stephanie J. Samuels, M.D. | November 25, 2016 at 9:54 pm | Reply

      I hope the dog is ok. My American pit bull terrier tears things off but does not eat inedible stuff. Terriers are very intelligent.

  55. Get a life people. I hit the review link on copper pan and ran right into a 9th grade argument over shipping. You must be Trump supporters Ron and JR cuz you are both at the same IQ level as Trump 14.

    • Really? You have to make a fry pan review political? I don’t think I would talk about others IQ levels!!

      • My thoughts exactly…you must have a boring & hate filled life to constantly think of political views that don’t agree with yours!
        Feel sorry for you!!! (And your family)

        • Stephanie J. Samuels, M.D. | November 25, 2016 at 9:51 pm | Reply

          Cut out the leftist psychotic ranting in this discussion (?) about copper infused ceramic pans. Your dictator lost. even with Soros’ billions and rampant cheating and now post election riots, property destruction and physical violence. Leave with or without the pan if you are unhappy with our Republic.

    • @disgusted. That must put your IQ at about a 5.

  56. Kitty Rodriguez | August 9, 2016 at 7:33 pm | Reply

    Like my two Red Copper frying pans. They take no oil to cook, can use a spray or two of Pam. They clean up well , no scrubbing, no messing with grease. The only thing is that they can burn any kind of oil droplets in the pan pretty fast and they can burn anything containing sugar quickly, such as sauces with sugar in the ingredience. This isn’t as hard to remove though as the traditional pans are. Should let the pan cool down before cleaning. They can just be wiped clean usually. If something is burnt, then let it cool first then add water and simmer to heat the water which will make wiping out the pan easier.

  57. I came on here to look for some reviews not to hear Nancy and Barbara complain at each other.. I believe one of them scared and the other one’s glad of it.

  58. Shannon Lane | July 31, 2016 at 5:43 am | Reply

    Wow. I came here to find pan reviews, not listen to a 12 year old bitch fight over someone getting butthurt over the price of shipping for fuck sake. Dipshits. ANYWAY? Is the frickin pan worth a shit or no?

  59. My new red copper pan ruined my glass top stove the very first time I used it!!! Completely scratched the burner! I wish I could post a picture for you to see the damage it’s done! And the potatoes I was cooking stuck to the pan, even using oil. I seasoned the pan as they suggested but still had a very bad experience. Beware the pan WILL ruin glass tops!

    • I bought one recently and I am not surprised with the outcome. A small two page “legal” document was wedged behind the pan inside the packaging. This “no stick” surface is anything but. My eggs come out with a funny tinge as well, and they stuck, of course. I don’t believe this pan is a healthy choice either. You pick up tiny copper particles and who knows what else! A regular pan with some butter on low, is the way to go!

  60. Do not buy. Complete ripoff. Eggs stuck even using Pam.

    • My new red copper pan ruined my glass top stove the very first time I used it!!! Completely scratched the burner! I wish I could post a picture for you to see the damage it’s done! And the potatoes I was cooking stuck to the pan, even using oil. I seasoned the pan as they suggested but still had a very bad experience. Beware the pan WILL ruin glass tops!

  61. I’m just looking for the truth…and I can handle the truth.

    • Stephanie J. Samuels, M.D. | November 25, 2016 at 10:18 pm | Reply

      I salute your insight, Full Tank. The truth shall set you free.

      As for me, I have used both the Gotham Steel titanium ceramic frying pan as well as the Red Copper copper infused ceramic infused frying pan as well. I have not encountered any of the problems described in this discussion which does not mean these thing did not happen. My husband, who is a far better cook than I, both do not use these ceramic pans very often and always use them after cleaning with mild soap and warm water then season by adding butter or olive oil to the cooking surface and use only low to medium heat, as suggested by one of the contributors to this discussion. I do not use any metal implements to cook or scrape with and make sure that the pan is cool before removing any residue with a soft paper towel. The pans are then gently rinsed off both on cooking surface and heating surface with a moistened warm water paper towel and mild soap and then rinsed and toweled dry and stacked with protection between each pan, regardless if ceramic or not. I have never used them in an oven and won’t. I find them great for eggs and foods with cheese but prefer stainless steel and cast iron for my heavy duty cooking and stews. These ceramic pans, for us, are a nice addition to our kitchen pans – it is important to me that the “Teflon” pans not be used due to the carcinogenic problems they may cause. As mentioned above, if there is any proof or ongoing research that these ceramic metal infused pans can cause cancer, it is imperative for the American people to know this – same with the GMO, (genetically modified); hormone and antibiotic loaded foods we eat. As humans, we are the Creator’s steward for the animals and free range farming is, for me, the humane imperative. I do believe that a lot of the increase in cancer are a result of what people have done, in the name of money, to our plant and animal food sources; if cookware is contributory then we must also be so aware.

  62. So glad I have DIFFERENT DNA

  63. Thanks All

  64. ROBERT GREEN | May 9, 2016 at 3:07 pm | Reply

    Save your money……… Want your foods not to stick? Use olive oil and cast iron.

  65. The red copper pan is a total rip off…do not buy it. It scratch the first time I used it to scraable eggs. The eggs also stuck to the pan…..STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!!

  66. Every time I go to read reviews on line, it’s like going to the circus. The clowns just keep popping up. Trouble is, they’re not too funny. People….LIGHTEN UP! They’ve been putting erasers on pencils for over 100 years because people make mistakes every day. It’s human nature.

  67. Where are these pans made?

  68. Red copper pans are awesome. I have cooked eggs in them right out of the shell with no oil or butter, not a single stick one. Cooked hamburgers with shredded cheddar mixed in, not a stick. Now if they would make a 14 inch.

  69. Looking for reviews too!

  70. Have not tried it!

  71. See reviews for Ogreenic pan.
    Same “telebrand” same claims same price. Newname new color.

  72. You screwed up the facts. S & H is 7.99, not 17.98

    • Hey Ron, you are the one SCREWED on the FACTS. It’s 7.99 for ONE, you’d known this IF you could read..
      “What do I get?
      You will get Two 10 inch Red Copper Fry pan and 8″ Forever Sharp Copper Knife for $19.99 plus $17.98 S&H.Official website”.
      It must be rough for you being an illiterate moron, huh!

    • You have to pay 9.99 for the extra pan!

      • I was hoping to get a review on the pan not on the people leaving the reviews. Has anyone actually tried the pan???

        • Yes!! And I don’t know why they are giving reviews like they are! Honestly, I have only made eggs over easy and grilled cheese sandwiches. Both came out excellent! Eggs slid right out. I did use must a little butter, just because I like it, and of course buttered the bread for the grilled cheese. Only used medium heat on both. Rinsed with water, wiped clean. Fantastic!! I don’t get the guy saying it scratched the first time he used it making scrambled eggs. He must have scraped a fork back & forth over it, because I have use metal spatulas and plastic. They haven’t scratched at all! Of course, you have to have a brain. Don’t scrape it. And season it like the directions say to in the first place.

          • Oh yea, and if you don’t want to pay shipping, buy them at Bed, Bath & Beyond! They have both the Copper Chef & the Red Copper. I didn’t read too many good things about Copper Chef.

    • It is for 2 pans.

      • I just bought 2 frying pans and no problem I have seen yet love the way you can use a fork or and utensil with Bed Bath and Beyond I was told if anything goes wrong or unhappy with it just bring it back and then there is no shipping or handling or 9.99 fee..I love mine and thinking of purchasing the whole set just wish they had complete 10 piece set at Bed Bath and Beyond

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